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Chapter 24: Su ZhiSang’s Father

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


“It’s hot.”

The skin exposed beneath his shirt was pink. Wen Yu’s mouth pursed unconsciously, clinging to the cold and firm body of a man. His mind was still in a confused state due to the drugs, but his body recognized the aura released by the man holding him as trustworthy.

His legs rubbed back and forth unconsciously, and he just wanted to cool down. His lips kissed at random, his body seeking and succumbing to the most primal instinct called ‘lust’.

Holding Wen Yu in one hand, Zhao Zheng released a gust of a cold aura. With a dark expression, he looked coldly at the man in his embrace.

“Who am I?” Zhao Zheng opened his mouth, his voice was deep and cold, revealing that his appearance was not as peaceful as on the surface.

Wen Yu’s hands were soft around Zhao Zheng’s neck, and his whole body was like a pool of soft water hanging onto Zhao Zheng. Hearing the question, he snapped awake for a second and he lifted his head. His eyes fluttered open and what he saw was his lips, he pressed his hot lips onto those cold, stern ones. He let out a comfortable small sigh, the tip of the tongue slowly slurred, “Uncle… The one I love the most, Zhao Zheng.”

The hands on his waist tightened. Wen Yu and Zhao Zheng were glued together skin to skin. Because Zhao Zheng’s body temperature was cold, Wen Yu let out a comfortable moan. He touched Zhao Zheng’s cheek with one hand. This looked like a scene from a dream. He couldn’t tell whether it was real or not. He felt aggrieved and sobbed, “But you don’t want me anymore, you don’t want me…”

His mind was clearer and sober, but his body’s desire was getting fiercer. Wen Yu had not found release and his skin got redder, his eyes were glazed with tears, and his voice was soft and lustrous. Even if it wasn’t intentionally trying to seduce anyone, his clothes were half open — exposing his skin, and his whole body exuded the breath of lust — which was a fatal blow.

“It’s so hot and uncomfortable. Zhao Zheng, I feel uncomfortable. Touch me.” Wen Yu said lustfully, the eager lips pressed against Zhao Zheng’s cheek, “Please.”

Zhao Zheng cleared his throat, his voice was still low and hoarse, and said coldly, “Wen Yu, don’t regret it. I won’t let you think again.” The last word hasn’t fallen yet nor did Wen Yu respond. Wen Yu felt the cold touch of the other’s lips as he kissed him. He opened his mouth slightly, and was soon attracted by the cool lips and tongue.

Then he felt a touch on his ‘secret’——

“No!” He raised his eyes and looked at Zhao Zheng, they were filled with tears and fear.

Zhao Zheng kissed Wen Yu’s eyelids and said in a deep voice, “Be good, be a good boy and leave it to me.”

The tense Wen Yu still couldn’t relax. It was like a flood of emotions when he was touched there for the first time. 

He was embarrassed by this shameless body of his, but soon his sanity crumbled and he trusted Zhao Zheng wholeheartedly.


When Wen Yu woke up, it was already the next afternoon. His throat was parched. When he opened his eyes, what he saw was the familiar decorations. He could not help but sit up, his hand held his waist. He hissed at the soreness. The quilt slipped off and he caught sight of his skin. It was mottled with red marks, which was evidence of last night’s intensity.

Recalling what had happened, Wen Yu’s face was first turned scarlet, and then he thought of something else flashed by and his face paled instantly.

He looked for his clothes, he realized that his body was clean and fresh, and had been washed. He couldn’t help but remember being pressed down in the bathtub. He cried out hoarsely and begged for mercy, and finally together they——

Wen Yu stopped recalling last night and put on his clothes. When his feet touched the ground, his feet went weak and before he could even fall to the floor, he was suddenly embraced by Zhao Zheng, who suddenly appeared. He was then swept off his feet and laid on the Empress wood bed.

“Where are you going to?” Zhao Zheng’s voice was a little chilly.

When Wen Yu heard Zhao Zheng’s tone, he felt a pain in his heart, but he decided to be stubborn and pretended not to care, “To the airport.”

“You’re not allowed to leave.” Zhao Zheng sat by the bed, saw Wen Yu lowering his head, and reached out to touch his cheek. He asked, “Remember what I said last night?”

Wen Yu looked up. Last night, Zhao Zheng said so much that he could not remember all of what he said.

“I gave you time to think about leaving. I’m not letting go this time.” Zhao Zheng said, domineeringly. 

Wen Yu retorted, he was furious. “You obviously don’t want me anymore, what do you mean time to think? You found your son, I am nothing.” Towards the end of his sentence, his tone was laced with grievances.

Zhao Zheng smiled, which made Wen Yu even angrier. He propped himself up and got off the bed. He wanted to stay far away from here, he didn’t want to continue to stay and get humiliated further.

“You think I’m humiliating you?” Zhao Zheng’s voice was a little angry.

“Aren’t you?” Wen Yu said in a high voice, “Don’t think because you slept with me and you know my secret, I will do as you — “

“Wen Yu.” Zhao Zheng interrupted Wen Yu’s words with a cold voice, and stared at him coldly, “Stop throwing tantrums and make me lose my temper.”

Wen Yu thought it was quite amazing that he was capable of provoking Zhao Zheng. He also  thought that he was pitiful. He looked up and said calmly, “I’m not your son anymore. You have no say even if I wish to leave now.” Before he could even finish speaking, he was spun around. He fell on Zhao Zheng’s knee and was struck twice on his buttocks.

