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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey



The people of the Empire were looking forward to a wedding these days.

After all, Wen Zhao was too low-key, and now that the truth was out, everyone, without exception, began to feel sorry for their sire.

So this emotion was gradually transferred to their new prince.

They felt sorry for him, and admired his strength.

They wanted him to be happy with his Alpha.



Wen Tianyao ended up staying on the main planet.

He didn’t ask for anything, dismissed all his men and found a quiet corner in the P area to stay.

I can’t say I’m jealous, just a little emotional.



He used to act like a pro-people, but refused to really let go of his identity, the baggage was too heavy, and bore some blind adoration.

This adoration after the identity was revealed was also quickly gone.

Because he actually knew early on that he wasn’t Wen Zhao’s own child, yet he wanted to sit in this position desperately.



He just realized that it wasn’t enough to pretend in some things and paste the appearance to capture the hearts of the people.

Just like the prince was doing now.



The previous attempt to get close to some clues through Lin Han was actually under the compulsion of Xi Yuan.

So at one point he thought he was pro-radical.



The peacemakers were angry, especially Jiang Lian, who said that he and Xu Zhiheng were really just friends, and that his position had nothing to do with the peacemakers.

Not to mention that what Xu Zhiheng did was what the moderate party should do.



The radicals were also very confused.

The black pot has been carried for so long, not to mention the fact that their head once held a “collusion with Wen Tianyao” hat.

What the hell?

The universe was proof that they have never had the slightest thought of cooperating with Wen Tianyao.



Therefore the council maintained a peaceful existence for several years.

Tired, the old men didn’t want to fight.



But the people’s eagerly awaited wedding was still delayed.

Because after M2742 was blown up, Lin Han was still in the Research Institute all day tinkering with his new mech design.



Many people had previously asked if this mech would be put into mass production, but due to the special attributes and definitions, as well as the two-person piloting and mental control system, they could only accept with a sigh that this mech was only a personal order for the Lord General.

After the return of peace, the people became bored and named this mecha.



Of course the last one didn’t work.



Six months later, the new mech was officially completed.

The first test flight was scheduled at the training ground of the base, and it was inevitably surrounded by people when it was transported from the Institute to the base.

There was a lot of discussion on the Internet.



“I saw the new mech designed by His Royal Highness himself!

“Ahhhhh, so handsome!”

“I finally understand why there’s only this one.”

“I always thought M2742 was handsome before, sorry I was too shallow.”

“That shape, that design and the latest accumulator and arsenal, I’m shedding tears.”

“I’m not a mechanic, but I’m starting to sour.”

“Beta rush squad came to sightsee.”

“Beta marriage squad came to sightsee +1.”

“So when exactly will they get married?”

“In fact, I personally feel that the last make-up bar mitzvah in my mind is already a wedding!”

“Too romantic, I’m crying!”

“Marriage! Marriage! Marriage! Marriage!”



When the new mechs finally managed to arrive at the base’s training ground, Lin Han thanked the people responsible for transporting them over and gave them two more instructions to go back first.

When they left, he was the only one left at the training ground.

But he didn’t have to wait too long.

A few minutes later a verification sound came from the large space, the electronic door opened and a man in military uniform walked in.



Lin Han smiled the moment he met him at eye level.

The two had not seen each other for a long time, and recently the closing work was too mixed and too busy, so he simply lived in the Institute to live in the new mech, until the last bit of fine optimization was also confirmed correct, without a moment’s delay, it was shipped over.

So now he looked slightly haggard, because there was no special care, and although the uniform was newly changed, the back of his head still had a few soft blck hair standing up, looking not quite the same as in the past.

Feeling a large hand over his face, Lin Han tilted his head and curled his eyes, “It’s okay.”

He YunTing smiled lightly as a response.

“Okay,” Lin Han followed He YunTing’s palm and rubbed his face with it, before covering his hand into his own and pulling him along, “Come up to take a look.”



This new mech was undoubtedly one of the top ones in the current Imperial mech squad.

