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Chapter 199: Final World (2)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


After rejecting the special drugs sold in the system mall, Bai Duan hid himself again, trying to read the original’s memory and understand the original’s desire for the first time.

The preconditions to be able to exchange desire with the grey space were: first, the desire was strong enough to be captured by the grey space; second, the desire itself was not villainous, but good and innocent. Although the term “vampire” was always synonymous with evil, since the original body could become the task target of the grey space, it meant that this vampire was indeed a wonderful white lotus flower.

The original’s name was Adrian. He was a vampire — or as they prefer to call themselves “Blood Kin” — pure blood of noble birth. Because of their physique, it was difficult for a couple of Blood Kin to have children. More than seventy percent of the Blood Kin were mixed bloods, and or transformed from human beings after they were owned by other Blood Kin.

Because of the difficulty of having offspring, all pure blooded Blood Kin had a high status in the family. The mother and father of the original were an earl and a duke. They not only had vast territory, but also inherited immense power from the original body. As a rare newborn in the Blood Kin, the original body was held in the hands and hearts of all the Blood Kin. It could be said that he could have the stars and the moon and was raised with a golden spoon.

In this way, there was wind and rain, but the original’s character was gentle and quiet, even with some pure goodness that vampires shouldn’t have. He was kind to people. Even towards the human blood slaves raised in the castle, he was very gentle. Even if he drank the most delicious and sweet blood every day, his hands had never been stained with any blood. After all, he didn’t need to do this. Naturally, someone would prepare everything for him.

After a hundred years of such carefree and smooth living, he had changed from a little prince like crystal to a mature, handsome, and powerful adult Blood Kin. Although his original temperament was still gentle, he had gradually learned to shoulder his own responsibilities.

More than ten years later, after confirming that the original body had grown into a reliable Lord Blood Kin, the original’s parents entrusted their new daughter to the original body, and then both fell asleep, leaving the pair of children to each other.

Blood Kin didn’t get ‘married’. Even if the brother and sister with similar blood ties were married, it would make the family more pure and excellent. The original body knew from the beginning that this soft and lovely baby would be his future little wife. Naturally, he would do his best to take care of her and never take others.

His sister, Avril, thrived under the care of his mother. Thanks to the protection of her elder brother’s teaching, Avril was as naive and kind as his original body, and the two brother and sister were even more affectionate. Although family love was more than love in this relationship, the brother and sister did not sign the blood contract with each other and become husband and wife.

If there was not a human youth involved, the original body and sister would have probably continued to be happy. It was a pity that there were unexpected events in the sky, but the calm and simple happiness couldn’t resist the treacherous calculation of the intentional people.

The boy’s name was Reed, and he was saved by a group of mentally retarded vampires. Due to a serious injury, the original body had to take him back to his castle for cultivation — of course, there were also reasons why the young person was so beautiful.

Blood Kin were all demons. They were not only charming, but also tolerant of all beautiful things. And just right, the white and tender young beauty Reed stabbed the original’s cute spot, which made him fall in love at first sight.

Reed was not only beautiful, but also lively and cheerful. Unlike other people’s respect and fear for Blood Kin, Reed was not afraid of the original body. He even treated him very close because of his help. He tried all kinds of ways to please him and make him smile.

He had lived for more than one hundred years, and he had been used to many ways of seeking happiness in the Blood Kin, but Reed’s poor and astringent way could make his heart soft and happy. The original body wanted to send Reed away after he recovered. However, when Reed recovered, he was reluctant to give up. Reed took the opportunity to say that he was an orphan. Even if he left, he had nowhere to go. He hoped to stay with the original body, which naturally met his request.

For the sudden appearance of Reed, Avril, the original’s sister, initially rejected him, believing that he had robbed her of her brother’s attention. However, Reed’s challenge to Avril was greeted with a smile, which made Avril gradually change her attitude towards him.

The brother and sister’s personality preferences were too similar. The original body liked Reed. After contacting Reed, his sister also had a good feeling for the human youth.

Both brother and sister liked Reed’s warm and soft body, the mellow blood flowing in his body, his vigorous vitality, his lark like happy voice, and his sun like smile — all that the cold Blood Kin didn’t have.

With the passage of time, the brother and sister liked Reed more and more. The original body had more than once proposed to hold each other for the first time, to completely transform Reed into a Blood Kin, and to stay with the brother and sister forever, but it was always rejected by Reed for the reasons of “I like the sun”, “I like human food” and so on.

The original could understand Reed’s refusal. After all, the characteristics and habits of humans and Blood Kin were far different from each other. Many human beings would feel very pained after they became Blood Kin, and those with weak endurance would even go crazy and lose their wits.

He was too young to comfort himself. It would be better to wait a few years for the first support. What he worried about more than the first support was the triangular love relationship between himself, his sister and the youth. Although the Blood Kin was a very wild race, even if it was “three people” it was not abnormal. But the brother and sister were yearning for one-to-one loyalty like their parents, always maintaining the purity of body and spirit.

