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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


Mu CangZhou bet his twelve years of memory that Jing Man definitely didn’t know what he was talking about now. He was just like the previous transmigrations, where every time he met danger, he would start self-loathing and overthink to make a decision.

He wouldn’t think it through and would make a wild statement…

This was Jing Man, like a wild dog, like a puppy, like a weed growing wildly in a wheat field, doing a common way to avoid crisis –

He would need a pat on the head, before it took less than a minute to get himself into more trouble.

He looked at Jing Man’s crimson lips, which were like the petals of a flower in full bloom, Mu CangZhou’s throat rolled and he really wanted to take advantage of the situation…

He wanted to be crazy in the name of youth, to marry him immediately, to raise six children with him in the name of a married couple. However, he also clearly understood that if he really did that, the two of them would be…

He would have the identity of the child’s second father, and occasionally may get a hand job and do other indescribable things.

But that was not what he wanted.

He wanted to connect, wanted to love each other deeply. He didn’t want to maintain it until the little bastard’s memory came back, their relationship would not have a qualitative change in results.

Mu CangZhou grinded his back teeth, using the last nerve of reason to control his right hand, pushing away the guy who was gradually pampering himself and looking at him with meek eyes. The tone of his voice was harsh, “Jing Man, you don’t talk nonsense.”

I will take it seriously, I will dream.

The latter did not panic at all even when he was fierce.

The more Jing Man thought about it, the more he thought he was a genius! I can’t believe I can propose the idea of getting married right away!

If they really got a license, they wouldn’t have to be afraid of many things in the future, and Brother Mu wouldn’t fall in love with anyone else! The children would not be separated from him!

He was so excited, his cheeks were pink and bloody, and his eyes were getting moist. He thought about how the two were now no different from being married, even a galaxy closer than his parents who had been married for over twenty years.

As of today, they have lived together, shared a bed, eaten together, lived together, and were inseparable. They even have six precious children connected by blood! Can other couples do it?!

In order to beg Mu CangZhou to agree with him, Jing Man’s body unconsciously moved closer to him, his eyes full of pleading.

His heart was puffing in his throat, but he didn’t expect to be pushed away. Jing Man’s voice had softened a bit, with a petulant tone that he didn’t even notice. Once again, “Brother Mu, I propose to you, okay? Let’s get married… Think about Xiao Jin, ZhiZhi, and the other four eggs that appeared out of nowhere, doesn’t that mean we’re destined to be together?”

What a tempting offer…

With the soft jade in his arms, coupled with the faint peach blossom scent in the air, Mu CangZhou wanted to lose his mind together… The indescribable place had been unconsciously stretched, showing the true desire of the master. Hope.

He took two steps back and leaned his back against the cold wall to feel at ease. His body was stimulated by the wall, and sanity was brought back to a few points.

Mu CangZhou’s eyes looked over at the two [microclimate] rooms, Xiao Jin and ZhiZhi were busy with their own business, and their eyes did not look this way.

Putting his heart at rest, he grabbed Jing Man and pulled him to his chest. He put the bony hand to his lips and kissed a few times. He asked, “ManMan, do you really want to marry me? We will never be separated.”

Who cares about eternity, Jing Man only wanted to get the result he wants now.

He understood in his heart why Brother Mu wanted to kiss his hand. His cheeks were hotter for no reason, and his confidence was a bit firmer.

Mu CangZhou’s eyes were dark and heavy, hair dangling in front of his forehead, revealing a previously undiscovered shade. He asked again in a deep voice, “Will you marry me? Together forever.”

This time, in addition to the kiss, he nibbled on Jing Man’s hand with his teeth, exactly where the ring finger of his left hand was.

Jing Man swallowed and nodded, “Brother Mu, I want to marry you and not be separated.”

Having gotten the answer he wanted, Mu CangZhou smiled brightly and attacked with a kiss.

This kiss… was superfluous, lingering, attacking, demanding, and lasted a long time.

The slightly swollen and red lips became a memento of the day’s engagement that was carefully carved by the two.

The first kiss, neither knew how long it lasted.

Jing Man’s patience gradually dissipated and he bit the tip of Mu CangZhou’s tongue before he was finally released.

His heart’s concern was completely resolved, and an extraordinarily real feeling of something glimpsed in yesterday’s afterglow, Jing Man’s head finally became completely awake. He realized that he had just done something absurd like forced marriage in order to get out of trouble, and even went so far as to take advantage of Brother Mu’s long-standing fondness and goodwill for himself…

In short, do not, want, to live, anymore.

Feeling the body of the young man in his arms become stiff, Mu CangZhou pulled up the corners of his mouth in a belated smile.

This kiss was his dessert, not the main meal. He lowered his head and pressed his forehead against Jing Man, his voice with a hint of hoarse, thirsty, “ManMan, fiancé, I want to know why you want to marry me.”

Oh, Brother Mu turned out to have agreed to something so absurd in total ignorance of himself. Jing Man was so ashamed and indignant that he put his hands over his face and was ashamed to see anyone. Mentally exhausted, his feet became weak and he was unstable, falling to the ground.

After realizing this, Mu CangZhou picked him up and put him on the bed. He leaned over and propped his hands on either side of Jing Man’s ears and locked eyes with him.

Jing Man started to feel awkward at this point. He blushed and said, “Brother Mu… Get off.”

