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Remember this is an original novel written by Addis of ExR. This is not a translation.

Chapter Eighteen

Besides Kai’s eyes that were darting around nonstop, the rest of the area was still. All of those standing in the crowd didn’t even dare to breathe.

When had the Headmaster arrived?

Just how powerful is he to appear without anyone noticing?

These types of thoughts appeared in the crowd’s minds, astonished at what they couldn’t perceive.

“Cian.” Kai breathed, hoping to explain the situation. He didn’t know why he felt the need to explain, it wasn’t like he had done anything wrong. But when his eyes settled on Cian, Kai trembled.

Standing only six feet away from Kai, Cian had a stoic look on his face. However, his jade green eyes flashed with a dark light. No one in the crowd noticed that small change, except for Kai. It made his soul shudder.

Without a word, Cian stepped forward, his long strides reaching Kai in seconds. From his towering height, he looked down on Kai. Green eyes sparking and golden hair cascading down his shoulder in its right ponytail, he resembled a fierce emperor looming over his peers.

Trembling from the suppression contained in those eyes, Kai opened his mouth to explain, but then frowned as he realized he shouldn’t have to. Instead, he closed his mouth and tilted his head as he stared right back at Cian.

This action caused Cian’s lips to twitch, resisting a smile as he thought, My little dragon has a temper.

“I thought I told you to look around? How come you decided to try to eat someone?” Cian asked with a quiet voice. Yet, everyone on the area heard it clearly.

What did he mean by eat? Some in the crowd thought, Wasn’t this just a normal fight?

The only one who understood the hidden meaning in that sentence was Kai. Cian was hinting at the words he had spoken earlier, and, at the same time, reprimanding Kai.

Eyes furrowing in anger, Kai looked over at Logan and snarled, “Even if he was given to me on a platter, I wouldn’t eat him.”

The dark look in Cian’s eyes faded, replaced by a warm glow as he laughed loudly. “There are tastier things to eat that I can provide you, Kai.”

Instantly, Kais pale face turned a red hue, his imagination flickering as he thought of all the ‘things’ on Cian that he could devour.

The two seemed to forget about everything around them as they stayed in their own little world. Only Cian snapped out of it and looked at the crowd icily, “I apologize for anything my disciple did in plain view. Everyone should go cultivate to increase your ranks.”

Hearing this was like a gunshot in a silent forest. The entire crowd darted away like scared birds, trying not to be the last one left behind under that cold gaze. Soon, only the two were left.

Kai’s face was still red, and when Cian took a step towards him, Kai crossed his arms over his chest and glared at him. He was not mad about Cian appearing, but what infuriated him was that this man had apologized on his behalf for something that didn’t need an apology.

Seeing the young man glare at him ferociously like a caged tiger, Cian raised an eyebrow as if asking what the glare was for.

Kai clicked his tongue and turned away from Cian, continuing his walk through the Academy as if he no longer cared about what just happened. Since he had his back turned, Kai did not see the bright smile that spread across Cian’s face.

For a long while, Cian personally walked behind Kai as they toured the Academy. Everyone they passed was shocked seeing their Headmaster display a side of him they had never seen before.

Every once in a while, Kai would stop and stare at a building which would then prompt Cian into explaining the entire background of said building. “This is the Pill Hall for those who wish to become alchemists. Behind the building are several millions of rare herbs to help nurture those who wish to create pills.”

From one building, to the next, it continued. “This is the Skill Hall. Inside are thousands of precious martial skills preserved from various locations. Each book needs a certain amount of contribution points before someone can read it….. Inside this barn are several beasts that are used to train the student on how to tame the wild Dire Beasts.”

When the sun was beginning to fall down from it’s highest point in the sky, Cian smiled softly at Kai’s back and said, “It is time for lunch. Would you like to head to the Canteen or eat somewhere else?”

Kai stopped in place and turned his head to look behind him at Cian. All morning Cian had acted like a tour guide instead of the Headmaster. This had caused an uproar amongst the students and even the teachers. At times they had whispering groups following them and at others, they were stared at. This had caused Kai to feel uncomfortable, but he had decided he needed to learn as much as he could about the academy since it was Cian’s territory.

Seeing the soft, patient smile on Cian’s golden face caused Kai to sigh. Being in the limelight seemed to not affect the older man, but it was beginning to wear on Kai.

“Let’s go back to the house.” Kai’s voice was worn down. He had forgotten how much effort it took to try to even fit in remotely. Even in his last life he had not been successful, he didn’t know why he thought this life would be any different. He was a loner at heart, and to have someone be by his side for even an entire day made his heart sting. It wasn’t a feeling of revulsion, but more of a feeling of acceptance.

Slowly but surely, even if he didn’t realize it, Kai was beginning to see Cian as something more.

Once they reached Cian’s small hut, Cian quickly got to work as he made lunch for the two of them. They ate in silence, the quiet atmosphere fitting the two of the better than the packed walkways of the academy. As they finished eating, Kai rubbed his forehead, a headache had begun to pound against his skull.

