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Chapter 32: I Only Have One House

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Marshal, I know many people are blaming me for this, but you are not the same. You should understand the need for Assyria to accept the alliance with the Uttar, right?”

In a suspension car, the driver was Cassey, in the passenger seat was Mark and in the seats in the back were Cook and Dewitt, who were squeezed into the car. One second before they started driving, Cook and his assistant jammed themselves in and were sitting across from Dewitt. 

Dewitt’s face was cold. He hardly spoke a word since he got on the bus. Cook next to him talked so much that Casey thought he didn’t want to live any longer.

To make peace with the Uttar was like stepping on the dignity of their frontier fighters. He wanted to hang Cook up and fight him. He wanted the Marshal to not stop him. If he had the chance, he really wanted to throw Cook to an empire-wide colosseum.

“I promised the troops that I would stop in and I am already in the car, so isn’t it fine? I really hope that you will take charge of helping with the defense. I will report directly to the Prime Minister in this regard.” When Cook saw that Dewitt did not want to take him care of him, after thinking about it, he put it straight. “Marshal needs a chance to go back to the Army to hold real power, right?”

Cook said this to intentionally piss of the Marshal. Earlier, when he ran to see Dewitt, he was told that Marshal had left the army and hurried to the parking garage. He finally got into Dewitt’s suspension car. His tight pants almost ripped apart.

“Open the window.” After Cook had boarded the bus for so long, Dewitt finally made his first remark.

Cassey burst out laughing and Cook listened to his colleagues about taking a vacation for the last two days, but the smell wasn’t too heavy anymore. But to be safe, Cook got in and left half of the window down. Now he just rolled the entire window down.

Cool wind blew on Cook’s face: “…”

“This is an invitation.” After holding back a chrysanthemum-like smile, Cook pulled out a bright gold envelope.

In Assyria, the more advanced the banquet, the more likely they were to use this ancient styled invitation letter. The one Cook took out, whether its edges were gold or silver, it would undoubtedly be for a state banquet.

Obviously, this was the Assyrian banquet used to entertain the envoys of Uttar.

Dewitt did not grab the envelope.

Cook had been long used to being ignored and put his hand down in the suspension car as if he hadn’t seen his reaction.

Dewitt’s eyes fell out the window and he was getting closer to his apartment. He really wanted Cassey to stop and throw Cook out, but now he was on a very high passage. No parking was allowed, not to mention, it was close to his apartment.

There was a faint displeasure in his eyes.

Cook laughed when he saw the situation, then he smiled. “Why didn’t you take that little dumpling with you today? It has recently set off a lot of storms on the Internet.”

It was impossible for Cook to miss the live broadcast. He was not as busy as Dewitt who was working on defensive strategies all day. The House of Representatives had always attached great importance to this aspect of public opinion. And the explosive news of his recovery, which could be headlined by stars, was first place.

“Marshal, you don’t know that during your coma, there were breakthroughs in the research institute’s projects and progress on contract beasts.” Cook laughed. Suddenly he lowered his voice and said mysteriously, “They suspect that beasts are actually intelligent.”

Dewitt looked at him.

When he thought of the little fox who made a grimace at him, Cook turned his head askew. “It should be said that there is not a low intelligence quotient. According to observation, there is even the possibility of forming a energy core. The performance of your little beast that night was really amazing. Others may be different, but we all know that Marshal’s body has not yet fully recovered, right?” After Cook finished this sentence, he suddenly laughed twice and the car fell into a dead silence.

Cassey gritted his teeth. Although Marshal had said that the fire could not be wrapped in paper, he could not believe it. This news was definitely from the legion.

“This little fellow has such great abilities, scored over 50,000 points and can tame so many beasts… I have always wondered why Marshal would be willing to sign beasts. Now I think that such a powerful beast really confirms the conjecture of previous research institutes, then I am afraid many people will want one.” Cook said, his eyes flashing, filled with greed.

“I’m really lucky.” From getting on the bus to now, Dewitt finally started to speak. His blue eyes looked at Cook, with a little cold and teasing inside. “But you’re not the same.”

