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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lu AnHe couldn’t smell Ji Meng’s pheromone, but was choked on the spot by the words he uttered.

“If you want to bite, you can bite, but you can’t mark,” Ji Meng’s tone was very relaxed, “Just make yourself more comfortable.”

It was as if the matter of letting an Alpha bite another was just a little joke.

He even pressed himself towards Lu AnHe encouragingly, patting him on the back.

Although Ji Meng has tried very hard not to let his instincts overflow, Lu AnHe in the moment of closeness still felt a physical sense of resistance.

This feeling wasn’t brought by Ji Meng, it was when an Alpha was closer to another Alpha than a certain threshold, their physiology begins to resist first, screaming to suppress, wanting to fight.

This was also the time when Lu AnHe realized so clearly that even though his roommate was never red-faced with him, he would educate the student who did it for him even though he was in confinement, he would sneak past the surveillance to the cafeteria just to bake him a little late night snack; they did a lot of things together secretly, the other person would smile and show his familiar tiger teeth, his voice and demeanor were as vivid as a teenager’s, and he could even effortlessly recall every detail of the other person’s smile… But he was an Alpha.

He was an Alpha whose strength was far above most people, with the same desire to conquer as all of his kind, his pheromone incompatible with his.

Lu AnHe originally wanted to struggle, but when he remembered that they didn’t have a fight, and how it was thanks to Ji Meng not releasing his own pheromone.

Or let him go.

Old Ji was also quite difficult.

But to bite him…. Lu AnHe felt a little strange, he had no idea why Ji Meng said that.

What would happen if one really bit down?

The other’s glands would be pierced by sharp teeth, he would taste blood, as well as the non-negligible physical resistance, and the taste of the other party’s pheromone.

He was suddenly curious, so, to relieve the current inexplicable atmosphere, he picked a topic to talk about, “Old Ji, what does your pheromone smell like?”

It was like he was inviting himself to bite on it.

Lu AnHe’s scalp tingled.

But what normal Alpha would actively invite its own kind to “mark” itself?

“I…” He was a bit speechless.

His intuition told him that today’s Ji Meng wasn’t like usual, but now he was in a period of susceptibility and couldn’t analyze the specific problem.

When he was still struggling with how to respond to Ji Meng, the other suddenly said “forget it” and “I’m just kidding”.

Then he felt the other man’s hands around his arms loosen some, as if to say, you could break free at any time.

Ji Meng originally also rested his head on Lu AnHe’s shoulder, and because of this action, he straightened up.

But at this moment, the other’s lips seemed to unintentionally brush against his glands. Lu AnHe only felt a momentary coldness, and Ji Meng left in a very measured manner.

In the gap between their embrace and separation, he felt Ji Meng run his fingers very lightly over his wrist with a fine and crispy itch.

“I won’t tease you anymore.” Ji Meng said faintly.

He was still smiling, but there was a little more heartache in his eyes.

Lu AnHe’s heart trembled at this moment.

He knew that Ji Meng wanted to help him, but because of the shackle of “being the same kind”, he couldn’t do anything.

So, when Ji Meng was about to push him away, Lu AnHe still couldn’t bear to stop him.

“Old Ji,” he simply put himself at the center, like the countless times he reached for his shoulders, using a little force to pull Ji Meng back into his arms, “Let me hold you for a while.”

“Don’t go yet.”

Lu AnHe felt that when he re-hugged Ji Meng, the other almost stiffened his whole body, seemingly incredulous at this move of his. But soon, after he said that, he relaxed again, and then leaned over as if relieved, smiling and saying, “Oh.”

He said he wouldn’t leave and really stayed with Lu AnHe until it was getting light.

During that time Lu AnHe finally felt better for a while and took a nap under the soothing spray in the isolation room to regain some strength.

When he woke up again, Ji Meng also had his eyes closed and was resting on his lap.

Lu AnHe didn’t dare to move.

After all, they have lived together for so long, Lu AnHe knew that Ji Meng’s sleep was very light, the slightest movement could wake him up, and then it took a long time for him to fall asleep again.

The most uncomfortable moment has passed, and he could finally remember what happened in the afternoon during this short period of time.

Ji Meng came over to keep him company, the two didn’t even eat dinner, just stayed late at night in the isolation room, hastily drinking two Alpha nutrients from the storage cabinet.

At that time, Ji Meng sat on the floor and leaned against the wall and laughed, saying, “Do we look a bit miserable now?

