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Interstellar’s First Out of Wedlock Pregnancy

Chapter 20: Danger

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

On the green interface, a small white dot appeared with the mecha driven by Long Yuan as the center, and then a white line started from the small circle and spread out in a circular arc. After a few seconds, two other small white dots appeared on the interface.

Long Yuan looked at Sheryl’s position at the small white dot on the interface, and then decisively locked onto the dot in the lower left corner. Then he quickly called up the map of the area of Alpha, which coincided with the search interface, and finally roughly confirmed Ye Shao’s location.

Long Yuan turned with the dark-black mecha, quickly input commands on the interface, and ran towards Ye Shao. With his movements, the distance between the two white spots on the interface rapidly shortened. Finally, Long Yuan found a white mecha that turned into an airship on the grass covered with leaves and branches.

The mecha that Ye Shao was driving looked intact, but it seemed that it had run out of energy and lay motionless on the grass.

Suddenly, Long Yuan’s eyes flashed on the screen, something was walking towards the screen!

This was the red alarm for the monsters nearby, that was to say, a companion of the monster they had just eliminated was approaching in this direction at a very fast speed.

Ye Shao’s fingers trembled from overuse and could hardly clench his fists. He looked at the hologram of the mecha. His beating heart in his chest was not calm, but his whole body was relaxed.

Just as dangerous as a distant dream, only his body, which was too tired from the tension, reminded him that this was not a dream.

The cockpit continued flashing yellow, which was a sign of energy depletion.

But at least, he managed to save a soldier, and the mecha didn’t suffer any damages, but just ran out of energy, which was almost a miracle.

Ye Shao breathed a sigh of relief and leaned back on the back of his chair. His white cheeks turned whiter, and tiny beads of sweat covered his forehead and wetted the scattered hair on his forehead. Even the thick and slender eyelashes were also clinging to drops of sweat, which could not fall down.

His originally very beautiful face looked a little pitiful and weak at the moment, but his black eyes with tenacious light gave him the hard spirit belonging to a soldier. It was this strong contrast that made his face, which was originally very attractive, full of strange and confusing lures.

Ye Shao reached out and wiped his face. Suddenly, his eyes swept to a red dot in a corner of the interface. It was moving rapidly towards this side. His breath hitched suddenly. He could not move with the remaining energy of the mecha, let alone fight. He did not know how long he could maintain the current lighting function.

Almost all other call functions were disabled when the energy bar fell into the purple zone of the warning line. Unless the mecha was connected externally, it could not move at all. And the headset which was used to communicate, he didn’t know which corner of the cockpit it had rolled into.

Ye Shao’s heart, which had been calming down, began to beat quickly again. According to the speed of the monster’s movements, it would appear here in a few minutes. He had to make a quick decision, even if he was reluctant to leave the A-class mecha, he had no choice but to do so.

At this time, a pop-up screen suddenly appeared on the hologram…

“A145 requests connection, is it allowed to connect?” Asked the gentle voice again.

“Connect now!” Ye Shao was short of breath and said quickly.

The clear screen that originally reflected the scenery outside suddenly turned black and flashed again. When it was lit up, Long Yuan appeared on the screen.

Long Yuan quickly scanned his whole body with his eyes, then fixed his eyes on his face, “Good, it seems that you are not hurt. What you just did put yourself in danger, I’ll discuss it with you afterwards. Now, you just stay there and don’t move. I’ll take care of that thing.” When saying the second sentence, Long Yuan’s tone was obviously lowered by several degrees, and even emphasized on the word ‘discuss.’ His eyes were slightly dim, and there was a faint blue star in the dark pupils.

Ye Shao was stiff for a moment, and Long Yuan’s eyes could almost burn him through the screen.

His long eyelashes trembled a few times, and Ye Shao pursed the corners of his lips, and his black eyes looked straight at Long Yuan. “I don’t think I did anything wrong.” 

He tried to keep his body straight, but the high frequency of his Adam’s apple revealed a little tension.

