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Chapter Nine


Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Xia Chuan walked through the bustling street, his handsome face marked with a distinct five fingered hand print and his phoenix eyes were hollow and frightening. This love was over! It was the first time in eighteen years that he really liked someone, but he didn’t expect to end up like this…

He should be happy. He would never have to suffer for Xu Ling or through such a love. He would never have to live in the midst of gains and losses. But why did his heart ache like death?

No! I can’t do that myself! I can’t be so miserable. I’m just lovelorn, it’s not like my father and mother died…

Suddenly, Xia Chuan’s cell phone rang. Xia Chuan took it out and looked at it. He immediately frowned. It was Lin YaTing!

Xia Chuan answered his cell phone and heard Lin YaTing’s threat, “Xia Chuan, it’s Lin YaTing! If you don’t want me to spread gossip about you and Xu Ling, come to the cafe next to Xilin Square and find me. I’ll wait for you there.” 

Hearing the words, Xia Chuan laughed loudly. The woman wanted to threaten him. Unfortunately, she didn’t know that he and Xuling were dead to each other. He was not afraid of her threat at all.

“What are you laughing at?” On the other side, Lin YaTing was suspicious. Xia Chuan’s laughter sounded strange. It was obvious that he was laughing, but why did it sound like he was crying?

“Xu Ling and I have broken up. It doesn’t matter how you want to publicize our affairs.” Xia Chuan sneered.

“You broke up? Do you think I’m a three-year-old child?” Lin YaTing laughed sarcastical. ’Breaking up’ must be a temporary solution they came up with to deal with her and they underestimated her, Lin YaTing!

“You don’t believe it!” Xia Chuan was too lazy to explain to her.

“Of course I don’t believe it. Xia Chuan. Let me tell you something interesting. Last night I took some pictures of you and Xu Ling with my mobile phone. If I send it to Uncle Xia… “

“What do you want?” Before Lin YaTing finished, Xia Chuan interrupted her and asked her with a gnash of his teeth. He never thought that there would be photos in Lin YaTing’s hands. He was not afraid to talk nonsense. After all, he could deny if it was just an empty mouth, but if there were photos, it would be different. He could not imagine what would happen if the old man saw the pictures. Even if he broke up with Xu Ling, his father would never let Xu Ling go.

Although he hated Xu Ling very much, he still didn’t want to see him hurt at all.

“I’ll tell you after we meet!” Lin YaTing shut down her cell phone and raised her lips with disdain. He said they broke up so she had lied casually. In fact, she didn’t have any pictures at all. She was so shocked last night. How could she think of taking pictures to threaten them?

Her beautiful face raised with a horrible smile, but she could use ‘photos’ to threaten Xia Chuan, and make him come back to her side. She’d make their ‘fake breakup’ a real breakup…

Standing in front of the cafe near Xilin Square, Xia Chuan raised his lips and grinned bitterly. He really owed Xu Ling a lifetime and broke up with him, but also for him to be threatened by Lin YaTing. What harsh conditions would Lin YaTing put forward?

With a long sigh, Xia Chuan entered the cafe. As soon as he entered, he saw Lin YaTing waving to him with a big smile. Coming over and sitting across from Lin YaTing, Xia Chuan said with a cold face, “Just tell me what you want. Let’s not go around in circles!”

Lin YaTing pretended to be injured and said piteously, “Xia Chuan, do you need to be so indifferent to me? We used to be lovers anyway!” 

“If you remember our relationship, why did you threaten me?” Xia Chuan sneered scornfully. He used to underestimate this woman. He always regarded her as a gentle and harmless little white rabbit. Who knew she was a cunning and insidious as a wolf?

“I did it just because I love you so much! Xia Chuan, leave Xu Ling! Let’s get together!” Lin YaTing took Xia Chuan’s hand and pleaded affectionately.

“Even if I’m not with Xu Ling, I’ll never be with you again!” Xia Chuan relentlessly shook off her hand. From childhood to adulthood, what he hated most was being threatened.