Lu AnHe, after all, consumed a lot of mental and physical strength, so he looked a little weak, also followed up his joke, saying they were a little like the kind of TV pulling bitter couple.

Then Ji Meng just laughed, went aside to throw away the packaging, and asked if he still wanted to hug him later.

Lu AnHe recalled that it seemed two people were better than one, although the other one was an Alpha.

He replied yes, want to hug, would you hug?

Ji Meng bent the corners of his mouth silently.

Of course, the two haven’t hugged after that. Lu AnHe wanted him to go back first, but Ji Meng didn’t agree, and finally Lu AnHe couldn’t convince him, so he told him that he should either lean here to settle for a while.

Later on, he didn’t know how they fell asleep, and he didn’t know who fell asleep first.

Anyway, compared to those susceptible periods before this, this night seemed to be much better.

Lu AnHe looked at the person sleeping in front of him.

The other person has been sleeping very well, even if their position didn’t seem comfortable at all, he still closed his eyes like usual, sleeping very well.

He leaned against his leg, one hand hanging down, the other hand casually resting on his body, in an obviously little awkward sleeping position, but the other seemed to be very satisfied.

Ji Meng changed back after sleeping and waking up, as if he was a different person, the little strong look from the afternoon disappeared, and he now looked like a defenseless teenager, pure and transparent.

Lu AnHe looked at the time and calculated that he could still let Ji Meng sleep for a few minutes more before waking him up to go to the training ground.

Neither of them forgot that today was the final final assessment.

Lu AnHe was thinking about it when he suddenly felt the person on his lap move.

He hurriedly looked over, Ji Meng frowned, probably sunk in some not-so-good dream.

Lu AnHe didn’t want to explore other people’s dreams, but he overheard the other person mumbling something while asleep.

He couldn’t hear, and Ji Meng’s lips opened and closed very little, so Lu AnHe couldn’t tell what Ji Meng was saying, either through his lips or his voice.

Suddenly, Lu AnHe felt that the hand Ji Meng placed on his body suddenly clenched.

He seemed to be chasing something in his dream, so his expression and voice became painful, and because it was only in the dream, the voice that finally escaped from his lips was as thin as a gnat, and it sounded aggravating to people.

Lu AnHe was in a trance. At this moment he suddenly thought, what could make Ji Meng’s irritation disappear? If he knew what it was, he would have helped him with all his might, just like the others who came to him today.

Ji Meng hadn’t been able to come out of that dream, his hand was still rubbing him unconsciously.

For some reason, Lu AnHe suddenly remembered that hug this afternoon, remembering how the other’s lips, seemingly, brushed his glands.

Would he also want to bite down?

Would he… 

But Lu AnHe didn’t have a chance to think about it any further.

He was strangely aware that… His body was undergoing some changes.

His reaction was so fast that even when this kind of thing happened, the first thing he did was to give himself a reason, such as this was the aftermath of the susceptible period that hadn’t worn off yet, and the Alpha he was facing was different—

Lu AnHe’s thinking suddenly froze.

It was true that it was only natural for an Alpha to have impulses or certain reactions when meeting an Omega during the susceptibility period, but the problem was that Ji Meng wasn’t someone different from him.

He was an Alpha like him, and for two years, he stayed with an Alpha like himself.

Lu AnHe was once glad that he had chosen Ji Meng at that time, although he got along with anyone, but Ji Meng was undoubtedly his closest friend. He didn’t need to hide anything from him, in the battlefield he would be assured to leave his back to him, as the other party trusted him without reservation.

And now, he was having this unpleasant thought about his best friend.

The susceptible period wasn’t self-deceiving, so Lu AnHe suddenly couldn’t find a reason to convince himself.

A few hours ago Ji Meng asked him if he wanted to bite down.

Only now did he have the answer.

Originally a joke-like question and answer, but he actually wanted to nod his head.

He remembered that the first time he noticed Ji Meng, it was because the other said “If an Alpha becomes crazy, he would even bite his own kind”.

Now that he thought about it, he might be that kind of crazy.

Ji Meng hasn’t woken up from the dream, but Lu AnHe began to panic, not even daring to look at the past, wanting to slightly back away, or the other party continued to move so much, he may be disgusted with him and go crazy.

But Lu AnHe just moved a bit, when he saw Ji Meng’s frown tighten, his eyelashes twitching, the next second he woke up—

He abruptly stood up from the sofa and turned his back.

“Lu AnHe?”

Ji Meng did wake up, and he heard the other call his name with a bit of a dazed tone.

He didn’t respond immediately.