Long Yuan obviously saw the tense look of Ye Shao’s whole body. He touched his lips and seemed to hook the corners of his mouth. “We’ll talk about this later. Now be good dear by staying there.” His eyes slightly swept to the left as he said this, and then he cut off the communication.

Ye Shao followed Long Yuan’s eyes. The little red dot on the detector had moved very close. It would appear in about a minute.

The original calm ground began to vibrate violently, accompanied by rolling dust. The monster’s huge, plump body appeared in the eyes of Ye Shao and Long Yuan, and the waving tentacles seemed to be chasing something.

Then Ye Shao could clearly see in the hologram that a small figure suddenly appeared in the rolling dust. It was a dog??!

Xuan Feng didn’t know the words to describe his current mood. His face was full of tears, and his golden hair had long been turned into a gray color. The tear marks ran down and created two mud ditches on his dirty face. It not only needed to run fast, but also pay attention to the attacker behind it. He was so tired!

What a cruel world! He deeply felt the evil from the universe!

It had just gotten off the ship, and was seen by this ugly monster. Before it even had time to search for the location of Long Yuan, it was chased around by the monster. It could hardly move any more! QAQ

I- I tell you, don’t think you can stay proud for long, when I find little Long Yuan, i’ll let him kill you! Fuck, don’t think I’m an easy mecha to bully! Relying on temporary advantage to bully the weak-spirited like this, you will definitely pay a painful price in the end!

Xuan Feng thought bitterly and indignantly, while jumping on his hind legs, he once again avoided the tentacles waved by the monster.

Wait, it seemed to feel a sense of familiarity… Xuan Feng twitched his small nose, and his black eyes suddenly lit up like two large 5000W light bulbs, “Ooh! Long Yuan little baby, help! Sob~~~” His eyes were shining and staring at the dark-black mecha not far away. Xuan Feng ran, tears flowing all the way, and then jumped up when he was about to touch the mecha.

Long Yuan glanced at Xuan Feng, who was running and crying. When it fell on him, he manipulated the mecha to jump up quickly, and then quickly input the command. The black mecha picked up two cross shaped iron pieces pinned on his waist and quickly turned it into a lightsaber.

Xuan Feng fell from the air, rolled several circles on the ground, then wiped the muddy tears on his face and tumbled another ten meters before stopping.

The scarlet eyes of the monster stared at Long Yuan in front of it, and suddenly and violently pulled out a tentacle!

Long Yuan’s eyes sharpened and his fingers went flying. After pulling out his lightsaber, the dark-black mecha, which was still in the air, suddenly moved. It was like a flash of lightning in the sky, and quickly cleaved the tentacle.

The monster’s eyes could only watch the black phantom. The next second, it cried bitterly. The tentacle originally waving toward Long Yuan was split down the middle, and a sharp pain was still moving towards it along the tip of the tentacle!

The monster angrily stared at the place where the blue mucus splashed, and then slapped the other tentacle hard!

But it couldn’t catch up with Long Yuan’s speed. When its tentacles wanted to shoot the dark-black mecha that had become a virtual shadow, the shadow had flashed behind it, and the cold lightsaber instantly inserted into its fat and incomparable body.

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Minnie ford
Minnie ford
October 21, 2020 1:26 pm

Scary monsters there’s more be safe guys get rid all of them thanks for the chapter

October 21, 2020 9:54 pm

thank you so much!

October 21, 2020 10:02 pm

Another ugly thing appeared! But hey, there is the mecha chichuachua with a unique personality! I bet Long Yuan will put him to work soon.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

October 23, 2020 2:50 pm

Oh, oh the “scary uncle” is angry about “mommy’s” behavior….. there will be some bullying in the future. XD
Sorry Xuan Feng, but imaging a small dirty golden Chihuahua, who should be the strongest known Mecha, chased by this ugly big grey tentacle blop, I can’t stop laughing.
Thank you very much for this chapter.

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