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Chapter 197: Eleventh World (24)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


Bai Duan walked all the way in a rage, but he didn’t get carried away like a headless fly. Instead, he had a clear plan in a short time. From the newly recovered memory, he found out Guan Wu’s experience of touring and introducing the gray space with himself. Bai Duan, who was full of road finding skills, found a place similar to “customer service hall” without taking too many detours.

When he came to the service desk, Bai Duan looked inside, but he didn’t see the staff. He was a bit hesitant. Was he going to suffer from the first day of trying to have a cold war with his lover?

Just as Bai Duan was bothered to make a new plan, a group of transparent colloid like decorations suddenly wriggled and slowly stretched up their body until they were at an even level with Bai Duan.

It was a little… disgusting. Bai Duan was so scared that he almost blew up. Fortunately, he was also well-informed, and soon calmed down his mood and began tentatively, “How are you?”

“Hello.” The transparent gel wriggled and emitted a pleasant voice like a girl. “Sorry, I was just in a daze. No visitors were coming. Please don’t complain about me!” As it spoke, the gel twisted and turned in what seemed like… a coquettish manner.

It was a pity that Bai Duan couldn’t appreciate such coquetry at all.

“…OK, I won’t complain.” Bai Duan drew the corners of his mouth.

“Thank you very much!” The gel was red with joy, and the tone was very warm. “What can I do for you?”

“I want to apply for a house.” Bai Duan tried to ignore the weird gel in front of him. “I didn’t know much about the situation before I came here. Do I have the right to apply for a room?”

“Just a moment, please.” The gel’s voice was a little more serious. It stuck out its hands, which were playing in the air, and it quickly brought out the file of Bai Duan. “Uh… Let me see. Bai Duan, from Xiuzhen 283, the registered partner is Guan Wu, who is a senior defender. Well, you just passed the assessment test a few days ago and officially became a member of the grey space… ” After a clap, it happily congratulated him, “Welcome to the grey space!”

“Thank you.” Bai Duan nodded his thanks.

“Because you are already a full member of the gray space, you are eligible for a room.” The gel gave Bai Duan a positive answer, but there was some doubt, “But… Are you not going to live with your partner?”

“… Not for the time being.” Bai Duan shook his head slightly.

The gel remained silent for a moment and seemed to realize that it had asked the wrong question. It immediately, and deliberately, raised its voice to try to break away the awkward and gloomy atmosphere in the air, “Mm-hmm, I can understand that even if one has a partner, there must be a private space!”

For the understanding of gel, Bai Duan showed a smile, then nodded, “Distance brings beauty.”

“Hahaha, that’s right!” The gel smiled and its hands continued to wave. “I will help you check in now. Please wait for a moment! By the way, there are a series of formalities besides the housing. I’ll help you with them too. It’ll save you a trip!”

“Thank you.” Bai Duan breathed a sigh of relief and thanked again — so that he could live independently in the grey space, rather than relying on Guan Wu.

Due to the complex rules and regulations in the grey space, it would take a long time to go through all the formalities. Bai Duan leaned against the counter, looking at the gel controlling the touch. The hand chatted away with it. Although the gel’s appearance was gross, it seemed to be very friendly and gentle. It helped Bai Duan know more about the grey space. 

“Me? I come from the interstellar plane, the mrc1830 nebula. It’s a coincidence that I came to the grey space.” The gel was used for two purposes, and the question from Bai Duan was answered cheerfully. “My strength is very low, my brain is not developed and intelligent, but because of race specialty, I was arranged in the service center to do customer service work.”

“Race specialty? Um… Is it touch? Do you have more hands?” Bai Duan blinked a little hesitantly.

Gel, “Hello! It’s not touch. It’s mimicry! Mimicry!”

As it spoke, the body of the gel changed rapidly. In the twinkling of an eye, it was like being squeezed by a creature’s hand, so that it changed from a transparent gel into a beautiful human maiden, winking at Bai Duan.

Bai Duan exclaimed.

