GDC Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Loyalty—Part Ten

Translated by K of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When Jiang Cheng accused him, Wei WuXian couldn’t defend himself at all, but he just couldn’t bear it when such words were being directed at Lan WangJi.

Wei WuXian, “Jiang Cheng, just listen to yourself. What are you saying? Is it appropriate? Don’t forget who you are. After all, you’re the leader of a sect. Insulting a renowned cultivator in front of Uncle Jiang and Madam Yu’s spirits—where is your discipline?”

His original intention was to remind Jiang Cheng to at least hold some respect for Lan WangJi. However, Jiang Cheng was the most sensitive. From those words, he managed to make out the notion that he wasn’t fit to be a sect leader. Immediately, darkness crawled up his face, bearing an eerie similarity to how Madam Yu looked when she was angry. His voice was harsh, “Who’s the one insulting my parents in front of their spirits?! Could you two please understand whose sect you’re in? I don’t care if you act so shamelessly outside, but don’t you dare fool around inside our ancestral hall, before my parents’ spirits! After all, they were the ones who brought you up—even I feel ashamed for you!”

Wei WuXian never expected such a huge blow to crash down on him. He was both shocked and furious, blurting, “Shut up!”

Jiang Cheng pointed outside, “Mess around outside however you want, whether under a tree or on a boat, hugging or otherwise! Get out of my sect, get out of anywhere my eyes can see!”

Hearing him mention ‘under a tree’, Wei WuXian felt his heart skip a beat—could Jiang Cheng have seen the scene where he crashed into Lan WangJi’s arms?

His guess was not wrong. Jiang Cheng did indeed go out to find Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi. He chased after them in the direction that the street vendors pointed at. A voice in his heart seemed to tell him to which places Wei WuXian would definitely go. He caught up to them in just a while. Yet, he just so happened to see Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi enveloped in a tight embrace under a tree, unwilling to let go of each other even after so long.

Goosebumps immediately ran down Jiang Cheng’s body.

Although he’d made guesses at the relationship between Mo XuanYu and Lan WangJi before, they were only attacks trying to offend Wei WuXian, not that he really doubted anything. He’d never thought that Wei WuXian would have ambiguous ties with a man, for after all, when they grew up together, Wei WuXian had never expressed any such interest. He’d always loved good-looking girls with a passion. On the other hand, it was even more impossible for Lan WangJi. He was famous for his asceticism, seemingly interested in neither men nor women.

But hugging like that seemed abnormal no matter what. At least, they didn’t seem like normal friends or brothers. He immediately recalled that Wei WuXian had always stuck to Lan WangJi ever since he came back. Lan WangJi’s attitude toward him was also different from what it was before he was reborn. At once, he was almost certain that the two really were in that kind of relationship. He couldn’t turn around and leave, yet he didn’t want to say a single word to the two, so he continued to hide himself as he followed them. Every single look and movement that passed between them seemed different in his eyes. For a while, the shock, absurdity, and slight disgust that he felt combined to overpower his hatred. It was only after Wei WuXian brought Lan WangJi into the ancestral hall that the long-suppressed hatred was awakened again, devouring his courtesy and rationality.

Wei WuXian was holding something back, “Jiang WanYin, you… apologize right now.”

Jiang Cheng mocked, “Apologize? For what? For exposing your thing for each other?”

Wei WuXian raged, “HanGuang-Jun is only my friend—what do you think we are?! I warn you. Apologize right now—don’t make me beat you up!”

Hearing this, Lan WangJi’s expression froze for an instant. Jiang Cheng laughed, “Well, then I’ve never seen ‘friends’ like that before? You warn me? Warn me against what? If you two had the slightest trace of integrity left, you shouldn’t have come here and…”

Seeing the change in Lan WangJi’s expression, Wei WuXian thought he felt insulted by Jiang Cheng’s words. He was so angry that his entire body was shaking. He didn’t dare think about what Lan WangJi would think after being shamed like this. The rage from his heart rushed to his head as he threw out a talisman, “Have you had enough yet?”

