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Chapter 192: Eleventh World (19)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 

After confirming that his mother would not cause any trouble to him, Xiao Yun left her behind him and continued to focus on his last task. Because all kinds of clues were really complex, Xiao Yun intermittently waited for three years before really combing out the right way to retrieve the spiritual root.

Hu Xiao asked several old friends for advice in this way, and got a positive reply. As for the next step, it was preparation and implementation.

Compared with the way that the devil cultivates to damage the spiritual root, the way that the daoist cultivates to get the spiritual root back was much softer. This way was not so much ‘taking back’, but rather ‘leading back’. They needed to obey the ‘will’ of the spiritual root as much as possible to prevent unnecessary damage to the spiritual root.

Because the method was soft, it was much more complex. It should not only match the specific array, but also be guided by a cultivator who also had the spirit root and high accomplishments.

In the next door Jade Peak, Luse was a master of array. She was invited by Hu Xiao to arrange the array herself. As for the leader of narringgen, he was led by An Yandao, the eldest disciple of Hu Xiao.

Daoist AnYan, the first apprentice of Hu Xiao, was now a high-level cultivator of Yuanying. He grew up with Hu Xiao as a child and accepted his words and deeds, but he didn’t learn Hu Xiao’s calm and cold nature, and was very grumpy — probably influenced by his lightning and fire spiritual roots.

Daoist AnYan was a famous warrior in the world of cultivation, but he was an excellent senior brother. He almost brought up the next senior brothers and sisters with one hand, and respected and worshipped Hu Xiao from the heart.

After being summoned by his master, Daoist AnYan even gave up a very important experience in the secret world. He drove his flame cloud to Qingxia sect for the first time, fearing that he might miss his master’s event.

When everything was ready, Xiao Xinglong was finally lifted out of the black house and stood on the side of the array.

After three years in confinement, Xiao Xinglong’s skin color was extremely pale, and the whole person trembled like a frightened bird, and even began to fear the bright sunshine outside.

In the first two or three months of being locked up in the black house, Xiao Yun visited occasionally. But soon, he was completely tired of this ‘game’. He just put a pile of pigudan on him every year and never bothered to talk about it.

Three years was not a long time in the eyes of cultivators. It could take months and half a year to reach enlightenment. But for Xiao Xinglong, who was shackled by a chain and had his spiritual power chained, the days of these three years were day after day, and he had really survived.

This could drive people crazy. If it wasn’t for Xiao Yun’s hope of freedom, Xiao Xinglong would have collapsed.

Different from Xiao Xinglong’s thin, pale, stooped and collapsed back, Xiao Yun had a very moist life in the past three years. Now, he was nearing 30. It was a good time to say that all the physical indicators had reached the peak level — for which Bai Duan must have the most say.

Standing on the other side of the array, Luse and Daoist AnYan had a ceremony from Xiao Yun to thank them for their help.

Luse’s eyes were gentle and she nodded with a smile, while Daoist AnYan patted Xiao Yun on the shoulder and let him not be nervous.

“In a moment, my power of lightning and fire will enter your body. Don’t resist, just relax and accept it.” AnYan said.

Xiao Yun answered earnestly. He sat down with his knees crossed, while Daoist AnYan stood behind him and covered Xiao Yun’s head with his hands.

Bai Duan followed Hu Xiao to stand outside the array of Dharma and watched Luse wave her sleeves like a dance. In an instant, the Dharma array surrounding Xiao Yun, Daoist AnYan and Xiao Xinglong lit up. At the same time, Daoist AnYan also sent his spiritual force into Xiao Yun’s body, and a little scattered spiritual energy made a little lightning around them.

“Xiao Yun is a mortal now. Can he bear the power of lightning from Daoist AnYan?” Bai Duan was a little uneasy and asked in a low voice, subconsciously pulling the sleeve of Hu Xiao.

