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Chapter 22: It’s time to start over

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


“But the real Fu Su is also at that university. He’s a graduate student. I heard that you donated a building for laboratories. It turns out that he majors in chemistry. It’s also fate.” The man in black suit said with a smile.

Wen Yu met these two people back in the living room of Lu Feng’s house. The one in black clothes was called Hei Qian and the one in white was called Bai ShengSheng. They were the heads of the guards from the underworld1.

Hei Qian wrapped his arm around Bai ShengSheng’s waist, then his eyes swept to the door. He smiled slightly and said, “It seems that you have some other matters to solve, we will take our leave first.” After finishing speaking, he pulled Bai ShengSheng along and disappeared into thin air.

Wen Yu stood at the door and as if his feet were filled with something heavy. He knew that with Zhao Zheng’s ability, when he arrived at the living room, he must have known that he had returned. He deliberately didn’t say anything to him and let him hear the truth. It could only explain one thing:

Zhao Zheng didn’t care about his feelings.

Wen Yu could only smile weakly. After living with him for some time, didn’t he clearly realize that Zhao Zheng was cold hearted and cared only about the rules he set? As long as he approved them, he would give in a little bit, for example, on the premise that he thought he was Fu Su.

Now that recognition was gone. Wen Yu used to wish that he was not Zhao Zheng’s son, but the moment it really came true, Wen Yu was afraid again. He was afraid that his feelings all along were fake. He had nobody and Zhao Zheng would treat him like a stranger.

“Come in.” Zhao Zheng’s voice was still cold.

Wen Yu didn’t know how he walked through the door. His body stiff as he slowly looked at Zhao Zheng behind his desk. The latter had no expression on his face. Wen Yu’s heart suddenly fell to the bottom of his stomach.

“Uncl — ” When he spoke, he found that his throat was dry, and Wen Yu’s face darkened. He was only a stranger. What rights did he have to still call him Zhao Zheng ‘Uncle’?

Zhao Zheng came around the desk with a document in his hand, came to Wen Yu and handed him the file.

“What is this?” Wen Yu looked up at Zhao Zheng.

Zhao Zheng looked as cold as when he first met him. He stood aloof and said, “I have signed your name in this villa, and I’m leaving the butler and driver for you — “

“I don’t want them.” Wen Yu expressed quickly, his voice almost inaudible. Zhao Zheng wanted to draw a clear line with him and make up for it with these physical things.

Zhao Zheng looked out of the window, and did not look at Wen Yu’s face, which was about to cry. He said coldly, “I intervened with your adoptive parents’ divorce. I destroyed the home you craved. Now that this villa is yours, you’ll always have a home to return to.”

“Zhao Zheng!!!” Wen Yu couldn’t help it anymore. He broke down and cried hysterically, “I thought you knew what I wanted. What is this shit villa without you — ” 

At this point, Wen Yu could only smile miserably. What he cared about, Zhao Zheng didn’t care at all.

Without you, how is this place still my home?

But Wen Yu could not say it out loud. He had lost confidence. He was no longer sure if he now could make Zhao Zheng ‘make an exception’ and ‘give way’ now. First Zhao Zheng stripped a layer of his life off of him and assured him with his pampering and tolerant care. When he had fallen deeply into the warmth curated by Zhao Zheng. When Wen Yu fell in love with him, he told him that he was just his son. Then, Wen Yu told himself, as long as he worked hard enough, he could touch Zhao Zheng’s heart.

Everything was fake, the protective layer Zhao Zheng put on for him, that tightly wrapped around him, was stripped off by Zhao Zheng again.

Now he was a mutilated mess. What was he still doing here for?

Do you want to continue to make a fool out of yourself?

“I’ll move out,” Wen Yu choked in his confused state. Thinking of the real Fu Su moving in here, Wen Yu couldn’t stay any longer and dashed out the door.

After Wen Yu left, Zhao Zheng, who was standing in front of the glass window, turned to look at the direction of Wen Yu’s departure. He frowned slightly and said, “Meng Tian, go and watch after him.”

Meng Tian appeared out of thin air almost immediately, respectfully said that he would, and disappeared again.

