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Chapter 13: Is it a Girl?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“It can even distinguish this…”  When Archie was sure that he understood Wen Jin’s meaning, he was completely shocked. “Understanding the human language can also be explained as the reason for the bond, but identifying the energy stone… an accident?”

In Archie’s memory, there had never been a Qi beast that could distinguish between energy stones, not to mention that they couldn’t sense which kind of ability stones matched each human.

Although the ability users couldn’t do without energy stones, Assyria has been researching the energy stone for hundreds of years before gradually improving to the chain of today.

In fact, researchers themselves could not recognize the types of energy perfectly. This had significantly hindered their efforts and made the production of energy stones even harder. It had been a long process to analyze the molecules matching each energy stone with the ability users to achieve fine extraction.

However, even if the so-called industrial chain had accumulated over the past one hundred years, there were still many blank spots. The enormous risks brought by incorrect energy inhalation made those with abilities be careful when choosing a lingshi, and they continued to pray for the development of the energy stone industry.

But now, there was a fox beast, in the absence of any prompt, able to identify a variety of energy stones at a glance?

If it was true, then the ability of the beast, if the researchers ever caught wind of it, would be snatched by those high-level ability users. Again, Archie couldn’t help feeling that if the ability of the little fox was real, then his friend might have really hit the jackpot this time.

“Did it just feel what you were thinking?” Archie hesitated for a moment, but could not help asking.

Dewitt was also somewhat surprised by Wen Jin’s performance but shook his head. “No, the effect of the contract should be mutual. It knows I need fire, but I don’t know about his love for water-energy stones.”

How could you possibly know that? You are so foolish. Wen Jin licked his paw, heard the words, slanted an eye at Dewitt and found that the other side was staring at him with a straight eye.

The eyes were too straight, and Wen Jin was a little uncomfortable so he couldn’t help slapping his paw over them.

Dewitt subconsciously avoided, but he knew the little fellow had depth perception, he didn’t move much, so some wet claws fell on his lips.

Wen Jin was stunned by the unusually soft touch under his claws. Then he seemed to think of something. His sharp ears could not help shrinking back and retracting his claws like an electric shock had traced through him. He quickly ran to the end of the bed, pointed his buttocks in the direction of Dewitt again, and buried his head in the bedsheets.

Dewitt looked at his movements, and his eyes narrowed.

Archie had seen Wen Jin’s surprise and was still immersed in his own surprise over the revelation of the energy stones. “If it really has this ability, it would be terrific. I would like, after going back, if he could do it for Caicai.”

“Chirp!” The purple bird, who had been watching all the time quietly, suddenly gave a loud cry, which was full of resistance.

“You know, during your annual check-up, I’ll get Uncle Chen to do it.” Archie sighed and touched the bird’s head with his hand. “The shadows of when Caicai was a child have not disappeared until now. Even Chen Bo’s annual examination is only reluctantly accepted. It was meant to remind you to be cautious when looking for a veterinarian. It’s better to be fixed. Before you find one, I can ask Chen Bo for help, but now it seems that that will not work. After that, it would be better for Professor Lin to have a look.”

Wen Jin’s head, which was buried in the bedsheets, was a little hot, especially on both sides of his cheeks and he kept rubbing his paws on the bed.

The warm and soft feeling lingered on his paws, which made Wen Jin feel a little annoyed. But after hearing Archie’s words, he couldn’t help but try to ignore them. However, he heard the key points, and furtively erected his gossiping ears, chittering, “Chee?” Who was shadowed as a child? Did the bird get beaten by the doctor because it was too ugly?

“Chirp! Chirp -!” You fart! The purple bird heard well and roared angrily at once.

“Chee!” You fart, gods don’t fart! Wen Jin twisted his body violently, darted forward, stretched his paw and scratched it in the air.

Seeing the two interacting, followed by a sudden surprise, Archie smiled. Caicai was lonely, with everyone always busy, it was rare to meet a friend. Quarreling was one of the ways to breed feelings.

Dewitt reached out and grabbed the little fox in his arms. His fingers touched the soft white hair of the latter, pretending not to feel the sudden stiffness of the fox’s back.

Archie’s eyes shook, and he said sadly, “In the future when you look for a veterinarian for the little fox, you must be careful.”

After that, he couldn’t help turning back and rubbing Caicai’s head with a little guilt on his face.

“I know.” At that time, Dewitt also heard a little, but Archie did not want him to intervene. Although he respected the ideals of his friends, he had investigated the veterinary team that had hurt him so much in private. Even Dewitt was uncomfortable with the reports submitted by his subordinates.

Dewitt did not like the cruelty of bullying. At first, he thought he had understood Archie’s mood sufficiently, but he did not know until now that he had understood less than one in ten thousand.