Hu Xiao did not look away from the array, but his tone was very stable, “No problem. Xiao Yun used to be a lightning cultivator. His body and meridians were born in accordance with lightning. In addition, these years of practice can not allow his body to absorb and store spiritual power, but it can also enhance the strength and toughness of meridians, enough to accommodate AnYan’s spiritual power. “

Hearing Hu Xiao’s words, Bai Duan was a little relieved, and his eyes and eyebrows began to expand. As Hu Xiao said, the progress in the array was very smooth.

Daoist AnYan’s lightning spiritual power entered Xiao Yun’s dried up meridians and dantian. One could dredge the meridians that have not been used for a long time, and the other could slowly restore their activity with the aid of spiritual IQ stimulation.

Because there was no spiritual root, Xiao Yun’s body couldn’t store the spirit Qi. After a circle of lighting spirit power in his body, it escaped out of his body and entered the array under Luse’s guidance.

As a result of swimming in Xiao Yun’s body, this part of lighting spiritual power had more or less changed Xiao Yun’s aura. With the expansion of the array, the Heavenly Lightning Spiritual root in Xiao Xinglong’s body was ready to move.

In this world of cultivation, all things were spiritual. Plants and animals could develop wisdom, cultivate into demons, and even the magic weapon that practitioners sacrificed might also contain the spirits under heaven, time and land. As the spiritual root of the most spiritual thing in the world of cultivation, nature also has its own will.

The spiritual root does not produce wisdom, but it also has its own memory, and likes and dislikes. The more pure the spiritual root is, the clearer the memory and likes and dislikes will be. Otherwise, Xiao Xinglong wouldn’t feel the pain of lightning wandering in his meridians when he cultivated and used the spirit power after he won the Heavenly Lightning Spiritual root. This was exactly the resistance of the spirit root. Only after decades or even hundreds of years of continuous assimilation, could he finally eliminate this resistance.

Now, suddenly, it felt the aura of its real master. Why would the spirit root continue to settle down? It struggled, trying to get rid of the shackles of Xiao Xinglong’s flesh and body.

With the more and more spiritual power that Daoist AnYan delivered to Xiao Yun’s body, this attraction became stronger and stronger. It was Xiao Xinglong who felt this change most intuitively.

At first, Xiao Xinglong could only feel his dantian’s dull pain. Later, the pain became more and more intense and even extended to the meridians of his whole body.

Originally, Xiao Xinglong was able to bite his teeth and endure, trying to cooperate with his performance, so that his brother could be merciful after taking back the spiritual root. But the rising pain quickly exceeded his endurance. Xiao Xinglong was exhausted, and his legs fell to the ground as soon as they were soft. He whined and begged, “Stop, don’t” and rolled and twisted his body.

Xiao Xinglong’s voice was shrill, his whole body was sweaty and dusty, and his whole face was twisted to the extreme. However, such a tragedy did not arouse the sympathy of all the people present.

Even Bai Duan was worried that he would roll out of the array and affect his lover. He quickly used his power to tie Xiao Xinglong to the spot, which was particularly callous.

Without the help of others, Xiao Xinglong’s voice became weaker and hoarse, and his earning body gradually lost its strength. In the end, he collapsed on the ground as powerless as a fish out of the water, and only his occasionally spasmodic body showed the pain he suffered.

At this moment, Xiao Xinglong really wished he could faint, but the pain was too severe, constantly stimulating his nerves and consciousness, so that he could not even faint and escape, and could only see the darkness in front of him.

Xiao Xinglong really regretted that he had been bewitched by the demon cultivator and taken the spiritual root of his brother, which made him fall into such a field. If he hadn’t, he would still be the beloved child of his parents and the young master of the Xiao family. He would have no worries about food and clothing and would be free…

In his lethargy, Xiao Xinglong kept apologizing and confessing what he had done, but it was a pity that the mistake had been made and it was too late to say anything. Neither Xiao Yun nor his original body would accept his apology now.