Unfortunately, the beautiful girl’s image did not last long, and it broke into a lump of gel. The gel shook. “Our race can simulate any kind of life. The more we know, the more precise the mimicry is. We can perfectly simulate any kind of life, but need to pay close attention, and generally I am lazy to do so. But just simulating each other’s vocal organs is much simpler.” The gel laughed. “After simulating the vocal organs of the other races, I can communicate freely with the other. It’s very convenient.”

Bai Duan nodded clearly.

“I think when you saw me, although you were calm on the surface, your pupils shrank for a moment, as if you were frightened?” The gel grinned. “In the grey space, you will see more strange things. So keep calm. Although it seems to be empty now, there are a lot of residents, but most of them are doing tasks in other places, so they seldom show up.”

“I see.” Bai Duan smiled.

“All right! All the formalities are completed for you! In this way, you can freely use the facilities in the space within your permission. As for the location of your room… ” The gel held up a milky White Light and handed it to Bai Duan before touching it. “Do you know something about the system from your partner? This is a new system, I have entered all your information in it, and from now on, it belongs to you! Although it’s just a primary system with simple functions, it can grow with you. Please treat it well!”

“Yes, I will.” Bai Duan carefully held the light in his hand, and felt it was empty but warm to the touch.

Feeling his friendliness, the system gently rubbed his palm and seemed to say hello to him.

“If there’s anything you’re unclear about, your system can answer it for you — and it will take you to your room, of course.” The gel clapped and twisted its body. “Wish you a happy life in the grey space!”

Bai Duan once again thanked the gel, followed the shaky light towards his room. When he stood at the door of the room, the door opened automatically, and all the facilities in the room flashed with a different luster, like ‘living’ together.

“Master, what kind of decoration style do you like?” The light shook in front of Bai Duan, making a kind of tender and sweet voice similar to that of a human child.

Bai Duan clicked on the screen opened by the ball of light and chose the style close to nature. In a flash, the whole room changed from the original rigid to a lively… Garden — although everything was fake, it looked much more comfortable.

“Master, it is detected that you have a partner. Do you want to set the other party as a person with the same authority as you?” It seemed that system also liked this kind of environment very much. It was more and more joyful as it flew up and down.

Hearing the question of the light, Bai Duan hesitated for a moment, “For the time being… No.”

“Why?” The ball of light asked curiously — it was now a time to absorb all knowledge quickly, and pay more attention to its own master.

“Because… Well, I don’t want to see him for the time being.” Bai Duan pursed his lips, closed the door and walked inward, becoming familiar with his new home.

“So, do you want to break up with your partner?” The light flickered for a moment, a little surprised.

Bai Duan jumped, “No, I’m not going to break up, but there’s a little conflict for the time being. I need to calm down.”

After a moment’s silence, it became clear, “Oh, I just searched. That’s what partners say before they choose to break up. “

Bai Duan, “……”

Although he wanted to be gentle with his new system, Bai Duan endured for a moment, but he silently opened the operation interface of the ball of light and muted it.

Originally, it also wanted to comfort its host who was about to break up soon, the system, “………”

——What did I do wrong?! QAQ

Silencing his stupid system, Bai Duan finally took a breath of relief and threw himself on the bed. He pulled up the quilt and wrapped himself tightly, and began to think about himself and Guan Wu.

After recovering all of his memories, Bai Duan finally understood why Guan Wu was so guilty and afraid that he would be angry — and the other side was not wrong. Bai Duan was really angry, not only at Guan Wu, but also at himself.

He and Guan Wu met and fell in love in a world. When Guan Wu finished his task and his life ran out, he was brought to the grey space by Guan Wu. However, the spirit and body of Bai Duan were too weak for the gray space. He required continuous experience and absorption of more energy to be truly accepted by the gray space and to live forever with Guan Wu.

The reason why experience was called experience was because of the difficulty and uncertainty of its process — no one knew what would happen in the experience, and no one could be sure that their feelings would not wear out and deteriorate in the contradiction and change, again and again.

Guan Wu couldn’t bear to let Bai Duan become a ‘maintainer’ like him. He accepted the task at the lowest point of his life and bore the pain and despair that he couldn’t bear. So he chose another more friendly way for Bai Duan, which was to erase all his memories and let him reincarnate between different worlds like a normal reincarnation.

