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Chapter 7: He Died

Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


The light in the girl’s eyes faded bit by bit, and she already didn’t have the strength to stand back up again. Even if she returned to this world again, there was no place left for her. Her only hope was to take revenge, but she couldn’t do it anymore, and there was no one who could avenge her.

There was no one who could help her nor lend her a hand.

Finch squatted down and looked at her. He hesitated for a moment before slowly reaching out a hand and brushing the messy hair that was covering her forehead to the side. He said earnestly, “I promise you that he will be punished.”

When Ceci heard this, her lifeless and dim eyes brightened and she stared at Finch, stunned.

Finch smiled. “You will go home.”

Ceci blinked, and tears suddenly fell again. This time, however, they weren’t the color of blood, and instead were clear and transparent. The tears slid down her cheeks and fell to the floor, and her lips quivered as she said weakly, “Thank you.”

Finch smiled again and stood up. They should get going now.

At this time, Ceci suddenly said, “Brother Finch…”

Finch turned around.

Ceci looked at him and smiled apologetically and said guiltily, “Sorry… Actually, I didn’t want to hurt you just then, I just wanted to stop you for a little…”

Finch looked at her and waited.

However, the girl didn’t say anything else, and her eyes lost all light completely. She was unmoving like a statue.

She had died again, and this was the last time.

Finch turned around and left. He clearly wasn’t scared of her anymore, but he still didn’t want to stay there any longer.

Nothing obstructed their path and they quickly arrived at the main hall. However, when they went in, Finch suddenly stopped. He looked sideways at Cesar with conflicting emotions in his eyes. He said softly and with a little uncertainty, “Will Zheng ZhiRui… really be punished?”

Everything that had happened tonight was too absurd. Could a dead person’s words be used as evidence? Who could prove Zheng ZhiRui’s doings? Because too many things were uncertain, Finch actually couldn’t promise that Zheng ZhiRui would be punished; he had told Ceci a white lie.

But perhaps Cesar could do what Finch couldn’t.

Cesar looked into Finch’s expectant eyes and his lips parted slightly to say, “Yes.”

Finch was at ease at once. He suddenly felt that having an ex-boyfriend that had a lot of money and power was a good thing.

As Cesar looked at Finch’s expression and his bright eyes, Cesar seemed to be infected with something… Cesar calmly clasped his hands behind his back and clenched them, resisting the urge to touch Finch’s head.

Cesar said, “Let’s go in.”

Finch pushed open the door, and the hall was still bustling. Everyone’s expressions were solemn and worried, but that was no different from when they had left.

Nothing had happened yet, that really was too great!

Their first priority was to find Lily and Anna, but there were a lot of people in the hall. Finch and Cesar met each other’s gaze and headed towards different expressions to search. However, they searched the entire hall and returned to where they had started, and there was still no sign of Lily nor Anna.

Where had they gone to?

Finch suddenly realized that Zheng ZhiRui was also gone. Could it be that they had already succeeded?!

Of course, Cesar also realized that, and he frowned contemplatively.

At this time, Luo JinYi quietly made his way to them.

Just then, everyone had seen Cesar chase after the murderer. Luo JinYi also knew that, so he had thought that Cesar should be fine. However, he still couldn’t help but be fearful when Cesar hadn’t returned yet; what if even Cesar couldn’t deal with things… What if something also happened to Cesar?

And so, Luo JinYi had waited uneasily like this.

When he saw Cesar return, he calmed down, but when he saw that brat, Finch, also return with Cesar, Luo JinYi was confused. When had he slipped out, and why was he with Cesar? Could it be that the two of them really did have some hidden relationship?!

Luo JinYi felt that he hadn’t cared about gossip in a long time, but now he was unbearably curious. That brat Finch was just a little-known actor under him, so what kind of relationship could he have with Cesar? What did he have that made Cesar regard him with special respect?

Of course… the most important thing right now was whether or not the murderer had been dealt with.

Luo JinYi was filled with questions, and he pushed away the fear of being disliked as he walked up to them. He said nervously, “Mr. Yu, you’re back. Did you find the murderer?”

Cesar glanced at him and nodded curtly.

Luo JinYi’s mouth was a bit dry, and he asked carefully, “Then we’re not in danger anymore, right?”

