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Chapter 191: Eleventh World (18)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


In order to make himself clean as soon as possible, Hu Xiao silently accelerated the speed of finding a way to retrieve the spiritual root, and even sent a message to his close friends and disciples, hoping that they could help. It was needless to say that almost all of Hu Xiao’s friends were of great power during the period of deification and played an important role, and even his disciples couldn’t be underestimated.

All of them could become the disciples of Hu Xiao because they were very talented and lucky. In order to experience and enter all kinds of secret places, they often got many unique scripts.

As a result of Hu Xiao’s great comparison with his family, it was well known that he and Xiao Yun were mentor and apprentice. Even though there was no apprenticeship between them at present, everyone believed that once Xiao Yun got back his spiritual root, he would immediately join Hu Xiao’s family.

When the disciples of Hu Xiao heard this news, they would stand by their younger martial brother. Even if their elder martial brother didn’t speak, they would consciously help to find a way for their younger martial brother to recover his spiritual roots, let alone after receiving a message from Hu Xiao now.

The so-called “many people have great power” and “all gather firewood and flame high”, within a few days, the whole cultivation circle seemed to move. All kinds of news flew to Qingxia Sect like snowflakes. Now, Xiao Yun didn’t have to worry about the lack of clues anymore. Instead, he had a headache because of too many clues.

It was really a… sweet trouble. It seemed that as long as you hold the golden thigh right, all difficulties will be solved in front of the golden thigh. Because all clues were too numerous, and Hu Xiao was impatient to check them one by one, he simply left everything to Xiao Yun since he had nothing to do and only held Bai Duan in his arms all day long.

Yes, since the revenge, Xiao Yun had been liberated from his hard work. He couldn’t be lazy every day. Hu Xiao also knew that he and Bai Duan only needed to fulfill their original wish in this world. They didn’t have to work hard like the cultivators to cultivate, cross tribulations and soar. They just followed him.

However, Xiao Yun was happy, and Hu Xiao, who even dared not spread his divine sense casually, was very depressed. Now this pile of clues just gave Hu Xiao a suitable reason.

Almost drowned by clues, Xiao Yun had to put his sweet and honey’s little days aside for a while, and began to diligently remove the false and keep the truth, and straighten them out one by one.

On this day, Xiao Yun sat in the yard to browse the news from the outside world, while Bai Duan turned into his beast form, lying lazily on the stone table to bask in the sun. Recently, since Xiao Yun was busy, Bai Duan was not only satisfied with Hu Xiao but also relieved. He was glad that he finally got rid of the fear of being dominated in bed.

Xiao Yun drew a picture on his record book with a brush. One of the messengers hadn’t been finished yet, and brought the other flies into the yard. He didn’t want to pay attention to it, but the messenger seemed to be quite eager. Instead of settling down on the table, he flew around Xiao Yun and seemed to urge him to open it immediately.

Xiao Yun had to put down his brush and held the messenger in his hand. Bai Duan didn’t even have to lift his eyelids. He just flicked his tail at will and played his magic power. Xiao Yun, who was still a normal person, activated the messenger.

Soon, a young disciple’s voice came out, with a respectful tone, “Master Uncle, there is a golden core fairy outside the Mountain Gate who wants to see you.”

Although he had not been included in the family by Hu Xiao, it seemed that the whole Qingxia Sect had already identified Xiao Yun as the ‘disciple of Hu Xiao’. At first, Xiao Yun’s waist token was for a worker as a mortal, but now it had been changed into a personal disciple high-level Lingyu token, and his monthly share was not less, very rich — even once, a Jindan elder who came to visit Hu Xiao called him respectfully ‘martial uncle’.

In this way, it seems that there was nothing wrong with the gatekeepers calling him “master uncle”?

Suddenly there were several generations. Xiao Yun took a swipe at the messenger and asked, “I don’t know any gold core cultivators. What’s the matter with that elder?”

The opposite side was quiet for a moment, and then came the voice of the guard disciple, “The elder called herself Tian Zhenzhen, saying that if you hear the name, you will know who she is.”

Xiao Yun frowned slightly. He recalled it in his mind, but he still didn’t find the name of Tian Zhenzhen, so he turned over the memory of his original body and combed it again. Finally he came to realize that Tian Zhenzhen was the mother who abandoned her husband, left her child, and pursued the way to heaven alone…

Xiao Yun didn’t want to have anything to do with his mother, let alone there wasn’t a shadow of her in the original wish.