To be honest, for the first time, he didn’t know how to respond.

After a few seconds, there was a sound behind him and Ji Meng seemed to sit up and asked, “Are you feeling better?”

Lu AnHe nodded soundlessly.

“You—” Ji Meng approached him, and Lu AnHe could feel the other’s breath. Ji Meng seemingly wanted to pat his shoulder, but because his back was to him, finally chose to give up, “Then it’s good. “

“The final assessment…” Lu AnHe didn’t know what to speak about at all, and could only say, “It’s about to start.”

Ji Meng froze.

“Lu AnHe,” Ji Meng asked again, “are you really okay?”

“Mn.” He just answered in a low voice.

Lu AnHe almost stuck to the training ground at a late hour.

Ji Meng went out early, and for some reason he didn’t continue to accompany him like yesterday, and Lu AnHe didn’t dare to ask.

Because it was the final assessment, everyone attached great importance to it. After all, these two years were coming to an end, no matter what complaints they had, sweat or reluctance, it was also the last time.

Today all the instructors also came, they were unusually less harsh, calling them one by one to the training ground to do the final test.

He heard Ji Meng’s name.

Lu AnHe saw the other walking calmly to the training ground, found his place, and then boarded the mecha.

As the mecha drove farther away, Lu AnHe gradually lost sight of it, but his eyes still couldn’t stop resting on the position he had just taken.

Ji Meng didn’t smile nor look at him, and didn’t even come to his side during the lineup.

He didn’t know why, but Lu AnHe felt a little sad at this moment.

“Hey, hey!” There was a sudden tap on his back, and Lu AnHe turned back to find that it was an A-class cadet who had approached him for training before.

“What’s wrong?” He smiled.

“I saw you staring at Old Ji…” The other party hesitated for a moment, before his voice lowered a bit, “Were you okay yesterday?”

Lu AnHe instantly understood that the other was talking about his susceptible period.

“I saw Old Ji in the canteen yesterday. Once he heard that you were in the isolation room, he was as anxious as anything, and left without saying a word.”

“He wouldn’t have gone looking for you, would he?”

Lu AnHe heard these words and was stunned for a moment.

“He came yesterday… Came looking for me?”

“Yes,” the other party had no malice, recounted what he saw in the cafeteria, “Didn’t even eat his meal, dumped the things in his hands and left. Those who didn’t know thought he was looking for revenge.”

The other saw Lu AnHe’s expression and thought Lu AnHe hadn’t seen Ji Meng yesterday, “So he didn’t come looking for you?”

“…No.” Lu AnHe subconsciously denied it.

“Makes sense, what Alpha would think of looking for someone during the susceptible period?” The other party said and nodded to himself.

Lu AnHe, however, felt powerless to even agree, and his mind was filled with the way Ji Meng found him yesterday.

So he… 

“But you two have a really good relationship.” The A and other cadets thought of something else before they spoke, “Sometimes we wonder in private, whether Old Ji likes you.”

“…Ah?” Lu AnHe’s throat was a little dry.

“Ah? What “ah”? These brothers’ casual guess is just a guess. Just listen and don’t take it to heart.” The other party waved his hand, “After all, an Alpha and Alpha together isn’t something too unusual.”

Lu AnHe raised his face, Ji Meng driving the mecha was long gone, he couldn’t see it anymore.

He knew that an Alpha and Alpha together wasn’t something uncommon, and it wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen one or two such pairs in school before.

But in all his perceptions, it didn’t include the option of “that person could be him, and the other person was Ji Meng”.

Lu AnHe tilted his head and joked with the student, “Maybe.”

“If I’m with Ji, will you cut me off from this?”

It just so happened that Ye Ling had just finished his test and came out from the training ground. When heard the conversation between the two, he said with a big grin, “Huh? What? Who’s together?”

Lu AnHe put on an indifferent attitude, and as if to prove something, he turned to Ye Ling and said, “I was telling him that if I was with Old Ji, you would all probably cut off friendship with me.”

“Huh?” Ye Ling, who has always had thick nerves, couldn’t understand what Lu AnHe was saying at once, but got a little angry at him for saying this, “What kind of bullshit are you talking about?”

The smile on Lu AnHe’s face tightened up a bit.

He was just thinking that the friends around him still wouldn’t accept it, when he heard Ye Ling continued with a loud voice, “What does it matter who you are with and aren’t we friends? The big deal is to pay a fine to the higher-ups. How big of a deal is this? Are you looking down on us or on yourself?”