“Since you are so desperate, don’t blame me!” Lin YaTing was so angry that her face was very blue and she smiled grimly.

“Speak less nonsense and say your purpose directly!” Xia Chuan was impatient.

“I’ve already said my purpose. I want to get back together with you!”

“Dreamon!” Even if he died, he would not get together with this poisonous woman. The photograph had to be taken in another way.

Xia Chuan stood up and wanted to go, but how could Lin YaTing let him go? Lin YaTing immediately took out spray from her bag and sprayed it on him. It contained a drug and Xia Chuan fainted on the ground immediately.

Looking at the fainted Xia Chuan, Lin YaTing raised her lips and asked the waiter next to her to help Xia Chuan to the opposite hotel.

Lying in a luxurious hotel bed, Lin YaTing looked at the unconscious Xia Chuan sleeping next to her and her smile deepened. She took out two white pills from her bag and fed them to Xia Chuan. This was the aphrodisiac. It took her a lot of effort to get it.

Lin YaTing reached out and took off all Xia Chuan’s clothes. She immediately took off all her clothes and she leaned on Xia Chuan, kissing him.

Her plan was to have a physical relationship with Xia Chuan and then call Xu Ling to make him see everything. Xu Ling would naturally be angry when he arrived and break up with Xia Chuan. Of course, Xia Chuan would hate her more, but she had already calculated her menstrual period. Today, she would have a relationship with Xia Chuan and she would get pregnant. Then she would be able to make Xia Chuan marry her for her child.

The more Lin YaTing thought about it, the more she felt that she was so smart that she could come up with such a seamless plan. Touching Xia Chuan’s sleeping beauty, she was proud this man would soon become hers forever!

But as time went by, Lin YaTing could no longer laugh. Xia Chuan had taken the aphrodisiac medicine, but he was still soft, how could he not stand up…

“Damn it, what the hell is going on?” Lin YaTing was in a hurry, but Xia Chuan was not stiff there. What was she going to do?

“Wha, what is this?” Lin YaTing suddenly found that Xia Chuan’s buttocks had flowing transparent liquid coming out of it. She did not know what it was.

After touching a little with her finger, Lin YaTing could not see what it was and finally decided to ignore it. Now it looked like she couldn’t be done by Xia Chuan. Did she have to give up?

No! Lin YaTing shook her head at once. She could never give up such a good opportunity. The opportunity was always fleeting. Xia Chuan would never come back after he had slipped away.

Yes! Lin YaTing’s brain glittered and her lips lifted. Only she would know whether she had done it or not. As long as she called Xu Ling now, Xu Ling would surely think they had done it. Even if Xia Chuan jumped into the Yellow River, he couldn’t wash it away. He and Xu Ling would break up! Then, in a few days. she would tell Xia Chuan that she was pregnant. In the future, as long as she could do it with Xia Chuan again, she could conceive a child.

That’s it! Lin YaTing immediately found his cell phone from Xia Chuan’s clothes and then found out Xu Ling’s phone number and called Xu Ling. Xu Ling immediately answered the phone.

“Where are you now?” Xu Ling thought it was Xia Chuan and he scolded fiercely.

“It’s me, Lin YaTing! Xia Chuan is with me. Xia Chuan told me to ask you to come and find him. We are at the XX hotel!” Lin YaTing said and hung up.

Xu Ling’s eyebrows were locked and his face was full of doubts. How could Xia Chuan be with Lin YaTing? The pig threw a mess for him to clean up, but he ran to find Lin YaTing? He was really pissed.

“Hasn’t your family always told you to be careful?” The woman sitting opposite him asked with a smile.

“You told Grandma that I would not go back. I had to go ahead of time!” Xu Ling did not answer her, cold and authentic.

“Will you go and find your lover? Take sister with you. I want to talk with you carefully.” The woman lay in his arms and whined.