He had only exhausted himself last night and even though Zhao Zheng did not exert his full force, it was still painful. It was more pain from humiliation than physical pain. He was a grown-up but he was spanked by Zhao Zheng. It was too much!

So he shouted angrily, “Zhao Zheng, you’ve gone too far.”

“What did you call me?” Zhao Zheng had hit him twice more.

Wen Yu was angry and ashamed. His face turned red, but he couldn’t bear it anymore. He whispered, “Uncle, please stop.”

Only then Zhao Zheng let go. He pulled Wen Yu into his arms and smoothed down his hair. His tone was gentler. He patted Wen Yu’s curly hair and said, “You intentionally provoked me but now you’re angry?” Seeing Wen Yu’s face puffed with anger, he chuckled and said, “Remember that night on New Year’s Eve, where you drank too much?”

Wen Yu didn’t know why Zhao Zheng was bringing this up again. He nodded his head. His tolerance for beer was ok, but wine and white wine were not. Let alone that fruit wine Zhao Zheng brought out that night. The taste was very light at the beginning, so he didn’t expect the effect to be that strong after. Who knew how long this wine was brewed? Suddenly, he thought of a possibility and stammered, “D-don’t tell me the wine was from the Qin Dynasty?”

“Yes and no.” Zhao Zheng felt a headache coming on. This child could get so easily distracted sometimes, but still he explained, “It’s the essence but was diluted. I didn’t expect your alcohol tolerance was that bad.” He paused and touched Wen Yu’s back. “That night, I kissed you.”

Wen Yu’s shocked eyes widened as he stared at him. He stuttered, “K-kissed me? At that time, I was still your son, how and why did you — ” Such a beast, but he also did a very good job.

At that time, he had thought that though Wen Yu was the reincarnation of his son, they had no blood relationship, so he did not care if he was still the reincarnation of his son or not.

Zhao Zheng looked at Wen Yu and heard what Wen Yu was thinking. Then he saw the little spark of joy hidden in his eyes. He was having so much fun. Wen Yu was really innocent and even had the guts to try and throw a tantrum at him earlier.

“When I realized my feelings for you, I kept my distance on purpose. Then Hei Qian, they came with the truth.” Zhao Zheng pinched Wen Yu’s earlobe. “I’ve jumped in and out of the three realms, and I’ve got no end to my life. If you end up with me, you’ll have no chance to reincarnate.” 

At that mention, Zhao Zheng looked solemn, “This will be for eternity. I want to think through this properly.”

“Then aren’t you afraid that I won’t come back anymore, when I left back then?” Wen Yu was anxious.

Zhao Zheng gave a small smile, “If you decide to longer have any feelings for me, I will ensure that you will stay safe without worries for a lifetime, as your uncle.”

“You’re really, really — ” Wen Yu bit his lips and sighed angrily. “Why is everything for you to decide? Why did you decide all these behind my back?”

Looking at Wen Yu’s reaction, Zhao Zheng smirked and pulled Wen Yu into his arms. Actually, he didn’t finish his sentence. If Wen Yu chose to step back, he would break all of Wen Yu’s connections, so that he would be reluctant to leave him.

Having said that, Wen Yu’s mind was a turmoil of emotions, but he was more surprised and rejoiced at Zhao Zheng’s response to his love. But he felt uneasy again. It seemed that everything was coming true too fast. During their time apart, Wen Yu clearly saw the gap between himself and Zhao Zheng, not only in terms of identity and wealth. There was also the difference in their statuses. 

He depended too much on Zhao Zheng.

Wen Yu looked at Zhao Zheng and thought of Su ZhiSang. The latter was outstanding, unlike him who was a good for nothing. How was he a worthy match for Zhao Zheng? Zhao Zheng was an immortal. He was afraid that Zhao Zheng would get tired of him later.

“What’s on your mind?”

“Zhao Zheng, I want to move back to my school dormitory.” Wen Yu said seriously.

Zhao Zheng, with a cold face, thought of something, kissed Wen Yu’s hair and said, “After you left, Su ZhiSang never stepped into the villa. Everything is still as it was before you left. You are the other owner of the house.”

Wen Yu was embarrassed to have his thoughts guessed, but he still wanted to stick to his own decision and become a more outstanding person.

Zhao Zheng read Wen Yu’s thoughts and a faint smile appeared in his eyes. He nodded, “This is not urgent. Didn’t you ask for a three months’ break? Perfect, I have nothing to do anyways. We can go together.” He whispered into Wen Yu’s ears, “They call it a ‘honeymoon’, am I right?” 

Wen Yu blushed scarlet. It still felt like something was weird. He wanted to refute but didn’t know what was strange so he nodded first.

When he had eaten and went back to catch up on some sleep, he suddenly realized how easily it was to make him waver. He had imagined this scenario countless times before. If Zhao Zheng looked for him, he would definitely throw a tantrum and make a scene. But with just a few words from Zhao Zheng, he moved back into the villa and agreed to travel with Zhao Zheng. He initially wanted to change and strengthen his own character.

Wen Yu rolled over on the Empress wood bed and wrapped himself in the quilt. He was a little angry with himself for being too fickle minded. He kept pondering, and then his mind went astray. When he saw Zhao Zheng, who was just out from the shower, got onto the bed, he grabbed Zhao Zheng’s bathrobe and said excitedly, “So I’m Su ZhiSang’s father?”

Zhao Zheng was stunned, caught on in an instantt, and chuckled.

“If you marry me, you can say that.”


The author has something to say:

Little curly hair can’t beat Zhao Zheng, but Zhao Zheng is willingly letting Wen Yu do as he pleases.


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