When he finished speaking, Dewitt looked at Cassey and said, “Stop.”

The apartment was in front of him, but he really didn’t want to stop at the door, or Cook would definitely ask to go in and sit down — a face thick enough to cross the wormhole.

However, as soon as his voice fell, six people in the car heard a loud bang, accompanied by a powerful spiritual energy, all the people in the car’s faces changed.

The most dramatic response was Cassey, this energy fluctuation could not be underestimated and the direction of energy fluctuation was Marshal’s apartment!

“Hurry.” Dewitt’s face changed and he ordered it immediately.

“What’s the matter?” As soon as the suspension car stopped, Cassey and Mark rushed out of the car. The former subconsciously wanted to use his ability. However, when he touched his wrist, a restricted metal halo blocked his ability. Cassey jerked his hand back and then reached for the photon gun dangling at his waist, his face darkening.

Was this an attack on Marshal’s residence? And whomever it was even sent such a powerful ability user. 

Just as Cassey was thinking about what to do, another “boom” came from the apartment.

More clearly than just now, the energy amplitude hit everyone violently. As an ordinary person, Cook was suddenly thrown off his feet, even breathing was difficult. He could not shout out if he wanted to. Xiao Chen’s figure was also stiff.

The next second, however, the most surprising thing happened. Something pierced the wall near the corner of Dewitt’s apartment and the whole wall collapsed directly! An ice lance with a long pointed end protruded from the wall and everyone heard a big bang.

Cassey’s face changed instantly and his ability materialized. This was what a third-order ability user could do and if whoever caused such a huge block of ice…

As Cassey’s hand that held his gun clenched tighter and tighter, the terminal on his wrist lit up.

With such a powerful ability, the ability monitoring station must have received wave frequency prompts and probably detected their location. Plus this wavelength of this ability was strong enough that people could not ignore it, so the other party directly dialed the nearby Cassey.

Before Cassey was connected to the call, Dewitt suddenly pushed him aside and walked in the direction of the apartment.

“Marshal!” Casey’s eyes widened. Archie had warned him before that Marshal’s body was not perfect, especially the spiritual energy. He should not try to touch the energy. The spiritual energy in it was so strong, if the Marshal went near it…

Mark took a deep breath and pressed down his instinctive discomfort over powerful abilities, he said, “Marshal’s beast is inside.”

As soon as Cassey’s face changed, he dropped the communication device in his hand and followed the Marshall directly. “Go and evacuate the crowd.”

Mark responded, turning his head to Xiao Chen. “Communicate with the monitoring station and wait outside.”

Xiao Chen, who had some difficulty breathing, looked at the ice in shock and his eyes showed a trace of confusion.

“Xiao Chen!” Mark shouted, then Xiao Chen looked back and nodded. Mark gritted his teeth, activated his spiritual energy core and rushed out.

Dewitt was the fastest. He did not hesitate to walk into the apartment. He opened the door, then took one step at a time and went straight in. When the door opened, a bitter chill and powerful energy poured out and the whole house shook as Dewitt stepped in.

The room was dark, there was no light at all and the living room was littered with pillows and cans.

The next second, a white blob suddenly flashed through a concealed door in the corner of the living room.

It was Wen Jin.

In the morning, before Dvett went out, he was still a smooth fox. He didn’t know what he had gone through since his fur was a mess. Wen Jin rushed out and saw Dewitt. He fell down after half a meter because his paw tripped over the fallen door.

At the first sight of Dewitt, Wen Jin trembled violently, looked angry, shook his head and shouted, “What are you hiding at home?!”

The creature had no breath, it was huge and was extremely proficient in piercing through the wall and scattering everywhere. No matter how Wen Jin tried to grab it, he couldn’t catch it!

Cassey grasped his gun tightly, but only Dewitt could understand what Wen Jin said. He saw Wen Jin chittering so excitedly, almost instantaneously and knew there must be a fierce high-ranking ability user in the room!