“I don’t want to talk to you. Go back and talk to your husband!” Xu Ling pushed her aside and stood up and left.

“I don’t want to talk to Xiao Hao. I’m calling grandmother now. I’m talking to grandmother!” The woman languidly folded her long hair over her hips.

“Let’s go together!” Xu Ling immediately turned back and said with a straight face, his teeth were going to be broken from the strength he used to clench them.

“Baby, that’s good!” The woman stood up and kissed him on his handsome face. She took his hand and left the restaurant gracefully. When she left, she gave a kiss to the waiter passing by. The waiter almost fainted with excitement.

Xu Ling rolled his eyes. She really hadn’t changed at all. Whenever she liked to show off like this…


So hot! How itchy! His behind felt as if there were ten thousand ants gnawing, itching him to death! Xia Chuan, who was sleeping, was hot as a fire, writhing his body uncomfortably and rubbing the sheets against his hips.

“Mnn…” The unusual itching made Xia Chuan open his eyes and a beautiful smiling face immediately came into view.

“You woke up!” Lin YaTing smiled sweetly.

“What happened?” Xia Chuan was shocked and wanted to sit up. Only then did he find himself and Lin YaTing, who was sleeping next to him, naked.

“You said what else would happen in this situation…” Lin YaTing wanted to lean on Xia Chuan, but Xia Chuan pushed her away.

“Get out of here! Don’t touch me, bitch!” Xia Chuan never thought that Lin YaTing would be so shameless.

“Xia Chuan, do you want to do it without denying it?” Lin YaTing sneered gloomily.

“I haven’t done it with you at all. Don’t falsify me!” Xia Chuan looked down at his soft body and breathed a sigh of relief. But the emptiness behind him made him frown and ask, “Did you give me something? Why do I feel so wrong?”

“I gave you some medicine, but I didn’t expect you to be impotent!” Now that Lin YaTing was found out, she did not hide it and admitted it generously.

Was he sexually incapable? Xia Chuan frowned and then realized that there was no movement and just stillness from his little brother. No wonder Lin YaTing thought he was impotent. She didn’t know that he had already been flooded behind him. Maybe he was done too much by Xu Ling’s bastard. Now he had to be inserted behind with Xu Ling before he could harden up!

Xia Chuan thought of wearing clothes, but from outside came the sound of an opening door, Lin YaTing’s eyes flashed. He came!

Lin YaTing immediately leaned on Xia Chuan and said deliberately and loudly, “Chuan, you were so brave that I thought I was going to die!”

Xia Chuan did not understand why she suddenly did so, but when he saw Xu Ling coming in, he immediately understood what was going on. Lin YaTing was such a cruel woman! 

Looking at the man and woman hugging naked in front of his eyes, Xu Ling’s face was expressionless, but his hands in his pockets were clasped tightly together and shaking.

Xia Chuan wanted to explain, but when he saw the sexy beauty standing behind Xu Ling, he closed his eyes in despair. Anyway! Anyway, they had broken up. Let Xu Ling think what he thinks. Anyway, even if he did something with Lin YaTing, Xu Ling probably wouldn’t care about it…

“What a classic picture – catching adulterers in bed!” When the woman saw the scene inside, she whistled excitedly and her face was full of joy.

Hearing the words, Xia Chuan’s handsome face immediately darkened, opened his eyes and stared at Xu Ling severely. Why did this woman look at him as a joke? He must not lose face in front of this woman!

“Get out of here! Don’t hinder us from being happy here!” Xia Chuan embraced Lin YaTing and deliberately gently kissed her face and scolded.

Lin YaTing was stunned for a moment, then embraced Xia Chuan and kissed him. Although she did not understand why Xia Chuan suddenly changed his attitude, she knew she needed to seize the opportunity.

Xu Ling’s eyes were about to burst into flames. The woman was still refueling the flames beside him as she clapped her hands and said, “It’s wonderful! It’s so amazing to cheat in front of the boyfriend. What a wonderful little brother!”

