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Remember this is an original novel written by Addis of ExR. This is not a translation.

Chapter Seventeen

Far away from any lands where normal creatures would even dwell, with mist shrouding the area and no way to see through it, two silhouettes stood near each other. Even with the thick mist, the two pairs of blood red eyes stood out like beacons of light.

Off in the distance, one could hear the scattered sound of crows calling out to one another. But, softly, even softer than the light sounds of wings, the two standing in the mist were talking.

“It’s been found.”

“Oh? I thought it would take much longer considering it was lost after Zeenen screwed up.”

“I did not expect it to take four years of searching through every dimension to find it. We got lucky.”

“Yes, we did. Since Zeenen lost the specimen in the first place, have him go and retrieve it. We have not even begun the most important part of the experiments.”

“I’ll get in contact with Zeenen as soon as possible and give him the coordinates immediately.”

“Be quick. It must not connect with it’s genes. If that happens, we may never get it back.”

“Understood. I’ll keep you updated.”

In the mist separated from the world, the two silhouettes changed to one. Slowly those red beacons of light flashed several times before they disappeared entirely.


Whispers constantly flitted around the Academy campus. Small groups of students formed as they talked together, their eyes glancing over to a cherry tree in full bloom. Beneath that cherry tree stood a young man who was staring up into the branches with a soft look on his face. His ash grey hair stood out among the green and pink, catching the light and eyes of those all around.

Several of the students around the area recognized the man from the rumors that had already begun to spread throughout the entire academy. They had heard of a young man with silver colored hair and jewel colored eyes that had summoned twelve manifestations during his entrance exam.

They whispered about the boy who was already ranked higher than any one of them even though he had yet to even take his first steps around the Academy. Some were jealous of the boy while others pitied him.

Kai stood beneath the cherry tree and stared at the branches as he thought of that husky voice that echoed in his ears. Cian’s voice had sent shivers down his spine. Had he stayed in that small room any longer, what would he have done?

This was the main issue Kai was thinking about. What exactly did he feel for Cian?

Ever since he recovered his memories of his past life and awakened the dragon side of him, his emotions had been in turmoil. Deep in his subconscious there was a small voice calling out softly telling him everything would be okay if he just stayed with Cian. Although Kai knew Cian would do nothing to hurt him without that voice telling him so, he still felt reassured by it. The voice gave off a feeling of security, telling him to go back to Cian, that he was too far from the older man.

These feelings confused Kai. He wanted to be by his side, but at the same time, he wanted to be as far away as possible. He wanted to curl himself around Cian and burrow deep into his skin. He wanted Cian’s warm hands to trail softly down his body. He wanted to stare at that soft, beautiful smile Cian only showed him.

This…Kai thought. This feeling, it’s…

“Hey, boy!” A voice disturbed Kai’s thoughts. It was a voice he definitely remembered hearing a few days ago. Turning his head to see who had spoken, Kai tilted his head slightly after seeing who it was.

The youth was a tall robust man with copper like hair and the scent of a caged wolf. It was a student that had been there during Kai’s trial, Logan.

“I hear you’ve shacked up with the higher ups,” he began, a wicked smile plastered on his face. He leaned against a bench across the way, his arms folded over his chest. There were three others around him, all males. They watched the scene as if they didn’t know what to do. Before they could stop Logan, he continued. “Bet it’s only your looks they want and that entire power display was fake.”

One of the girls who had been passing by stopped and glared at him. “Logan, stop. What if the headmaster hears?”

Logan laughed out loud, not caring about anything as he sneered back, “This pretty boy couldn’t even lift a finger if I fought him.” He lifted his nose into the air and breathed in as loud as he could, that sneer becoming even more malicious as he growled, “He smells like a mutt.”

One of the boys behind him who had been quiet looked around and whispered, “No, seriously, you should probably stop. There’s no way his test was false.”

A crowd had already been gathered from the start. They were curious about Kai. A girl in the crowd also spoke up, “I was there, it wasn’t fake.”

Giving a harumph, Logan chuckled, “I was there too and I saw the headmaster put his hand on the crystal right before the end. He put his own power into it to trick us.”

An audience member hissed in a sharp breath, “How can you say that about the headmaster?”

Logan waved his hand, “I don’t fear him, he hides behind his title and doesn’t do anything. He should just go away.”

After listening in for so long, Kai could no longer stand it and demanded, “What do you mean by that?”

“Oh, ho.” Logan said, his arms unfolding from his chest as he leaned forward. “Did I offend your sugar daddy pretty boy? Did I hurt your feelings? I mean what I said. Your shield is that, nothing but a shield. He hasn’t even helped fight beast raids since he was a child. Probably lost all of his powers and is just hiding so we don’t find out.”

Kai didn’t know what Logan meant by a beast raid. This term was unfamiliar to him, but if he had to guess, it seemed like a raid that was used to help cut down the number of beasts in the surrounding area. After listening to Logan, Kai realized what was going on.

“Ah,” Kai muttered “I get it now.”

Logan’s eyebrows shot up on his forehead, obviously surprised. “Pretty boy finally understands?”

“Yes,” Kai’s own lips curled up into a sneer, his eyes narrowing in unveiled disjust. “You’re just jealous and wish to be me.”

Logan growled, his entire face darkening with rage, and shot out of his seat, going for Kai’s throat. Seeing this wild action, Kai grinned and laughed, ducking under Logan’s arm and kicking his legs from beneath him. Logan landed on his ass and his eyes changed shape and color, shifting from human to wolf in seconds.

Although Kai remembered his martial arts from his past life, the body he was in now was rather stiff and his movements were slower than he would have liked. But this did not stop Kai from mocking the older male into a fight.

“Aww, did I make the little wolfie mad? You wolves always go for the throat first, show me somethin’ else, Wolf.” Kai mocked in a sing song voice, his gem like eyes twinkling with mirth.

His clothes now wrinkled and dirty, Logan jumped to his feet and struck out with his fist and leg at the same time. Kai was sort of surprised he could do that but had to get over it because his fist was incoming, and fast. Kai grabbed his fist and hissed as it hit his palm with a resounding smack. He hadn’t expected that punch to have that much force behind it. At the same time, Kai kicked Logan’s upper thigh, sending him down again, this time on his back. However, Logan hooked an arm out and Kai fell down, landing on top of him in an unsightly manner. Kai was straddling the older male with his legs.

Cian, who had just walked over to find Kai, saw this scene. Although he was on the sidelines watching the fight, he took a step forward, his hackles rising.

No one else was allowed to touch his mate.

Feeling the stare from the older man, Kai instantly realized what position he was in and flushed a deep red before springing away at the fastest speed possible.

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