“Oh, you also despise Old Lu,” Ye Ling huffed a patch, “Old Lu, you can’t, ah.”

“……” Lu AnHe was a little confused.

When Ye Ling saw that he was still dazed, he simply tapped him on the shoulder again, “You’re not right today, huh?”

Lu AnHe finally loosened up a bit in his heart, pushed Ye Ling and cursed with a smile, “You talk a lot of shit today too.”

Feeling that Lu AnHe was finally back to normal, Ye Ling choked back two sentences unwillingly.

A few people talked and talked, and the topic just now was no longer mentioned.

As if that was really an insignificant topic, and two Alphas together was just a small thing, not enough to worry about.

——The weather was good for the second half of the exam.

In the second half of the examination, the weather suddenly became unpleasant. It was fine inside, but there was heavy rain outdoors, and the sky instantly became dark and heavy.

Some of the students who finished the test early were allowed to go back to their dormitories first, and there were fewer and fewer people left on the field.

Ye Ling went to eat, while Lu AnHe stood in place waiting for the roll call, also thinking about the conversation just now.

The susceptible period wasn’t an excuse or a cover-up, and perhaps his reaction wasn’t an accident.

He had a crush on Ji Meng from the start, so when Yi Nan made things difficult for him in the beginning, he chose Ji Meng without any hesitation at all, and never regretted his choice.

Now that he thought about it, what he viewed as a “good feeling” wasn’t pure at all.

What about the other?

Ji Meng seemed to treat very well from the beginning, so well that Lu Anhe didn’t dare to think about it deeper.

If these good feelings were simple, then yesterday’s susceptible period may also be just his worry about himself; if these good feelings weren’t simple, then he towards the other, from a long time ago… 

Lu AnHe has always been very confident, but now he began to feel stupid.

Too dumb to find an answer.

“Lu AnHe, next!”

The instructor’s roll call finally gave him a brief break from these thoughts, and Lu AnHe exhaled, putting on his hat and heading deeper into the training ground.

As he walked toward the mecha, Lu AnHe saw Ji Meng, who was also walking head-on toward him.

Presumably his last test was an individual test outdoors, Ji Meng was soaked in the rain and his clothes were soaked through, but his pace was still confident and relaxed, after all, he was an S-class trainee, and the final test wasn’t too difficult for him.

“Old Ji.”

Obviously Ji Meng also saw him, so Lu AnHe opened his mouth and called out to him the moment they brushed past each other.

Ji Meng stood still, but didn’t speak.

“You…” Lu AnHe was slightly speechless, “I have something to ask you.”

“Go back to the dorm first and wait for me, okay?”

In the past, Ji Meng would’ve agreed without saying a word, or nod very seriously.

But he seemed to have guessed what Lu AnHe wanted to talk to him about, and unexpectedly asked one more question, “What do you want to ask?”

“About…” Lu AnHe gritted his teeth, “About what happened between me and you.”

“Lu AnHe!”

The instructor saw that he was still not in place and called out his name once more.

“Go now.” Ji Meng didn’t answer directly, but just reminded Lu AnHe that it was time to get into position.

Lu AnHe grabbed his hand, “Remember to wait for me.”

Ji Meng seemed unwilling to look at him, as if he didn’t want to answer Lu AnHe’s question, “Oh.”

Lu AnHe was a little anxious, he was afraid that after he went back, he wouldn’t be able to find Ji Meng, so he semi-forcibly pinched Ji Meng’s chin so that he had to look at him, and only then repeated, “Remember to wait for me.”

It wasn’t until this happened that Ji Meng really raised his head.

Lu AnHe smelled the rain on the other, and the tips of Ji Meng’s hair were all wet, but he still pursed his lips and didn’t say anything.

Only after taking a deep look at him did he break free from Lu AnHe’s shackles, turn his face away, and leave without looking back.

“Lu AnHe!”


Lu AnHe took one last look at Ji Meng’s departing back and quickly ran to his position after answering loudly.

The other’s eyes were still engraved in his own, and at that moment, Lu AnHe was hit by something in his heart, and the question that was bothering him just now seemed to have an answer that wasn’t invasive.

Maybe, maybe he also… 

Lu AnHe knew that he has always been very accurate in reading people—

The final examination went on for a long time.

Lu AnHe completed the various tests from mecha to personal to spiritual power in turn, before finally receiving his final test results in the satisfied eyes of his instructor.

“Very good.” It was about the last training session, and the always serious instructor finally complimented Lu AnHe in a rare way, “It’s been a great two years.”