Xu Ling couldn’t bear it any longer. He rushed up and pulled Lin YaTing out of Xia Chuan’s arms and threw her on the ground. Lin YaTing screamed in pain on the spot.

“How dare you betray me!” Xu Ling grabbed Xia Chuan and slapped him across the face.

“Fuck your mother! It’s my freedom to sleep with whoever I love. It’s not your shit!” Xia Chuan also caught fire and hit Xu Ling. Damn, why did he hit him? Beast! Especially beating him in front of his girlfriend…

Up from the ground, Lin YaTing raised her lips, eyes full of happiness. Go ahead! Fight hard! Hahaha…

“Sister, why are you laughing so treacherously? What a nuisance!” The woman came up to her and smiled sweetly.

“You…” Lin YaTing just opened her mouth, but she saw that women had rushed forward like  a ghost to kick Xu Ling and Xia Chuan one by one, kicking them down on the bed.

“Idiot! A bunch of pigs without brains!” The woman sat down on Xu Ling’s back, smoked a cigarette and cursed leisurely, “Er Mao, when did you get a tofu brain? Open your eyes and have a good look. Does it look like they had sex? There is no trace of hickeys on the sister and there is no trace of him being there at all!” The woman pointed at Lin YaTing’s lower body and smiled.

Xu Ling took a glance at Lin YaTing, then his face calmed down slightly. He was so pissed just now that he had not carefully observed and considered anything else.

Lin YaTing was mad. She didn’t expect that this woman would be so fierce that she could observe so subtly in such a chaotic situation. She made a mistake herself!

Xia Chuan stared at the woman fiercely. He was not grateful for her help to clarify the situation. This woman was his rival. Looking at her triumphant appearance, he became very angry.

“Fucker, you dare to hit me!” Xia Chuan got up and was ready to use the woman to settle his accounts.

“Ah! It’s rude to scold a sister like that. Brother will take good care of you later.” The woman told Xu Ling, who could not move and then laughed at Xia Chuan. “Xia Chuan, I have something to explain to you. My name is Xu Xie. I’m not your man’s girlfriend. I’m his sister! What was said on the phone was a joke!”

“Are you his sister? Xu Ling and that he had only brothers and no sisters.” Xia Chuan laughed and didn’t believe it at all. There was no way he would believe such a lie.

“I’m his brother!” Xu Xie nodded and laughed. “But I am not only his brother, but also his sister!”

Xia Chuan’s face was black and he wanted to curse, but his hole was itching more and more. He wanted something to put in and poke twice. He twisted his ass uncomfortably.

“Er Mao, it seems that your wife is in a rut. Go and feed him quickly.” Seeing his blushing face, Xu Xie immediately understood what was going on and laughed at Xu Ling.

“Bastard, who did you say was in a rut?” Xia Chuan blushed and scolded.

“Of course, it’s the crabby little ass, the one who wants my brother’s sausage to be inserted into his ass!” Xu Xie, with a playful face, stood up and let Xu Ling rise. He said a few words into Xu Ling’s ear and Xu Ling nodded his head.

Xu Ling took advantage of Xia Chuan’s unpreparedness and grabbed him. Xia Chuan immediately struggled. “What do you want to do, horse fucker!? Let me go!”

“I don’t do horses, I do you!” Xu Ling grinned coldly, touched Xia Chuan in public and gnawed on his nipples.

“Animal… You dare touch me… I… I’ll kill you…” After taking the aphrodisiac, his body was extremely sensitive, so provoked by Xu Ling, how could Xia Chuan stand it? He was even unable to speak clearly.

“Xu Ling, let Xia Chuan go, or I will publicize you as a homosexual. I also have pictures of you together in my hands!” Seeing what happened, Lin YaTing was in a hurry and threatened. She must not let Xu Ling touch Xia Chuan, Xia Chuan was hers!

“You dare to threaten my brother. Come over to me and let’s have a good talk…” With a smile, Xu Xie seized Lin YaTing, who wanted to save Xia Chuan and dragged her out of the room to the next room.