However, the original’s troubles did not last long, because the young man soon revealed his deep fangs after he confirmed that he was really loved and trusted by the brother and sister.

On that day, Reed “accidentally” mentioned that he wanted to see the moonlight flower. In order to give him a surprise, the original body left the castle alone and went to the far away forest to pick moonlight flowers. However, when he returned to the castle, he not only did not see the youth’s smile, but also saw his own people who had suffered a lot.

A Blood Kin, who was still breathing but dying, told him that Reed had brought the vampire hunters to the castle and opened the gate for them.

Reed was indeed an orphan, but he was adopted by vampire hunters and grew up among them. Although he was thin and unable to become a hunter, he was loyal to the hunters. There was even a childhood sweetheart who later became a lover of the vampire hunter. No wonder, although the youth had been courting and wandering between the brother and sister, he never had any intimate behavior with them.

There were frequent conflicts between the Blood Kin and the vampire hunters, but most of them were skittish and rarely cross the border. Now they were suddenly attacked, which really took them by surprise. Even if the castle was heavily guarded, it couldn’t defend against the vampire hunters.

Of course, it was too late to think about it now. What was more important was to rescue his sister who was taken away by the vampire hunter. The original body chased all the way, but he didn’t think that the vampire hunters were more cunning and well prepared than he thought. Instead of seeing Avril, the original fell into the trap of the vampire hunters, seriously injured and surrounded.

Then Bai Duan appeared.

As for the original’s wish, it was natural that he wanted to save his sister and punish the vampire hunters who cheated him and his sister and hurt his own people — including Reed.

After combing the memory of the original body, Bai Duan rubbed his brow and heart, and had to say that the original really had no brain. Everything was in chaos, and he was either angry, or too confident in his own strength. He even knew that the vampire hunters prepared for the raid for a long time, but they were still alone in their own snares — and Gerard chose this task for him, and really did not pit him!

Gerard’s description of the world was that “as long as we get through the initial difficulties, then everything will be solved.” In fact, it was the same.

As long as he could escape from the trap the vampire hunters set and take care of his injuries, and rely on his strength and position in the Blood Kin, he could naturally recruit a group of followers to teach the vampire hunters a lesson.

Such a task was already very laid out for Bai Duan, who was a first time maintainer to accept work. He was in a high position in the Blood Kin, and would not be hurt by the crowd and humiliation of the people around him. The way to complete the task was simple and crude, and he didn’t need to work hard to improve himself and intrigue. The only thing Bai Duan had to do was to take care of the injury and return to the family to find reinforcements.

Bai Duan was not too worried about whether his sister would die in the meantime. After all, the vampire hunters had been planning on taking them away for a long time. They obviously wanted to get something from her and would not easily take her life.

Having determined the next plan, Bai Duan felt a little relieved, but although he was in a good mood, he could not offset the serious injury.

During the period when Bai Duan received the original’s memory, he obviously felt that his body had weakened a lot — although he was temporarily out of the pursuit of the vampire hunters, he did not escape from the enemy’s controlled area. He was still likely to be found at any time, facing the threat again.

Lifting his hand, Bai Duan stroked the place where the silver bullet had hit, and his eyes narrowed slightly. The regeneration ability of the Blood Kin was very strong, but as long as the silver bullet was still embedded in his skin, it would continue to corrode his body, and no matter how strong his regeneration ability was, it would have no effect.

Knowing this, Bai Duan gave a slight “tsk” and then put his fingertips into his wound.

The severe pain made Bai Duan’s forehead sweat, and his body trembled even more. But his fingers did not hesitate to find the location of the bullet, and dug it out of his body.

The bullet fell to the ground, covered with black blood and made a clear ding sound. Bai Duan frowned and looked at the scorched black of his fingertip corroded by the bullet, and steeled his mouth.

In this way, Bai Duan dug out all the silver bullets without changing his face. Bai Duan relaxed his tight body a little and gave a small sigh. And White Light, who was a first timer in a task world, was shocked by the bloody scene and shivered in the corner. His tone was full of love and worship for his master, “Master, doesn’t it hurt?”

“It hurts.” Bai Duan bared his teeth, licked his sensitive and sharp canine teeth, and his scarlet eyes sparkled under the serious injury because of his desire for blood. “But it doesn’t matter. I just need to drink some blood, and soon it will be okay.”

These ten reincarnations had really changed Bai Duan so much that he had become more patient, more determined and more ruthless.

If it had been the original him, he would have been in tears with White Light in the corner, and suffered from grievances and fears. But now, Bai Duan not only had no negative emotions, he was not confused. Then he tried to start his first hunt in this ‘vampire life’.

The goal was a little girl who looked beautiful, gentle and smelled delicious.

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