Noticing this small action, Cian leaned forward and touched Kai’s face lightly. The action startled Kai and he froze, his eyes locked onto Cian’s jade ones. The two were frozen in that manner for more that five heartbeats before Cian slowly lowered his hand, trailing his fingers down Kai’s pale cheek, down his jaw and finally stopping at his collar bone before pulling away.

Burning as bright as a flame in the dark, Kai’s face flushed beet red. His heart was pounding in his chest as loud as a war drum. Frozen to his seat, he had not resisted the touch and had even slightly leaned in to it. It had not been a conscious thought but one made by instinct instead.

Cian’s eyes flashed with a purple hue, a small growl escaping his lips. How he wanted to push that frail body to the ground and devour him, but he held himself in check. He clenched his hands into fists underneath the table to prevent himself from doing anything else.

Blinking his wide eyes, Kai felt the small dragons in his core chirp softly at him. They had all opened their eyes the moment Cian had touched his skin. None of them had moved, but all of them seemed to pulse with a bright light in time with Kai’s frantic heart beats.

A feeling rose in Kai’s heart and it sat there, beating against the walls with abandon, eager to display it’s might. As if he was a marionette on strings, Kai slowly got out of his seat and walked over to Cian with glazed eyes. He knew what he was doing, but his head was in disarray due to Cian’s simple touch.

Afraid to move, Cian sat still in his chair, his eyes watching Kai as he slowly made his way around the table before he stood beside him.

This scene reminded Cian of the way Kai had kissed him back in the forest. Holding on to the hope that it would happen again, he tightened his fists, not daring to even breathe lest he spooked the young man beside him.

As if time had slowed down, the two were stuck in a trance as Kai leaned down, his hand reaching out to hold one side of Cian’s face before his lips, as soft as butterfly wings, touched Cian’s.

Still frozen, not daring to move, Cian closed his eyes, resisting the growl that made it’s it’s way up to his throat. Like the inexperienced teenager he was, Kai’s kiss was nothing more than a simple peck. However, at that moment, something happened inside Kai’s core that astounded him.

Two of the iridescent dragons shifted from their spots and spread their wings before roaring into the sky. Their skin lit on fire before it changed to the deepest red possible. With this change, information suddenly bombarded Kai’s brain. He stood stock still, taking it all in.

Then, as if a flood gate had opened, Kai shuddered visibly. He now knew why he had such unexplainable feelings towards Cian. With Kai initiating a kiss in his human form, it had unlocked the information dwelling in his blood.

We’re mates? Kai thought, frozen in place. His heart thumped wildly, echoing the need he felt in his core to wrap himself around Cian and never let go.

Cian didn’t notice the small change in Kai’s expression. All he could think about was trying to get away from Kai as fast as possible to not harm the boy with his primal instincts.

Kai’s brain was almost to the point of malfunctioning. Cian was his mate? His? Didn’t that mean they could spend the rest of their lives together? How much better would it be, if once the two were together, if they had children running around them?

Still shocked by his thoughts, Kai didn’t even stop Cian as the older man stood up and slowly walked to the door as if every step was harder than the last. Finally, with only two steps before he left the hut, Kai snapped out of his trance.

“Wait,” Kai stopped him from leaving the room before asking, his thoughts still stuck on one thing, “Cian, how are babies made?”

Visibly startled, Cian turned and opened his mouth, intending to speak, but no words came out. At first Kai was puzzle, but then understanding ricocheted through his mind. “I don’t mean like that! I know ‘how’, but with two males, is it the same?”

Finally realizing that Kai had somehow learned they were mates, a giant smile spread across Cian’s face. His laughter echoed through the room. He threw his head back, laughing with uncontrollable mirth until he finally managed to drag enough air into his lungs to choke, “It’s exactly the same Kai. It’s just only your kind is able to no matter the gender since dragons are special.”

“Oh,” Kai whispered, that feeling in his heart warming at the thought of Cian forever being his.

“You know now?” Cian whispered with that smile still on his face. Kai knew he wasn’t talking about babies, but about that feeling deep within his soul that told him Cian was his.

His face flushing, Kai gave a small nod. The growl that had been stuck in Cian’s throat escaped as he made his way back to Kai, his eyes narrowing with each step. Kai began to back away unconsciously. He didn’t notice he could go any farther until his back hit the wall behind him.

Cian put a hand on either side of Kai’s face and stared down at the embarrassed young man with lust flashing through his eyes. Kai couldn’t bare to look at that spark and turned his head away shyly to stare at Cian’s left hand that was beside him.

Emitting another growl, Cian hoarsely whispered, “Look at me.” He then took the back of his left hand, caressing it against the younger man’s cheek before gently turning his face back in his direction. The moment their eyes met, they both hissed in a breath.

Unable to resist the temptation any longer, Cian leaned down and took Kai’s lips fiercely with his.


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