“No! Don’t come here! Xia Chuan, save me…” Soon they heard Lin YaTing crying bitterly and did not know what Xu Xie had done to her. Unfortunately, Xia Chuan was too busy to save her.

“Ah ah… Don’t touch me, son of a bitch, I hate… You… Uh-huh… Uh huh… Um-huh…” Xia Chuan, transformed into a pool of spring water by the aphrodisiacs, was unable to resist at all, moaned and moaned and could only curse powerlessly.

“You’re a born scoundrel! Look at how hungry your mouth is…” Xu Ling opened Xia Chuan’s legs and poked his fingers at his chrysanthemum cave full of pornographic liquid. Strange to say, no matter what Lin YaTing did before, she could not harden his lower body. But he even stood up easily under Xu Ling’s play.

The evil laughter made Xia Chuan feel ashamed. He hated his obscene body. He smelled Xu Ling’s smell and felt the automatic contraction from hunger and thirst. He hoped Xu Ling rushed in and filled him up. His body and heart had been completely occupied by Xu Ling and no one could barge in any more!

“Un! Don’t cry! I’ll feed you right away! “Xu Ling laughed at the small hole under Xia Chuan, took off his trousers and rushed in. The long-awaited small hole immediately absorbed Xu Ling’s big penis joyfully and warmly welcomed its entry.

“Get out of here! I don’t want you to touch, you go to your girlfriend…” Although Xu Ling was all the way in, Xia Chuan still wriggled obstinately and desperately wanted to push him away.

“Da Mao said he was my brother, not my girlfriend!” Xu Ling’s crying and laughing were not the same. Da Mao killed him!

“Go deceive the ghost! He’s obviously a woman. How could he be your brother?” Xia Chuan shook his head and laughed and all his tears turned into laughter. Xu Ling really couldn’t even cheat people. This kind of lie…

“He’s really my brother, but he has always… faked being my girlfriend to hurt me. If you…don’t believe me…I’ll show you evidence…” Xu Ling explained, but in order for Xia Chuan to believe his explanation, he had to pull Xia Chuan out of bed, pick up his trousers, take out his wallet and hand him a picture.

Dead Da Mao, a monster of the world, liked to play tricks on him from an early age. He often took pleasure in messing with him. This time, he was going to be killed.

A few years ago, Xu Xie was wearing a high school boy’s uniform, with a handsome face pulling two boys in primary school uniforms behind him.The boy on the left was very beautiful, like a delicate doll. He knew the boy on the right was Xu Ling as soon as he sees it. At a young age, he was cold as ice and arrogant to death.

“Why does he wear women’s clothes when he is a boy?” Looking at the photos, Xia Chuan believed a little, but was still full of doubts, Xu Xie’s body was clearly a woman ah!

“Ask Da Mao this question yourself! It’s important that we do business now. You see you’re all wet like this. If I don’t help you anymore, you’ll burn yourself up!” Xu Ling took the photograph in Xia Chuan’s hand, reached out and touched his pornographic buttocks, shook his fingers in front of him, laughed wildly and stabbed his penis into the wet cave again. He was about to ‘stab’ him with a big steel gun and blow his buttocks dry.

“Wait a minute. We haven’t made it clear yet. You’re not allowed to move!” Xia Chuan quickly stopped, although he was really about to burn himself up, but there was something he must ask.

“What else hasn’t been said? You are so silly!” Xu Ling frowned and was extremely impatient.

Xia Chuan looked shyly at Xu Ling and asked what he had always cared about most. “I want to ask you whether you love me or not?” 

“This problem again?” Xu Ling rolled his eyes immediately.

“Do you love me or not?” Xia Chuan asked angrily, thinking that if Xu Ling did not give him a satisfactory answer today, he would rather be burned alive and determined not to let him touch him.