Wen Yu didn’t know how he got back to his apartment. He didn’t live in the apartment for two months, so there was a thick layer of dust in the apartment, but he had nowhere else he could go to. He sat on the sofa, his head splitting. It was soon dark outside, and there was a knock on the door.

The originally dumbfounded Wen Yu’s eyes brightened at the knock on the door. He quickly opened the door.

When Gao Yang saw Wen Yu open the door, he was relieved and said, “You’re really here, you have disappeared for a day. What were you doing? Seriously, why didn’t you switch on the lights.” Gao Yang turned on the light and saw Wen Yu’s face. He was startled, “What’s the matter? I couldn’t get through your phone, so I asked Meng Yi. He said you might be back here. What’s the matter? Did you quarrel with Uncle Zhao?”

Wen Yu was sad that he had still expected Zhao Zheng to come to him. Obviously, the other party didn’t care about him. His good for nothing self could only think about Zhao Zheng.

He was hopeless.

“I’m not Fu Su.” This sentence came out easier than he thought.

“You’re Wen Yu, you were never — ” Gao Yang’s eyes were wide, but now when he remembered Zhao Zheng’s identity and Wen Yu’s identity, he was shocked and asked, “What are you talking about?”

Wen Yu laughed mockingly at himself, “I’m not Fu Su. Zhao Zheng got the wrong person. I have nothing now.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. You have us brothers.” Gao Yang patted Wen Yu on the shoulder. He knew how much Wen Yu cared about that Uncle Zhao, but he never thought that things could be so cliched.

Wen Yu saw Gao Yang’s worried face, shook his head, smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything stupid.”

“Don’t smile, it’s worse than crying.” Gao Yang said angrily, “He let you leave like this?”

“No, Zhao Zheng is kind enough to give me the villa.” Wen Yu, with a plain face, said, “I didn’t accept it. Okay, I’ll treat you guys to dinner. Call eldest brother and second brother to have a drink with me.”

Seeing Wen Yu’s calmness, Gao Yang didn’t know how else to persuade him, so he said, “Let’s go! Let’s go! Let brother accompany you to drink! No one can go home unless they are drunk2.”

That night, four people from the dormitory went to a barbecue shop and ordered beer. Wen Yu didn’t eat anything. He kept drinking until he got drunk. But he was not an aggressive drunk. He would just sit there quietly and stare into space, no one knew what was going on in his mind.

Gao Yang supported Wen Yu by the arm and sent him back. The bedding in the apartment was a little damp but he himself had drunk a little too much to care. He turned on the air conditioner directly, rolled the quilt around Wen Yu, and then retreated.

As soon as Gao Yang left, Wen Yu, who laid on the moldy bedding, began to cry, his entire body twitching.

He didn’t understand what he was going to do or what he should do. He didn’t know anymore.

He soon fell asleep.

The next morning, Wen Yu looked at his swollen eyes. He rubbed his face. This should stop and he had to live a good life. He had only himself left.

It was easier said than done.

He didn’t know how he got through his morning classes. At noon, Gao Yang had to pull Wen Yu out for lunch. When they got to the roadside, they saw the familiar black car and Zhao Zheng stood beside the car. 

Gao Yang said excitedly, “It’s your Uncle Zhao. He has come to see you.” As soon as he said this, he saw a boy wearing glasses coming out of the school gate. He was a very intellectual looking boy, and Zhao Zheng walked towards him when he saw him.

Though he could not hear what they were saying from afar, Wen Yu could see Zhao Zheng was very tolerant and kind towards the boy. Soon, the boy and Zhao Zheng got into a car. From the beginning to the end, Zhao Zheng didn’t spare a single look at Wen Yu’s direction.

Wen Yu was heartbroken and pretended not to care. “Let’s grab something to eat,” he said.

“Just now, that per — “

“The real Fu Su.” Wen Yu commented.

Lunch was tasteless. In Wen Yu’s head were the images of Zhao Zheng holding the boy’s shoulder and letting him get in the car first. When he got back to school, he unconsciously researched the boy’s news. In fact, he didn’t need to inquire much about it.

The boy was too outstanding. Su ZhiSang, a chemistry student, was from Graduate School. He was famous on campus and had been recruited by MIT. The fund for studying abroad was provided by Mr. Zhao. He was a student who excelled in both studies and behavior.

