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Chapter 6: His Heat

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

Of course, Fu Anli will not let him go. Not only did he not let go, but he held tighter.  

“If I let go, what are you going to do?”  

“Don’t worry about it…” Hu Yu said.  

A pair of hands moved along the hem of his shirt, touching the young man’s thin body and swimming on the warm and smooth skin, causing the fox to tremble. “Now I’m the only one who can help you.” Fu Anli unbuttoned his shirt one by one, and his usual cold voice was tinged with a trace of warmth. “Let me help you.”  

 But you don’t like me, Hu Yu thought.

Fu Anli twisted his fingers around the tender nipple of the young man’s chest and rubbed it back and forth. Occasionally, he scraped it with his fingernails. Hu Yu felt a sharp itch on his chest, and he could not help but straighten his chest to facilitate his partner’s movements.  

“Mn.. It’s itchy…” Hu Yu hummed.  

Fu Anli rubbed Hu Yu’s nipple with one hand and touched his partner’s buttocks with the other, stroking back and forth along the big hairy tail as soon as he realized that it seemed to feel good.  

Hu Yu’s whole body was shaking violently, and his voice was crying, “Let go… Don’t touch my tail…”  

“Why?” Fu Anli was curious and puzzled when he saw Hu Yu react so fiercely.  

Hu Yu suddenly moaned. After a few seconds, his body stopped shaking. His entire body was hanging on Fu Anli, “My tail is… very sensitive…”  

Fu Anli suddenly realized this, then released his tail and shoved it into Hu Yu’s pants and touched a piece of wet cloth, “You came so quickly?”  

“You!” Hu Yu’s face flushed. “You stroked too hard!”  

Fu Anli raised the corner of his lips slightly, reaching into Hu Yu’s pants and immediately touching the small hole. “It’s so wet here… Did you lubricate yourself?”  

Hu Yu, who was obediently stripped of his pants, bowed his head, “This will happen during the first heat…”  

I see, Fu Anli thought, did I pick up a virgin?  

The back acupoint that was developed for the first time was very tight, and Hu Yu was not relaxed enough for the first time. Therefore, even though the back acupoint was already wet, Fu Anli still took a while to make sure his fingers moved smoothly in and out.  

“Mn… It feels so strange…” Hu Yu grabbed Fu Anli and raised his buttocks a little, his face blushing.  

Fu Anli’s breathing is also a little disordered, and he has a tent in his pants, “Uncomfortable?”  

Hu Yu shook his head, “Comfortable…”  

Fu Anli added another finger, and the liquid squelched in the back hole. The transparent liquid flowed along his finger and fell on the table, looking quite lewd.  

“Ah, ah!” Hu Yu suddenly twitched like he received an electric shock. He only felt the finger in his back acupoint poke into a place, and the pleasure spread all over his body in an instant.  

“Here’s the prostate.” Fu Anli licked his lips and fondled it quickly.  

Hu Yu yelled out loud, his buttocks twisted and his big white tail swayed back and forth. He was so happy that his scalp was numb and tears flowed down his eyes.  

Soon he came again.  

Fu Anli looked at the beautiful boy lying on the desk in untidy clothes. His lower body is stiff. He pulls out his fingers, unbuttons his pants, and takes out his sizable penis.  

Hu Yu looked at the big, pale penis and asked, “Why are you helping me?”  

Fu Anli was stunned for a moment, then put the penis between Hu Yu’s legs and rubbed. The thick and hard cock grinded against the sensitive perineum, then squeezed into the buttocks and slowly pushed it in, “If I don’ t help you, do you want to let yourself die here? Or do you want to harm others?”  

When he didn’t get the answer he wanted, Hu Yu felt a little lost. However, his mind was soon attracted by something inserted in his buttocks, “Don’t grind it…”  

Every time the cock thrust over the cheeks and, the glans would deliberately push against his hole. Each time, Hu Yu felt that he is about to be fucked, but the next second the other party takes it back. Hu Yu twisted his buttocks, and his large swaying  tail whipped against Fu Anli’s arm, as if urging him to hurry up.  

Fu Anli sighed comfortably as the cock squeezed into the soft buttocks. The small hole spits out water and turns the cock wet and shiny from top to bottom.  

“Fuck me!” Hu Yu finally couldn’t help but feel the itching from his behind.  

Fu Anli chuckled and put his plump glans against the hole. He slowly pushed his body forward and embedded his cock into the hole inch by inch.  

“Ah, ah, ah! It’s so big! It’s so thick! I’m going to break!” Hu Yu roared, his tight back hole was full of thick cock, and every fold of the hole was flattened.  

Fu Anli’s scalp is numb under the tight compression of the asshole. He looks at the place where his partner stretched him out but has no injury or bleeding. He can’t help thinking that Hu Yu is really born to be fucked.  

Fu Anli felt as if his thing was being soaked in warm spring water. The soft inner wall was wrapped around his cock and squeezed gently, as if it wanted to engulf it into a deeper place. Fu Anli didn’t move directly. Instead, he tried to maintain a fully inserted position and let Hu Yu adjust for a while. But the hot and humid hole was nibbling at his reason, making him want to thrust without any care.  

After half a minute, Hu Yu moved his buttocks, which meant he should have adjusted. He even began to actively clamp his buttocks with dissatisfaction, “Move, fuck me…”  

The cock began to thrust in and out slowly. It rubbed Hu Yu’s sensitive intestinal wall, and soon found the place that caused him to cry out,  

“Ah ah, ah! It’s so comfortable!” Hu Yu was so happy that he couldn’t stop crying. His tail caught Fu Anli’s waist, as if he was pressing him into himself.  

