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Interstellar’s First Out of Wedlock Pregnancy

Chapter 19: Rescue

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

“When the monster’s attention is completely distracted by the C and E-class mechas, you will surround the monster with me and listen to my instructions -” Sheryl yelled when he saw the monster turning his head and slapping the C and E-class mecha drivers running beside it with his tentacles, “Now, A and B-class pilots quickly disperse and surround this monster!”

Ye Shao quickly looked at the operation interface, his eyes were staring at the dark green screen above, and his slender white fingers flew rapidly on the surface. All the instructions quickly passed through his brain, and there were no wrong reactions in the operation. Long and thick eyelashes slightly cover the dark pupil below, the moist pink lips were tightly pursed, and the black scattered hair vibrated slightly with the movement of bobbing head, which reflected a circle of gold under the light of the cockpit.

After a series of commands were input, the all-white mecha moved up flexibly, pushed forward by a jet of gas. For example, C and E-class mechas do not have flight function and air holding ability, and could only operate on the ground. Therefore, C and E-class were also called infantry. The A and B-class mechas completely broke through this limitation and could freely fly in the air, and the flexibility of the mecha and the completion speed of the command execution were several times faster than that of the C and E-class mechas. Therefore, it’s not an exaggeration to say that A and B-class mechas were the goal of all mecha drivers, and it was their lifelong dream to own one.

Two A-class mechas and seven B-class mechas formed a ring in the sky, encircling the monster  above it’s head.

At this time, the monster was still staring at the C and E-class mechas that harassed it under its feet and made it extremely irritable. Its tentacles kept waving, trying to shoot these irritating bugs, but it would be dangerous to keep dodging every time.

“Now take out the particle light gun and listen to my instructions. On the count to three, you have to start loading the cannon together. All the soldiers should pay attention. When I say retreat, no matter what the situation is, you should try your best to run away from this monster!” Sheryl stared at the monster’s movements and said quickly, “Are you ready?”

Ye Shao called up the weapon interface, and his ten finger command was input. The all-white mecha stretched out its left arm, pulled out the photon light gun from the back and loaded it on his arm. “Reporting to Sir, I’m ready.”

The other B-class drivers followed suit.

The icy muzzle of the gun aligned with the head of the monster below.

“One! Two! Three! Start loading!”

As soon as Sheryl’s voice in the headset fell, Ye Shao pushed all the energy values on the interface to the highest level. A soft electronic voice was heard in the cockpit, “Particle light gun starting loading: 10%…… 20%……”

All the ten tubes of the silver muzzle began to condense a group of flashing white light, slowly accumulating and rolling in the muzzle, trying to break its shackles.

“All C and E-class drivers now listen! With the fastest speed, retreat!! Get out of here now! Come on!” Sheryl exclaimed, while the soft female voice slowly broadcast the report, “The particle light gun is loaded at 100%.”

The white light was surging in the muzzle of the gun, almost ready to rush out!

All the C and E-class drivers controlled their mechas to jump back, turn around and increased the speed value to maximum. They ran in all directions, and their bodies almost formed a long straight line.

The monster didn’t seem to understand how these fearless bugs suddenly started to run away from him. Did they think he would let them go? The monster shook his tentacles angrily, and his red eyes glared at the fleeing C and E-class mecha drivers. His mouth was full of cold and shining fangs.

At this time, its head blocked by anger finally noticed something wrong, but the pressure from the top of its head was irreversible. Ten dazzling light clusters converged into a white sphere wrapped in thunder and lightning, and its volume suddenly increased five-folds, just like an apocalypse falling from the sky, it pressed down with great pressure.

The monster let out a piercing cry, this huge force was frightening, but its huge body could not escape! The monster growled in horror, and piled all its tentacles on top of its head.

“Get out of here!” The body shape of the dark blue mecha flashed and quickly reappeared ten meters away.

Ye Shao glanced at the monster surrounded by the dazzling white light. The periphery of the light cluster had penetrated into its first tentacle. He could smell the burning skin and flesh of the monster. Large pools of blue mucus surged out, wetting a huge area of the ground underneath.

Covered with the power of lightning, the white light began to shrink, like a heart contracting, Ye Shao was afraid it would soon explode and didn’t dare stay any longer. He entered the command on the interface and manipulated the mecha to jump to safety.

The monster also seemed to realize that it couldn’t escape the scythe of death. It cried out, and its indignant eyes stared at the soldiers who were still fleeing. Even if it was going to die, it had to pull these bugs to die together with it!!!