Lu AnHe showed a relaxed smile, “So instructor, actually I did bring snacks on the first day of training…”

“All right, all right, you think I don’t know?” The instructor saw him rehash the old story, a helpless smile on his face, but didn’t mean to punish him for Lu AnHe’s “surrender”, instead, his tone was a little more reluctant, “Behave yourself, or your future superior officers may not be so nice. Go now, you soldiers…”

“Yes!” Lu AnHe gave a solemn salute to the instructor and turned to leave.

After walking out of the training ground, Lu AnHe suddenly quickened his pace and ran towards the dormitory area—

This was the last few days they, the soldiers, would be in the training department.

They would return to the military academy with their training results, and then exchange them for the goals they would strive to follow in the future, becoming a real soldier.

In a sense, this was also a graduation.

When passing by the first floor, Lu AnHe heard Ye Ling and the others already discussing how to contact each other after going out, where they want to go and what they want to do… 

But he couldn’t stop and flew to his room.

Lu AnHe remembered that he had also discussed with Ji Meng about what would happen later.

At that time, the two had just lived together for a year, and it happened to be a day when the training task was not heavy, so they were able to return to the dormitory early to rest.

When the lights went out, neither of them was too sleepy, so Lu AnHe looked at the ceiling and asked Ji Meng what he wanted to do in the darkness.

“You know Major He, the one we saw when we entered the school, seems to have entered the base at that time.” Lu AnHe said, “I think he’s a particularly good soldier. If possible, I would like to enter the base in the future.”

Ji Meng’s voice came from not far away, “If you want to, you can definitely do it.”

“What about you, Old Ji?” Lu AnHe rolled over on the bed, as if he was closer to Ji Meng, “Where are you going to go later?”

Ji Meng took a long time to speak this time.

Because the lights were off, Lu AnHe couldn’t see anything, he only heard Ji Meng’s voice very softly and said, “I… I’ll probably go to the border area.”

“Huh?” Lu AnHe froze, “The border area is too far away, I thought if you were also entering the base, maybe we could see each other from time to time…”

At that time, Ji Meng seemed to laugh for a moment and paused for two seconds before continuing, “You still want to be my roommate at the base?”

“What’s wrong with that?” Lu AnHe didn’t think too much about it at that time, and said without thinking, “After all, I can’t find another person as good as Old Ji.”

Hearing these words, Ji Meng this time was really silent and only after a long time did he lightly smile and say, “Oh.”

And now these images are flashing through Lu AnHe’s mind one by one.

So what did he say at that time… 

He ran so fast that he forgot how to catch his breath, and sweat seeped on his forehead as he ran like a new recruit to the dormitory.

Lu AnHe impatiently pushed open the door, “Old Ji!”

The only answer he got was an empty room.

Ji Meng didn’t seem to have returned in the few hours that he did the test.

The desk was still the same communicator he had placed on it a day ago, the closet was still open, and it looked like it had only been here once briefly.

From the time he found himself in the isolation room he stayed with him all night, then came back and took a quick shower and left again, to the end of training, and never came back.

He remembered that look in his eyes when they last looked at each other.

Where would Ji Meng go? Would he leave without saying goodbye? After all, the completion of the final examination, wanting to leave here wasn’t a difficult task… 

Lu AnHe sat on the ground and began to think.

Lu AnHe tried to force himself to calm down and think properly, but he was anxious all over again after a few minutes.

He wanted to go to Ji Meng.

But he didn’t have any clue.

Lu AnHe buried himself in his lap and finally began to analyze where Ji Meng might have gone, and where he should start looking for him if he was really gone.

Just as he was listing the third option, his communicator suddenly rang.

He was so excited that he remembered that Ji Meng didn’t even take his communicator when he left, and his mood dropped again, as he opened his communicator.

Ye Ling’s voice rang out, “Old Lu, Lu AnHe?”


“Hey no, what’s with this voice…” Ye Ling asked.

Lu AnHe thought that Ye Ling came over to find him to talk about going out to a party later or something like that, and just wanted to interrupt him to let him talk later, but Ye Ling sighed from across the room, “Are you… Are you looking for Ji Meng?”

Hearing him say that, Lu AnHe stopped, “What’s wrong with him?”

“I don’t know what happened to you yesterday,” Ye Ling’s tone was rare and serious, “and I don’t know why he arrived just after your susceptibility period.”

Ye Ling said, “I guess he’s in the isolation room, someone just passed by and said they saw him.”

