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The Fox’s Heat by Di Shan Li Zhu  

Genre: BL, fantasy, H, yaoi, smut, romance, foxes

Novel Status in Country of Origin: Complete, 10 Chapters, 1 Extra

Translator: Addis

Editor: UA

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Hu Yu chased Fu Anli for three years. After being rejected countless times, he finally decided to draw a line with the other party. Then one day, he suddenly went into heat, and, at this time there, Fu Anli was the only one around.


 Hu Yu: I like you.  

 Fu Anli: Sorry, I don’t like foxes.  


 Hu Yu: Don’t touch me!  

 Fu Anli: I don’t want to touch you, but now it’s the right time.  


 Fu Anli: Try this pose today.  

 Hu Yu: …  



Chapter 1: Hu Yu and Fu Anli

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

With a cool breeze blowing in the spring afternoon, two teenagers stood under the beautiful roses in the school garden, one tall and one short. The shorter teenager has a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes, if one looks carefully, they will find that the pupils of the youth are different from ordinary people; they are vertical. The other teenager is tall, slender, and beautiful, but the expression on his face is a little impatient.  

“Fu… Fu Anli, I like you.” Hu Yu nervously twisted the hem of his school uniform’s shirt with both hands. This is not his first confession. From grade one to three in senior high school, he has confessed to the other countless times in those three years, but even now, he is still nervous.  

Fu Anli looked at the strand of curly hair on the top of Hu Yu’s head in front of him and snorted coldly. “I thought you had something new to say? I rejected you so many times and you still haven’t given up?”  

Hu Yu wrung his hands even harder,  “I… I think as long as I don’t give up, I’ll… make you like me.”  

Fu Anli was silent for a moment, “I told you that I don’t like foxes. Your hard work is useless. This is the last time I will agree to meet you. Don’t come back to my class to look for me.”  

Yes, Hu Yu is a fox demon, and he will always be a fox demon.  

As a fox demon who has grown up in human society since childhood, Hu Yu has a higher sense of human identity than that of an ordinary fox demon. Unless it is necessary, he prefers to remain in his human form instead of his fox form. Therefore, when he heard that Fu Anli does not like foxes, Hu Yu was tunned for a moment, before remembering that he was indeed a fox demon.

“Why?” Hu Yu felt aggrieved. “I didn’t choose to be a fox.” 

Fu Anli turned his head and didn’t look at him, “No, I don’t like them anyway.”  

With that, he strode away, leaving Hu Yu standing there alone. After a while Hu Yu heard the school bell ring and ran hurriedly back to the classroom. Fortunately, the teacher of this class was late, otherwise, he would have been punished.  

After Hu Yu sat back in his seat, he heard his classmate, Shen Yu, ask in a low voice, “How did your confession go?”  

Hu Yu shook his head.  

“Ah-” Shen Yu sighed, “I told you… Fu Anli is proud. Didn’t you say you’ve been chasing him for three years? Even if it’s three years, he still doesn’t like what he doesn’t like.”  

Shen Yu glanced at Hu Yu’s expression, and then said, “Or, you can give up. Do you know how many people see you as a joke?”  

Hearing this, Hu Yu mockingly raised the corner of his lips, “If I give up now, won’t they also just laugh at me?”  

Shen Yu choked for a moment, thinking about it, he changed his words, “If you won’t give up, you must bag him before graduation. Let those people who think you’re a joke eat their words.”  

Hu Yu was lying on the table, “Oh… but I can’t help it anymore.”  

“… You are a fox demon, brother.” Shen Yu patted him on the shoulder, “Are there any secret skills within your family that can make others fall in love with you?”  

“How can there be such a secret skill?” Hu Yu gave him a blank look. “Watch less brain-damaging TV shows.”  

Both of them fell into silence.  

Shen Yu, who had racked his brains, suddenly had a bright idea, “You’ve exhausted all kinds of useless methods over the years, but what about the ultimate method?”  

“What?” Hu Yu looked at him curiously.  

