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Chapter 545: Ingesting Life Blood

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The situation at Zhong Tian wasn’t actually as grim as You XiaoMo was imagining.

Although the Vermillion Blood Clan threatened to drag the ‘traitor’ You XiaoMo back home, the protagonist was still absent. No matter how high one leaped, there was still nobody there to applaud them.

The incident finally calmed down slightly after almost ten days of chaos.

Even though it was like this, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao still didn’t plan on returning to Zhong Tian immediately.

Besides the brazen and unreasonable You JunQi who stayed behind, PiQiu and the rest had already left, including CatQiu, who needed practical experience. Before they had left, You XiaoMo had very reluctantly distributed three teleportation talismans and several wound-treating magic pills to each of them, in case they didn’t have medicine if they got hurt.

Although it was a little unlucky, it was still the so-called ‘repairing the house before it rains.’

Ling Xiao told them to split into two groups when leaving. Since there were six people, they split perfectly into two groups of three. The team with the Giant Roc was more powerful, so they were told to go find LanQiu. Although LanQiu had set out with several other fellows to go search for a missing friend, there was something a little odd about the disappearance of that friend.

This was something that Tian Dao had roughly mentioned before.

But then they heard that there was a mysterious force in Xi Jing recruiting many powerful demon beasts. Before, it had at least attempted to conceal itself, but recently it was acting too frequently, and Tian Dao suspected that they were doing something big.

MaoQiu was in charge of the other team, and it included the eternal troublemaker PiQiu and CatQiu.

They returned to Weeping Ghost Shore. Tian Dao’s intelligence network was pretty expansive, so they could find out more from there. Moreover, Ling Xiao had also given them a special task.

In Xing Luo City’s Forest of Death, Ling Xiao had once accepted Hua Gu and her two little brothers. Back then, he had told them to go ahead to Weeping Ghost Shore by themselves, but they hadn’t seen them the last time they were in Weeping Ghost Shore, so clearly they still hadn’t found it yet.

The task that Ling Xiao gave them was that if they found Hua Gu and her little brothers, they should hand them over to Tian Dao. Hua Gu was a good child, careful and considerate, and her little brothers were good assistants. The most direct method of training them would be to let them follow Tian Dao and learn from him, so if there was ever a time Ling Xiao needed them in the future, he could just use them right away. So this task was also called the ‘Advantageous Training Method’, or in other words, ‘the more fit one is, the more they should do.’

You XiaoMo assessed this task. Its most impressive point was how it could anger Tian Dao to death, who would be taken advantage of.

As for whether or not Tian Dao would accept Hua Gu and the rest, that wasn’t something they had to consider. As long as one continued to wear it down, there would always be a point when an iron bar would be worn down to a needle.

“Sonny, where should we go next?” You JunQi was very happy that his son finally was no longer putting him back in the dimension. Even though he could still be with his son despite going into the dimension, he lost quite a few opportunities to get close to him.

It wasn’t that You XiaoMo did not want to put him back, but he had been pestered too much. “Of course, we’re going back to Zhong Tian.”


He then looked pleadingly at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao murmured, “Let’s first find a place without people, and then we can talk.”

You XiaoMo instantly nodded.

You JunQi opened his eyes wide. He found out that not only was his son being the one pushed down, but he also listened to everything this man said. Could it be… that he actually had a daughter?

You XiaoMo very much wanted to ignore his clingy dad’s gaze, but instead, goosebumps erupted all over him because of it. He couldn’t bear it any longer, nor was there any need to. “What are you looking at?”

You JunQi walked over and looked him up and down. He asked carefully, “Sonny, tell your dad the truth. What dad has, you actually don’t have, isn’t that right?”

What ‘you have, I don’t have.’

You XiaoMo understood very well what he was saying, but Ling Xiao just happened to call for him, so he ignored his dad and ran over to Ling Xiao.

You JunQi’s face was full of tears. He indeed had a daughter.

They were going to the ravine in Xi Jing where Ling Xiao had risen in rank last time. Originally it was a large ravine, rich and green, but after Ling Xiao had turned into a patch of scorched earth. The demon beasts that used to live in the ravine either died or ran away, but even after all this there were still people who came to try and figure out what had happened.

When one rose to the Sacred Realm rank, there was a period of time when their energy fluctuated. Moreover, the unusual change in weather were more noticeable than thunderclouds, so at the time it had alarmed many experts. But by the time they had rushed over, Ling Xiao had already left.

You XiaoMo and the rest stood at the edge of the scorched valley, and all they could see was an extremely devastated ravine. Something had smashed into the middle, creating another deep hole, as if it was a small ravine within the big ravine. Next to it were unsteady trees, half-burnt and half-withered, without a single trace of life left.

“Why did we come here?”

Ling Xiao took out the bottle with the Black Turtle Life Blood. There were only three droplets inside, since Xuan Wei’s hadn’t yet been refined. But he only needed one drop, so he withdrew one drop before handing the rest to You XiaoMo.

“The Black Turtle Clan’s Life Blood is full of the cultivation base from their original bodies. You can try absorbing its essence; it’ll be useful for your cultivation base. However, do not use it to refine your constitution, since it will be discovered by the Black Turtle Clan.”