“I heard that you were in there yesterday,” Ye Ling didn’t point out that Lu AnHe didn’t admit that Ji Meng had been there, “I just wanted to let you know.”

Lu AnHe cupped his communicator, “…Thank you.”

“Come on, don’t mention it.” The always thick-headed Ye Ling paused, “Just remember what I told you today.”

“No matter what, you and Old Ji are our friends.”

Lu AnHe opened the door and ran fast again to the isolation room while speaking in the communicator, “Got it.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop here, I don’t care about anything else.” Ye Ling laughed at the other end, “After all, we have a weak mouth, ah.”

“If there’s a chance to bring you back snacks later.” Lu AnHe hung up the phone and started running at full speed.


Under what circumstances does an Alpha get through their susceptibility period?

Lu AnHe thought as he ran.

This kind of physiological knowledge was naturally taught in school early, mostly to make Alphas self-disciplined and not to be defeated by their biological instincts.

At that time, the class said that maybe there was an Omega beside them, maybe because of anger, maybe because of the violent fluctuations of emotions.

Later the physiology teacher added that some Alphas, of course, also had the possibility of advance when they were with the subject of their sexual impulses, sometimes not limited to Alphas.

He felt the answer was close at hand.

Lu AnHe couldn’t wait a second to arrive at the place he just left in the morning. After all, it was closed, and basically no one will go this way.

It was only a day and a night, and it was surprising that his mood would be so upside down when he walked here again.

But he couldn’t pretend to know nothing after finding out about it and get along with each other as friends. If today wasn’t the end of their training, maybe he would slow down a bit, change the time and place and then slowly talk about it, but he couldn’t wait. This was the last day, if he didn’t solve it now, then Ji Meng wouldn’t hold the regret of going to the border area alone, and then they would keep missing each other, until the two of them put down the ridiculous-looking ideas and heartbeats.

What a pity that would be.

Lu AnHe thought this, gathered the courage to walk through the door, and after walking through the long corridor, they finally saw each other through a glass door in the place where he had been.


Ji Meng looked as if he was having a harder time than him, and he was crouched on the couch with his back to him, his two hands trembling holding a corner of the sofa, after looking carefully, the floor even had drops of sweat on it.

In this moment of seeing him, Lu AnHe suddenly understood the mood of Ji Meng, who was standing here a day ago.

He just wanted to knock on the door to enter, but just as his hand touched the glass, the door of the isolation room silently opened.

It may be that Ji Meng didn’t pay attention when he came, but even forgot to lock the door.

The person lying on the couch didn’t seem to notice anyone coming in until Lu AnHe dropped the lock with a crisp sound, only then did the other person turn his head and stare dead at the person coming in.

The moment their eyes met, Ji Meng hadn’t had time to withdraw his defensive eyes, and looked over with even a touch of icy ruthlessness.

After noticing who it was, the other instantly withdrew the almost horrible sight, as if even his breathing was suspended, only to watch in a daze as the visitor approached him little by little.

“Old Ji.”

Lu AnHe stood in front of him and stretched out a hand to him, trying to pull him up, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

His words were vague, not sure if he was asking “why didn’t you tell me about your susceptibility before the test?” or “why didn’t you tell me anything for the past two years?”.

“I…” Ji Meng’s lips were a little dry, and his voice was soft.

He seemed to want to reach out and grab Lu AnHe, but somehow ended up backing off.

“I…” Ji Meng tilted his head to look at him, but only said a low apology, “I’m sorry.”

Lu AnHe didn’t know what he had to apologize for.

“You figured it out, right?” Ji Meng didn’t extend his hand, but looked at him as he spoke.


Lu AnHe didn’t hesitate to nod, “That’s why I asked you to wait for me in the dormitory.”

Ji Meng was silent and didn’t answer.

Lu AnHe didn’t know the meaning of his attitude, but he couldn’t bear to see the other in distress, so he simply put out both of his hands and helped Ji Meng up a little from the sofa, and sat himself next to him again.

“Don’t you have anything to tell me?” Lu AnHe asked.

“…I do.” Ji Meng spoke up this time after a long time.

“Okay, then I will speak first.” He didn’t expect that Lu AnHe didn’t follow the rules, not wanting Ji Meng to continue speaking, and interrupted him, “Old Ji, I am rather slow, yes, I mean I can’t find out in some aspects, fortunately yesterday—”

Lu AnHe was just about to go on, when he unexpectedly saw Ji Meng’s body start to shake.

Originally thought that the other party wasn’t uncomfortable, but he came closer to see, only to find that Ji Meng’s eyes were unexpectedly red.