Wen Yu said in a low voice, “Indeed, he was Fu Su.” He thought of how Zhao Zheng once said that he was delicate and had a feminine manner. If he had not been mistaken for being Fu Su, maybe Zhao Zheng would not have looked at him at all.

What was he still daydreaming about now?

The black car would stop at the school gate three times a week. It was all during Su ZhiSang’s free period. Zhao Zheng would come to pick him up in person and they would exchange a few smiles before getting in the car. Wen Yu saw them twice. He would steadily look forward, backpack on his shoulder, then walked across the road back towards the direction of his apartment. But when the car left, he would stand by the road and watch the car in a trance.

That villa now had its real young master.

Those at school spread rumors that he was abandoned by Zhao Zheng. Their uncle and nephew relationship was all rubbish. Now Mr. Zhao began to pursue Su ZhiSang. The two were a perfect match, one was gentle and handsome, the other was rich and considerate.

Yes, it was a sugar baby-daddy relationship when it was with Wen Yu. But when it was Su ZhiShang, it became a lovers’ relationship. The outsiders’ judgments were toxic. They ‘knew’ what was real and what was not.

Wen Yu didn’t want to belittle himself like this, but he simply couldn’t stop his thoughts. 

He felt like he could not hold on any longer. It was really difficult for him to continue to live in the same space as Zhao Zheng as if nothing had happened.

Today, Wen Yu heard that Su Zhisang would go to the United States in September and that Mr. Zhao would immigrate with him too. He wanted to avoid any news related to Zhao Zheng and Su ZhiSang, but the students around him seemed to always bring the topic of them up.

He really couldn’t stay at school anymore. If this went on, he would go crazy and he didn’t want to turn into something he would hate.

Wen Yu asked for a long break, one that would last three months, with the excuse that he had some family matters to attend to. The next time he came back, it would be the next semester in September. At that time, there would be no Su Zhisang on campus, and Zhao Zheng would be in the United States too, so he would not have to face them.

Applications for long breaks originally required parents’ signature or a call in person, but Wen Yu gave the administration a fake application, which was very quickly approved. The quicker it was approved, the better. This was all thanks to Zhao Zheng’s visit last time. The Department Head would treat him differently. He was also asked about the scholarship this time, but once again, he refused.

When he got the leave application, Wen Yu calculated the money he made from his savings account and with the money from Zhao Zheng’s New Year red packet. His bank card had more than enough money. In the past, Wen Yu treasured it and didn’t want to spend it, but now he wanted to spend all of it, until there was nothing left. He had almost half a year’s time to travel around.

As for the napkin that he carefully kept in a wooden box in the bedside table, Wen Yu didn’t want to think about it anymore.

The one and only Wen Yu in the world.

Now, the thought of it was ironic and mocking.

“It’s good to divert your mind elsewhere.” Although Wen Yu didn’t mention anything, the rumor about Mr. Zhao and the graduate student senior during this period of time was enough for eldest brother to piece these clues together. 

He patted Wen Yu on the shoulder and said, “When you come back next semester, move back to the dormitory.. We four Musketeers can get together again.”

Wen Yu smiled, neither nodded nor refused, saying, “Please have a meal with me before I leave.”

Second brother disagreed, “What nonsense, we will treat you. Let’s have a good night.” 

Gao Yang had no comment. He was actually still a little worried about Wen Yu. He hoped that Wen Yu had already thought thoroughly and come round..

The small apartment had been returned, he only had a few necessary clothes packed, and the rest had been disposed of. Wen Yu bought air tickets on Saturday afternoon. He planned to have fun with his brothers all night on Friday and stay in a hotel.

He had only one backpack now, nothing else, and he was all alone.

It was time to start over.


The author has something to say:

Zhao Zheng’s attitude towards Wen Yu will be explained later.

I really think I’m a fluff writer. The original plan outline was going to be cruel, but I can’t seem to do it. I now turned it into something dog blood(cliched), but it’s not so angsty.

There’s going to be a lot of dog blood tomorrow.

Good night, fairies.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Black and White Impermanence aka Underworld Reapers of Chinese mythology.
  2. A chinese saying to show that their goal is to get drunk or else they are not allowed to go.


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Audry Gazali
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