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Chapter 25: END

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is glad for the happy ending after the pain


Su ZhiSang was Wen Yu’s sore spot. Zhao Zheng knew this but he didn’t know that the influence was so profound.

The two traveled for four and a half months. It was a hot summer day in China, but for Wen Yu and Zhao Zheng, they were sitting by the fireplace drinking red wine. The snow outside the window was piling high. They could feel the cold outside through the window, but it was warm inside. 

Wen Yu was wearing a loose cotton T-shirt and sitting on the thick carpet beside the fireplace. He had just drunk half a glass yet his face had been dyed crimson. He pulled down the T-shirt collar and said softly, “Let’s not head out today. We will just grab dinner.”

Zhao Zheng lowered his eyes and looked down at someone’s neckline. His chest was fair and two ’red beans’ were very beautiful and exquisite. His eyes dimmed.

Someone didn’t know what was happening and was a little confused. His hand supporting him melted as he was swooped into Zhao Zheng’s arms.

“How about grilled fish?” Wen Yu, who was not drunk, brought up a discussion.

There was a slight lingering scent of red wine in his breath as he spoke. Zhao Zheng  Speaking with a slight smell of red wine, Zhao Zheng lifted Wen Yu’s chin with one hand and lowered his lips for a kiss. Such sweet and mellow taste. 

Wen Yu felt breathless and his body hot. Even after so long, his body would involuntarily melt and respond throbbingly whenever Zhao Zheng made a move. It was so embarrassing. But Zhao Zheng obviously loved how Wen Yu’s body responded. He pressed him down on the carpet, kissed Wen Yu’s red and swollen lips, “How about eating you first?”

How could he answer that? He can’t possibly reply with ‘enjoy your meal’? Really — Wen Yu thought with his gaze lowered.

Then the two shamelessly had their ‘afternoon tea’ by the fireplace. After that, Wen Yu was all weak in the knees. He sat lazily on the sofa, exuding a sultry and seductive aura.

Zhao Zheng couldn’t help but pull him into his arms and kiss him again. Then he let go and ruffled Wen Yu’s curly hair. “We’ll have porridge at night.”

“But we said we’re having grilled fish.” Wen Yu was not satisfied, but because his voice was very soft, he did not sound like he was angry at all, but rather coquettish.

Zhao Zheng gave him a light peck, “Have something light, let’s steam the fish.”

Wen Yu lost the will to fight. At least he got to eat fish.

In the evening, they really ate steamed fish. It was very light, but was very fresh, and there were no fish bones. Wen Yu ate fish and drank porridge while he talked to Zhao Zheng. He suddenly thought of Gao Yang and the guys. Wen Yu put down his spoon and paused.

Zhao Zheng caught that as he placed some seaweed in Wen Yu’s bowl. “What’s the matter?”

“Su ZhiShang probably has left for America right?” Wen Yu picked up the spoon again and continued to drink his porridge as if nothing had happened.

“I suppose so.” Zhao Zheng hadn’t asked about Su ZhiSang in this period of time, so he was not clear.

Wen Yu squinted at Zhao Zheng when he heard his answer. Then, he lowered his head to continue drinking his porridge, and said, “We’ve been out so long, let’s go back,” then he added, “I’m homesick.”

Zhao Zheng gave a chuckle. Wen Yu hid his blushing face behind the bowl. His embarrassment turned into anger, “Don’t laugh, I’m just saying we should go home.”

“Mn, we’ll go home as you wish.” Zhao Zheng saw that Wen Yu’s face was almost in the bowl. He couldn’t help joking, “Would you like to ask Su Zhisang to come over when we get back?”

When Wen Yu heard this, his eyes brightened. He raised his head from the bowl, nodded, and then saw the smile in Zhao Zheng’s eyes. He immediately knew that Zhao Zheng read what was in his mind and was teasing him intentionally.

Wen Yu was too tired to travel back with all the flight transfers, so Zhao Zheng used his powers. They were transported back to the Beijing villa in an instant. The butler saw them with smiles on their faces, bowed down respectfully and said, “Master, the house has been reconstructed according to your requirements.”

Zhao Zheng took Wen Yu’s hand, nodded and instructed, “Find out from Su ZhiSang if he is free and invite him over.”