It was nearly twice as big as M2742 and had smoother lines, reflecting light that was cold and blinding at midday. In the middle of the fuselage was a huge turbine engine, new heavy cannons were added to both arms, and in addition to some drastic new changes, there were countless other painstaking details.

After boarding the mech from the elevator, the two cockpits were much wider than the original, but this time the second cockpit was no longer an accessory to the icing on the cake, but side by side with the first, reached directly across a crossbar, closer together.

“I… will work out hard and try not to hold you back.”

He learned that a large part of the reason his physique was so poor was because his mother destroyed her glands when she was pregnant, which more or less had an effect on him.

Lin Han reached out and hooked his hand around He YunTing’s neck, pressing the tip of his nose against his skin.

Recently he began to like to do some harmless, but little capricious actions in places where there were few people, if there was no one around, then it could be a little more excessive.

He sometimes laughed at himself, wondering if he was getting younger mentally, after all, he wasn’t that unstable when he was alone before.

But the other didn’t mind at all, and even became more and more indulgent, as if to make up for the time before they met, when perhaps Lin Han should have been like this, carefree as a spoiled teenager. He YunTing wrapped his arm around Lin Han’s waist and pressed him a little tighter into his arms.

“It’s a double cockpit, not a double driver’s seat,” Lin Han buried in the middle of his neck and smiled, sniffing the clean smell of his body, his lips brushing over very lightly as if on purpose, “Is the general going to hold me and try it together? I’m afraid it will affect your driving.”



He YunTing held Lin Han steady, proving with his actions that this wasn’t a problem for him at all.



His engine armor, after connecting to the system, finally heard a long-lost, gentle voice that belonged only to him.

Lin Han came up to bite his ear, laughed softly, and spoke at the same time as the voice in the system.



“Mr. Lin said that he will always love you.”

“You are invincible.”



After all, it was only indoors and only basic tests could be conducted, which didn’t take too long.

The test flight was a success, and the new mech was perfect in every way.

After making sure that the most basic functions were foolproof, it was time for the field tests.

Usually the choice was to go to a sub-star or other place that wasn’t too far away, but this time the general had other options.



Everyone knew that the new mech was the envy of all the pilots who wanted to have it.

But no one knew what the little “greenhouse” on top of the mecha was for.

Lin Han designed it with a small house away from the engine and armory, making it less noticeable in the doubly enlarged mech compartment.

The top was specially installed with a dry and intelligent circulation system, equipped with anti-collision devices, and even thoughtfully installed with special soft cushions… 

It looked like it was prepared for a certain little one who loved to faint in mechs.



Therefore the field test flight became the general’s rare use of his annual exhaustive vacation.

The destination was what no one expected, a distant galaxy of Oddbound creatures.

Only the two of them knew that they were going to take a homesick black fluffy blob back for a visit.



Even though everyone believed in Lin Han’s strength as a mech master, they still cautiously asked him to bring a few more nutrient solutions. Although Wen Zhao didn’t say a word, he actually almost put himself down and contacted the Federation, which was closer to here, to ask for the necessary assistance in case of emergency.

Lin Han knew that Wen Zhao wanted to compensate him, but there was nothing wrong with him, he was also a victim.

Wen Zhao was silent for a long time after returning from the Exhibition Hall that day, and when he faced Lin Han again, he wasn’t as spontaneous as before when he didn’t know his identity.

But Lin Han thought that he would one day make good on his promise to play chess with Wen Zhaoge.

Although there were some words… he couldn’t open his mouth right now.



In the end, Wen Zhao chose to believe in He YunTing’s strength and let the two go together.

After all, the fortress was defended, so the two could go out for a little trip, no big deal.

The Emperor convinced himself like so.

But he was also a little relieved.

It is as if… what Su Zuran left behind wasn’t all despair and sadness, on the contrary, as much light and love with gentle colors.



Grr realized something after hearing Lin Han say the word “home”.

He started jumping up and down, his excitement was so big that even He YunTing who was driving, the originally cold frowning man even reached out to touch its fur.