Since the murderer had been found and Cesar had returned unscathed, then the problem must’ve already been dealt with! As Luo JinYi thought this, he almost wept tears of joy.

But this time, Cesar didn’t nod and asked instead, “Have you seen Zheng ZhiRui?”

Luo JinYi thought for a moment, and his expression became one of disdain and envy. “Oh, he brought two female models out with him. Young, healthy bodies really can get it on… He even dares to go outside and fool around at a time like this, he’d still be happy if he died under a peony flower and became a ghost, 1 hahaha…”

Finch was speechless. Brother, you might be right. 2

Luo JinYi didn’t think he had said anything terrible, as he was only joking around. Although he was a little disgusted by Zheng ZhiRui’s actions, as a man, he still couldn’t help but be a little jealous; after all, he took care of his health very well, so even though his wife wasn’t that strict, sometimes he wasn’t strong enough to do what he wanted to…

Luo JinYi added cuttingly, “Two at a time, he’s not scared that he won’t be able to bear it…”

Cesar remained silent.

Finch and Cesar made eye contact, and Finch asked, “Mr. Luo, do you still remember where he went?”

Luo JinYi grinned. “I think he went upstairs. That’s his exclusive floor.”

He hadn’t even finished speaking when Cesar and Finch rushed upstairs at the same time!

Luo JinYi was speechless and then became bewildered.

Cesar was very fast, so he was the first one to get upstairs. He had just gotten there when he frowned.

In the corridor of the top floor, a few bodyguards were strewn across the floor. Some had broken legs, some had broken arms, and the abdomen of some had even been carved out. It was just like a tragic scene from a movie with corpses everywhere…

Finch caught up a second later, and when he saw the corpses, he was already numb, so his face only paled a bit.

He cautiously stepped over the bodies, but he tripped over something and staggered. A bloody hand suddenly grabbed his ankle! Finch was startled and trembled as he met a bodyguard’s gaze.

The bodyguard was taking his last breaths, and his expression was extremely fearful. Blood dribbled out of his mouth, and he said spasmodically, “Don’t… go there…”

Finch was silent and thought, That’s right, you’ve reminded me! Why would I go now? I’ll just leave the rest to Cesar! He drew his leg back and pumped his fist at Cesar! Brother, I won’t go and drag you down!

Cesar stepped forward emotionlessly and kicked open the door.

The next moment, Zheng ZhiRui charged out while screaming! His hair was in a disarray, and his shirt was tattered. He was covered in blood, and he was just barely alive from having suffered through so many blows. He screamed in fear as he ran out, and when he saw Cesar, his eyes lit up in joy as he shouted, “Help me!”

Two girls followed him out! Their expressions were contorted and ferocious, so much so that Finch could barely tell what they looked like normally. When they saw Zheng ZhiRui coming at them, one of them’s hair suddenly grew longer, and her eyes glowed red as she whipped her hair at Cesar!

One of the girls went to block Cesar, and the other raised her sharp fingernails and charged at Zheng ZhiRui, intending to kill!

Their strong hatred for Zheng ZhiRui was why they had planned to torture him slowly, but seeing as Cesar had already rushed here, they didn’t keep any more reservations to deliver the killing blow!

Cesar silently stood where he was, unmoving.

When the hair reached him, he suddenly reached out a hand and grabbed the long, pitch-black hair. He wrapped it around his wrist and pulled up the girl. She was like a bead that had been fastened onto a black string, and she was lifted up and hurled towards the other girl that was charging at Zheng ZhiRui!

The girl was caught off guard, and she was sent flying by her partner! They slammed against the wall, forming a hole in it!

Finch was dumbfounded. So hair that was too long wasn’t good either…

She let out a blood-curdling scream, climbed back up, and charged at Cesar again.

Cesar chuckled coldly, and still holding onto the hair, he jumped into the air and he used the wall as leverage to swiftly close in on them. His punch landed squarely, deforming one of the girls’ heads…

Following his rapid strikes, the two girls collapsed, nearly dead, and they laid on the floor weakly…

They couldn’t dodge Cesar at all and instead screamed, “Ahhhhh, I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you all, ahhh——!”

Cesar struck again, and they started crying.

Cesar dealt the final blow, and they were silent.