Looking at the gossipy fox who was pretending to pick up the energy stone on his belly, but was actually holding up his ears to eavesdrop on him, Dewitt was angry at the thought of what could happen to it in the future. If one day, the little fox was caught and tortured, his claws broken, then thrown in front of him almost breathless- this scene was too much to think about it, and Dewitt could not ponder on it any longer. He wished he could pick up those people and break each bone in their bodies until they died.

They both fell into their bad memories. Only Wen Jin heard them talk for half a day without knowing what had happened. He ground his paws uncomfortably and felt that the group was really disgusting. They said half of the gossip and half of it was hidden, so he could hang in the unknown.

“You have a good rest. Later, I’ll have the food delivered. Here’s a snack for Bones. Three days later, Hangjia will arrive at Capital Star.” Archie sat down for a while and drew blood for Dewitt. That’s what he came here for originally. “Remember to arrange it.”

“Yes,” Dewitt responded, pulling down the sleeve on his arm.

“Take another puff in two hours, don’t forget.” Archie shook out a small pipe in his hand and reminded Dewitt as he passed it over.

After the door was closed, the room fell into a moment of silence.

Wen Jin looked doubtfully at the place where Archie left. He remembered that there was a small tube of blood in his hand. Although it was not a lot, he was curious about why the big fool bled for others. According to Archie, he would have to let it happen again later. Are you crazy? How many times do you want to drain it?

When he was injured, he was afraid of losing blood. What’s more, the weak and unfit people wanted to bleed to death and drag themselves into the water?

Wen Jin could not help putting his paw on Dewitt, serious with his small face, “Chee.” What do you have to do with that man? Don’t let him draw your blood like that!

Dewitt had been observing the fox from the very beginning and noticed that the little fellow was staring in the direction of Archie. Now he could barely understand what Wen Jin meant.

This was to ask why my blood was drawn?

The corners of his lips raised in an imperceptible curvature. Dewitt turned Wen Jin over and let him lie on his body with his belly facing upward. Then he reached out and touched the fur on his lower abdomen.

Such a move, of course, was strongly resisted by Wen Jin, who kept twisting his body, swaying up a fight, occasionally deliberately grasping Dewitt with his claws, chittering in pieces.

It was just that the young fox’s claws were neither hard nor sharp and he didn’t really want to scratch him, so they didn’t hurt Dewitt’s skin at all.

After several fruitless struggles, Wen Jin looked at him angrily. At this time, Dewitt added slowly, “Not much was taken. They take blood samples then study the blood.”

“Cheeee-” I don’t want to listen! Let me, I kindly remind you, this will go against you in the future! Who cares about you, ah?!

However, before Wen Jin finished whining, Dewitt suddenly grabbed his lower legs, which were meat compared with his upper limbs, pulled the whole fox into himself and then put his hand over Wen Jin’s head and looked at him with an inquiring eye.

Wen Jin, lying with his four feet still, looked up at him and hit him with an angry claw. “Chee!” Let go, too much, and I will condemn you!

“Little fellow.” Dewitt said earnestly, “Am I wrong?”

“Chee!” Wrong, big mistake! And it will make you regret later, let you know that I am not easy to provoke! Wen Jin shook his teeth fiercely at Dewitt and waved his paws with great magnificence.

“You -” Dewitt did not understand what he meant, and his eyes fell down on the unusually pink hair in the middle of Wen Jin’s lower limbs. “Are you really a girl?”


The author has something to say: 

Wen Jin: Am I a girl if I have an XXX?

Dewitt:… I’ll test it now.

Wen Jin:! Don’t call yourself the Iron-blooded Marshal, change your name to Perverted Fairy!!

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Wen Jin going jump and scratch Dewitt’s face to jump into the bedsheets and bite Dewitt’s manhood hard?

September 18, 2019 9:05 pm

Umm… what is the Marshall doing to his fox?!😳😱

September 19, 2019 12:21 am

Hmmmm… With this little fox’s abilities, when Dewitt finally decides to retire from the army, he could have a secured position in the energy stone industry. That is if the little fox decides to stay with him and not to go back to his world. Let’s hope for the best. They are cute together and hopefully, soon they will be bound by something more than just the contract.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

September 19, 2019 2:01 am

This is an interesting novel to read, but I am lost when the author talks about Lingshe, reiki, and energy stones. I gather that the Fox symbolizes the male partner for the Marshall, but beyond that I am rather lost.

October 1, 2019 12:03 pm

Thanks for the chapter! 😊

Hao Ren
Hao Ren
June 29, 2020 1:53 am

“gods don’t fart!” — Wen Jin 😂😂😂

December 19, 2020 7:54 pm

Ah yes, from Iron-blooded Marshal to Perverted Fairy, wwww. Thanks for the chapter!

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