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Chapter 22: Shameless Means Shameless

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The Qi beast in the room was quiet now as Wen Jin was sitting on the top of its enormous head.

The barrier Wen Jin put up did not use much reiki, but he just used the Divine Roar, so the amount of reiki he gained from the lingshi was now gone. Even after relying on his self-cultivation, excluding time for eating, drinking, and playing, his demon dan had been doing much better. Now it would take at least three days to gain back everything he had lost with that one move. Wen Jin felt his heart swell and ache. 

On the other hand, when the others looked at the little fox who was on the top of the giant beast, lowering his eyes like a king looking at those beneath him were completely dumbfounded.

Contract beasts over five meters in height or length were called colossus beasts in the Empire. Their fighting ability was amazing, and most of them were intelligent. Even the military headquarters could not capture them at will. It was necessary to plan ahead and send a team out. Because such beasts usually did not attack people at will and were very good at hiding themselves, most of the time, Terranians choose to let them live in peace. After all, once they provoked such a big beast, financial resources, as well as humans, may suffer catastrophic losses. But now, a small fox could not only suppress this colossus contract beast at once, but it could also nest on top of the beast’s head? And the latter’s formerly terrible black bear face turned…docile?

Not only the big beast turned quiet, but some beasts in the same room as the colossus as well as the small ones in isolation were also equally frightened.

What was going on? What was this situation?

The expressions of the people on the other side of the glass compartment were stiff. After the initial pause, Dewitt looked up at the little fox, who continued to tie one of the beast’s feet up with a heavy chain and then jumped onto the beast’s head, gently holding the little fellow in his arms.

“Chee…” Wen Jin, whose heart was still swollen, looked sad with his eyelids drooping. His long white eyelashes looked pitiful. He muttered in his heart, ‘You have to pay for my lingshi, get a thousand of them for me! Find the best one!’

Dewitt touched the fur on his head, and his eyes were soft.

The energy barrier that the little fox has created may not be felt by people farther away, but he was different. The barrier was created to protect him, so his feelings were naturally the most empirical.

In fact, when he rushed up before, he was ready to be injured. In the past, he would not pay attention to any qi beasts. But nowadays, his current physical condition and the chaotic energy of the beast had posed a significant threat to him.

But he couldn’t give up because of the threat and danger, because he was wearing his military uniform and had the military emblem above his heart. He did not think that at such a dangerous time, the little fox would suddenly rush up to protect him.

This little fellow had been hiding his abilities. Even Dewitt did not know of all of them, but now to protect him, in front of so many people, he was exposed.

Looking at the little white fox’s dejected appearance, he pinched his soft ears then took him from the top of the big beast’s head and landed on the floor.

The ferocious light in the colossus beast’s eyes was gone now. When he looked at Wen Jin in Dewitt’s arms, his eyes are full of intimacy and awe.  When he felt that Wen Jin was taken far away, there was a little regret on his face. And he seemed unhappy?

Looking at Dewitt’s steps that were taking Wen Jin farther and farther, the colossus black bear beast ground his paws impatiently, and a burst of impatient sounds came from his throat. The same was true of the several bigger beasts behind him. For a time, the sound of chains rang again in the room.

Some of Cook’s colleagues immediately instinctively took a step backward, looking at Dewitt with surprise and anxiety, as if to say, ‘Quick, take that guy out of your arms!’

Dewitt gave them a slightly cold look.

“This, what’s going on..” Cook’s blue eyes were round, after watching the beasts become infuriated, he was frightened, and goosebumps rose all over his body. He always felt as if something had happened, but at that moment, his brain couldn’t handle it because of the enormous amount of information. However, as soon as he spoke, Archie, Old Lin, Chen Xiong, and the colossus beast’s eyes all fell on him with the same vigilance.

Chen Xiong looked at Cook, then suddenly turned away, quickly pinched his nose, frowned and said, “Hey, what’s the smell? It smells so bad…” 

Cook did not understand the previous scene, but this sentence he understood. Before he could protect his image, Old Lin answered, “Yes, Cook, you go out. First, the nerves of these beasts cannot withstand stimulation, and the smell on your body is too much.”

“Chee.” Hearing the discussion over there, Wen Jin felt his heartache even more. He cried sadly, ‘What kind of nerve poison is it? It’s not just some way to disturb their minds.’ But he used the divine roar just now and all the low-ranking monsters and beasts who heard it would surrender. The old man was still clear-headed, and he wanted to get outsiders out of the room as soon as possible.

