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Chapter 77: Give it to Him

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is still thinking about the kiss uwu


It was a body of water that had never appeared on the Utopian map.

Vast, deep and boundless, the bright and clean moonlight was reflected on the sea, fluctuating with the tide and wind. It was not like a stream and was more shocking than a lake.

Taking a deep breath, only cool air filled their lungs.

Gu YuMian held the cubs in his arms and fell down rapidly from the night sky. The sound of the wind and his sharp heartbeat echoed in his ears.

For ordinary people on Ancient Earth who had never skydived before, with or without a parachute, this feeling was just too exciting. Gu YuMian only looked down and was shocked for a while. Then he tried to close his eyes and told the children in their ears, “Close your eyes.”

The little fox had been conscious of the emptiness for a long time. He had a peaceful expression that was about to fly away. Little Tangyuan and the little husky were also a little scared.

Fortunately, after being held by Gu YuMian, the fear and uneasiness gradually shrank to a small extent. Gu YuMian’s embrace was not spacious enough to cover all the wind and rain, but it was definitely warm and reliable.

The little snow leopard was not affected at all. In order not to appear abnormal, he managed to use his fore limbs to hug Gu YuMian’s nape.

The speed increased with the fall, then slowed down as they approached sea level. Finally, they “plopped” into the water and stirred up a bubble.

More than 800 million viewers were shocked from the beginning, and became interested at this time.

[Chance: Shit, it’s really cool!! Which amusement park can do this?]

[User 182786: Ahh, I went to Utopia three or four times, and I haven’t experienced it yet!]

[Lemon grapefruit 77: I’ve taken off the holographic device. I needed to lay down. My expression is the same as QiuQiu. I need to calm down and cultivate my health. Everything goes with one’s fate and one can be at ease.]

[Super: Making a bold guess, but I think Utopia is going to open up this map later. = u =]

Many of Utopia’s settings were based on military and medical technologies, such as the previous World Tree mirage. At this point, it was clear that the invisible protection measures had taken effect. Gu YuMian and the audience could not only experience the most real feeling, but the functions of their heart, lung and organs would not be damaged due to the speed and height, oxygen deficiency, etc., and the heart would not be overloaded.

After falling deeper into the water for about ten seconds, the little snow leopard anxiously patted Gu YuMian on the forehead with his paw pad. He realized that he needed to breathe and opened his eyes.

Strange to say, their skin could feel the touch of the sea water and the pressure from its density. His clothes were also wet and sticky on his skin, but he could breathe normally. When he opened his eyes, it didn’t hurt.

His line of sight went from dim to bright.

Little Tangyuan and the little fox had covered their eyes with their claws, and together they shrank in Gu YuMian’s arms with a little fear. At this time, they couldn’t help being curious and looked out carefully through the gaps in their paws.


Little Tangyuan sucked his fingers and cried out stupidly.

What lay before them was a different underwater world than they had imagined.

Turtles and whales were being used as buses, carrying large and small mermaids and aquatic creatures on their backs, many also walked slowly through the city. All kinds of lights were shining all the year round. Today, it was obvious that they were also celebrating the festival. From time to time, the city center spurt out a burst of colorful fireworks, setting off a wave in the water.

If they looked carefully, they would see that the whole city was actually located on the skeleton of a gigantic dragon. The ribs were residential areas, the spine to the tailbone was a long bridge, and the highest part reached the water surface. At this time, they were stepping on the top of the skull of the dragon, overlooking the city from top to bottom.

It should be one of the longest living dragons. Gu YuMian originally thought that the giant dragon Nick was big, but compared with the skeleton of the giant dragon that could carry the whole city, he was miniscule.

This city was under the deep sea all the year round with lights that never turned off. It was even more lively than Utopia. Like some kind of ukiyo-e painting, 1 the undersea city looked so prosperous and ancient as if there were many stories to tell.

This was the first time it had been seen.

“Welcome.” A turtle stopped in front of them, and greeted them very slowly. “You’ve come from afar.”

Gu YuMian thought, welcome to the charming and unknown undersea city-state.

In the sea at night, the moon was still shining in the shallow layers, and then the lights of the colorful and prosperous city reflected in the sea.

The children couldn’t help but calm down. On Gu YuMian’s shoulder, there was a little snow leopard standing like an emperor. The tide on the seafloor swept over Gu YuMian’s forehead and his hair fluttered back. The festival lights of the city went out for a moment, and the whole city bowed to them.

The live broadcast system had automatically pulled away and switched to a third person perspective for a few seconds. The scene was so beautiful and shocking that it almost had a magnificent epic feeling.

Many people pressed the screenshot button until their fingers hurt.

The popularity of the live broadcast continued to climb for a night, and at this moment, it went up further.

… Online audience, 870 million.


No wonder the hidden plot was a huge egg.

Utopia had been established for many years. There had always been the Main City where the Orcs, and elves lived, and the Sky City where the gods and dragons live. Now, with a Sea City, the whole map had been thoroughly explored. Thanks to Utopian officials, such a big city could also be kept secret until it was revealed as a hidden plot.


Half an hour later.

“It seems we will be sleeping here tonight.”

It was amazing to talk and walk under the water. Gu YuMian was a little bit unaccustomed, “Mr. Nick brought our luggage and said they are going to treat us all night as thanks for the food they had been invited to eat.”

Unfortunately, the time spent in Utopia was not much, and he might not have the chance to complete the exploration of the whole Undersea City, but he was sure there would be a chance in the future. It was also a rare experience to be able to sleep under the sea.