But after the ecstasy, it gradually stopped and began to rub against Lin Han little by little, its small eyes were covered by the hair so that it couldn’t be seen, and finally the whole dumpling completely nestled in Lin Han’s hand.

Only then did Lin Han realize that the little guy actually had some emotions of being close to home.

“It’s nothing.” Lin Han smiled and said slowly to it, “We’ll accompany you, the mech was given a makeover, and you won’t get dizzy anymore. Don’t be afraid.”

“Don’t you want to see your friends?”

Only then did the little dumpling reemerge from his hand, stretching out its claws to grab his clothes and climb upwards, finally stopping at the shoulder and extending its little pink tongue to quietly lick the side of Lin Han’s neck.



Then he was taken away by the big man and locked out of the room and not allowed to come in.

It wasn’t until the next day that he followed Lin Han onto his new mech and sulked in his new nest.

This time it must take more than a week to forgive that bad-tempered human!



After all this time, the general was still jealous of this strange creature.



Probably because of the different state of mind, when they came to this place again, both of them were a bit emotional.

They didn’t stop at the border area, and directly followed the coordinates and landed at the place where the two had stayed for a long time at that time.

The place had changed a bit from last time, but the hills and lakes were still there, so it wasn’t hard to recognize them.

He YunTing parked the mech and whispered “here we are”, Lin Han got down from the other side of the driver’s seat and came over to take He YunTing’s hand.

He knocked on the small house inside the cabin and gently woke up the little one who was asleep inside.

“We’re home.”



The Oddbound Biosystem was gravitational, and there was more than one Grr, too.

But Lin Han still recognized his own little dumpling precisely as it ran off to find its companions.

It hadn’t been this happy in a long time, squealing and rolling around, clapping its paws with its kind before running off again to a new place with a new grunt.



As the group of little black clusters played happily, Lin Han leaned on He YunTing’s shoulder and waited for the sunset.

His skin was very white and he squinted slightly when the light came through.

Noticing his movements, He YunTing would turn his head and use his body to block the sunlight for him, and in the meantime, he would receive a kiss that wasn’t too long nor too short.



It also took the two to its best friend Thud Thud as usual, and even more amazingly those big guys still recognized them.

Even as a gesture of friendship, it repeated the action that had nearly brought He YunTing down at the time—

The first Thud Thud pulled its back paws back to greet the second Thud Thud in this strange and familiar pose.

The second big guy mooed twice, tossed his ears and leaned down, cupped the first one’s hind paws with his own front paws, and “kissed” it with his thick lips.



Although he has long confessed to stealing a kiss, He YunTing still tensed his face and didn’t want to turn his head to look. 

Lin Han laughed so hard that his eyes weren’t visible, and only after he finished laughing did he hold He YunTing’s face and start kissing.

“What are you shy about?”



“I’m not.”

【So humiliating.】



Lin Han went to kiss his mouth again in front of these big guys.

“Do you think they will learn this?”



When Grr re-rolled next to Lin Han, the fur on his body was wrapped in a layer of dust.

It was still wet to the touch, so he probably played too intensely.

He saw the lake in front of the mound and said to it, “Go and wash it?”

The little doughnut wasn’t moved.

Lin Han was a bit puzzled at first, he clearly remembered that when he and He YunTing were trapped here, Grr would jump into the water by itself when he had enough playing.

Only when the little guy pampered himself and rubbed his palm, did Lin Han pick up on its hint and smiled helplessly.



He walked over with Grr in his hand, squatted down and bathed it carefully, and gently massaged it with his fingers.

The fur ball that was wet with water let out a comfortable purr.



He was so spoiled that he had to be washed by Lin Han before he would wash itself.



The days were long here, and last time Lin Han’s body function was too poor without nutrients, so he basically didn’t move much in the same place.

Lin Han stood up first, then took He YunTing’s hand and dragged him up as well, “Carry me.”

The more you live, the more you go back.

Like a child.



Lin Han then hugged his neck and leaned on him, and the two of them chatted with each other.



