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Chapter 40.5: Extra

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

Author Note: New year celebration!

I wish you all a happy new year for the year of the horse~~ This is my new year gift to you all~~ Thank you very much for leaving a message in the last chapter, hugs~

After reading the votes were tallied:

31 – egg

5 – Qi Sheng 5 

4 – Viviparous (this is another idea^_ ^

Well, that’s about it, so I decided to have him lay an egg at last. Don’t worry, I will write it in a cute way~ Thank you for your long comments! Bow!

New Year Celebration

New Year celebration = meat + wrapping paper = meat wrapping paper

The plot is set on the day after the baby’s born from their eggshell. At this time, the seme and uke are married (QAQ this may be different from the progress of the plot, but this is hehe, claps hands, don’t worry too much about it lol~)


In the great palace——

Ye Shao had just taken a bath and was only wearing a bathrobe. His black hair was wet and settled on his cheek and neck. Because he had just taken a bath, his white skin was stained with a little pink. His thick eyelashes were also stained with a trace of water vapor, his original cold pure black eyes were dyed with softness. The white bathrobe was tied tightly, showing only his inverted jade bowl-like collarbone and a section of his snow-white neck. Since there was a thick white carpet in the room, Ye Shao didn’t wear shoes when he came out of the bathroom. His jade feet almost melted into the same color as the carpet and became even whiter and transparent.

When Ye Shao saw the figure sitting on the wide bed, he stopped for a moment. “Didn’t you have a meeting with ministers in the conference room? Why did you come back so early?” This period of time, Long Yuan wouldn’t come back until after 10:00 p.m., but now it was only 8:00 p.m., so it was a little strange to see him now.

Long Yuan saw Ye Shao in his bathrobe, and his eyes deepened. Although he had held Ye Shao yesterday, he could not help but want to possess him when he saw that he had just taken a bath and his black eyes looked at him with a faint mist. “The new year is coming soon. Anyway, there is nothing important. I will let them go home first.” 

After his majesty announced that Long Yuan would succeed the throne, the time Long Yuan and Ye Shao spent together was significantly shortened. In fact, Long Yuan wanted to come back early to accompany Ye Shao. As the new year approached, the Empire had accumulated a lot of affairs. For a month, every morning, he could only kiss Ye Shao’s forehead, and sleep beside him. Then he would immediately get out of bed to clean up. When he left the door in a hurry, the sky would only be slightly bright.

“Come here.” Long Yuan waved to Ye Shao, then patted his side to indicate that he should sit beside him.

Ye Shao walked to Long Yuan and sat down. Long Yuan picked up the towel that Ye Shao held onto his shoulder moderately in his palm and rubbed it on his hair.

Ye Shao obediently inclined his head in Long Yuan’s direction. Because of his action, the neckline of his bathrobe, which was tightly buttoned on his neck, slightly opened. From Long Yuan’s point of view, he could see the beautiful lines of his back, as well as the trace of the reddish flower petal that he sucked on last night.

These marks were spread all over underneath the bathrobe. If Ye Shao didn’t object to leaving the kiss marks outside the clothes, there would be reddish marks all over his white neck too. As long as he thought about how these traces were all left by him, his body could not help but feel a faint heat. The person in front of him was his, whether it was now or in the future.

Long Yuan rubbed, and could not help but bow his head and kiss Ye Shao’s neckline and shoulder concave, and then kiss it again. Ye Shao shrunk his shoulders, but he was puzzled and turned his head slightly. He was blocked by a burning breath.

Long Yuan’s big hand had already opened the front of Ye Shao’s bathrobe and touched his chest. He rubbed the spot on his chest. The other hand felt from his thigh, covering the sleeping nub without any cover, and served him carefully.

Slowly, the small penis stood up. Long Yuan touched the concave part under the upright and delicate root, then held the delicate column with his hand, and rolled his hand up and down in the familiar movement known to men.

Ye Shao breathed hard, separated from Long Yuan’s intertwined lips and pulled out a thin silver thread. His face was flushed and his eyes were still a little shy. However, he did not refuse Long Yuan, instead, he reached out to encircle Long Yuan Yuan’s neck, kissed him on his lips, “Tomorrow, you promised the baby we would go to the street to watch the new year’s performance and fireworks. We need to get up early tomorrow, and not do it too many times today…”

Long Yuan paused for a moment, then snorted, which was an answer. Then he put his arm around Ye Shao’s waist and crushed him on the bed. The hot palms that originally stroked Ye Shao’s chest slid down the waistline to Ye Shao’s very upturned buttocks. After rubbing his buttocks with excellent movements, he slid in through the slit in the middle and began to open up the tight entrance hidden inside.

Knowing that Long Yuan had agreed with him, Ye Shao was relieved. If he went along with Long Yuan’s temperament, he may not want to get out of bed until noon tomorrow. 