When talking under water, they would spit out a bunch of bubbles like a fish.

The little snow leopard liked to stretch out his paw to touch the bubble that Gu YuMian spat out. The bubble broke with a touch. Then his paw poked all the way through the big bubble to the small one, and finally pressed on Gu YuMian’s lip.

Gu YuMian didn’t respond. He didn’t know what the little guy was thinking of but his ears had turned red. 

The snow leopard looked away uneasily, and couldn’t hide a happy look.

Gu YuMian, “?”

The little snow leopard seemed to have been in a good mood this evening. Once the little fox and little Tangyuan stuck to Gu YuMian, he just implicitly pushed their heads away, but he was not as mean as before.

[Throwing Cosmetics: MianMian really looks like a mermaid. The shawl matches well. ]

[Coco: Anchor, I think your TuanTuan’s mentality seems to have changed. In the past, his eyes towards the other cubs were sour. Recently, they have occasionally changed from sour to disgusted and forced to accept.]

[Iceberg: Yes, I feel that sometimes. When TuanTuan looks at YuanYuan, his eyes are like a stepmother. He looks at his husband’s doting stepsons who have no blood relationship with him. He swings wildly between gentleness and jealousy.]

At this time, Gu YuMian could have looked up at the bullet screen and caught the clue. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the chance. It was not surprising that with so many viewers and such thick bullet screens, many comments disappeared from the sky.

Gu YuMian and the children were sitting on the turtle’s back. The turtle carried them down the bridge made of the backbone of the dragon and into the center of the city.

“Hello.” Gu YuMian greeted the fish in a friendly way by spitting bubbles and holding the paws of his cubs.

Large and small schools of fish swam by; they were beautiful and colorful. These fish were all residents of the Undersea City. Occasionally, there were mermaids, starfish and other creatures. Mermaids would bow their heads and salute Gu YuMian. Gu YuMian originally thought that it was because of the crown and shawl on his head, but it didn’t feel exactly the same.

The mermaid and the dragon couple, obviously, had a different status in this Undersea City… Of course they would. They were one of the main characters in the Utopian films.


Fortunately, the effect of water pressure had been offset by the device. Otherwise, their internal organs at this depth would have been crushed. They were not used to the resistance and feeling in the water at first, but gradually felt it was fun after they got accustomed to it.

Little Tangyuan held the claw of the little fox and let him “fly”. The big fluffy tail of the little fox spread out in the water, which looked a bit like wings.

Little husky couldn’t enjoy it any more. Today, he first realized his dream of flying as a dragon, and then realized his dream of becoming a fish and swimming. He leaned against Gu YuMian’s arms happily with his tongue sticking out.

“Do you think this city is a bit like… No, it’s nothing.”

The closer to the city center, the stronger Gu YuMian felt it. The architectural style of this Undersea City was not much like Utopia. Utopia was more of a fairytale style, but the Undersea City was obviously more modern?

Neon signs, business streets, a mermaid girl sitting on the whale bus, watching the new scale decorations on her tail, and talking while putting on lipstick.

It gave Gu YuMian a very familiar feeling, much like Ancient Earth where he had lived for more than twenty years.

[Vivian: Yes, the style here is more simple. It’s a bit like the architectural style of the Ancient Earth. It’s very life-like. I think it’s very interesting by the way, I’m learning architecture. I’ve been recently learning the history of Ancient Earth architecture.]

[Cat’s Meow: Some people in my family are learning about this. Thinking of Ancient Earth restoration photos I’ve seen, and then thinking about what it looks like now, I feel sorry for them. TvT]

Because the twenty-first century of Ancient Earth was the time when the last resource conflicts, wars and other things happened. Gu YuMian lived in that time, which was also called the “doomsday age” in interstellar.

Gu YuMian was in a trance for a while.

“How is the Ancient Earth now?”

After so many years, the beautiful blue planet seemed to have gone through several rounds.

At the beginning, the environment deteriorated to be uninhabitable. It took a long time after the start of the interstellar era for the interstellar residents to start mining and rebuilding the parent star. Now only a small number of troops were stationed there for mining.

The mining work was extremely confidential. Gu YuMian had contact with the Academy of Sciences before, but only with the shallowest part.

“Chii.” Tangyuan, who had been very noisy, was now quiet, sucking his fingers against Gu YuMian’s arms, and quietly watching the streets of the Undersea City with him. Er Ha let out a couple of “woo woo” sounds. He held Gu YuMian’s hand.

Snow Leopard, “…”

What happened to Ancient Earth? Did he like that planet very much? Why was he sad again?

In his eyes, it was just a wasteland planet that didn’t matter. Occasionally, they found something in the mines, but that didn’t matter either.

Gu YuMian never confided his negative emotions to the children. The little snow leopard knew that he didn’t belong here, but he couldn’t guess where he came from. The little snow leopard looked at Gu YuMian. He didn’t like Gu YuMian’s sad expression at the moment. His long tail was anxiously tossed around.

He began to think about it seriously.

Would Gu YuMian be happier if he gave him that unimportant planet?


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Translator Notes:

  1. Ukiyo-e is a genre of Japanese art which flourished from the 17th through 19th centuries. Its artists produced woodblock prints and paintings of such subjects as female beauties; kabuki actors and sumo wrestlers; scenes from history and folk tales; travel scenes and landscapes; flora and fauna; and erotica.




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