He looked down at them indifferently and watched as they slowly transformed into puddles of pus, which then evaporated bit by bit… everything was finally quiet.

Zheng ZhiRui had shrunk into the corner and had been trembling the entire time. Besides the smell of blood, he also smelled of urine, as he had clearly wet himself out of fear.

Only until the two girls disappeared completely that he finally got up, still trembling. He was still frightened out of his wits as he ran to Cesar and exclaimed, “Thank goodness you came! Thank goodness you came! Thank you, thank you! I’ll definitely repay you!”

Cesar glanced at him indifferently and remained silent. He stepped away from Zheng ZhiRui emotionlessly, though a hint of disgust flitted past his eyes.

Zheng ZhiRui didn’t care, as he had thought he was about to die. Now, still being able to live was practically like being revived, and he was overjoyed. Thank goodness Cesar had been here today! Otherwise… he recalled what had happened, and he couldn’t help but shiver, his eyes filled with desperation and fear.

Tonight, after the murders had happened and seeing Ceci’s corpse again, he had been very anxious and not in the mood at all to fool around with girls, but somehow, the two girls had spoken a bit with him and, as if he had consumed a magic potion, he had ignored his subordinates’ protests and followed the girls upstairs. What happened next was just like a nightmare…

His subordinates had all been killed, and the two evil ghosts had slowly tortured him delighted in his despair…

At the time, he indeed had been hopeless because Cesar still hadn’t come. He was scared that people would find out about what he did so he had concealed the truth and let Cesar run out by himself. Something might’ve happened to Cesar, and at the time, he was extremely regretful that he hadn’t told someone to bring Cesar back.

Compared to dying here, he’d rather go to jail. And with his power, it wasn’t impossible for him to get away with a light sentence…

But just when he was sure he was going to die, Cesar had come back.

Zheng ZhiRui collapsed against the wall in exhaustion and looked at Cesar in fear and gratitude. He asked shakily, “They, they won’t come back, right…”

Cesar looked at him and the corner of his lips twitched upwards, forming a wry smile.

Zheng ZhiRui was frightened by his expression and nervously thought about fleeing. Unfortunately, his legs were still so weak he could barely stand, and he frantically thought about how he should explain everything to Cesar. Suddenly, Cesar turned around and left.

Because of the commotion upstairs, the sound of footsteps approached, as someone had come up to check what was happening.

The first person to arrive was a young waiter that was still wearing the ship’s staff uniform. Finch remembered him; he was the youth with the babyface that had helped him pull off the tablecloth and called him a good person.

The waiter cautiously looked at the scene in front of him and seemed to be a little scared, but he still mustered up his courage and stepped forward to help prop Zheng ZhiRui up. “Mr. Zheng, are you okay?”

Zheng ZhiRui clutched his arm and stood up with his help before saying slowly, “No…”

The waiter asked, “Then shall I bring you to rest somewhere?”

The girls’ corpses that had transformed into pus had already evaporated completely, and there was nothing left of them, as if they had never existed, so only the bodyguards’ bodies were left. Even though he wasn’t sure why that would be, Finch guessed that everything should finally be over now, and no one else would die.

But when he glanced at Zheng ZhiRui, he inexplicably felt a bit disappointed.

So many people had died, and perhaps some of them had helped Zheng ZhiRui sin, but perhaps some of them were innocent, or their crimes weren’t punishable by death. They had all died… yet this person was still alive.

Finch shook his head and was about to leave; either way, this didn’t have anything to do with him.

At this time, he saw Zheng ZhiRui suddenly widen his eyes, and he groaned. The sharp tip of a blood-stained dagger emerged from his throat.

The young waiter, who was still holding Zheng ZhiRui up, still wore a genial smile. He slowly pulled out the dagger from the back of Zheng ZhiRui’s throat and looked at Finch. He smirked, and there were faint dimples on his cheeks.

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Translator Notes:

  1. The peony flower basically refers to beautiful women, so this saying basically means that one would be happy to die and become a ghost if it meant they could sleep with a beautiful woman.
  2. What Finch means by this is that Luo JinYi was merely using a saying to describe how Zheng ZhiRui likes to fool around with women, but the literal meaning of the saying he used was quite spot-on with what is actually happening.


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