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Chapter 544: Leaving the City

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The one who came was Xing Qi, but Gao Yin wasn’t with him.

Both Xing Qi and Gao Yin had realized that Hei Xiong only heavily guarded the North side and the more they thought about it, the weirder it seemed. Who said that Mo Jing must leave for the Living Waters River Boundary, he could leave from the South and not go to the Boundary.

Therefore, Xing Qi and Gao Yin decided to split up.

Xing Qi was going to guard the South, whereas Gao Yin and Hei Xiong were going to guard the North.

The plan seemed good in their heads, but as Xing Qi was on his way, the West side exploded into chaos. Someone had bombed the gates open, creating a riot. Xing Qi’s intuition said that this must have something to do with Mo Jing.

Xing Qi landed on the city wall and stared piercingly at the crowd who was running out of the city gates. One by one, like a radar, he attempted to find Mo Jing who had blended in amongst them.

He wanted to stop everyone, but not only would that anger the masses, he couldn’t clone himself to do it.

“Heh, Xing Qi, I really can’t shake you off.” It was at this moment that a slightly deep voice rose behind him without warning.

In surprise, Xing Qi slapped his palm backwards without thinking. His expression was venomous but this attack was simply to sound him out.

Mo Jing blocked with ease.

The two quickly separated.

Mo Jing didn’t actually want to fight Xing Qi, since his internal wounds were not yet healed. Although, Xing Qi had lost his arm, if Gao Yin and Hei Xiong caught up, he would be a rat in a hole.

Without stopping, Mo Jing’s silhouette swifty flew towards the gate.

Before, he hadn’t thought that Xing Qi would’ve caught up so quickly, because just as he was about to follow the crowd out, he heard Xing Qi’s roar. With just a slight delay in movement, he had caught up.

Seeing that he was making a break for it, Xing Qi was about to follow when suddenly he caught a glimpse of a familiar white silhouette going through the gate.

The white silhouette belonged to a young man around eighteen or so. Like a fox, the young man was looking left and right like a thief. Once he determined a direction, he made a dash towards it.

Xing Qi squinted his eyes. He realized that the direction the young man ran towards was the same as Mo Jing.

Something flashed across his mind and the blurry figure became clearer, but Xing Qi didn’t have time to organize his thoughts as he followed the man subconsciously.

It didn’t take long before Hei Xiong and Gao Yin arrived hurriedly as they heard the news.

Hei Xiong quickly got hold of the situation, only to find out that the one behind it all was a young man, who looked plain but was at the Divine Realm.

“Xing Qi went that way, we should hurry.” Seeing that Xing Qi had already left the city, Gao Yin said in haste. Due to his anxiousness, he didn’t see the odd expression on Hei Xiong’s face.

Suddenly, Hei Xiong said, “You go first, with you and Xing Qi’s strength, Mo Jing shouldn’t pose a threat. I’ll deal with the stuff here first and then catch up with you guys.”

Gao Yin didn’t think too much about it, he was more worried that Xing Qi would take a beating against Mo Jing. With Xing Qi’s lost arm, if he used his original form, his power level would drop by a grade.

Not only that, what Hei Xiong said wasn’t unreasonable either. Mo Jing’s wounds hadn’t completely healed yet and they had two people on their side, so they needn’t fear just Mo Jing.

Once he thought it through, Gao Yin chased after Xing Qi in haste.

Looking at his disappearing figure, Hei Xiong sneered, “I’m not going to die with you guys.”

Young man and flames.

Although it wasn’t much to go by, it was better to be safe than sorry.

It was because of this cautious attitude that Hei Xiong could rule ZiRan City for thousands of years.

On the other hand, the young man who was being tailed, had ran a few thousand meters in the blink of an eye. His route was almost the same as Mo Jing, making his suspicion grow deeper and deeper. Judging by the figure, he was sure he had seen him before.

Fifteen minutes later, the young man suddenly slowed down until he reached a full stop at a gigantic tree.

Just as he was confused, the young man turned around with his big black eyes staring straight towards him, meeting his eyes.

The young man gave him a sweet smile.

