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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


In the end, Lin Han didn’t even have the strength to push him, whether it was his mouth or his knees or his thighs, they were all sore and numb, and the pushing back seemed like acquiescence. When the wetness on his lips was swept away by the other party, there was only a faint aftertaste of pheromone left in his mouth after the intense intercourse.

Lin Han buried his head in He YunTing’s arms, panting for a while before raising his head. His eyes and lips were moist and shiny, wrapping his arms around his strong waist, resting for a while, and starting to lower his head to fix his clothes.

He YunTing’s upper body hardly changed much, but Lin Han still did a very serious job, buttoning back every tiny button carefully and smoothing out all the wrinkles with his white fingers. But before Lin Han could help He YunTing get dressed, the other man reached out and touched his cheek.

The calloused hand grazed his white, jade-like skin, sliding from his cheek to his jaw, then back to Lin Han’s eyelid, rubbing it very lightly.

Lin Han’s voice wasn’t loud and sounded a bit nervous, like he had something to hide and refused to say, “What’s wrong?”

Unexpectedly, He YunTing just cupped his chin and stared at him for a while, before inclining his head to continue hugging him, while his lips brushed his ear.

“Is Mr. Lin shy?”

【So cute.】

The inner voice and the words reached Lin Han’s ears at the same time, and the red flush that had easily faded away appeared on his cheeks again. “What are you talking about?”

“Nothing, I can’t see.” He YunTing picked Lin Han up, and let him put his chin on his shoulder.

Lin Han, who was out of He YunTing’s line of sight, blushed even redder.

After all, who could stand the General calmly not looking at them while whispering in his heart, “Mr. Lin must look very good right now”.

If you want to show him, then show him.

Lin Han thought to himself.

After all, He YunTing wouldn’t reject him, and he couldn’t turn a deaf ear to such an inner thought.

Lin Han gently pushed He YunTing’s shoulder, moved his still red face from him, looked at him again, and frankly revised his negative answer, “Yes.” Just after admitting it, Lin Han’s eyes started to dart downward unnaturally, “…Who told you to suddenly say that?”

It was obvious that he was the one who wanted to please him.

Mr. General didn’t realize what he had said before and asked honestly, “What did I say?”


He suspected it.

Lin Han was so helpless and amused that he didn’t know what to say.

To say that he didn’t know anything, just now he seemed so obedient as if he didn’t just say it in his mind countless times; but to say that he could do it by hand… Forget it, he himself didn’t believe that He YunTing could be associated with these words.

Lin Han smiled in his heart and looked up at He YunTing, “…Nothing.”

After saying that, he buried his head. Without saying a word, he continued to help He YunTing tidy up. However, He YunTing still interpreted this look as a meaning of anger. His Mr. Lin seemed to have a bit of a temper, and he had to be coaxed.

Like before when he gave him Lu AnHe’s snacks.

“I’m sorry.” That was when he knew he had to sincerely apologize.

“…” Lin Han hadn’t really been angry, and when he heard this, he lost all thoughts. He was just about to say something, but He YunTing picked him up again and pressed him back into the driver’s seat.

Lin Han didn’t struggle, but heard his Alpha add the remaining words in a low voice, “Baby.”


Mr. Lin turned his head to look at the metallic cockpit wall, and the corners of his mouth were not only rising, but also the tips of his eyes were soaked with this word, and a little bit of tenderness spilled out.

So he finally did look at He YunTing.

Lin Han turned his face sideways, his eyes shining with a brighter light than the nebula in the border area, and faintly moved up to kiss the tip of He YunTing’s nose again.

“You’re quite capable.” He commented very pertinently.

The smell in the cockpit hadn’t completely dissipated, leaving an insatiable indolence.

Lin Han leaned on the cockpit and watched He YunTing open the com and talk to Lu AnHe about what was going to happen next. He YunTing prescribed him a nutritional supplement, which he held in his hand, sleepy and not wanting to drink. He YunTing was still in high spirits as he communicated with his subordinates about the situation at the moment, even though Lin Han was clearly about to fall asleep in this atmosphere.

In essence an Alpha was really different from an Omega. Lin Han’s eyelids were opening, his jaw was slacking, and his heart began to rejoice that He YunTing hadn’t gone all the way.

Otherwise, at Fortress X, they may not even have the strength to hold the joystick.

That would be a drag.

Lin Han thought so in the last second before being attacked by sleep.

Apart from He YunTing and Lu Huai himself, Lu AnHe was the only person in the base who knew about Wen Yu’s sub star.

Now he had already led his branch of the formation to Wen Yu’s sub-star, and according to the time projection, he should be able to arrive at the same time when they arrived at Fortress X.

