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Chapter 23: Do it yourself

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Since he had decided to let go, Wen Yu would not let himself think about anything else anymore. Holding up the glass and smiling freely, he said, “Tonight, no one is going home sober, cheers!”

“Cheers! We will wait for you to come back.”

“Go explore freely, but don’t forget your brothers. Remember to keep in touch!”

The three people in the dorm were wishing him well, toasting and dining until it was ten o’clock. The restaurant manager was preparing to close. Gao Yang noticed that and said, “We said we will party all night, where should we go now?”

Second brother proposed, “KTV?”

“Boring” The eldest brother frowned at that idea and said, “When we go in, Gao Yang will cry and howl into the mic. I will lose my hearing if I have to hear that.”

Wen Yu laughed out loud. It was true. Gao Yang grabbed eldest brother’s by the neck and threw in some light punches. Finally, they decided to go to a bar and continue talking.

“I happen to have a membership card. I got it from my cousin during the Spring Festival. Drinks are free. Let’s go.” Gao Yang took out the card from his pocket and read the address. “I know where it is. There’s a hotel nearby. Everything’s covered!”

Wen Yu had no problem with the suggestion and the four got onto a cab and went straight to the bar.

As soon as he entered, Wen Yu’s eyebrows were slightly furrowed by the loud music and the bustling crowd. He didn’t like such a noisy place, and how it was packed with people. Before that, he would only go to pubs with light folksy music.

However, since he was going to take risks, change was inevitable. And there were still many challenges ahead awaiting for him in life.

They found a sofa seat and sat down. After adjusting to the booming music, Wen Yu was calmer. Everyone here was immersed in their own world, and no one paid attention to him. He realized that was why people thought it was a good place to relax and relieve their stress.

Gao Yang ordered drinks. The four people were drinking and chatting. Soon, girls came to chat with them.

Among the four of them, except for the second brother, who was the bookworm type, the other three were still very outgoing and was ‘little fresh meat’ looking1, especially Gao Yang, with his big eyes and thick eyebrows. Many girls liked his looks. Wen Yu was also very popular. His youthful and clean appearance was popular nowadays amongst the older ladies.

Wen Yu waved and was pulled away by Gao Yang. “Come out and have fun together.”

The eldest brother was also itching to give it a try.. At last, the three men pulled Wen Yu to the dance floor and jumped around.

“That one is not bad. Looks quite pure.” A man held up his glass to signal towards the direction.

Another man at the same table looked in the direction, saw the people on the dance floor, and hissed, “That slut, how is that pure?”

“You know him?”

“My girlfriend does. He’s from her university. Seen him once, he had a sugar daddy. I heard that he was recently dumped and must have come here to find excitement.” The man was indeed Ah Kuan, who was with Ji TianTian at the restaurant last time. After that, he winked at his friend, “If you like him, go over and make a move. This kind of little fuck will sleep with anyone for little money. Who can say no to you, Wang Shao?”

The man called Wang Shao drank all the alcohol in his glass, and looked over at Wen Yu with scornful eyes.

“You wait and see.”

Wen Yu didn’t know how to dance even though he was pulled onto the dance floor. Gao Yang was having a good time. Even their bookworm second brother was happily surrounded by many girls. Wen Yu felt bored when standing alone and planned to go back to their seat. He turned around and felt a hand brush past his ass. He frowned and turned around to see that it was a man.

He was not sure whether the other side was being intentional or it was accidental, and his face fell cold. “Will you please make way.”

“How much?” The man was Wang Shao and he was smirking.

Wen Yu felt that the man was a little greasy2 and didn’t want to deal with this kind of person. Wen Yu said coldly, “Excuse me.” Then he went straight towards the direction of their sofa.

Wang Shao followed and chuckled frivolously, just because you prefer the higher-end sellers, you are pretending to be pure. However, the colder the boy’s face got, the more he could hook in one’s lust. Must be a slut in bed. Thinking of this, Wang Shao was more eager to get him.

“I’ll give you 30,000 for one night.” 3 Wang Shao thought that the price was very good. At least in the nightclub, this price could get him some high-quality ones (prostitutes).

Wen Yu finally knew what the man meant. His face went pale with anger. But he had never experienced such a thing before and he could not yell out ‘molester’ like a woman. He could only keep a straight face and reply in a cold voice, “Sir, if you keep harassing me like this, I will call the police.”

Wang Shao liked this kind of resistance. He sat down on the sofa and said, “What if I double it?”

“Scram.” Wen Yu didn’t like the way the man looked at him. He felt disgusted. He stood up and went directly to the dance floor, intending to call Gao Yang and the guys to change to elsewhere.

Wang Shao saw that he was leaving, he spat and said, “You don’t want to give me face?”

“What’s Wang Shao angry about? This kind of rubbish thinks very highly of themselves.” Ah Kuan came over with their liquor, looked at the direction where Wen Yu disappeared to, and took out a red pill from his pocket. “As long as he takes one, you’ll have a good night. How about that? Count me in. I haven’t had a good time for a long time.”

Wang Shao smiled, “I’ll let you handle this”

Ah Kuan put the pill back into his pocket and went to the bar. He whispered something to the waiter. After that, he went back to somewhere hidden and waited for the fish to take bait.