The talisman was both fast and powerful. It exploded at Jiang Cheng’s right shoulder, causing him to stagger. Jiang Cheng didn’t expect Wei WuXian to attack so suddenly. His spiritual powers hadn’t recovered completely yet, either, and so the talisman hit its target. Blood seeped from his shoulder as disbelief flashed across his face. Zidian immediately unravelled from his fingers, lashing out with sizzling light. Lan WangJi unsheathed Bichen to block the attack. The three began to fight inside the ancestral hall.

Jiang Cheng’s voice was as hideous as the look in his eyes, “Very well! A fight it is, then! You think I’m scared?!”

Yet, as he fended off a couple of attacks, Wei WuXian suddenly remembered. This was the YunmengJiang Sect’s ancestral hall. Just a short while ago, he was kneeling here, asking for the Jiang couple’s blessings, yet now, he was attacking their son with Lan WangJi, right in front of their eyes!

As though doused in an icy waterfall, he felt the light in his eyes flicker between light and dark. Lan WangJi glanced at him before whirling around and grabbing his shoulders. Jiang Cheng’s expression changed as well. He stopped his whip as his eyes gleamed with alertness.

Lan WangJi, “Wei Ying?!” His low voice rang within Wei WuXian’s ears, echoing endlessly.

Wei WuXian was starting doubt if something happened to his ears, “What’s wrong?”

He felt something streak down his face, but reached up only to retrieve a handful of scarlet. Accompanied by throbs of dizziness, blood continued to drip down his nose and his mouth, onto the ground.

This time, he finally wasn’t faking it anymore.

Wei WuXian could barely manage to stand, holding onto Lan WangJi’s arm. Seeing that the white clothes that Lan WangJi had just changed into were dyed red by his blood again, he couldn’t help but reached out to wipe them, worried in an ill-timed way, I made his clothes dirty again.

Lan WangJi, “How do you feel?!”

Wei WuXian didn’t answer the question, “Lan Zhan… Let’s go.”

Go. Right now.

Don’t ever come back again.

Lan WangJi, “Yes.”

He’d completely lost all intention to continue the fight with Jiang Cheng. Without saying anything, he picked Wei WuXian up and turned to leave. Jiang Cheng was full of both shock and doubt. He was shocked that Wei WuXian was suddenly in such a terrible condition, yet doubtful that this might be a pretense Wei WuXian came up with to escape. After all, Wei WuXian had often used this to pull pranks on him in the past.

Seeing that the two were about to leave, he shouted, “Stop!”

Lan WangJi seethed, “Leave!”

What came as well was Bichen, the force of which immediately flung out. Zidian also lashed, and the two struck, sending out an ear-piercing clash. Impacted by the noise, Wei WuXian’s head almost split into two. Like a dying candlelight that was finally blown out, he closed his eyes, and his head drooped as well. Feeling the weight on his shoulder, Lan WangJi retreated from the fight to feel his breathing. Without the help of its owner, Bichen was slowly being overpowered by the approaching Zidian. Jiang Cheng didn’t really want to hit Lan WangJi, and immediately retracted his whip, but it was already too late. Just now, however, a figure leaped down from the side and blocked between the two.

Jiang Cheng looked to find that the uninvited guest was Wen Ning. Immediately, he raged, “Who let you inside Lotus Pier?! How dare you!”

He could manage to tolerate others, but definitely not Wen Ning, the Wen-dog who put his hand through Jin ZiXuan’s heart and ended both his sister’s happiness and her life. Just a look, and he felt the urge to kill him right there. How dare he step foot on the earth of Lotus Pier—he really was looking for his death!

Because of the two lives and many other reasons, Wen Ning had always felt guilty, and so he’d always been somewhat scared of Jiang Cheng, consciously avoiding him all the time. Right now, however, he blocked Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi as he faced him, taking the hard lash. A gruesome scorch climbed across his chest, but still he didn’t flinch.