“Nonsense! You pig! If I didn’t like you, would I associate with you and sleep with you? Stupid to death!” Xu Ling couldn’t stand it and started scolding.

“Then you love me!” Xia Chuan was surprised.

“Don’t talk nonsense, let’s do it quickly! Lao Tzu can’t help it!” It was the most painful torture in the world that he couldn’t move all this time in that warm and hot cave. Xu Ling’s blue veins on his  forehead jumped up and he couldn’t help pulling out before thrusting back in harshly.

“Ah ah… Bastard… You haven’t said you love me yet… Don’t do… Ah ah… Lighten up… How rough… Oh, ah… Hmm… I’m bloated to death… Uh-huh…” Xia Chuan immediately screamed, panicked and tried to push Xu Ling away. Xu Ling did not say the most critical sentence yet!

“Shut up! Why is so much nonsense? Hurry up and let Lao Tzu kill you” Xu Ling scolded angrily, grabbed his struggling hand and stabbed a fierce trunk into the itchy heart of his chrysanthemum.

“Ah Ah Ah Ah!” Xia Chuan immediately stopped struggling and like he was struck by a heavy thunder, he was paralyzed under Xu Ling and screamed like crazy.

“Your cave is so hot that it burns my little brother like fire! It’s so good…” Xu Ling roared excitedly, madly operating into the hot, dry cave, making the cave flood with pornographic liquid. Because Xia Chuan took the aphrodisiac, his whole body was extremely hot, especially the small cave below. It was as hot as a volcanic cave. It was about to melt Xu Ling’s body!

“Ah, ah… Fuck me… Ah ah… Put more effort into me… Oh, ah… How itchy… It itches to death in the cave… Ah ah… It’s so comfortable… Ah… Oh… thrust harder… Ah, ah, ah… Kiss me… I want you to kiss me… Um, ah…” Xu Ling’s plucking saved Xia Chuan who was burning with fire. Just like a dying man who suddenly got water to drink, he immediately forgot everything. He struggled to move his hand and held Xu Ling’s neck. His red lips flattered to invite Xu Ling to pluck.

He had already endured to the limit and Xu Ling’s sudden forcibly thrusted in had made all his suppressed desires erupt and become irremediable.

Who could refuse such a tempting request, Xu Ling immediately lowered his head and kissed his sweet lips, absorbing the intoxicating fragrance of his mouth, while playing with his hands on his already hard stone-like nipples. Huge as a child’s arm, the red and delicate secret thrusted inside to occupy the wet and muddy tunnel…

“Ah… Hmm… Uh-huh… Ah… Ah…” In response to Xu Ling’s kiss, Xia Chuan actively extended his tongue and intertwined it with Xu Ling’s obscenely. He exchanged intensely in the air. The sound of ‘click’ from the kiss made them kiss more intensely. A long silver thread fell off their tongues.

They kissed each other for a long time, until they were almost hypoxic before they separated. They stared at each other with panting affection, then Xu Ling raised his lips.

Xu Ling watched Xia Chuan’s heart soften and something poured out, so that he finally said what Xia Chuan wanted to hear most, “I love you!” 

Although Xu Ling’s voice was very small, Xia Chuan, who was close to him, could still hear it clearly. After waiting for this sentence for a long time, Xia Chuan was so excited that he couldn’t speak. Happy tears flowed from his eyes.

The desire in his body burned more fiercely because of the three words ‘I love you.’ Xia Chuan held Xu Ling and turned over from the bottom to the top. He actively rocked his beautiful waist and used his small hole to set Xu Ling’s magnificence on fire.

“Oh… You goblin!” Xu Ling immediately made a comfortable moan and looked fascinatedly at his lover, who was so beautiful and lovely that he made him crazy.

“Ah ah… I love you… Xu Ling, I love you… Ah ah ah… I want you to do me… To kill me… Hmm-hm…” Xia Chuan was riding on Xu Ling’s body. The beautiful back hole was tightly wrapped around the big purple penis. Like a baby’s mouth, Xia Chuan wriggled hungrily and enthusiastically to kiss and suck Xu Ling’s big penis, which made Xu Ling’s blood pulse swell and feel as cool as heaven.

