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Chapter 107: Extra 4 – New Year’s Eve (III)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

A whole table of food was eaten clean, and everyone had a big belly. Wen Jin was still struggling with the biggest plate of frozen shrimp in the middle of the table. It was fresh shrimp completely frozen in ice. Mrs. Margaret did not put too much seasoning or cook too much, but it tasted delicious.

The head and body of the shrimp were gathered together, and a straight line had been cut in the middle of the shrimp shell. Along this line, the shrimp shell was peeled off. The shrimp meat inside was chewy and full of peculiar fragrance. It spreads on the tip of the tongue, causing people to peel the second and the third.

“It’s delicious.” After eating another shrimp, Wen Jin’s cheeks were bulging. He looked at the side to Dewitt, and looked at only one shrimp left on the plate with a greedy face.

Eve was also staring at the shrimp. Two people’s eyes collided with each other across the shrimp. Dewitt’s eyes were raised properly. Eve shrank her neck for a moment and did not move.

“Can we eat it tomorrow?” Wen Jin grabbed the last shrimp and looked at Dewitt.

Feeding the soft meat from the shrimp to Wen Jin, and Dewitt responded, “Yes.”

The fox’s cheer came from the hall in an instant.

“Wen Jin.” Eve was still a little reluctant, since she knew Mrs. Margaret seldom cooked. With the relationship between Wen Jin and Dewitt, he could eat many times in the future, but she was different. If not for the New Year’s Eve dinner, it might be the last shrimp made by Mrs. Margaret she could have in a few years. Eve, who was very unwilling, did not even call Wen YingJun.

“What?” Wen Jin looked at her, biting seashells.

Professor Lin drank a little wine and had been brought back by Chen Xiong. At this moment, there were only a few young people left in the hall.

“I hear you’re going to Medal in two months?” Eve watched the shrimp meat Wen Jin had eaten, swallowed saliva, and swallowed the topic of fresh shrimp painfully.

Medal was the planet that the beasts had bought to be eventually separated from Assyria. Since the end of the Zerg War, all those who were unwilling to stay in Assyria and their cubs had successfully completed the transition.

Almost overnight, the Assyrian beast disappeared. There were also a variety of unaccustomed comments on Star Net.

“Yes.” Wen Jin nodded.

Medal did not allow any race to enter, even those with contract beasts were not allowed, and the only exception was Dewitt. This was the decision of Tiger King. But even with Dewitt, there was a prerequisite for entering Medal – he must be accompanied by Wen Jin.

“You can’t go.” Wen Jin thought about the rules and regulations and said, “Do you want me to take Mary?”

As a planet full of beasts, Medal’s atmosphere was quite different from that of Assyria. Although in the early days of its construction, Dewitt thought of giving away some living instruments in his private name, but Tiger King refused him.

“Well…” Eve turned her eyes. What she wanted to say wasn’t this. “I heard you used to want to study the legendary priest’s former battles from Honghuang?”

Wen Jin, eating a warm cracker for a while, eyes stared at her, “Who said that? I just went to see the eyes, I do not need to study other people.”

Dewitt obeyed him, feeling that Wen Jin’s face was too cute to be filled with grazing cheeks. He reached out and pinched his face gently.

“Oh.” There are two happy couples around. Eve, who was eating dog food every day until she explodes, had developed a shielding ability. “When do you think you can study it?”

Wen Jin looked at Eve’s teasing eyes and snorted, “I don’t know.”

He had a long life, and Dewitt could accompany him for a long time, and he had been here for such a long time. Although Wen Jin still misses Honghuang, he was not as urgent to leave as he was when he first arrived.

Although there was his favorite thing, but unconsciously, there were also things that Wen Jin attached equal importance to.

“Can I go and play if you can go back and forth?” Eve said, looking at Wen Jin expectantly.

In the Zerg war, Wen Jin’s existence was very important, and his magic, tactics, and all kinds of fantastic ideas had attracted Eve’s attention very early, and she often pulls Wen Jin to tell her about the beasts there.

Coupled with her love for Mary, Eve had a full vision of this legendary ideal land of the Qi beasts.

Wen Jin was a little embarrassed by her magnanimous yearning and expectation. His face was feverish, he bowed her head and ate nothing. For a long time, he gave a vague huh.