Having come to the conclusion that Wei WuXian was only in a temporary state of unconsciousness due to extreme fatigue and anger, Lan WangJi finally tore his gaze away. He saw that Wen Ning held something in his hands and passed it to Jiang Cheng. Zidian, in Jiang Cheng’s right hand, glowed so bright that it was almost white, its light surging alongside the killing intent within him. He laughed from the rage, “What do you want?”

The object was Wei WuXian’s sword, Suibian. On the way, Wei WuXian tossed it everywhere due to it being too much of a hassle. In the end, he left it in Wen Ning’s care. Wen Ning held it as he spoke, “Pull it out.”

His tone was firm, and his eyes determined. He had nothing of his previously blank look left.

Jiang Cheng, “I warn you. If you don’t want to be turned to ashes once more, then immediately move your feet off of Lotus Pier’s soil. Leave!”

Wen Ning was almost thrusting the sword hilt into his chest. His voice soared, “Do it. Pull it out!”

Annoyance swelled in Jiang Cheng. His heart pounded without a reason. For whatever reason, he really did do as Wen Ning said. He held Suibian’s hilt with his left hand and pulled on it hard.

A white, glaring blade was removed from its plain hilt!

Jiang Cheng stared down at the glimmering sword in his hand. He only realized after a few moments.

The sword was Suibian, Wei WuXian’s sword. After the siege at Burial Mound, it was collected as a battle trophy by the LanlingJin Sect’s people. It’d long since sealed itself. Of those who saw it later, not a single one was able to pull it out.

But why could he do it? Did the sword lift its seal?

Wen Ning, “It’s not that the sword lifted its seal! Even now, it’s still sealed. If you put it back into its sheath and ask someone else to unsheath it, nobody would be able to pull it out.”

The chaotic confusion within Jiang Cheng could be seen shown on his face, “Then why could I pull it out?”

Wen Ning, “Because the sword took you as Young Master Wei.”

Carrying the unconscious Wei WuXian on his back, Lan WangJi stood up.

Jiang Cheng shouted, “What do you mean the sword took me as Wei WuXian? How?! Why would it be me?!”

Wen Ning’s voice was even harsher, “Because the golden core that is revolving inside you right now is his!”

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  1. Goodness!! Thank you so much for you guys. If not for your team effort, a lot of us would miss the opportunity to read this beautiful novel.Thank you! Thank you!

    Lurv the tension between LWJ and WWX!!!

  2. I first watched the donghua and was surprised to find that there was a novel. I’m glad I read this though! It’s so interesting and fills in on much of what the donghua didn’t cover. Thank you for your hard work translating this!

  3. Even after all these years, JC is still so very much in love with WWX. He’s just exactly like LWJ. They’re both still very much in love with WWX and can’t let go (even when WWX was dead). Even if it’s brotherly love, JC didn’t want to share WWX with anyone. For people who cannot verbally express themselves well, anger is the most convenient form of expression and JC used this anger and hatred to cover up his true feelings and awkwardness towards the reborn WWX. I believe JC was more angry that WWX actually ended up dying vs. all the bad things WWX did in his first life. When WWX died, JC was truly left all alone and was by himself for the 13 years too. I truly believe that he was searching for the WWX look-a-likes because he never gave up hope that WWX would return. When WWX was alive, he was just as stubborn so I’m sure JC knew he would return one day. It must’ve been so painful for JC to see LWJ holding WWX under the tree. I feel so sad for him because now and for the second time, he’s lost WWX once again.

    1. Interesting perspective on the matter, though I would caution to mistake desire (want) with love.
      If you remember when Jiang Cheng visits Wei WuXian on the Mountain where he set up camp with the Wen Clan people he saved and A-Yuan as a baby clung to his leg, he was irritated and full of disdain ordered Wei WuXian to take it away from him at once. It was written explained then that Jiang Cheng had no love inside of him.