Because they all knew that Xiao Xinglong’s remorse now was only from the punishment and revenge he suffered. If the original body did not make a deal with Xiao Yun, but died quietly in the Xiao family, Xiao Xinglong would have probably never known what regret is, but would be complacent with his choice.

With Xiao Xinglong’s last scream, the Heavenly Lightning Spiritual root, which had been struggling for a long time, finally broke away from the shackles of dantian and rushed out of his body. Xiao Xinglong’s eyes rolled, and finally passed out as he wished, and the bright light couldn’t wait to flash in front of Xiao Yun, and integrate into his body from the position of his abdomen.

Xiao Yun only felt a burst of pain in his dantian, but the pain came and went quickly. In a flash, he was comforted by a warm feeling.

Although his spiritual root returned smoothly, Daoist AnYan didn’t immediately stop inputting Qi. The Qi sent into Xiao Yun’s body didn’t escape from the body anymore. Instead, the Heavenly Lightning Spiritual root absorbed it hungrily and sent it into Xiao Yun’s dantian.

Xiao Yun’s dantian had long been rejuvenated by the stimulation of the lightning spiritual power. When the gap was blocked by the Heavenly Lightning Spiritual root, his dantian quickly turned, compressed and stored the spiritual power, and then infused the extra spiritual power into the whole meridians.

In a flash, Xiao Yun became a cultivator from a mortal, and his accomplishments climbed all the way up to the barrier of the peak of Qi training — but soon, this thin barrier was rushed out of a gap by a huge spiritual force.

Everyone didn’t expect that Xiao Yun would rush to the Foundation Establishment level when he resumed his cultivation, but they were also knowledgeable, so they didn’t panic. Daoist AnYan moved his hand away from Xiao Yun’s head, took two steps back quickly, and pulled away from the array of Dharma — building the foundation was the first threshold for the cultivator to enter the road, and he must face it alone.

And Luse’s response was also very fast. She volleyed in the air a few times, and the array changed with her movements, slowly turning into a gathering spirit array, greatly improving the spirit concentration around Xiao Yun.

The Heavenly Spiritual root was the fastest spirit root in the cultivation world. Soon, a spirit whirlpool appeared around Xiao Yun, which forced Bai Duan to hide behind Hu Xiao, barely resistimg the impact of the spirit whirlpool.

“How long does it take to build the foundation?” Looking at Xiao Yun with a worried eye, Bai Duan asked in a hurry.

Hu Xiao raised his hand and erected a spiritual barrier for Bai Duan to block the impact. His tone was calm, “If fast, ten days, if slow, half a month or more —”

However, before the voice of Hu Xiao fell, there was a lightninging sound in the sky. Daoist AnYan was shocked. He looked up at the dark clouds that gathered quickly and cried out, “This… Is it?!”

Luse was also very surprised apparently, her pupils pupil slightly contracted before restoring tranquility again. Her character was still softer. She raised her hand to one side of Xiao Xinglong, who was still unconscious in the Dharma array. In a short time, he would not be involved when the lightning tribulation falls, and would not be destroyed by the lightning.

Bai Duan was taken by Hu Xiao and quickly evacuated from the courtyard, followed at Luse and Daoist AnYan, who, of course, disliked Xiao Xinglong.

“It’s worthy of saying that the Heavenly Lightning Spiritual root is the best. He’s already building his foundation. It’s such a big cloud — it’s going to affect the lightning tribulation, isn’t it?” AnYan said as he threw Xiao Xinglong to the ground, and he was slightly shocked.

“The more ferocious the lightning bolt is, the more benefits he will get.” Luse smiled, immediately reached out a hand toward Hu Xiao, “I also want to congratulate Hu Xiao for getting a good apprentice again.”

“Hahaha, not bad! He’s worthy of being Master’s close disciple and my little brother!” Anyan said with a smile, “I want to tell the others the good news immediately!”

Hu Xiao, who appeared calm and indifferent, but in fact was confused, “…???”

Wait, wait, when did I say I would take Xiao Yun as an apprentice? I can’t really afford this apprentice!

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