“Can you not say that first?” The ruthlessness that was on the other when he pushed the door open was no longer to be found, so Lu AnHe felt that at this time Ji Meng was begging him almost with a bit of aggression, so he repeated, “I know what you want to say, tell me tomorrow, okay?”

Lu AnHe was confused, but his body acted first and went up to hug the other just like Ji Meng had hugged him half-jokingly a day ago, “What’s wrong?”

The moment his hands touched Ji Meng’s back, the other was almost eager to come up and hug him back with great force, but only said, “Tell me tomorrow, now… hug me first.”

Ji Meng pillowed him, Lu Anhe was so interrupted by him that he also didn’t know how to continue, the person who smiled lightly yesterday and asked him “want to bite?” suddenly became vulnerable, and he could only hold him tightly like he told him to.

“I know I shouldn’t have come to you yesterday, but even if I did,” Lu AnHe heard the other party’s shaky voice come through, “I really couldn’t help it, it’s been two years. I was afraid I wouldn’t see you again, so I wanted to be capricious…”

Hearing this, Lu AnHe noticed something, raised his hand to touch Ji Meng’s face, and surprisingly his hand touched wetness.

He was actually… crying?


Lu AnHe’s heart tightened, Ji Meng seemed to be always smiling at him, like a clear and handsome teenager, showing a thousand expressions, but never shed a tear.

“I noticed it too late, I didn’t pay attention,” Lu AnHe didn’t bother to look at Ji Meng’s face at this moment, only comforted him, “It’s my fault.”

He finally heard a distinct sob.

The emotions that the teenager had held back for two years seemed to finally burst out at this moment, “But I miss you, I long for you ah…

“I didn’t know I’d fall for an Alpha either, I didn’t know…”

Lu AnHe’s heart began to hurt with a sudden twinge.

Ji Meng wasn’t crying hard, he was just aggrieved and sad, but then said the same thing just now, “So… so even if you know, tell me tomorrow.”

“Tell me tomorrow, reject me tomorrow…”

Lu AnHe heard these words before he really froze.

“You… why do you say that?”

Ji Meng buried his head in the nook of his shoulder, Lu AnHe felt the moisture of tears spraying over, finally didn’t hold back wrenching Ji Meng’s chin, making him look up at him, “You think I’m here to reject you?”

Ji Meng reluctantly collected his tears, but his eyes were still red with a wet watery glow, and his lips were trembling, “…You’re not?”

“Not because I had to see you during your susceptible period and did that…” Ji Meng drew a breath, “But I really can’t help it, you said so yourself that you wanted me to hug you, how could I not be moved…”

Lu AnHe suddenly felt that an Alpha was no different from those Betas and Omegas.

Liking someone wasn’t just a word.

And he began to feel that an Alpha’s emotion like that was kind of “cute”.

For example, this one in front of him.

He was heartbroken by Ji Meng’s inferiority complex, but he also felt that he was the cutest person in the world, and all those uncertainties and doubts disappeared on their own.

“No.” He said deliberately.

Ji Meng’s eyes widened, and even the crying stopped, asking incredulously, “Is that…”

The way he knowingly asked was really cute, not to mention the fact that Ji Meng’s face was finally a little more red, like the excitement and blush that would unconsciously come out when he was about to get an answer.

Lu AnHe couldn’t resist lowering his head and biting heavily on the other’s lips, “I just figured out one thing.”

The sudden kiss made the color of Ji Meng’s cheeks more and more obvious, his eyes blinked and kept asking like a child who wanted an answer to everything, “What?”

“You see,” Lu AnHe said fervently after regaining his composure, “we are both male.”

Ji Meng nodded, “Mn.”

“And all Alpha.”

Ji Meng, “Oh.”

“So is it a problem for us to have a relationship?”

Ji Meng, “Huh?”

“Don’t “huh”, it’s just like that,” Lu AnHe didn’t care if his strange and sophomoric reasoning was transmitted to the other party, anyway, after he finished the sentence he was unexpectedly justified.

It was only now that Ji Meng was finally convinced that Lu AnHe had really confessed to him on the last day of his graduation, and that he was really not dreaming, and could really welcome this relationship that he hadn’t even dared to think about.

So he finally dared to say some things out loud.

For example, he really didn’t mean anything else when he was talking to Lu AnHe, and he didn’t think he would like an Alpha, but Lu AnHe always made him unable to take his eyes off of him, and he used to have some low self-esteem, so naturally he inevitably wanted to chase the sun.