You XiaoMo knew what he was going to do when he saw him take out the Life Blood, and he nodded seriously after receiving the bottle.

Many months had already passed since the last time Ling Xiao had risen in rank. There hadn’t been people for a long time now around the scorched valley, so they didn’t have to worry about someone suddenly barging in here. Plus, they had a free guardian.

You JunQi sighed again. The two of them had actually killed two Black Turtles because of the Black Turtle Clan’s Life Blood. This wasn’t something that could be kept a secret forever, and in the future they would have a horde of extremely strong enemies.

He didn’t know the truth and could only silently keep the secret for his son. In his eyes, even if his son did something wrong, it would still have to be right.

However, there was something that You JunQi didn’t really understand.

With Ling Xiao’s level of power and the bloodlines of the Demon Phoenix Clan and the Qilin Clan, the Black Turtle Clan’s Life Blood was already of no use to him. Even if it was, it would be just a drop in the ocean.

Then why did he still want to ingest the Black Turtle Life Blood?

You JunQi finally knew the answer a little while later.

You XiaoMo had already witnessed Ling Xiao stimulate the Dragon Clan bloodline before. He was the most envious of this ‘jump two levels at once’ kind of thing. There was truly no way to compete with natural superiority.

You XiaoMo sighed heavily before swallowing the two drops of Life Blood and concentrating on absorbing the Life Blood’s essence. Xuan Ze’s strength wasn’t very high, so two drops of Life Blood shouldn’t be enough to help him break through, but it was still better than nothing.

Not far in front of him, You JunQi had long since opened his mouth in surprise.

He had actually detected the presence of the Black Turtle Clan’s bloodline in Ling Xiao before. Although it wasn’t very rich, it was still impossible for him to ignore it. In addition, as more time had passed, that thread of a bloodline seemed to be fully awakening, and he could faintly sense that it was as if this bloodline possessed a kind of power that didn’t belong to the Black Turtle Clan of today.

A Black Turtle twice as big as the baby turtle crouched on Ling Xiao’s shoulder. The eyes of the Black Turtle were half open, and its eyelids looked lazy, yet the wisdom that leaked through its gaze seemed as if it had been accumulating for hundreds of millions of years.

You JunQi suddenly thought of a distant legend, and a monstrous wave instantly rose in his mind.

Legend had it that that the Black Turtle Clan’s first ancestor was TongTian Continent’s first sage. His mind was vast, embracing all under the sky with boundless wisdom.

Could Ling Xiao be a descendant of the Black Turtle Clan’s first ancestor?

You JunQi subconsciously rejected it.

But as for this boundless wisdom, he hadn’t seen it at all in Ling Xiao during the past two times.

When You XiaoMo opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was his clingy old man frowning, nodding once in a while before shaking his head again. He was a perfectly fine man who looked like a madman.

“Sonny, let daddy ask you a question.” You JunQi saw that he woke up and instantly walked over to look at him with eager eyes.

He didn’t know why, but You XiaoMo suddenly had an intriguing feeling. It felt almost as if he was looking at his own clone. Why did he think it felt so annoying?

“How does he have the Black Turtle Clan bloodline?”

You XiaoMo stood up and dusted off his butt before he answered dully, “This is a great question. The truth can be explained in five words.”

You JunQi asked impatiently, “What five words?”

You XiaoMo, “I do not know either!”

You JunQi, “…”

Son, if you have an issue with your dad, then just say it!

Too many issues!

This time when Ling Xiao stimulated the Black Turtle Clan bloodline, a pillar of golden light didn’t shoot up into the sky. Instead, huge patterns of waves rippled out from his body like the tide, spreading in all directions. A vast aura was included with it, and even demon beasts far away could sense it. Those that were weaker immediately kneeled down.

You XiaoMo suddenly had the impulse to kneel down.

You JunQi hastily supported his son. “In ancient history’s ancient history, the Black Turtle Clan’s first ancestor was greatly loved by all of the demon beasts, and he was the only sage that tens of thousands of demon beasts followed. So, no matter if it was a human or a demon beast, everyone would be affected a bit by his bloodline.”

“Ancient history’s ancient history?” The corners of You XiaoMo’s mouth twitched. How long ago would that have to be?

You JunQi coughed dryly. “No need to consider the time. In any case, it’s from an era that was too long ago to remember.”

You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao, whose power level was steadily climbing. Who knew how high his power level would rise this time; the first ancestor of the Black Turtle Clan seemed very extraordinary.

About two minutes had passed before Ling Xiao suppressed the aura that was leaking out. Everything was calm and peaceful again, as if that shocking scene just now was merely a mirage.

When Ling Xiao opened his eyes, You XiaoMo clearly felt that he wasn’t the same as before. There was a saying that he hated so much it made his teeth itch that went like this: Ling Xiao was full of wisdom.

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September 7, 2021 4:29 pm

LX is becoming quite scary. What a powerful mixture of descendants.
Momo needs to let go of his competitive streak towards LX and concentrate on his personal strengths, as he’s something of an enigma in his own right and there are things he’s capable of that LX won’t ever be able to do. They compliment each other.
Thanks for translating.

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