His body that was touched by Long Yuan had begun to get hot. Ye Shao writhed his waist, and a trace of clear liquid appeared on his upright penis. Two fingers were put into the mouth of the acupoint behind him. It was a little strange, but he didn’t hate it. He even felt that his body was getting hotter, and his acupoint began to open and close unconsciously, swallowing the extended fingers deeper. When Long Yuan’s fingers touched a raised spot hidden in the inside, Ye Shao’s body bounced, and more liquid came out in front of him, almost gushing out.

The bathrobe had been scattered for a while. The white jade-carved body appeared naked in the middle of the scattered bathrobe. There were a few obvious marks on it, like cherry blossom petals spreading on the white jade like skin. The two grains in front of the chest had already stood up trembling, as if waiting for someone’s caress and love. Long Yuan’s eyes darkened. He leaned over to kiss the skin beside the spot, but he didn’t care for the trembling nub.

Ye Shao couldn’t help but feel the two points on his chest with his hand, but Long Yuan reached out and grabbed his hand and held them above Ye Shao’s head.

“Tell me, what do you want?” Long Yuan looked at Ye Shao in a teasing way, reached out the tip of his tongue and licked a spot on his left chest.

The licking and scratching just gave Ye Shao a little itchy feeling, instead of solving the itching of his shame, he became more eager to be caressed.

“Kiss… kiss there…”


“Nip…nipple. Ah… Come on…” Ye Shao’s face was even redder.

Long Yuan lowered his head and held the spot on Ye Shao’s chest with his mouth, while he lifted it with his fingers.

Three fingers were stuffed into the soft opening covered by his ass cheeks. Each time Long Yuan thrusted in with his fingers, he would deliberately rub the sensitive point. He had done it so many times with Ye Shao, and he had mastered all the sensitive points of Ye Shao’s body.

The small penis in front of Ye Shao’s body was even more rigid. After Long Yuan rubbed the spot in his body again, he couldn’t help shake. His eyes, which originally contained water vapor, were now blank. His body even unconsciously arched upward, and his pink lips slightly opened.

Looking at Ye Shao’s totally unconscious obsequiousness, Long Yuan couldn’t help but take off all his clothes, and deeply bury his long-standing penis into Ye Shao’s carefully expanded cave.

Ye Shao snorted. His slender legs were hooked around Long Yuan’s waist, and his head was lifted higher than Long Yuan’s chest, and his red and swollen nipples were pointing into Long Yuan’s hot and humid lips.

The silky smooth inner wall tightly entwined with the huge penis invading the interior. Long Yuan paused for a moment in Ye Shao’s fiery body, grabbed Ye Shao’s waist and began to thrust heavily.

“Ah, umn…” Ye Shao shook from Long Yuan’s violent movements. 

Every time he thrusted, Long Yuan’s balls would slap heavily on his butt. It seemed that he wanted to hit his two balls into his body. Every time Long Yuan’s member entered, he would thrust to the root, and then quickly pull out, and then thrust in heavily again. The fiery member rubbed against the smooth inner wall that was loved yesterday, and the tingling feeling was constantly coming from the position occupied by the invasion. The hole was not satisfied, the strong member entered the fiery heat and was swallowed deeper.

In the open bedroom, there was a heavy sound of skin and flesh slapping against one another. Ye Shao gasped with his mouth wide open. He reached out to cover his eyelids with a trace of moisture in the corners of his eyes.

Long Yuan leaned down to kiss the corner of Ye Shao’s lip, then took away his hand across his eyes. His action was precious and gentle, and his movements under his body became more rapid. His member’s head constantly rubbed the sensitive point, which caused Ye Shao’s body to tremble.

Ye Shao’s eyes had become blurred, and his chest fluctuated violently. After Long Yuan’s member reached that point in his body, he moaned again, and the towering member spat out a stream of white liquid.

One drop even splashed on the corner of his lip. He unconsciously stretched out the tip of his pink tongue and licked his own lip corner. Long Yuan’s breathing suddenly increased a lot, he buckled Ye Shao’s waist and quickly pulled out several times. When he buried his member into the deepest part of Ye Shao’s body, he entered faster.

Long Yuan was lying on Ye Shao’s body, and he didn’t touch the small penis. After a while, the original soft penis began to seep liquid and harden again.

Long Yuan turned over Ye Shao’s soft body and kissed him several times on his beautiful back. Unlike the fierce impacts just now, he thrusted in and out slowly.

“Wait! Wait a minute! Ah, umn.. Tomorrow…” Ye Shao kneeled on the bed, his arms were soft enough to support the bed surface, but his buttocks were raised high because of Long Yuan. Long Yuan’s member was still moving in and out slowly and grinding in his body. Every move would bring out some white liquid that he had just left.