But before saying that, he suddenly heard Lu AnHe ask, “Is it bitter?”

Ji Meng froze for a moment, thinking that the other party was talking about his pheromone.

The taste of his pheromone was coffee, and Lu AnHe added after asking those two words, “Is it bitter to like someone for so long?”

Ji Meng understood the other’s meaning.

He finally smiled, shook his head and said “not bitter”, then stopped hiding his pheromone and released it without reservation.

So Lu AnHe leaned down once again and kissed him again very hard.

When they were both gasping for breath and separated, Ji Meng nudged Lu AnHe and said, “By the way, let me show you something.”

“I used to have dreams,” Ji Meng said, “I thought you could never be with me, but I was afraid that one day I wouldn’t be able to control myself and would take advantage of my susceptibility to do something that I couldn’t undo…”

“That’s why I carry this with me during my susceptible period.”

Lu AnHe watched as Ji Meng pulled out a metal from the corner of the isolation room.

It was actually a bite stopper—

It was for the most despicable Alpha, something they had seen back then, worn only by the irrational, horrible Alphas locked up in special prisons.

“I was telling myself that if I really went crazy and put the bite stopper on before I was about to lose control of myself, it’s okay to be ashamed, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to resist trying to bite you.”

“Yesterday too, during the time I was holding you, I was about to go crazy thinking about it. Otherwise the susceptibility period wouldn’t be early.”

He said while putting that thing on.

Ji Meng wore a bite stopper on his face, the mask covered half of his face, and the metal strap was fastened to the back of his head, then said to Lu AnHe, “This way, I can’t hurt you even if I’m crazy.”

“Isn’t that silly?”

Lu AnHe could only see Ji Meng’s pale, reddened lips from his kisses through those small holes, surrounded by each other’s pheromone, which was an absolutely intense stimulus no matter which way you look at it.

He heard Ji Meng tell him.

Look, I won’t bite now, I’m a very good Alpha.

You can mark me.

Ji Meng smiled at him through the bite stopper, “Mark me.”


The second after he said that, the other’s canine teeth bit down on him viciously—

A sudden, sharp pain came from the back of his neck, and he tensed his toes instantly in pain as the Alpha’s pheromone pressed over in an overwhelming manner, colliding with his own pheromone and exploding with a dense, devastatingly violent reaction.

Obviously there should only be simple pain, feeling a flow of blood, but Ji Meng tilted his face up and smiled, the bite stopper shone metallic under the bright incandescent light.

“I love you too.” He said.

Like animals tearing at each other, what was wrong with becoming bloodied?

It didn’t matter if you couldn’t mark each other, think of it as branding with a scar, which was proof that you love me too.

Pain, madness, horror and beast-like desire… 

That was an Alpha.

As they begged for mercy.


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July 18, 2022 11:00 am

Wow. That was a tense and edge-of-seat chapter.
So why did they separate, or did they in fact continue their relationship throughout the story, to the point Ji Meng was killed? That would have been even worst for Lu AnHe. He didn’t even have the time to mourn back then. It’s too sad, really.
I liked the character of Ji Meng 😭
Thanks for translating and editing.
One chapter left 😢 I shall really miss this.

July 18, 2022 9:45 pm

Why oh why did the author have to punch me in the feels again this close to the end? I need the bonus chapters to soothe the nerves, not turn me into an anxiety-riddled mess! 😭🤣

Thanks for the translation and editing!

July 19, 2022 9:43 am

Omg, this is so sad…. The always cheerful Lu AnHe actually hiding very painful tragic sorrow. I wonder if HYT knew about LAH relationship with JiMeng when LAH insisted to carry JM body back home. LAH in Aegis must be so broken inside on the way back then. LAH was amazing, he didn’t show it, he stay professional serving his general.

My heart crying for Lu AnHe, it must be hurt to watch and bridge those two lovey-dovey people while mourning for his own love.

October 7, 2022 7:48 am

My heart is bleeding …..🥹 what a lovely pair … if only their ending was better🥲

January 26, 2023 9:18 pm

THIS WAS SOOO SADDD IM DEVASTATED!!! Ji meng is such a good boy 🥺❤️ I wished they had a happy ending too 😭

July 16, 2023 1:10 am

huhuhu… i love these two. would love for more. unfortunately, meng meng would go the border, while anhe became the general’a adjutant.
it’s like that the weaver girl and cowherd boy from qixi festival story, right? they can only meet once a year on the new recruits training at the border.

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