These people knew that the Marshal was still recovering and so they wanted to directly attack the Marshal’s contract beast!

Cassey’s eyes flashed with a ferocious light.

However, Dewitt, without hesitation, rushed forward in three and grabbed Wen Jin in his arms, before touching the little fellow’s cold claws and Dewitt frowned.

Wen Jin looked unhappy, but when he saw Dewitt, he quietly retrieved his reiki and stopped the consumption. Not much was left after releasing the ice lance that had pierced the house. Wen Jin tucked two cold, soft little paws onto Dewitt’s neck to keep warm.

The cold temperature on the claws passed through the paw pads to Dewitt’s skin. He squinted and found that the body of the fox was shaking.

If he was right, Wen Jin should have been the one to make these ice cubes, this little fellow… he couldn’t even regulate his own core temperature when using his ability?

“Marshal…” From the moment Dewitt rushed up, Casey’s expression changed, fearing what Wen Jin would bring after he appeared and seeing Dewitt holding the little fox, he hurried up and signaled Dewitt to step back.

Nevertheless, Dewitt did not respond to him. After pulling off his military coat, he let Wen Jin stick directly to him through his thin under shirt. After feeling Wen Jin’s temperature rising slightly, he went straight to the door.

Seeing Dewitt’s movements, Wen Jin’s heart jumped in his chest and he moved slightly, wrinkled his face and made a fierce expression. “Chee!!” 

Dewitt turned on the light in the room and looked at the ice ballasts that were littered everywhere and the pierced walls with deep eyes.

The fierce Wen Jin waited for half a minute with his wrinkled little face. Nothing appeared in the room. He gave a blank look. “Chee?” Was that thing gone? Had it finished attacking him?

“That was a hologram.” After that, Dewitt explained, he looked deeply into the room again. “I just left this morning and you tore down the entire apartment.”

“Chee?” Wen Jin tilted his head. What was hologram? If it was like Dewitt said and just like that effect of the hammer, that is to say… those monsters just now, they weren’t real?

It was impossible. Those monsters were rushing at him constantly and he couldn’t catch them. They were definitely going to hurt him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have smashed the house. How, how could it be a hologram? Was the big fool telling him a lie?

Cassey also saw the holographic studio filled with nothing but ice. Looking at the ice then at the hairy dumpling in Dewitt’s hand, he almost dropped his gun to the ground… Was this a dream?

Were all these ice cubes made by that little hairball? Cassey was shocked to think that Marshal had come straight into the room without any hesitation and he always felt as if he had learned something he shouldn’t know.

Dewitt felt a headache coming on when he looked at the destroyed house, but it was more troublesome that it had been destroyed in such a high profile way. When he thought of Cook outside, Dewitt felt itchy.

He wanted to criticize the little fox’s education, but when he turned his head and saw Wen Jin’s muddled face, he thought of the fat little buttocks he had seen on the screen before and did not know what technology was. Dewitt heart suddenly rolled. His tone was serious and calm. “It’s expensive to repair the walls.”

“Chee…?” Wen Jin turned his head stiffly.

“I only have one apartment.” The voice fell and behind him was a speechless Cassey, who looked at Dewitt and Wen Jin incredulously. His eyes were full of ‘am I seeing a ghost?’ “Marshal will it do that again?”

Dewitt did not look at Cassey at all, but went to another room with Wen Jin in his arms – their bedroom.

At this time, Wen Jin probably reflected on what had happened, although he did not want to accept the fact. Now he had a little bit of desire to bury his face in a cave. He bit Dewitt’s sleeve and felt a little hot on his face. He didn’t want to let the big fool go to another room to enjoy his masterpiece.

Nevertheless, Dewitt went over and opened the door and looked at the big ice lance that ran across the bedroom. He squinted and said meaningfully, “It’s a little serious.”

Cassey behind him had been driven mad by his own thoughts. Although the ability was really very powerful and terrible, if it was not an ability, but was formed instantaneously, then it could be disassembled by a robot. What on earth was the Marshal thinking?!


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