“Your ass is clenched so tightly, you scoundrel! It’s killing me…” Xu Ling scolded happily, grabbed Xia Chuan’s waist excitedly and worked from bottom to top. The huge body filled the small cave, thrusted init to the deepest point, making Xia Chuan fly up and shiver all over.

“Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah. Great… Oh, ah… That’s what I want… Ah ah ah… Get all the bugs that crawl inside… Ah… Kill… Ah ah ah… Your big penis is great and strong… Ah, ah, ah…” Xia Chuan put his hands on Xu Ling’s strong chest and knelt on Xu Ling’s thighs. His whole body was red as a cooked crab. He was about to burn up. The wonderful pleasure of being stuck dry made him feel refreshed and melted.

It felt more itchy and hot in the cave, just like countless tiny ants crawling madly in it and made him want Xu Ling to thrust harder and faster, to drive away the terrible itching feeling…

“Dead scoundrel, you think my penis is pesticide?” Xia Chuan heard the words and laughed, pinched his sweaty face and ordered wickedly, “Show me how you masturbate. I will fuck you to death according to your request and kill all the insects in your body, make you comfortable and happy…”

“Good! I’ll masturbate… Ah ah… Please fuck me to death… Ah ah ah… You must kill all the pests… Kill… Ah ah ah… Let me be comfortable and happy… mnn… Ah, ah, ah…” Xia Chuan was completely captured by the boundless desire aroused by the aphrodisiacs. He immediately nodded and agreed, without any shame, to comfort himself in front of the man he loved most.

The handsome boy wantonly rubbed and pinched his nipples as big as cherries and rubbed and stroked his lofty desire. He didn’t know why he suddenly wanted his lover to see his most lewd and beautiful side and wanted his favorite man to be crazy and addicted to him…

Xu Ling satisfactorily enjoyed his wanton and obscene masturbation performance. At the same time, he trustfully sent his identity into the deepest part of his cave, grinding the heart of chrysanthemum to swell, so that he could experience what was called the pleasure of killing his soul and killing his bones.

“Ah, ah… I love you… I love your penis. It makes me happy. Ah, ah, ah… Oh, ah… Great… That’s great… Oh, ah… Uh huh… How can I be so happy? Happy to death… Ah ah ah…” Like a super-lewd slut, Xia Chuan enjoyed masturbating the most sensitive two places outside himself, riding Xu Ling’s big penis on his buttocks and happily biting the hard beast with the wall of his hungry and wandering intestines. He wished Xu Ling would never leave his body, inserting him in his body all his life.

“Goblin! You’re a goddamn goblin. I’ll die on you one day.” Xu Ling was so excited that his blood rushed straight down to his lower abdomen. All the strength of his body was concentrated on his penis. He cruelly and forcefully pounded into the lewd hole and wished to squeeze in the two big eggs stuck outside.

But Xia Chuan’s meat cave was too small, it was impossible to put two big meat eggs in together. Xu Ling could only retreat to the second place, holding Xia Chuan’s hand to touch the two big meat eggs left alone outside, so as to make his sex more comfortable and exciting…

“Ah, ah… Your eggs are so big. They’re bigger than eggs. Ah ah… I love… It’s so touchy… Ah, ah, ah… Oh, ah…” Xia Chuan happily touched Xu Ling’s two huge, hard and hot meat eggs. He grabbed them and rubbed them wilfully. As a man, he knew very well how to make Xu Ling of the same sex comfortable.

“Oh… Dead scoundrel, you goblin… It’s so good… Let Lao Tzu kill you, furious goblin… Kill you, I’ll kill you…” Xu Ling went mad with excitement. Suddenly, he stood up with Xia Chuan in his arms. He pushed him against the wall at such a fierce speed that he pulled the red tender meat out of the cave and then he pushed it in fiercely.