As if a light bulb was suddenly lit, a similar smiling face appeared in Xing Qi’s mind. Although there were differences, the feeling of familiarity was unshakable.

His expression changed drastically, if it was as he thought, then that man, the man who broke his arm was definitely around, he had been tricked!

“Correct, you fell into our trap!” The voice that was ingrained into his body appeared behind him with a delighted laugh and heaviness. As if he had been waiting forever, like a blood-thirsty and yet clever hunter, waiting for his prey.

As the man was talking, his hand was already on Xing Qi’s head, in delight he said, “Thus, I’ll be taking your Life Crystal. You’re welcome.”

The last thing Xing Qi saw was blood.

He had never thought that he would have died so easily and cleanly, but it was too late. With his Life Crystal being stolen, there was no way he could survive.

When Gao Yin arrived, he happened to see the exact moment Xing Qi’s Life Crystal fell into the man’s hands. It was a dark red and within it held all of Xing Qi’s power, it was almost equivalent to a second grade rainbow pill. Many from the TongTian Continent would’ve stared at it with blood-shot eyes.

Gao Yin’s eyes were red, but not from greed, rather, anger.

He had been partners with Xing Qi for twenty thousand years, they had always been together, doing evil deeds. He had never once thought that Xing Qi would die before him.

His anger revealed his killing intent.

With one kick, the man kicked away Xing Qi’s body and looked towards his direction. That dark-as-abyss eyes contained a sliver of interest as the unreserved killing intent sent a shiver down Gao Yin’s spine, instantly cold sweat drenched his shirt.

How could he have forgotten, his strength was below Xing Qi, Gao Yin thought with a deathly pale face.

Even Xing Qi died. How could he stand up against the man and he even dared to think about revenge, he really overestimated himself!

That man was probably thinking of the same thing.

As Gao Yin stared at Xing Qi’s corpse, his body backed away and in the next second, he ran.

In the end, twenty thousand years of brotherhood was not enough, he didn’t want to face the same end as Xing Qi.

The man stared at his figure and sneered, but didn’t give chase.

Mo Jing jumped down from the tree, confidently he landed beside You XiaoMo. He saw with his own two eyes, how Ling Xiao killed Xing Qi and took out his Life Crystal. His heart was in turmoil, maybe he should be happy that he wasn’t Xing Qi and had a relation with the Black Turtle Clan, otherwise, the one who got their Life Crystal stolened would likely have been him.

At first, they hadn’t planned on killing Xing Qi, but with the man’s ‘his Life Crystal should be pretty good’, Xing Qi’s life was determined. Thus, the scene occured from before.

But, Xing Qi was also unlucky to have actually came by himself to guard the South gate. It gave Mo Jing a feeling of inevitability, regarding his death at least.

Leaving behind his contact information, Mo Jing parted with them at the outskirts.

Since the little master was already sent back to the Black Turtle Clan, he didn’t need to go to the Living Waters River Boundary anymore.

You XiaoMo stared with puppy-dog eyes at the Life Crystal in Ling Xiao’s hands. Although it was a bit disgusting, coming directly from someone’s brain, the immense power that it emitted was way too tempting.

“You want it?” Ling Xiao held out the Life Crystal in front of You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo reached out to steal it, “Of course I want it.”

Instantly, Ling Xiao pulled his hand away, causing You XiaoMo to slip. “You just leveled up recently, so you can’t even use this Life Crystal right now. There is no point in giving it to you.”

You XiaoMo stood where he was and scrunched up his nose, as if he was giving up, but then suddenly, without a warning, he pounced onto Ling Xiao, aiming for the Life Crystal.

With nine out of ten people, he would have been successful, but Ling Xiao wasn’t a normal person.

Ling Xiao retracted his hand and took two steps back. Not only did You XiaoMo not get the Life Crystal, he fell onto Ling Xiao’s lap.

You XiaoMo’s face became distorted, his knees hurt.

Ling Xiao looked at his enduring expression and couldn’t help himself from laughing out loud. He once again put the Life Crystal in front of him, “Since you even kneeled to beg me, then I’ll very reluctantly give you this Life Crystal.”

A man should have his dignity and not kneel!