Wen Yu finally found Gao Yang. Seeing that Wen Yu’s annoyed expression, Gao Yang asked, “What’s the matter?”

“This place is boring, let’s go somewhere else.” Wen Yu said directly.

Gao Yang knew Wen Yu very well. He wouldn’t have said so unless he was extremely unhappy so he nodded, “Let’s go look for eldest and second brother.”

The two were found, covered in sweat after dancing. They fell on the sofa, shouting to take a breather before leaving. The second brother was thirsty and was about to grab his drink from the table. He was stopped by Gao Yang’s shout, “Order a new one. Don’t drink something that is left unattended for some time.”

Wen Yu also felt thirsty and said, “I’ll drink water.”

They ordered again and Wen Yu took a sip from his glass. It felt weird, the drink tasted tart. Maybe it was because they added lemon. He finished his water in one gulp. After the two elder brothers got enough rest, they put on their coats and were ready to leave.

Wen Yu had just got up, but he was instantly splashed with liquor. The other party apologized and quickly disappeared into the crowd.

“Ah, I need to go to the bathroom to clean this up. You guys wait for me at the entrance?” Wen Yu said.

“Alright, we’ll need to sober up anyways” He threw his arm around the neck of second brother and quipped, “Seems like our straight-A student here is having the time of his life.”

The second brother blushed and dragged Gao Yang away.

Wen Yu headed to the bathroom to clean off the alcohol. He pushed open the door and by the sink was an unknown man, staring at him. Wen Yu looked at him. He was wearing a gold chain and filled with an odd aura. Wen Yu didn’t want to stir any trouble. After wiping his hands dry, he turned to walk out. 

But he was pulled by the arm by the man. Even though he was not tall, he had a lot of strength. Wen Yu was about to open his mouth, but it was covered by a handkerchief, and his eyes slowly glazed over.

Gao Yang and the other two were waiting at the door for more than ten minutes, but Wen Yu didn’t come out. Gao Yang frowned, “I’ll go find him.”

He went to the bathroom but didn’t see Wen Yu. There were too many people in the place, so he decided to inquire at the bar but they said they hadn’t seen him. Gao Yang dialed Wen Yu’s phone number but it went straight to the voicemail.

Wen Yu was not someone who would leave without saying goodbye. Where was he?

The missing Wen Yu was lying on the hotel bed. His eyes were closed, cheeks flushed and he was murmuring unconsciously. 

There were two people standing next to the bed. It was Ah Kuan and Wang Shao from the bar just now. Wang Shao reached out and touched Wen Yu’s fair chin. Ah Kuan smiled and said, “Don’t worry. This drug can keep one awake and horny. It gets uncomfortable.”

“Ha ha ha, well said. I’ll make this kid beg for mercy later.” Wang Shao licked his lower lip and could not hold back at the thought of what he was about to savor.

Wen Yu kept murmuring that he was hot. After a while, he started to unbutton his shirt and pulled it apart to reveal his fair collarbone. Wang Shao leapt forward and saw that there was still a white singlet inside. He couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. Then again. the vagueness would only make him itch for more. Not to mention, the slut was squirming around on the bed.

Wang Shao swallowed his saliva and said, “Damn it, this kid is squirming around like a snake. I can’t wait anymore. I’ll have him first. Baby, brother will make you hotter later.”

Even though Wen Yu was blurred with confusion, he subconsciously held on to his pants when he felt someone touch him. He frowned and resisted, “No.” But his hands were weak.

“I’ll make sure you can’t stop moaning later, ha ha ha ha.”

Wen Yu’s hand was forcefully peeled off. Wang Shao laughed wickedly, and suddenly his hand trembled. “Don’t you feel cold suddenly?”

In response to Wang Shao’s question was nothing but silence, he looked back and saw that Ah Kuan had fallen to the ground. His eyes were wide, face fear-stricken, and his lower body was blown apart. His blood and flesh exploded into a pool of powder and blood.

“Aaaaaah!!!” Wang Shao was so frightened that he backed up against the wall and screamed.

Suddenly, a man appeared in the air, his silhouette dark and tall, his face cold, and aura majestic . His eyes, which were full of murderous intent, swept over to Wang Shao. Wang Shao felt only pain in his body. There was wind howling by his ears. Everything in the whole room flew around.

“Ah, ah, h-elp — “

Everything stopped, blood was dripping everywhere in the room, and all the decorations were crushed into fine powder. Wang Shao convulsed and fell on the ground. His pants were soaked with blood, and the flesh and blood a mush. Those hands, which had touched Wen Yu, were beyond recognition. Underneath the skin, the flesh and bones were all crushed. And all while he was conscious.

The unconscious Wen Yu on the bed had long since disappeared.

In the room, Meng Yi appeared and was slightly stunned when he saw the scene.

“Your Majesty actually took care of it yourself, it seems like…”

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Translator Notes:

  1. Little Fresh Meat(小鲜肉) is used to describe young men (usually around the age of 18-25) and often adored by older women. They look so fresh and young, good to ‘eat’.
  2. Slang for something that’s sickening/nauseating. Could be so sweet, it’s sickening OR so cheesy, it’s sickening. Could refer to one’s actions or words.
  3. 4,224 USD


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