The butler nodded and retreated. Zhao Zheng looked at Wen Yu with a smile, “Satisfied?” Without waiting for Wen Yu to answer, he put his arm around Wen Yu’s shoulder and said, “Go upstairs and have a look.”

The second floor didn’t change very much, but Wen Yu’s bedroom was now a two bedroom suite with a small living room in between the two bedrooms, which had a hint of childlike atmosphere.

Wen Yu looked up at Zhao Zheng, who said, “Just for the time being. In case we have children in the future.”

Wen Yu’s face and ears turned red. He said, “How is that even possible?” He remembered what happened in bed. Zhao Zheng would shoot (come) into both ends, and he was suddenly embarrassed.

Zhao Zheng could see what Wen Yu was thinking at a glance. He took Wen Yu by the waist and got up to the third floor, saying, “I have a special identity. Do you remember Li Shu and Hei Qian, they have children too.”

Wen Yu suddenly recalled the room full of men and children running back and forth at Lu Feng’s villa during the Spring Festival. He could not help but remember what he had wished for back then and blushed. 1

On the third floor, compared with the previous style, the change was drastic. Overall, it was much more modern and bright. There were two desks in the study, side by side, and there were traces of things Wen Yu liked everywhere. Upon entering the bedroom, Wen Yu was shocked. There was a curtain hanging off the posters of the big Empress wood bed. He did not have to look closely at the embroidery of the curtains to know what was on it. Just by looking at the double dragon2 embroidery on the blankets, one could tell that this decoration was for a wedding. 

“How thoughtful.” Zhao Zheng, who rarely praised, said.

Going to the top floor, Wen Yu was really shocked to see the open air big bathtub, so big one could swim in it. Zhao Zheng was most satisfied with this place. In the evening, they gave it a go there. Wen Yu almost broke his waist, but it was really exciting.

Laying in the intertwining dragons’ brocade quilt, Wen Yu fell asleep quickly from exhaustion. Zhao Zheng lovingly kissed Wen Yu’s lips.

The next morning at nine o’clock, Wen Yu took a hot bath, and his body’s soreness was gone. He didn’t know if it was due to the influence of ‘eternity’ that Zhao Zheng had talked about. Even if he pressed down or made love all night, he wouldn’t suffer the next day, and he even felt refreshed. He even tried binging some drama for the entire night and he would still be unaffected the next day.

His body was changing. Wen Yu had a bit of mixed emotions regarding this, but more towards feeling happy because he could be with Zhao Zheng forever.

“Young master, Mr. Su is here.” Butler reminded him.

Wen Yu quickly put down the cup of tea in his hand. Zhao Zheng saw Wen Yu’s uneasiness and thought it was amusing. He could not help but also think that Wen Yu was pure and kind-hearted. He only invited the other person over because he thought he was a sore spot of his and was slightly jealous. But when the guest was in front of him, he didn’t know how to deal with it. Maybe it was just him being overly petty.

Zhao Zheng patted Wen Yu’s head, smiled and joked, “Just pretend we’re having a father and son meal.”

Wen Yu was even more embarrassed.

Su ZhiSang, wearing a plaid shirt and jeans, glasses looked polite and gentle. When he was in front of the two, he reached out his hand with a smile, “Mr. Zhao, it’s been a while. Fortunately, I could see you again before I go abroad. I always wanted to thank you personally.”

Zhao Zheng shook his hand and introduced, “This is Wen Yu, my lover.”

Wen Yu didn’t expect that Zhao Zheng would give a direct introduction like this. He was happier than embarrassed.

Su ZhiSang was stunned for a while before smiling and reached out, “Hello, I’m Su ZhiSang.”

“Hello, I know you. You’re my senior.” Wen Yu reached out with a smile.

The butler said it was time to eat and the three people were seated. Su ZhiSang was graceful and polite. Wen Yu found it hard to believe that he was only three years older than himself. When they chatted in the living room after dinner, Wen Yu could not help but to completely admire Su ZhiShang.

This was the real Fu Su.

After Su ZhiSang left, Zhao Zheng who was watching Wen Yu, asked, “You’re not jealous anymore now?”

“Who said anyone was jealous? I just wanted to meet him, but senior brother Su is too amazing.” Wen Yu didn’t admit he was jealous at all. When they had lunch in the afternoon, Wen Yu made up his mind and said, “I’m going to learn from senior brother Su. I can’t immerse myself in love anymore. I’m going to study hard, so I’ll move back to campus.”