“I was so sleepy last time, it seemed like I was sleeping all the time.”

“So are you sleepy now?”

“Not sleepy.”


“Do you want something to eat? It’s on the mech.”


“Then walk a little longer.”




He YunTing walked very steadily, and Lin Han’s voice was gentle.



“He YunTing.”


“Just calling your name.”


“He YunTing.”








“I love you.”




【I’ll always love you too.】



By the time the two of them slowly walked back to the mech, Grr was lying on the Thud Thud’s nose.

Seeing Lin Han coming, also because he was too tired from playing, he just symbolically shook his little tail to show his welcome.

Lin Han was in a good mood, not at all sleepy.

“If you drive the mech all the way north, is that the border area?”


He said, “Oh.”

“Do you want to see the Erinnerung Nebula?” He YunTing asked him.

“You guessed it.” Lin Han admitted, “Can’t you see it from here?”

He YunTing nodded his head and brought him water.

Lin Han held the water and took a few sips, blinking, “But the starry sky over here is also very nice. It’s different from the core area.”

Every place had its unique scenery, and he stretched out his hand to feel the night and warm breeze from here, smiling back at He YunTing, “I like it a lot.”

The man walked over, so they looked at each other naturally.

He YunTing’s always-flat uniform pockets seemed to see the angles of something as he reached out to touch Lin Han’s face, then leaned down to kiss his forehead.

Then he knelt down on one knee in front of the youth.



Lin Han’s surprise was only momentary, and then his eyes curved up.

He YunTing had never intended to hide it from him, but the reason why Lin Han hadn’t read his heart in relation to this before was entirely because the other party had simply made a decision at this moment.

In such a mundane moment.

The simple wind during this moment, the simple clouds during this moment, the simple stars during this moment.

At this moment in the gentle as velvet wind, at this moment with a little blush wanting to slightly scatter the clouds, at this moment with twinkling bright stars.

He saw the ring on He YunTing’s hand.

Very simple style, with a little something embedded in the middle.

“The meteorite in the display.” He YunTing explained, “It’s a part of my memory.”

“So I’d never lose you.”

Lin Han felt a little sour in his eyes and the tip of his nose.

He wasn’t someone who needed rituals very much; in fact, being able to be with each other had used up enough of his luck to span the galaxy.

Grr saw the movement over here, but unexpectedly continued to lie on the Thud Thud’s nose without disturbing.

He YunTing took hold of his fingers and dropped a sloppy kiss.

“My prince.” He looked up at Lin Han and smiled, “You just said that the starry sky here is beautiful.”

“Then how about right here?” He gazed at the other party.

“Do you want to marry me?”



【If you say yes, can you kiss me?】



Lin Han heard a very distant voice.

Like a blue ocean a billion light-years away, blooming with some summer dream, a little drop of tenderness, all slowly fell into his heart.



“I do.”



They kissed.



The mech’s skylight was half open, and lying in the driver’s seat gave a unique view of the planet’s starry sky.

A few unopened suppressant packages were thrown on the metal floor, and the air was filled with the smell of intertwined pheromones.

“I knew my rut would come these days.” Lin Han’s lips were slick with water and his eyes had a touch of wetness from the kiss.

He gasped and pivoted himself off of He YunTing, propping one hand on his chest and tugging at his ribbon suggestively, “Do you remember what you said once?”

He went down the line, word for word.

“I’m all yours now.”

“So,” Lin Han volunteered, re-ambling down, his thin white wrists piercingly inviting, “do you want to wrap the ribbon around my hands?”

“Or, blindfold me?”

“Lin Han…” He YunTing’s voice was soft, “Is it okay here?”

His heartfelt voice was unprecedentedly straightforward.

【Want to kiss you all the time all the time.】

When He YunTing saw Lin Han use his mouth to bite his ribbon off, he reached out and wrapped it around the other.

【Want to love you.】

His breathing became less steady and the tip of his tongue carried a hot temperature.