Pursing his lips, Xiao Yun said coldly, “Please reply to the elder Tian Zhenzhen for me and tell her that ever since she left the Xiao’s house alone, we have nothing to do with each other. Now I don’t need to meet each other. Let’s live happily.”

The gatekeeper replied respectfully and then ended the communication. Xiao Yun waited for another moment. Seeing that the other party didn’t send any more messages, he knew that his mother should have left after getting a reply.

The messenger in his hand was thrown to one side. Xiao Yun was looking at his little lover with a little smile. Then he picked him up and rubbed his warm and fluffy fur in the sun. “It’s OK. It’s the mother of this body. It has nothing to do with me.”

Bai Duan breathed a sigh of relief. He turned to Xiao Yun’s shoulder and licked his partner’s cheek as if he were coquettish or comforting. Now, Bai Duan dare not change into a human shape when being intimate, for fear that his poor ass would turn into a blooming flower if he didn’t pay attention and over-stimulated Xiao Yun.

Xiao Yun kissed Bai Duan with a smile and continued to review the message in the messenger.

Although his mouth didn’t care about his mother, Xiao Yun spent a little energy in the spare time of his hard work in order to prevent the boat from capsizing in the gutter, and inquired about his mother’s recent trend.

Later, he breathed a sigh of relief — this time, there was no conspiracy in the appearance of the original mother, but she finally regretted that she left her son and left the Xiao family, and finally felt the responsibility of being a mother.

The original mother had already formed a golden core when she left the Xiao family, otherwise it would not be so easy to draw a clear line with the Xiao family. By virtue of her cultivation, she had successfully become a guest elder of a small sect. Since then, she had ignored worldly affairs and devoted herself to cultivation.

However, although the mother of the original body plunged into cultivation, the affairs of the Xiao family had been in full swing recently. In addition, the mother of the original body also had one or two close friends who knew her relationship with the Xiao family, and so they naturally spread the news to the mother of the original body.

When learning that the illegitimate son of Xiao’s father colluded with the demon cultivation to take away her son’s Heavenly Spiritual root, and that the Xiao family even protected the illegitimate son, his mother was furious. She once left the Xiao family so quickly and neatly. First, she had no half-friendship with the Xiao family and father Xiao. Second, she believed that her son would not suffer any injustice in the Xiao Family with his talent.

However, she did not expect that everything would not be as simple and smooth as she imagined.

Although her son was now under Hu Xiao, with good fortune and a deep hatred for himself, this did not mean that his suffering had been completely wiped out. The original mother’s mood was hard to calm. After she abandoned her husband, she set foot in the Xiao family for the first time and let out her anger.

The Xiao family had been in decline for a long time, and the eldest elder with the highest cultivation level was only half a step of being a golden core cultivator, not the opponent of his mother. The original mother killed the Xiao Family in pieces. Even the golden plaque of “the Xiao Family” was smashed. 

As for father Xiao and his beauty, they were the first to bear the brunt and became the key target of the original mother’s revenge. The mother of the original body cut off the beauty who birthed the evil son and didn’t teach him. Then she turned her hand to abolish father Xiao’s Dantian, making him unable to practice all his life. After all this, the original mother was still very upset, so she simply cut off Xiao’s father’s family jewels. If it wasn’t for this, she would have been living at the Xiao family’s house at about this time, and her son would not have had to suffer from those heartache if he had her shelter.

This uproar made the Xiao family, who had been walking on thin ice, even worse. After tidying up the Xiao family, his mother came to Qingxia Sect and wanted to see her child with her own eyes to make up for her neglect of responsibility for more than ten years.

It was a pity that the man who really needed to be consoled had completely disappeared in the world.

Xiao Yun didn’t want to have another mother. Similarly, he didn’t want to take the place of the original body to enjoy the compensation of the original mother, and then forgive his mother and reduce the regret of the other party.

It may be a little extreme, but the tragedy of the original body was not unrelated to the original mother. If the original mother didn’t go so simply, if she could have still had a little nostalgia for the original body after leaving, and occasionally paid attention to him, then the original body might not have been in such a situation as he was at that time. He would not have been helpless and would not have fallen into complete despair without recourse. He would not have taken revenge and agreed to the deal without hesitation, giving up his own flesh.

Sometimes, a mistake was a mistake. Even if there was a lost way, the person who needed compensation was likely to only have the so-called ‘regret’ when ‘compensation’ was no longer needed.

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