      Jiang Cheng has many desires, he wants people to do as they are told to follow the order of his (and his mother’s) way of thinking how things should be. Love accepts, love is to nurture and love never resents. Jiang Cheng does not feel love for anybody, because he doesn’t understand it. Which is part of the reason he is so unhappy, why he can’t give Jin Ling words of comfort when all other parent figures do etc he can’t because he doesn’t love himself and only if you love yourself, you are capable to love others.
      Love is unconditional, always.

      He really is a tragic figure, that is also what his father meant when he told him “you still don’t…” understand the meaning of love. In stark contrast his Sister YanLi, was as pure as they come. Everything she did was to demonstrate what it is to love, no matter the circumstance she was never resentful or blamed anyone for anything until her last breath she protected the ones she loved.

      It’s never too late to enlighten and overcome i hope Jiang Cheng can mange as well as Jin Ling (there are already signs in his behaviour to indicate that)

      1. I do think that JC had a brotherly love for WWX, Meanwhile, I do agree with you that JC does not know how to love. His brotherly love is so mingled with reliance, jealous and hatred. JC is very much like his mother Madam Yu, who loved his husband so much that she is willing to give her life to defend his sect, yet her every word, and every behaviour keep pushing him away from her. His love is also calculating and judging; as a result, he announced that WWX had betrayed the Jiang Sect in order to avoid the adverse effect that would possibly caused by WWX’s protecting Wen Qing’s people. WWX was kind of “outlawed”, enabling Jing sect to set a trap for WWX without the need to consider the revenge from Jiang sect. Also, JC and made a strategy and acted as the most prominent force in the first siege of burial mound.
        JC’s brotherly love for WWX is not the kind of love that WWX can rely on.

      2. Jiang Cheng feels kinship towards Wei WuXian accepted him as close “familiar” relationship,
        but at the same time it was always clear to him that he wasn’t family (he made sure to point that out whenever he got the chance)

        his father regarded Wei WuXian highly, saw him as an additional son
        while his mother saw him as, … a vermin, living breathing reminder of the woman whom her husband loved instead of her.

        JC respects both of his parents equally and obeyed them so from the beginning there was a conflict within him.
        Torn between accepting him but at the same time resenting him.
        He always complained about his actions and scolded him just like his mother, to say that he treated him kind or fondly would be an overstatement.

        A specific example was the time Madame Yu was whipping Wei WuXian on the orders of Wen Chao’s lady-friend after the Cave ordeal.
        JC pleads with his mother, but wouldn’t dare go against or even stop her ever,
        when she seems to debate on weather or not cutting off his hand he gets more determined but instead of appealing to her sympathy or making a positive case for Wei WuXian he mentions his father… because he knows father would not approve, that is his main concern.
        If he were sure that both of his parents would be on the same page, it’s doubtful he’d make a fuss. He would probably say something like well well you made your bed now lay in it…
        Do you see the pattern now?

      3. To the 2nd part of your comment. Madam Yu never loved Jiang FengMian, or else she wouldn’t have resented him. She only loved the idea of being with him living a happy fulfilled life, but he didn’t love her. He married out of duty. He treated her respectfully and with care but he didn’t love her. Nonetheless love doesn’t just change into resentment when you don’t get what you want. Madam Yu desired her husband, but she didn’t love him. When they married his Sect became her Sect, she didn’t do it for him, she did it out of her own sense of justice and pride.

        The part where Jian Cheng renounced Wei WuXian was a mere ruse, that both Jiang Cheng and Wei WuXian agreed too in order to keep the peace with the other Sects. Yes Jiang Cheng was angry at first, he would have preferred giving up the “Wen-dogs” instead of how they did it, but he agreed to it since Wei WuXian is very good at persuading and it didn’t cause any further trouble for his Sect either way.

        It’s quite another long reply, sorry for that, it’s all very complex.