【Want to make love with you here.】

He reversed his position and pressed Lin Han downward, his lips touching his glands.

【Want to mark you here forever.】



“It’s okay.”

Lin Han narrowed his eyes and smiled.

“I’m not afraid of pain.”

“Just hold me tight.”



The mecha stopped under the starry sky, from night until day. To the point where even Grr smelled a bit of the sweet scent of caramel and squeaked excitedly poking the Thud Thud’s nose.



He YunTing pressed his hips, a bit of blood remained at the corner of his mouth, and there were drops of sweat falling on the almost transparent white skin. He felt the Omega’s tenderness and tolerance with unmistakable clarity, ebbing and flowing in waves of resolute union.

“Lin Han.” His fingers covered the other party’s waist that was so soft it collapsed, half-truth, “Give me a child.”



Grr wondered why Lin Han hadn’t gotten off the mech for two days. But it could smell the pheromones, so it wasn’t worried that they would leave it behind. It was just a little hard for the dumpling that couldn’t find an answer.



They only returned on the fourth day. The two made a deal with Grr that they would come back to see its friends later.



Grr didn’t get dizzy from the mech and didn’t cry this time.



The people of the Empire finally got the wedding they had been waiting for. The two, wearing black and white suits, walked hand in hand down the long corridor and through the grand gardens, as everyone had imagined.

The swing swung very gently in the wind, as tenderly as when they kissed under the bells. 

They heard that His Royal Highness had finally named the new mech.

All those previous solicitations didn’t work.

The name of the mecha was “Star of Enlightenment”.

The story will be long.

They still loved each other.

(The End)


The author has something to say: It’s over!

These three words are really emotional, and once again, I thank all the readers for their company in the past six months. Bow down! This is my personal favorite ending.

I really like Han Han and Lao He, and I am really trying with all my efforts to write about two gentle people, I hope you will like it. I hope you will like it. There will be a physical, interested readers can pay attention in vb.

Lastly, I beg you all to give a five star review qwq!!! See me warp!


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July 19, 2022 10:39 am

I can’t be believe we are at the end! Thank you for taking us on this journey!

July 19, 2022 6:21 pm

A delightful ending.
I really loved this story so much.
The characters, wit, tenderness, tragedy, sadness, happiness, with lots of love and affection.
Grr was the cutest pet of any story!
Thank you Addis and KarateChopMonkey for all your hard work.
I would happily read more from this author.
I shall miss this.

July 21, 2022 2:54 am

I’m sorry, this is first time I want to punch an Author for giving us an Extras. Yes, I’m still forever upset with the Ji Meng’s extras!!! His death still the most shocking one and yet we get to see his past… And yet he STILL DIED!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA WHYYYYYY AUTOR WHYYYYYY

I have no complain about the Main CP’s story and their extras. It’s Perfect!

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Thank you Addis and the team for translating this story!! I actually wish for the author to make parallel ending for Ji Meng and Lu An He! But nevertheless it is fine. Love them, the journey is really something.

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Such a lovely story! Thank you so much for translating it <3
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Thank you so much for your hard work among this novel, i really enjoyed this novel, thank you

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Wonderfully translation and editing. Another wonderful and heartfelt novel , an awesome read !!

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Thank you for the translation xx

On a side note, if I remember correctly, ‘suzu’ means ‘bell’ in Japanese. I’ve just looked it up and ‘Suzuran’ is ‘lily of the Valley’. When you think of the shape of the flower, it makes sense that it has the word ‘bell’ in it’s name in Japanese.

When I was a child, my grandma grew the flowers in her garden. The name in my mother tongue is ‘teardrops’ (I don’t really know the story behind the name since they don’t exactly have that shape).

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Guys as always great translation! Thank you for taking us true this lovely story. I enjoyed so much! 🥰Keep up the good job!! 👍

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Aaaa this is so beautifull 😭😭
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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TRANSLATIONS!!! I AM DEVASTATED BC OF JI MENG BUT HAPPY FOR LH AND HYT!!! I love them all and will moss them. I will go and cry now 😢

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