He YunTing wasn’t afraid to assume the worst possible scenario for what would happen later, although he knew that many people who didn’t know the truth would have to accuse the General himself, and also knew that it would have a great impact on both Wen Yu and the sub-star, but still had Lu Huai prepare enough explosives that could destroy the leap point, and instructed to report information to him at any time.

As long as there was a hint of something wrong, the place that was once left behind had to be completely resolved. Although Lu Huai felt that He YunTing was being too cautious, he proceeded with the preparations without objection.

Getting closer and closer to the fortress, He YunTing opened the mecha’s porthole and casually glanced outside. There were no flight paths built in mid-air, no dense buildings or aircraft waiting to take off, not to mention tall buildings, and even those old houses stacked on top of each other in the civilian areas were invisible.

The fortress was built in an extremely high and empty high position, its main body was surrounded by two huge semicircles, the middle was the energy storage station, loaded with hundreds of times more energy than the border area leap point. If M2742 was the hardest steel armor the Empire could develop, then the fortress was tens of times tougher than that.

The mecha began to rise, and as they got higher and higher, the air theoretically got thinner and thinner.

Compared to Earth times, humans had evolved to be better able to adapt to a slightly harsher climate, but at extremely high levels like the fortress, humans were no better than Zerg, and were never allowed to leave the mecha, or starship, for that matter, even by half a step.

Now it was possible to see a change in the state of the surrounding airflow, but it would take a little time to get closer to the main body. He YunTing stared down at the sleeping youth for a moment.

Lin Han was asleep against the driver’s seat, although the seat wasn’t very soft and his posture didn’t seem very comfortable. The flush on his face had faded, leaving only soft, light breathing that wouldn’t disturb anyone in the cabin. Next to him was another little one wrapped in a small blanket, the whole dumpling was shrunken up into a small black ball, also quietly sleeping.

He YunTing remembered how he had seen him from a distance when he was on V Proton and saw him through the video feed.

At that time, he only wanted to reach across the light years and touch the sleeping man’s soft hair, longing for this to comfort his heated thoughts, but now when he was lying peacefully in front of him, he had to breathe a little lighter, lest he disturb his sweetest sleep before the war.

He YunTing was a little further away before he lowered his voice and clicked on the connection.

He YunTing couldn’t wait to pick up Lin Han, so he was a little early, and the rest of them arrived together in a starship — the largest starship that had returned not long ago from a mission at V Proton without success, but now it was carrying the greatest pressure to the highest place.

Lin Han was awakened by the change in airflow around him and the roar of the mecha gradually climbing. He slept well, not even dreaming, and his whole body sank comfortably into the most peaceful sea of blue. He saw He YunTing with his back to him, talking calmly to Lu AnHe. 

Lu AnHe said that everything was ready, but this time there was so much movement that not only the Empire and Zerg, but also many unrelated galaxies in the interstellar world were also stupid enough to move.

The leader of the Paparal system openly said that the Empire was to blame, that it was only a matter of time before the Zerg were spared and now there would be a massive counterattack.

Lin Han heard He YunTing’s voice, “Starting from Fortress X, no non-Empire living creature will be allowed to pass through. The weapons and armaments here will fear no one.”

Lu AnHe immediately responded, “There won’t be any problem with the arms of the starship this time. It’s just that… The Federation, which is far away, has to make a point of making a mockery of it, saying that this is the price of dictatorship.”

“Forget the Federation, wait until they dare to knock on the door of the core.”

Lin Han quietly watched He YunTing’s back from the coldly glowing cockpit. He was still doing the pre-war deployment, every detail had to be put in place.

He YunTing told one last thing to Lu AnHe, “What about the Empire, what does it have to do with other star systems?”

He inexplicably recalled books he had read long ago, saying that many, many eras had existed in history, giving birth to cruel kings and monarchs, as well as multi-element polities with enlightened folk.

“Starting from the fortress, everywhere you go is the territory of the Empire. Dictatorship. Dictatorship is conquest.”

It sounded like what the history books said, the kind of cold tyrant who didn’t understand human feelings.

The next second, he saw He YunTing turn his face, noticing he was awake and lifted the corners of his mouth very faintly, with a faintly invisible smile on his face that would never have appeared on the General before. His tyrant came over to kiss his face and spoke against his ear, his slightly cool hair brushing his cheek, “Baby, we’re off to war.”


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I love having this affection from the General. Thanks for the chapter!

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It feels a bit weird when HYT calls LH “Baby”.
Will this be the toughest battle yet?
Thank you for translating and editing.

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Thanks for the chapter!

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A Sweet loving General is the best❤️❤️

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