The tentacle lightning, stained with blue mucus, blindly reached out to the drivers of the C and E-class mechas running with their backs to it.

Some soldiers didn’t immediately run away after Sheryl’s command, those who fell behind immediately felt their ankles wrapped by the tips of the tentacles, and then dragged back by a huge force.

“Ah, ah!” The dragged soldier could only see the scene in front of them flash, before they had been lifted upside down. 

The red light in their mecha began to flash, “Please pay attention!! Mecha is attacked by an unknown object, attacked by an unknown object ” With their hearts beating wildly, he entered the attack command. The steel giant arm rose, holding the long shaped gun in his hand, and shot at the tentacle dragging his ankle.

Although the bullet was small, it was just like a big bullet on the top of its head.

The tentacles of the monster wrapped around the mechas ankles began wrapping around his whole body, the huge force confined the hard steel into its shape.

The scream of the soldier resounded in everyone’s ears. Sheryl’s eyes were bloodshot. He clenched his teeth. “All of you, keep going! No turning back!”

Ye Shao’s brow frowned. He understood Sheryl’s scruples, but now there was an opportunity to save the soldier. He couldn’t let him die in front of him.

Ye Shao pursed his lips and entered a command on the operation interface. The all-white mecha quickly turned around and simultaneously did a rapid forward jump, rushing to the soldier who was entangled by the monster as fast as possible.

“A-class pilot! You come back to me!! Do you hear me?!”

Ye Shao simply took the headset out of his ear and threw it aside. The white ten fingers quickly jumped on the interface. The all-white mecha touched its waist, removed a ‘cross’ shaped iron block from it, and held it in its hand. The next second, a blue and white lightsaber appeared in its hand.

“Damn it!” Long Yuan, who was controlling his mecha leisurely, patted his own suspension screen with his hand as the troops retreated. Then he turned around and ran towards Ye Shao with his dark-black mecha.

The white light that sank into the monster’s body shrank faster and faster, and finally burst out under pressure. The dazzling white light exploded in an instant, just like a new sun rising on the ground. The light shone through all the people and made them block their eyes with their hands and quickly turned off the holograms of their mechas.

Long Yuan, in the black mecha, also couldn’t help covering his eyes. The mecha lost the next command and stood still. The veins of his brows burst out, and a low growl rolled down his throat, “Ye Shao –“

No one saw that, the moment before the white light flashed, Ye Shao was still controlling the mecha. With a very strange and fast figure, he dashed to the tentacles that surrounded the soldier and quickly cut them off. Then he dug out the cockpit of the mecha that couldn’t move, and held it in his arms. Finally, he urged the mecha to use all its power to push the mecha forward. The white mecha flew to one side quickly; in an instant, it appeared 20 or 30 meters away!

The dazzling white light lit up behind him, followed by a strong impact, which pushed forward faster due to the turbulent air flow. Ye Shao stared at the operation page without blinking, and his fingers could almost feel the shadow of its operation.

“The mecha has run to its maximum… Beep, beep… Starting to deform. Activating glide function…” The all-white mecha assembled and deformed in the sky in an instant and became a small airship. Its bottom tightly sucked in the square cockpit. In the impact of the air, it looked like a boat drifting with the waves, which was pushed and flew forward.

The huge impact finally ended. The 20 story monster was blown to pieces. The gray meat and blue mucus rained heavily in the sky, making the large area of land a mess.

Long Yuan gritted his teeth and looked in front of the mecha, at where the monster had exploded, but found no trace of the all-white mecha.

Where did Ye Shao go?

Long Yuan gasped for breath. He believed that Ye Shao was okay, just——

He wanted to determine where Ye Shao was right now.

Long Yuan maneuvered the mecha to turn around and then switched on the detector, “Search for A-level mechas around.”

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Minnie ford
October 19, 2020 2:20 pm

Whoa thanks Ye Shao okay giant monster gone thank you for another great chapter i want more please

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Hey Baby! Your mommy is a real cool fighter!
Thanks for your hard work. Looking forward to the next chapter.

October 19, 2020 7:24 pm

Lesson 1 for you Long Yuan ….don’sit idly next time🤣🤣

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October 19, 2020 10:12 pm

Oh no, in the next chapter, instead of a ‘thank you, you did a great job’, Ye Shao will probably get a lecture about saving the fellow soldier’s life. And not eco-friendly monster is gone, but there will be a lot of cleaning to do, yuck.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

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Thank you for the chapter. It’s like a godzilla, but not as honorable.

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Oh, you’ve got a live one there, Long Yuan 😏 You’ll not have it all your way, or easy (I hope).
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