“Ah ah… Ah ah ah… Dead… I’m dying… Great, great… I want to… I also want to. That’s what I did… Ah ah ah… Great… Great… I really want to be killed by you… Ah, ah, ah… Ruthlessly interpose me… Insert… Death… I… Ah ah ah… Butt… butt flew…” Xia Chuan cried so loudly that his voice was almost hoarse. He held Xu Ling’s head, his legs clamped Xu Ling’s waist and shouted happily. He had been dried into a paste by Xu Ling.

In front of Xu Ling, Xia Chuan, who was always prone to premature ejaculation, arrived at the clouds earlier today because of the relationship between aphrodisiacs and shot out without support for a long time. A white pulp was sprayed directly on Xia Chuan’s masculine and beautiful chest. At the same time, the back acupoint tightly twisted the inner part of the body and also pinched Xu Ling out.

Xu Ling cursed sadly and put Xia Chuan back on the bed. He gasped for breath and immediately returned to the battlefield. He pounded in again. Having taken the aphrodisiac, Xia Chuan was better, more sensitive and madder than before. He must kill this crazy mob today…

“Ah, bastard, why did you start again? Ah ah… Didn’t it just shoot? Ah-ah-no… Don’t do it. Let me catch my breath. Ah ah ah…” Xia Chuan, who was still immersed in the high of the climax, did not expect Xu Ling to work so fast again and was shocked and screamed.

After Xu Ling’s vigorous intervention and drying, Xia Chuan’s aphrodisiac nature had been relieved in half, and he was not as hungry as before! Xu Ling was so dry that he was soft and muddy that he had no strength and could not do it again immediately.

“Slow down? How can once be enough? You made me on ‘fire.’ You are responsible for blowing it out…” Xu Ling lifted Xia Chuan’s legs and put them around his waist. The penis that had just shot quickly swelled again and galloped happily in his soul-stirring cave again.

“Ah, ah… Stop it, bastard… Ah ah… Don’t… my ass is blooming… Broken… Broken… Ah, ah, ah… “

Xu Xie, who had solved Lin YaTing’s problem, stood outside the door with beautiful lifted lips. Little baby Er Mao was a real ape to listen to. The two holes below him were wet. He missed his baby very much. No, he had to find a place to have sex with his baby through video. The two holes below him have flooded.

Xu Xie listened outside the door for a while, then turned around and stepped on thin high-heeled shoes, twisted the snake waist and left the hotel with all kinds of intentions…

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I knew that the problem would be resolved quickly because this novel is all about the smut, but gee, that woman pisses me off.

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Papapa to save the world 😂😂😂

October 10, 2019 8:52 am

lol, it is going to be fun having his bro around

thank you

November 22, 2019 4:14 am

Don’t put the word baby in description of hot scenes. It gives really uncomfortable feeling

April 9, 2020 1:39 am

Oh my god it’s funny xD why are they so vocal… and they keep calling each other.. scoundrel.. xD

April 15, 2020 2:38 pm

OMG…they are really hot …boiling everytime they start…seems nobody wanna stop…

May 28, 2020 5:42 am

Im almost died laughing… When he said “Butt… butt flew…”

August 3, 2020 1:31 pm

U think my penis is a pesticide 😂😂😂, these two are just lecherous.

November 6, 2020 8:04 am

Iceberg is really well described word for Xu Ling….I wonder if Xia Chuan will ever get to go on a date that was proposed by Xu Ling…. and I bet Xia Chan will never win during argument with the top cuz he is stupid and he expresses his love more that makes him at disadvantage…but still they are pretty unique couple….I just felt bit sorry for the uke cuz he seemed to like romantic things…,

March 20, 2021 4:24 am

Incest too?
Thank you for the chapter.

March 29, 2021 3:33 pm

Omg! What a chapter! Intense lol I’m
glad his brother took care of the problem for him!

Official LMW release!


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