Pretending not to hear anything, Mu CangZhou also felt the change in Jing Man’s body between the pushing and shoving. He let out a light laugh, “ManMan, why do you want to marry me? Do you crave my body?”

Jing Man didn’t know why he was inexplicably amused, which resulted in his face becoming dark.

Mu CangZhou’s gaze was incomprehensible and interrogative, as if to say why are you laughing when you are obviously reacting too.

He scowled and told the story honestly, “My parents told me when I was very young that I must give birth to the next generation naturally, so that the child will be healthy and smart.”

“There is no difference between egg breeding and natural childbirth.” After Mu CangZhou finished arguing, he got jealous and said, “Then why don’t you find a girl to marry?”

Jing Man got out from under him, laid down on his side, and turned to look at him. He smiled, “I haven’t finished yet, my parents also said, unless I like someone who is a boy, but we have to be married.”

Mu CangZhou realized that the little bastard must have pulled some strings and decided that he was the most suitable candidate for marriage. He took his eyes off Jing Man and also laid down on the bed in a big shape.

Mu CangZhou said roguishly, “Okay, then we’ll get married. But I don’t accept elopement, I want to have a wedding and a banquet for guests.” Afraid of pushing the person away, he added, “Just a small one, I don’t have parents, only four or five friends will attend.”

Even if he said so… it was still hard to get.

“Okay.” Jing Man gave a muffled hmmm.

Looking at Mu CangZhou lying there, he was tickled for no reason. He raised his foot cheaply and kicked the legs of the other, but this time Brother Mu was prepared, his body slightly moved sideways and he easily dodged.

He turned his wrist and pulled his fine, white, bony ankle.

Jing Man made a face and immediately started to struggle, “Brother Mu, you let go!”

Mu CangZhou’s eyes were dangerous, and his deep voice asked, “Feet still moving?”

Jing Man did not answer, but put his index finger on his lips and shushed, allowing Brother Mu to grab his ankle. He half sat up and listened sideways, somewhere in the room, the tiny click, click, click. Was one of the eggs hatching?!

In his heart, he thought that the crib did not give off an alarm of a temperature rise, so this shouldn’t be happening!

Jing Man quickly tapped on his personal terminal and cut to the camera that came with the crib.

It turned out, holy shit! More than one egg was hatching!

Both the blue aquatic egg and the furry beast people egg were actually starting to crack! He gave Mu CangZhou a glance at the scene on his personal terminal, with stars hidden in his eyes, “Brother Mu, the third child and fourth child are about to be born.”

In front of the child that would be born, the two fathers stopped flirting.

The room that was full of scarlet dissipated, and the two hurriedly put on their shoes and got out of bed.

The two older children were carried out, and the family couldn’t be missing to see the birth of the two newest babies together.

The first time, Jing Man was unfamiliar with it, the third and fourth time, Jing Man felt he could go up and give a hand. He didn’t panic at all as he watched the baby crack the egg shell from the inside and brand the shell with shallow cobwebs.

Urging Mu CangZhou to check the health of the hatchlings that were breaking their shells, he put the fifth and sixth babies that had not yet hatched on the other side. In the meantime, he gently taught Xiao Jin and ZhiZhi, “Our children are going to be born again, you two are going to be big siblings, are you happy?”

ZhiZhi’s mouth was slightly open, and gave a surprised look at the two eggs. They blinked in confusion, “ZhiZhi, is, big sibling?”

They thought they themself only had two identities, their father’s and daddy’s child and Xiao Jin’s sibling, but they never thought they could become a big sibling!

Without waiting for Jing Man to answer, Xiao Jin flapped his wings happily, curling a cool breeze.

“Yes! Big Bear is the oldest brother, I’m the second brother, and ZhiZhi will be the third sibling!”

ZhiZhi’s eyes rolled up, licked their lips, and said in a soft voice, “Miss, Big Bear.”

Xiao Jin continued to comfort, “Brother also misses Big Bear, we can see when we get home.”

Looking at the two children talking to each other, Jing Man’s heart was also filled with sweetness.

Our babies are really too cute! I joked about including Big Bear in his brother’s ranking and they really believed it! It’s true that children trust their parents 100%! I’ll have to remember to find a chance to correct this idea later.

Mu CangZhou finished his examination and put away the instruments.

In a relaxed tone, he looked at Jing Man, “The third and fourth babies are healthy and influenced each other, so they broke their shells early. It’s not a sign of premature birth.”

At this comment, Jing Man was relieved. He tuned the camera to make sure it could completely capture the scene of the third and fourth babies breaking their shells.

However, he accidentally touched the livestream button.

At the same time, tens of thousands of people who had followed [Baby’s Breath and His Babies] received a reminder of the opening of the stream. The netizens who flocked to the live stream room were in the mood to watch dragon babies, but they saw two baby eggs appear on the screen instead.

One covered with beautiful water ripples was an aquatic egg, while the other was beige and fluffy, instantly recognizable as a beast egg.

Before they had time to question where the baby dragon had gone, they heard a soft, click-click-click sound from the hatchling, and immediately withdrew their minds and began to watch the hatchlings with bated breath –

The beast egg broke a hole first, and the furry little paws poked out and scratched, like a cat’s paws, especially cute.

The aquatic egg followed suit, and a tuft of long, inky blue hair seemed to be alive and waving in the wind.

This was a sign that the egg was a rare aquatic medusa!


The author has something to say: 

Medusa reformed. He will not have a snake head, but the petrifying eyes are still there.


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