In his heart, You XiaoMo screamed out, he didn’t kneel to beg him, but right after that, he aggressively took the Life Crystal.

To be honest, there was a good reason as to why he so badly wanted this Life Crystal.

Ling Xiao was advancing even faster than him. Others were jealous of him, but he was even more jealous of Ling Xiao, who didn’t have to cultivate to advance.

Although he wasn’t completely sure why he had to refine Xuan Ze’s corpse, he felt he caught onto something though.

So as to not be thrown too far behind, he must grab onto the Life Crystal and if need be, use them to advance.

As for the three level ten Life Crystals he bought earlier, he had given them to PiQiu, XiaoHei and MaoQiu, all three of which were level ten practitioners. They were in need of it and as for MaoQiu, she would compensate him later.

Once he thought of that, You XiaoMo quickly got Ling Xiao to pull PiQiu and the others out of his dimension. At first he was going to let them have their free time, but suddenly some unforeseeable events happened and they wouldn’t be able to take them to Zhong Tian. With more people, the target was bigger too.

Other than LanQiu and Xiao Ji, everyone was present.

You XiaoMo glanced over only to see that a person had sneaked his way into his contracted demon beast group. Staring at him wide eyed, You XiaoMo pointed to him as he said, “You, you, you, who are you?”

With an expression of being wronged, You JunQi walked out with his hands covering his chest, heart-broken, “Sonny, you forgot about me? I’m your…”

“Mom!” You XiaoMo suddenly shouted.

You JunQi felt the blood swell up in his throat.

Those with less composure, like the new member, the Giant Roc, he also felt it in his throat.

As for the others, they were used to it. Often their master would do something crazy, one would get used to it.

The reason why You XiaoMo told Ling Xiao to have the contracted demon beasts in his dimension was actually because of You JunQi. Even though he was in the wrong, leaving him alone there just seemed too pitiful. So, he thought of having his demon beasts there to accompany him to see how nice he was.

The result was that when Ling Xiao pulled all the demon beasts out, CatQiu and PiQiu were talking to him, thus he was brought along too.

You JunQi placed both of his hands onto You XiaoMo’s shoulders and said solemnly, “Son, you have to remember, I’m your father, not your mother. What you have, I have, what you don’t have, I also have…cough, I said it wrong, what you don’t have, I also don’t have.”

You XiaoMo’s mouth twitched violently.

Even his contracted demon beasts were looking at him unbearably, like father like son.

Ling Xiao was laughing so much that his shoulders wouldn’t stop shaking.

“Son, you have to believe me, I’m really your father.” You JunQi said with a serious face.

How are you going to make me believe that I have such a stupid father. If Ling Xiao knew math, he would definitely say that two times negative two makes a negative. My positive energy would be stupefied by you.

t/n: 二( two) is a modern slang for stupid. Remember how Ling Xiao said Momo only have IQ of two? His positive IQ of two multiply with his dad’s stupidity(negative two) equals negative XD

On the outside, You XiaoMo was expressionless, as if he wasn’t moved at all, but on the inside, he called bullshit.


“Stop, let us talk business.”


You XiaoMo turned to Ling Xiao with anticipation, and blinked his eyes.

Taking the baton, Ling Xiao gave a summary of the situation at Zhong Tian and the Southern Continent. As for the final conclusion, they would still have to stay at Xi Jing, but this time, they were given a mission. That mission was to find LanQiu and also to get some info on the little chick.

As for You XiaoMo, he promised that by the time they met again, he would give them each a rainbow pill.

“Just one?” Just as the demon beasts were bustling with excitement, the cool-beauty XiaoHei raised an eyebrow and casually asked.

Instantly, everyone fell silent.

You XiaoMo felt the corner of his eyes twitch, “Too little?”

Everyone stayed silent, silently approving.

Then with full seriousness, You XiaoMo said, “Okay then, once you get back, I’ll give everyone three level ten pills. Now then, that settled nicely.”

Everyone, “……”

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Hei Xiong is pretty smart for not messing up with boss and momo (+ Mo Jing) after what happened, unlike the previous characters that was able to encounter ’em.
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