Shen Yu squinted and said, word by word, “Lust, seduction.”  

These two words are like a bolt from the blue that hit the clouds covering Hu Yu, “Wait, what?”  

Shen Yu looked at him and said truthfully, “Seduction. You can’t waste your face.” 

“No way!” Hu Yu exclaimed, his face red enough to drip blood. “How could… How could I do that?”  

“Do you still want him to like you?” Shen Yu looked at him without expression. “As the saying goes, you can’t hide your chrysanthemum to seduce Fu Anli.”  

Hu Yu clenched his teeth and said, “Where does this come from?”  

“There is truth to such reasoning. Doesn’t everyone say  have sex,  and then you’ll fall in love?” With this, Shen Yu nodded rapidly, thinking that it was very reasonable.  

At the same time, Hu Yu was very troubled. He was thinking about how to do such a thing, and what if Shen Yu was right?  

After a battle between man and nature, Hu Yu finally compromised.  

Hu Yu first started liking Fu Anli when he saw Fu Anji speak as the freshman representative at the opening ceremony. Hu Yu stood under the stage, glanced up at him and fell in love at first sight. In fact, fox demons are not as fickle as the outside world believes. From an outsider’s view, they hook up with others everywhere and have sex as if it were as common as eating and drinking water. But this is just human prejudice.  

Hu Yu’s father once told him that fox demons will only like one person in their life and that feeling will be understood the moment they see each other.  

So, the moment he saw Fu Anli, he understood.  

The next three years documented the history of Hu Yu’s pursuit. No matter if it was a private confession, public confession, during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, pretending to meet or sending all kinds of gifts, Hu Yu used all the methods he could think of, but the other party refused him every time.  

This puzzled Hu Yu; he was pretty, all of the fox demon clan members weren’t bad looking. So why does this person dislike him?  

Later, when Fu Anli refused him and told him that he did not like foxes,  Hu Yu was very frustrated. However, he could not change his race, so Hu Yu could only be more attentive and hope that his sincerity will eventually move the other party.  

Still, it didn’t work.  

Hu Yu is now really desperate to try Shen Yu’s method. Lust and seduction. Just thinking of these two words could make him blush, not to mention the implementation, his brain went blank.  


After school, in the afternoon, Shen Yu borrowed the key to the equipment room from the PE teacher, and then went to the block of Year 3 Class 1, Fu Anli’s classroom.  

“What’s the matter?” Fu Anli looked at the man in front of him with a sour face.  

“It has something to do with Hu Yu.” Shen Yu looked at him with a straight face.  

Fu Anli frowned, “Hu Yu?”  

“Yes, let’s have a good talk.”  

Fu Anli lowered his eyes and thought for a while. He didn’t know what came to his mind. He sneered, “Okay, I’ll talk to you, but after that, don’t bother me again.”  

“Okay.” Shen Yu’s heart filled with joy, but on the surface, he was silent.  

Shen Yu took Fu Anli to the door of the equipment room.  

“We are going to talk about it here?” Fu Anli said coldly.  

“Yes, there is no one here, go in.” Shen Yu pointed with his chin to the inside.  

Fu Anli looked at him for a moment, turned around and walked in, but the next second he heard the door close behind him and the lock turn with a click. After being stunned for a second, Fu Anli reacted and hit the door, “Open the door! What are you doing?”  

But no one outside answered him.  

How careless. It seems that the other party doesn’t want to talk to him at all, he just wants to teach him a lesson for the fox. At the thought of this, Fu Anli sneered. The fox demon is indeed worthy of its name, using others to trouble him is really thoughtful.  

Suddenly, Fu Anli heard a sound in the equipment room.



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Hmm, does Anli really don’t like Hu Yu? Or is there any other reason? I don’t think lust and seduction are good way to earn one’s love, it will only hurt yourself. I don’t think Hu Yu is that kind of person who will be happy with the body without heart. But, somehow it might actually work? Well, either way, I’m curious for what will happens next. Thank you for the translation!

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