Zhao Zheng’s face darkened, and domineeringly replied, “No.”

Wen Yu began laughing and Zhao Zheng knew that he had purposely teased him. This brat was not afraid of him now.

“Uncle, why didn’t you tell senior brother Su the truth?” Wen Yu said. The way he addressed Zhao Zheng now was merely a flirtatious nickname for the two.

Zhao Zheng patted Wen Yu on the head and said in a low voice, “After finding out that you’re not him,  I realized it no longer mattered who the real Fu Su was anymore. You’re one in a million.”

Wen Yu seldom heard Zhao Zheng express his love, but because Zhao Zheng was a serious person, his words of love made it even more touching. Who cared about eating anymore, he instantly laid in Zhao Zheng’s arms and said greasily, “Uncle, I’m ‘hungry’.”

Hence, dinner was pushed back.

September 9th was Wen Yu’s birthday. On that day, a wedding was held in the villa..

Wen Yu only invited Gao Yang, eldest brother and second brother. The rest were familiar faces. They had met at Lu Feng’s house before, including Hei Qian, Bai ShengSheng, Lu Feng and Hua Ting, Pei Qing, Ling Dang, as well as celebrities Qi Xiqi, Zhi Rong, Zhang YuShui, Xia Pi, Hui Wang3, Li Shu and Zhang Qiu.

There were a lot of children too, and the usually quiet villa was much livelier.

The wedding was held in the back garden. They were dressed in traditional wedding costumes, which were very complicated and heavy. Wen Yu thought if it was not because his physical condition had changed, he was going to die from the heat.

Second brother was looking from the side and whispered to eldest brother, “This is the first time I’ve seen anyone getting married in Qin Dynasty costumes. So awesome, super cool!”

“It’s rather special.” Eldest brother nodded.

Gao Yang thought it was pretty good-looking. He turned around and asked Meng Yi when they were getting married. He wanted to wear armor. It would be even cooler! But he didn’t know that in real history, Meng Yi was a court minister, even though he was from a martial arts family and had good martial skills.

However, since Gao Yang had said so, Meng Yi could only ask from elder brother to lend him his armor. He would not disappoint and say no.

In the evening, when the guests left, Zhao Zheng stopped Wen Yu from taking off the costume.

Wen Yu looked up at Zhao Zheng, “Why?”

“Do you want to go to the Tiangong 4?” Zhao Zheng threw out the bait.

Wen Yu thought of the terracotta warriors, but the terracotta warriors were a miracle of the world. Naturally, he was curious about the secret palace speculated by the outside world. He quickly nodded his head.

“I’ll take off that costume for you in the palace” Zhao Zheng thought of this and smiled. They hadn’t done ‘it’ there yet.

When Wen Yu arrived in the palace, he regretted it. The place was eerie. There were many terracotta warriors outside, guarding the palace. He was scared and trembled. He felt that ghosts were watching them make love.

But what he did not know was that the more scared he was, the tighter he was ‘down there’.

Anyway, Zhao Zheng was enjoying it a lot.

Moreover, this place felt like it had more magical powers. WIth only one night, Wen Yu realized something was wrong with his body, after half a month.

Drowsiness, being fond of sour foods, retching…

It seemed like he was pregnant.


The author has something to say:

It’s officially over. No more extras.

Thank you for reading until the end. 


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Translator Notes:

  1. (T/N : Chapter 20 ‘If he could form a family, h-he was willing to have a child too.’) 
  2. In Ancient Chinese lore, the dragon was known as the ‘Ruler of the Beasts’ and the phoenix as the ‘King of Birds’. In wedding traditions, the dragon symbolises the groom, and the phoenix the bride. Also, dragons are used to symbolize the Emperor, adn phoenix the Empress. Here, since both of them are groom, it’s a double dragon embroidery used for their wedding decor.
  3. Characters from author’s previous novel ‘Wake Up to Be Pregnant with a Zombie’s Child’
  4. Author used Tiangong here which means the Heavenly Palace but the description reads the Mausoleum of Emperor Qin. It could mean the mausoleum in the afterlife instead of the actual physical one in real life. Zhao Zheng could travel in between realms.


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