“Let’s do it again. This time we’ll go to bed after.” Long Yuan once again grabbed Ye Shao’s penis head, which had begun to lift slightly. He began to move up and down without moving his body completely. The delicate penis bounced in his hand and stood up slowly.

“Mmm…” Ye Shao couldn’t refute that his body was heated up again by Long Yuan’s skillful movements, and he could only rise and fall in the deep sea under his strokes.

“Ah…” Ye Shao’s sharp chin was up, his lips were sinuous, and he was unable to swallow his saliva. His penis’ head was pushed by Long Yuan to the bed surface, the liquid flowing out had dyed a small piece of quilt sheet with deep color. His flexible waist was unable to sink, and unconsciously twisted and turned with Long Yuan’s movement. 

His white back was covered with freshly printed red kisses, and was still bent over his body, the possessiveness in the man’s eyes were constantly increasing, and a point on the chest was also pulled and rubbed. Long Yuan did not prefer a side, when the other felt empty, he would always move to that point.

The white buttocks had long been pounded and turned red. He could see that the purple member was slowly moving in and out. The pink entrance had become gorgeous and obscene, they could hear the sound of squelching. The extremely beloved part had been extremely wet, and liquid was constantly leaking out of the member, sliding down from Ye Shao’s white thighs and dripping onto the bed sheets.

“Mn, mn…” Ye Shao was thrust into constantly, his moist eyes turned to look at Long Yuan, “Quick… Hurry up…” He clenched his asshole a few times. The unbearable invitation in his eyes made Long Yuan thrust into him harder.

Long Yuan breathed a low breath, pressed on Ye Shao’s waist, he began to lift up quickly under his body. His wet and soft penis tightly rubbed against Long Yuan’s chest, and the tight feeling almost made him come in this way.

Long Yuan swallowed several times, hugged Ye Shao, put one of his legs on his shoulder, and then leaned over to kiss his slightly hardened nub. He moved quickly above him. When Ye Shao was beneath his body, he quickly thrusted dozens of times, and finally, Ye Shao came after swallowing the inner wall which had become compact.

Several thick streams of hot liquid hit the sensitive inner wall, making Ye Shao’s body tremble and sending out a long and confused moan.

Long Yuan took a breath, but did not bury his member further. He was excited by Ye Shao, in the charming gentle countryside again. He picked up Ye Shao and walked to the bathroom next to his to clean his whole body. After taking a quick bath, he held Ye Shao and went back to the bedroom, changed the bed sheet, and finally slept with Ye Shao.

In his sleep, Ye Shao suddenly felt that his chest was stuffy. It seemed that there was something heavy on it, and his breathing was not smooth. He frowned, and his long eyelashes trembled. Then he subconsciously pushed his hand upward, trying to drive the heavy object off his body.

Then there was a soft voice in his ear. Ye Shao was startled and suddenly opened his eyes. He saw a fleshy little ball rolling on the back of the bed. He almost fell off the bed, which startled Ye Shao.

Fortunately, when he rolled to the end of the bed, the small thing stopped, but his round face was full of fright, and his pink lips flattened downwards. His two small hands held a little quilt and shrank in front of his chest, his big black eyes looked at his direction wrongly. The circles of his eyes were red, and the water spray in it kept spinning and turning, as if it was about to fall down.


Ye Shao immediately pushed Long Yuan, who had already opened his eyes, to release his arms. Then he took the beautiful boy who was wronged like a soft and cute animal into his own arms, the fingers of his two small fists were held in Ye Shao’s palms. At the same time, he grasped the bathrobe collar replaced by Long Yuan on Ye Shao’s body, and the red tip of his nose was lifted, “Daddy…wuwu, Xiaobao is afraid… wuwu… ” After being stroked behind his spine for a long time, he stopped sobbing, then buried his head in Ye Shao’s arms and rubbed him religiously.

Long Yuan, next to him, stared at his son who was eating his wife’s tofu, and then touched his nose before he went to change clothes.

On the edge of the big bed, a round baby appeared, “Daddy, When is the departure time? Baby really wants to see the bride show. ” His bright eyes were staring at Ye Shao, full of longing.

>▽<Baby has never seen the bride’s performance. It must be fun~

Yeah? It seems wrong… What is a bridal show?

The small head tilted several times, but could still not remember how to call it, and then immediately put the idea aside. Anyway, as long as it’s fun/~

Ye Shao didn’t have time to correct the baby’s slip of mouth. When the smaller baby began to feel uneasy again and cried loudly, “Xiaobao also wants to see the bride’s performance! Wuwu… “

Ye Shao could only continue to comfort the smaller baby in his arms.

So, after a hectic morning, the family of four finally dressed up and went out of the palace to see the bride’s performance.

But by then, no one could remember the baby’s slip of mouth at that time.

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Minnie ford
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