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Chapter 200: Final World (3)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


When the little girl, who was stared at by Bai Duan, walked through the alley, she heard a muffled low cough. The owner of the voice seemed to be quite distressed, which made the soft and kind-hearted girl a little worried. She could not help but stop and look for a moment, which made her no longer able to look away.

Deep in the alley sat a rather embarrassed man, whose clothes were ripped, but she could see the delicacy of the materials and workmanship. He sat on the ground, one leg stretched forward, one leg curled up, which was obviously rude, but it was very natural and elegant. He was embarrassed, but there was no way to hide his extremely handsome appearance, even the red eyes which were clearly unknown… They were crystal clear like the most precious ruby.

Blood Kin could get blood by their powerful force value and innate charm. Bai Duan did not like the rudeness of the former, and naturally chose the latter.

Bai Duan’s power was not the same as the charm of the Blood Kin. Even the Blood Kin couldn’t escape Bai Duan’s temptation, let alone an ordinary human girl.

Although she had been told by the adults not to talk to men who looked too handsome and noble, or the women who were too beautiful and enchanting, when the girl really saw the pale and handsome youth in the alley, she could not control her steps. Gently and slowly, the girl carefully, as if afraid of breaking this beautiful dream, walked forward into the alley.

“That… Are you injured, sir?” The girl asked softly, sweet and concerned, “You seem to be in pain…”

“Yes, I’m hurt.” Bai Duan bent his mouth and replied softly. His voice was low and dazzling, which immediately made her heart swing and her body soften.

“Then, can I help you?” The girl swallowed, wanted to get closer, but worried about indecency, and hesitated as she stopped three meters away from Bai Duan.

Hearing the girl’s inquiry, Bai Duan’s smile deepened a little and nodded slightly, “Of course, I really need your help.” Then he waved to the girl, “Can you come closer?”

“Of course!” As soon as the girl’s eyes brightened, she hurried to Bai Duan’s side and tentatively reached out to hold his shoulder. “How can I help you?”

Bai Duan turned his head slightly, in a soft, gentlemanly voice he said, “I’m badly hurt and need some of your blood.”

Even though Bai Duan uttered such horrible words, the girl didn’t become vigilant and uneasy. Instead, she knelt down in front of Bai Duan and raised her hand to open her collar, showing her long, white and tender neck as a sacrifice.

She wouldn’t just give blood, even if the help was to have her die in the other’s arms, the girl at this moment was happy to comply.

As the girl approached, the mellow smell of blood came to his face, causing Bai Duan’s teeth to itch and saliva to flow from his mouth. He held the girl’s shoulder in one hand and her waist in the other. Imprisoning her body in his arms with a very intimate action, he then lowered his head, opened his mouth, and pierced the girl’s soft skin with his eager fangs.

Suddenly, the warm and sweet liquid flowed into Bai Duan’s throat, which made him sigh with praise. Bai Duan thought that he might hesitate for a moment when he was sucking human blood, but in fact, as long as it was delicious food, he would not refuse, even if it’s human blood.

Of course, as a nimble ermine, Bai Duan obviously never regarded human beings as the same kind, even though he was reincarnated in several worlds — just like a person who unfortunately crossed as a cat, he would not really regard himself as a cat.

The girl’s blood was sucked without any psychological barrier. Bai Duan felt his weak body begin to recover slowly, and his desire for blood became stronger with the return of his strength.

However, Bai Duan was not controlled by a Blood Kin’s instinct. He carefully calculated the girl’s blood loss, and when it was about to affect the girl’s health, he stopped abruptly. He restrained himself and pulled his sharp teeth out of the girl’s neck — even though the desire in his body was still boiling, and urged him to suck more.

When a Blood Kin sucked blood, the fang glands secreted a kind of liquid, which made the prey feel as if they were floating in the clouds. This was not only to prevent the prey from escaping when sucking blood, but also to make the blood of the prey more delicious. When Bai Duan pulled out his fangs, the girl was still in a daze. Instinctively, she first pasted her hand on her neck and continued to enjoy the joy of pin needle sensation, but was gently stopped by Bai Duan.

The girl’s eyes were confused, and she looked at Bai Duan who was close to her. Bai Duan raised his eyebrows, just wanted to thank her for her ‘hospitality’, but suddenly felt a sharp and fiery look with a strong sense of existence.

Maybe the previous gaze already existed, but Bai Duan was weak and immersed in the temptation of blood, so he didn’t notice it in time. With a slight frown, Bai Duan stood up and stopped the girl who was still soft behind him. He looked coldly in the direction of his eyes. At the entrance of the alley, there was a luxurious carriage that appeared some time ago.