  4. I think JC knows that all these shit things aren’t really WWX’s fault but he just can’t stop blaming WWX. Cause he needs someone to hate to cover up those sad feelings. Wen sec. isn’t the best choice is because when JC blames them, he’ll remember how weak himself is. He was not strong enough to protect his family.
    I remember the 59 chapter in this novel said that:
    “In his heart, Jiang Cheng knew clearly that back in the cave of the Xuanwu of Slaughter at Dusk-Creek Mountain, even if Wei WuXian hadn’t saved Lan WangJi, the Wen Sect would have found some reason to come over sooner or later. But he had always felt that, if the whole thing with Wei WuXian didn’t happen, maybe it wouldn’t have been so soon, maybe there would’ve been some way to turn things around.”
    This is just like all the people will do. When bad things happen we always try to blame something else that even not related. Like when I late to work on the morning, I’ll blame the alarm clock didn’t ring or blame the traffic but never blame myslef why not weke up one more hour earlier? We always think about “IF”, but there is no IF.
    JC is just a very real person. He knows the truth that WWX isn’t the one made bad things came but he doesn’t want to take the truth. If he stop blaming WWX, he will find out his weakness and no place to put his anger.
    After WWX’s death, JC gets more stubborn. He believes that all these shit things is WWX’s fault. He blames WWX day by day and persuade himself WWX made his parents and sister’s death.persuade himself he is right.
    Cause he couldn’t stop.
    Cause he made WWX’s death. for 13 years

  5. Thank you so much for translating! I started reading on New Years after watching the donghua and I’m finally all caught up.

    This is my first time reading a chinese novel and the way you translate it makes it so easy to read and get sucked into. I’m looking forward to the next chapters to see JC and WWX make up and become friends again and also for WWX to realize that LWJ is much more than just a friend.

  6. I cried reading this (at the gym), the love that WWX holds for the important people in his life, to the extent of damaging himself. It all makes sense now. I’m so glad WWX’s soul found a new home.

  7. i’m brimming with tears ah 😢😢
    this last really moved me so much that i can’t help but leave a comment. thanks a lot translators!

  8. WWX has such a good and pure heart inspite of his michievious and shameless nature. He is a real gentleman inside.

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    The absolute horror that LWJ must have feel when WWX started bleeding! You can sense it!

    Dang Wen Ning! Where did that shy part of you go? And what a plot twist at the end there! Excuse me, WHAT?!

  10. Thanks for the chapter!
    WWX doesn’t want others to insult LWJ. But he said they’re just friends, which is heartbreaking for LWJ.
    That plot twist though.

    1. Sad that I don’t get the shock at the last part as I had accidentally read spoilers in previous chapter comments 😭

  11. now wzl’s reaction back when they first caught wwx makes sense and why wwx was all wobbly-kneed and week after jc went up the mountain to get his core back.. because it was wwx’s core all this time that got ripped out of wwx and put into jc instead. I.. I’m still so emotional after a reread.

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  13. I just realized, does this mean it was half of Jiang Chen’s fault that WWX was drive to use the demonic cultivation or something? Because he only have half of his golden core, he needed outside help and leads it him using the dead’s body. While the other half is when that Wen guy throw him at the burial place

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  15. Serve you right, Jiang Cheng. How do you feel, now that you learned you had your share in leading Wei Ying towards the dark path, all because of your mindless act of charging into Wen clan’s office and got your golden core smashed by Wen Zhuliu and then got Wei Ying’s golden core implanted in you so Wei Ying had no other way than to succumb to the dark path in order to not die.. all this time I pitied Jiang Cheng for his unfortunate life, but now I know just how shallow he really was. How disappointing.

    On another note, so glad to see cinnamon roll standing up for Wei Ying! Jiang Cheng would probably never know any of this had he not interfered. And Wei Ying, you have some serious explanation to do to Lan Zhan. Hope things are getting better, I mean, the ritual was as close as they could get to a wedding, right? If you don’t call it a huge progress then I don’t know what is.

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