Because there was no memory, every life was a new experience. Bai Duan didn’t have to bear with the past, just face the future with a relaxed and positive mood — but the forgotten anxiety, the worry about the future, and the painstaking maintenance of their feelings were all shouldered by Guan Wu.

There was no doubt that this was Guan Wu’s inner protection and love for Bai Duan, but for Bai Duan himself, it just couldn’t be accepted. Bai Duan was angry that Guan Wu concealed his decision and didn’t say a word to him during the period — because the other party must have known that he would not agree in any case.

Likewise, Bai Duan was angry with himself. After all, it was because he enjoyed the love and care of Guan Wu. He was not enterprising, soft and naive, which led to the fact that Guan Wu could not trust him, so the other side would rather increase his own burden, and could not trust him to deliver the responsibility.

Knowing his own mistakes, Bai Duan could not be justifiably angry with Guan Wu, and could not rightly accuse the other party of making his own opinions regardless of his own wishes. But he couldn’t easily let everything go with a smile. He could only hold the annoyance, grievance and anger in his heart and not see Guan Wu’s flattering face at all.

Although he was loved by Guan Wu, Bai Duan was a male after all. He also had a male occupation, feelings, control, and desire. He also wanted to protect his partner, shoulder the responsibility that he should take, and strive for the future of himself and his partner.

This experience could be successfully achieved, which was really ‘hard work’ plus luck.

Bai Duan was a beast. He was very straightforward and loyal to his feelings. He was not as complex and fickle as human beings, so his EQ was very low. It took Guan Wu a lot of effort to win his love. Obviously, Bai Duan would hardly meet another scheming, resourceful, free and determined suitor like Guan Wu. 

Moreover, Guan Wu would rush to Bai Duan’s side as soon as possible after entering the world. He would try his best to get all the things between Bai Duan’s enlightenment… Those who tried to please him were moved far away and he didn’t give anyone a chance to get involved.

Because of their simple personalities and identities, there was no irreconcilable hatred between Bai Duan and Guan Wu. They completed their experiences smoothly. Even with the more things they had experienced, their feelings became more profound and new day by day.

But what if something really went wrong in the world of experience? What would he do with Guan Wu?

If Bai Duan was disappointed in Guan Wu, he would have given up his feelings and left silently. However, he was still heartless and enjoyed his life without knowing what he had lost. It was torture and injustice for Guan Wu. Wasn’t it also torture and injustice for Bai Duan?

As soon as he thought that he might be giving Guan Wu a false happiness, Bai Duan felt pain in his chest, as if his heart was torn apart — he wanted more explicit pain than unknown happiness; he was more willing to accept the pain of his own choice than arranged happiness.

After all, Bai Duan was also a self-conscious life. He hoped to have the right to choose his own life, even if the choice would make him extremely hurt in the future.

After thinking about it over and over again, Bai Duan decided that he must not expose it lightly, but must teach Guan Wu a lesson. Because he was really afraid that Guan Wu would again and again make decisions on the basis of “for you.”

So… What should I do?

Bai Duan knew that, by Guan Wu’s means, fighting for a night’s solitude was the limit. The next day, the other side would surely go to him and beg in every way.

After all, they were lovers who had experienced more than ten worlds together. Guan Wu knew Bai Duan, and Bai Duan also knew Guan Wu. Every time he gets angry with Guan Wu, he clearly had made up his mind, but he always failed in the sweet talk and flattery of the other party. He would make up with the other party again, and then watch his relapse — of course, it was not limited to those things in bed.

Guan Wu was stubborn. Once he thought he was right, even if he knew it would make Bai Duan angry, he still insisted on doing it. Bai Duan believed that if he didn’t give Guan Wu a profound lesson this time, the other party would definitely make the same choice to protect him next time.

Sitting up from the bed wrapped in a quilt, Bai Duan’s eyes were frozen.

——This time, he must make Guan Wu aware of his determination. In the same way, he needed to prove himself to Guan Wu to let the other party know that he was not so vulnerable and needed his protection. Bai Duan was never a coward who liked to hide behind his lover. He could stand side by side with his partner and even protect him under his wings!

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