Dewitt, beside him, could not help but bow his head and kiss the fox on his cheek.

Late at night, the old housekeeper and Dewitt were the only ones left.

When Eve was taken away, the old housekeeper looked up at the manor as if it still had a festive atmosphere and said with a faint smile, “Young Master is really a magic man.”

The thought of that little fellow who always laughed at him seemed to bring endless warmth, and the corners of Dewitt’s lips rose a little radian, “Yes.”

They stood in the manor for a meeting, and when they returned to the lobby, Dewitt went to the bathroom, only to find that it was empty and Wen Jin was not there.

He frowned at the thought of Wen Jin running back to the hall after waving Cassey off. He walked quickly back to the room. He was not in the projection room specially designed for Wen Jin. The fox usually liked to steal food in the kitchen and storage room, but he was not there.

Dewitt stood in the hall, squinting.

Mrs. Margaret’s daily schedule was extremely stable. No matter what happened, she would get up and go to bed at the same time. Even on New Year’s Eve like this, when the young people were bustling downstairs, Mrs. Margaret still fell asleep on time.

Today, however, she slept exceptionally well.

At this time, Wen Jin was lying on Mrs. Margaret’s window, forcibly sitting half of his body at the edge of the window, one face close to the window. It was very cold in Assyria this season. If it weren’t for the wrong etiquette to enter directly, Wen Jin would have rushed in early.

Warmth magic had been used, but it was not enough. He shivered coldly, Wen Jin pondered for a while, and then focused all her attention on the fat seeds that Mrs. Margaret had placed on the windowsill.

The little seeds were placed by Mrs. Margaret at the window every day to bathe in the sunshine in time. Wen Jin stared at the fat seeds for a moment, and then fed them reiki.

They begun to sprout quickly.

Wen Jin looked at the neatly laid paper next to him. The paper he had written was a bit old. Wen Jin looked at the direction of Mrs. Margaret’s bed. For a long time, the seeds moved slightly as if they had sensed what he thought.

By the time Wen Jin had finished fed them reiki, half of his body sitting on the edge of the window was stiff. Reiki could be transferred too much at one time. Such a small seed, although very fat, but in case it can not support him, it was not good.

Wen Jin thought so, moved slightly and prepared to move his body. However, after sitting at the edge of the window for so long, his body was still stiff and his hands and feet were extremely inflexible when he moved. Wen Jin swayed unconsciously and instinctively wanted to stop in the air.

One hand caught him. Looking up at Dewitt’s face, Wen Jin instantly relaxed, and his entire weight went into Dewitt’s arms. The latter pulled the railing outside the window sill on the other side with one hand, looked at the fox in his arms, and there were obviously more tender seeds in the room, rubbed his head.

“How many times?” Dewitt held Wen Jin in his arms and landed onto the balcony on the other side with one hand.

“The second time. The first time was after we ate. I think it should be more often, it should grow faster.” Wen Jin leaned in Dewitt’s arms and said somewhat gloomily, “Blame me. I’ve forgotten about it before.”

In fact, after copying that method, Wen Jin had some doubts about whether Mrs. Margaret would really take this seed seriously. After all, the process was so complicated that he felt tired when he saw it, not to mention Mrs. Margaret. The other party did not seem to belong to the very patient group, nor was it likely that his master was the kind of person who liked to study ornamental flowers and plants.

So, when Mrs. Margaret took him into the room with implicit fears and he saw the fat seeds, Wen Jin was still surprised.

Dewitt kissed him. “Will you be very tired?”

“No.” Wen Jin shook his head, he had only exhausted a little Reiki. Moreover, the seed was a living thing. While importing Reiki, it also needed to bring in the spirit belonging to him in order to be truly effective.

“Can’t use…” Dewitt remembered that Wen Jin was a spontaneous fmagic, but in the middle of it, instead of continuing to ask, he lowered his head and kissed Wen Jin’s head. “Next time, I’ll accompany you.”

Wen Jin buried his face in Dewitt’s chest, rubbed his hands on him and responded. 

In this way, they didn’t know how many days and nights passed, and how many times the Marshal and his husband spent lying on the windowsill.

One day, when Mrs. Margaret woke up, she had a little white hair mass on her pillow and it was staring at her with big black eyes.

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