It was also Fu Anli’s first time, so he didn’t have any skills, he just thrusted with his instincts.  

“Fuck me! It’s so good! Ah ah!” Hu Yu tightly twisted around the thick cock in his back hole, and the fox ears on the top of his head were drooping, showing his obedience to the man who controlled him.  

Fu Anli almost came. The soft and hot flesh wall was attached to his glans as if he wanted to suck the semen out. He was so angry that he sped up, and the sound of his thrusts filled the whole classroom in an instant. A circle of white foam appeared at the joint of the two people’s lower bodies, and a lot of lewd liquid flowed out along the hole because they couldn’t hold it, wetting Hu Yu’s desk.  

“Hurry up! I want… your cock! Fuck me! Fuck!” Hu Yu lifted his upper body and held Fu Anli.  

Fu Anli felt the warm and smooth body stuck in his arms. He couldn’t help but hold on tightly. He continued to speed up his crotch. After hitting the sensitive spot several hundred times, Fu Anli shot hot semen. The walls shrunk around the semen, and Hu Yu shot out at the same time, making a mess of the two people’s lower abdomens.  

Fu Anli takes a few heavy breaths, then pulls out his penis, bringing out a few wisps of muddy white liquid.  

Hu Yu held Fu Anli’s shoulder and lost consciousness, and his asshole clamped spontaneously, as if he didn’t want the semen of the other side to flow out. After slowing down, Hu Yu held Fu Anli and rubbed against him. He could smell his and Fu Anli’s scents. The idea that Fu Anli was stained with his own scent made Hu Yu happy. Although he knew that he didn’t like him, it was almost impossible for Hu Yu to do such intimate things with him again. Could this be regarded as a successful seduction?  

After a short rest, another round of sex began, and Hu Yu’s penis stood up again, and his back hole continued to overflow with juice.  

This time Fu Anli turned Hu Yu face down on his desk, “I don’t know how long it will take for you to come again. We can’t waste time.”  

What time is wasted? Hu Yu is a little confused. But the next second he knew that he could not waste time studying.  

Fu Anli opened the Chinese book in front of him, “Today, recite this ancient article.”  

Hu Yu withstood the itching in the deep of the small cave and took a look at ‘persuading students’. Okay, it is very suitable for his present situation. Hu Yu burst into tears, “How can I recite it like this?”  

Fu Anli held his hot and hard cock and ground it at the mouth of the cave, “If you don’t, I won’t fuck you.”  

So Hu Yu could only cry and recite, “The gentleman said: learning can’t be done-ah ah!”  

As soon as Hu Yu finished reading the first sentence, the big cock suddenly stabbed into the wet and soft hole.  

“Keep going.” Fu Anli patted his round ass, “Don’t stop until you can do it from memory.”  

“Wu Wu Wu. Qing, take it from the blue, and ah… Green than blue… Ah ah!”  

The cock in the back hole was pulled and inserted at a constant speed, and deliberately did not touch the sensitive point, which made Hu Yu tremble, but still felt dissatisfied.  

“… I’ve been thinking all day long. It’s better to… Um, what I’ve learned in a moment…” The snow-white tail was wrapping around Fu Anli’s waist, but the other side was still unmoved. Hu Yu had no choice but to stay awake and recite the ancient Chinese prose intermittently.  

After about twenty minutes, Fu Anli felt that he had learned enough, so he accelerated the speed of his thrusts and hit the prostate accurately. The original gentle drizzle and light breeze suddenly turned into a violent storm. Hu Yu’s eyes were full of flowers, and his back stretched out a perfect curve.  

“Ah, ah, ah, ah! It’s so fast! I can’t stand it!”  

Fu Anli leaned over his back and whispered, “Do you want me to stop?”  

“Don’t stop!” Hu Yu shook his head. “So good! Fuck me!” Hu Yu looked up in a daze. His beautiful Phoenix eyes were full of tears. A wave of pleasure came from his back acupoint, leaving his brain blank. His body instinctively pursued the pleasure, shaking his butt and actively catering to Fu Anli’s thrusts.  

What a demon! Fu Anli, clenching his teeth, thrust into his buttocks and made a crisp slapping sound, hoping to kill the fox.  

“Ah, ah!” Hu Yu’s nipple on his left chest was pinched by his fingertips, and his fingernail could not stop moving. The hard nipple was stiff, inflamed, painful and itchy. The stimulation from top to bottom made Hu Yu quickly ejaculate.  

Seeing his ejaculation, Fu Anli grabbed his waist and launched his final sprint. Then he straightened his waist and shot into the depths of the cave.  

After Fu Anli pulled out his penis, Hu Yu curled up with a small animal-like whimper in his throat. Fu Anli thought he was crying, so he took him into his arms and comforted him. Then he found that his eyes were lost, but he made this sound unconsciously.   

So good…

Fu Anli breathed a sigh of relief, looked at the time, and found that it was almost ten o’clock. He turned to look at the fox which was covered with suspicious white liquid all over his body and whose ears and tails had not disappeared. He also looked at the messy desk. He had to wipe the semen off his body with paper, and then clean the desk. After packing up his books, he wrapped Hu Yu in his coat, grabbed his waist and left the classroom.  

Before class was over, Fu Anli took Hu Yu out of the back door of the school and got a room in a hotel not far away. He was going to talk about it later. After all, Hu Yu could not go back to his dormitory.

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