However, Wen Jin’s chittering did not sound like he was refuting Old Lin at all. Instead, it was like agreeing with the old man about the stink. Cook’s face was instantly overwhelmed by these three successive voices. He always felt that his brain was stuffed with the word stinky or was made fun of a full 360 degrees around him. There was no room to think about the scene that just happened.

“Wait, Professor Lin.” Seeing the situation, someone behind him could not wait anymore. He approached two steps and voiced, “If you can’t say that, it smells… It’s a bit exciting, but you see, the colossus beast has quieted down now, so obviously, it’s not affected by the smell.”

As the man said, he also emphasized the word “colossus” intentionally, and his eyes fell on Wen Jin somewhat. When he said that, a group of people behind him responded instantly and even Cook’s brain was awakened when he was brushed with foul words.

Yes, when they fought against the Zerg, some members of the House of Representatives also proposed that the contract beasts should be incorporated into the army to enhance the strength of the Empire’s military. At that time, many people were heartened by this proposal. Although the status of Assyrian beasts was low, some people still kept them as pets. The loyalty of the long-term Assyrian beasts was very high, and their destructive ability was not weak. Even so, pet-level ones, let alone the bigger ones, if they can be incorporated into the army, it would definitely increase combat effectiveness considerably.

But the proposal ended with the conclusion that ‘the beasts can’t be tamed in a large area.’ At that time, those who submitted the bill were not desperate. They found many people in private who tried to overthrow it in many ways. Finally, they made a series of jokes. At that time, they did not lose sight of it. Everyone thought this idea should be pushed away, but now there really was a little fox with a roar that made dozens of beasts in the room quiet down?

You know, apart from the cubs, it looked like it was better to pick up that little fox. Besides the colossus beast, there were at least two other five-meter beasts in the room, all of which were knocked directly into the ‘impossible to tame’ column in the past.

Cook’s eyes flashed, and he soon thought of the reports that the scientific research institutes had submitted in succession over the past two years about the beast contracts, the suppression effect of the ability storm and so on. Looking at the reports that had clearly said before that there was no hope of waking up from Zerg poison, but now Dewitt, who was standing steadily in front of him was an outlier. Suddenly greed appeared in Cook’s eyes.

He had lied when he said that the little beast was good, but now after knowing that it could reverse the effects of the Zerg poison after so many people had died from it, he realized that Dewitt truly had a treasure. It could even domesticate so many colossus contract beasts. He wanted it. If he could not have the little fox, Dewitt could not keep this secret to himself. 

“Yes, Professor Lin, you can’t make us forget what we have already seen.” Cook said with a solemn expression, “The House of Representatives has proposed a charter to domesticate contract beasts in a large area before, but it has failed in many ways. As soon as this fox called these beasts, they became quiet. In the past, nothing like that has been reported, but this case must be investigated. I ask for a thorough physical examination of the beast, which will be published in the House of Representatives and relevant bodies for in-depth study.”

As soon as the words “in-depth study” came out, the energy of Dewitt’s whole body cooled down instantly, and Wen Jin narrowed his eyes.

“Yes, Professor Lin, it’s a matter of great importance for the whole country. You can’t make us not see it. This beast must be studied. I don’t think Marshal will object to it, either?” He was immediately echoed by others, and his heart was itchy. Who doesn’t want a little fellow who can quiet so many massive contract beasts? Holding it in their hands was like being able to command thousands of horses instantly. Although it was not known whether these beasts would really listen to the fox or not, the scene from just now had shocked them enough.

Someone made the first call, and the rest of them opened their mouths without stint. “As a Marshal, you can’t do anything for the public, just consider your own safety and don’t refuse to hand over such a rare contract beast.” 

“Is the disappearance of the Zerg poisoning also related to this contract beast? If the Marshal refuses to do anything and it goes out publicly, tens of thousands of soldiers who are still poisoned and unconscious will roll in their future graves blaming you.”

Each sentence out of their mouths was grander than the last. 

Even Old Lin, who had always been calm and did not interfere in politics, heard the trap inside each word. His face was hideous, and he started talking but was stopped by Dewitt’s hand gesture.

“Well, don’t just talk about it.” Seeing this, Cook stopped his colleagues and smiled. “Give the Marshal a chance to speak, too. It is for everyone’s benefit to hand over the fox, or will you insist on sticking to the end for your own benefit?”

Chen Xiong sat in the back and looked at these politicians with scorn in his eyes. He sneered, “Shameless means shameless.”

Cook’s face was stiff, and he gave Chen Xiong a glance. At that time, Dewitt, who had just been quiet, began to speak.


The author has something to say: Today, the author has nothing to say, the author has secretly escaped from the back door with melon skin on her back.

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