The curtain of the carriage window was raised halfway, revealing a young face no less familiar than that of a Blood Kin — and that face was even more familiar to Bai Duan.

Bai Duan’s eyes shrank abruptly, which made him feel bad subconsciously. After meeting his eyes, the young man opened his eyes wide with excitement. The next moment, he opened the carriage door and ignoring the calls of “Be careful!”, “It’s vampire, please don’t go over!”, he went over to Bai Duan.

The young man’s movements made Bai Duan look like an enemy, and at the same time scared the guards around him. They hurriedly followed with weapons in hand. Even though they were on guard against Bai Duan and were frightened, they were totally afraid to stop their charge from doing what he wanted.

The young man soon came to Bai Duan. He had blond curly hair and features similar to Guan Wu. His blue eyes, as deep as the sea, were full of hot flames. He was staring at Bai Duan for a moment, as if he was worried that he would disappear in the next second.

The expression on Bai Duan’s face was a little delicate and complicated — when he lost his memory, he could find his partner in the vast crowd with instinct and precision. Now that his memory was restored, it was even more impossible to make mistakes.

It was just that Guan Wu seemed to be a little… strange?

Bai Duan had a noble cold face, but his attitude of refusing others for thousands of miles did not affect the enthusiasm of the youth.

“Good day, noble and handsome gentleman, I’m Daniel, the Lord of this territory. Nice to meet you.”

“Hello.” Bai Duan nodded modestly, his doubts deeper in his heart, but he was not moved at all on the surface.

‘Daniel’ seemed to be disappointed by Bai Duan’s coldness, but in a flash, he got back on his feet and expressed his feelings frankly and warmly, “I fell in love with you at first sight. Please marry me!”

Bai Duan, who had a calm expression but was in fact very ignorant, “…”

——What was the matter with his lover? Was this a problem or… was there nothing wrong?

The girl who just woke up from the vertigo of being sucked and had the same silly face, “…?????”

Wait, what just happened? Why am I here? What’s the matter now?!

The attendants and guards around were confused and disordered in the wind…

——Long life! Our Lord suddenly went mad and proposed to a male vampire!!!

For a time, the alley was quiet, full of unspeakable tension and… awkward.

Bai Duan finally couldn’t help his cold expression, and he couldn’t help but draw a corner of his mouth, and then… escaped — he felt that he needed to calm down and think about what his lover was doing here. Because of the blood, Bai Duan’s strength recovered a little. Although it was still not enough to escape back to his territory, it was still possible to move for a short distance with the black fog.

Seeing Bai Duan’s action, Daniel subconsciously reached out to stop him, but it was a pity that even if he reacted very quickly, human power couldn’t stop a Blood Kin.

Seeing his beloved at first sight turn into a black fog and disappear on the wall on one side of the alley, Daniel’s handsome face suddenly became gloomy and he swore in a low voice.

But different from his master’s unwillingness, his attendants were relieved, secretly glad that the vampire didn’t care about his master’s offence — otherwise, the ordinary humans would all probably be dead.

Unfortunately, Daniel’s cold and hard voice interrupted their fluke mentality before they could celebrate for too long, “Tom.”

Being called, Tom, the valet, came to his master and waited for his orders. Next, he heard a whisper from Hell, “Go. Check the news about that Blood Kin just now. I need to know everything about him — everything!”

Tom wailed in his heart, ‘Master, why don’t you sacrifice your own life’ but his mouth was still respectful. He turned around and suddenly broke down with an extremely sad face.

After giving orders, Daniel’s irritation subsided a little. He told himself not to worry — when he saw the Blood Kin at first sight, he knew that the other side belonged to him, and no matter what method he used, he would belong to him.

The expression on his face softened at last. Daniel turned to leave the alley, but stopped again after catching a glimpse of the girl who tried to make herself not exist. He raised his hand and pointed to the girl. Daniel said coldly, “Take her and clean her up. I will not allow that person’s breath to remain on anyone but me.”

As soon as her body went stiff, the girl who subconsciously wanted to struggle, “!!!”

——Mom! Come and see the big change!

The attendants who hurriedly pressed the girl and slightly twitched their facial muscles, “………”

——For the first time, they knew that their master had changed…

Looking at the girl trying to shout coldly, Daniel smiled softly, “Don’t move, it’s my greatest kindness.”

The girls felt the threat of death and stopped silently.

Looking at the girl, Daniel was not sure whether he was satisfied or regretful. He sighed softly, “In fact, I would like to ‘clean’ the hands and lips of that person — all the parts that have touched you, but I can’t do it now.” After a thought, he raised his mouth again and made no secret of his ambition. “But there will be such a day.”

Girl, “………”

Attendants, “………”

——What about the person who was going crazy? He only showed… a tolerant and compassionate smile.

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