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Chapter 29: Give a Kiss

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

…What the fuck?

When his voice suddenly sounded, not only Dewitt was stunned, Wen Jin’s pair of eyes were also big, the whole fox was shocked.

Whose voice was this?

Dewitt, on the other hand, reacted quickly. He looked at his neck and Wen Jin could feel the heat of his chin against his fur. He squinted and whispered, “It’s you?”

“Chee!” No, it’s not. How could it be?

Dewitt’s questioning was strongly resisted by Wen Jin and was probably really frightened by his voice just now. This time he did not speak. After the chaotic whining, Wen Jin went straight into Dewitt’s arms and buried his little head.

Looking back at his voice, Wen Jin felt as if all his upper and lower pores had been opened. Before that, he just felt a slightly cool evening breeze, which would almost be able to blow directly into his body.

After a moment of hesitation, Wen Jin, who was very resistant to the coolness, took the zipper off Dewitt’s coat and went straight in. Feeling the hot temperature of the other person’s body like a heat wave, separating all the cold and wrapped it around his body, Wen Jin comfortably narrowed his eyes.

While squinting and moving his body to adjust his posture, he didn’t know whether he had too little experience in this area, as he didn’t know how to move to feel comfortable.

“Stop moving.” It was strange to have a small lump in front of his chest and even more so once it started moving around.

Receiving the attention of the people around him, Dewitt licked his lips. He knew that the little fellow was afraid of the cold and he did not think there was anything wrong with the little fox drilling in his arms and it was not a big problem to be seen. But Wen Jin had too much fur and his claws were sharp. It felt like they were rubbing directly on his body, which made Dewitt’s spine a little stiff.

However, Wen Jin ignored him, rolled in his clothes for half a day and finally decided to stretch out his body with all fours out so that his small belly was firmly attached to Dewitt’s chest.

Not as loose as the outer coat, Dewitt’s undershirt was the kind that clung to the body and was very thin. So when Wen Jin climbed in, he could clearly feel the other side’s tight muscles.

Sneaking and pretending to adjust his posture, Wen Jin stepped on them twice with his paws and shook his ears enjoyably.

It felt good.

Looking at Dewitt’s pecs bulging out of his shirt, but also the exposed small pinch of white hair, many people who passed by could not help laughing, but it was difficult for Dewitt to keep a straight face.

Finding the little fox quiet, Dewitt asked again, “Was that you?” 

Anyway, he felt that the voice that just appeared should not be his illusion. However, no matter what he asked, Wen Jin continued to huddle in his arms and pretend to die, resolutely resisting saying another word.

When he saw this, Dewitt squinted his eyes and sent a message to Archie that he was going to leave with Wen Jin first. Then he turned on the map of Gourmet Street. Soon, he crossed the streets and found the car they had used when they had just arrived.

Until they entered the car, there were people looking at them and the five-sensed Dewitt could even recognize his name from the crowd’s discussion. But instead of taking care of it, he turned on the thermostat and sat in the car with Wen Jin, feeling that the temperature around him had risen. DeWitt took Wen Jin out of his arms.

Of course, Wen Jin knew what he was going to do when he pulled him out. At first, he struggled desperately, clawing hard at Dewitt’s clothes. Later, when he realized that Dewitt was determined, he simply let go and was caught. When he felt that his claws could not catch the clothes completely, his neck twisted and he began to pretend to be dead.

Looking at the little fellow with his head drooping in his hand, Dewitt was angry but thought it was funny. He could hardly understand how such a little fellow could play so well. The slender and powerful fingers stretched out and forced Wen Jin’s head to look at him. He decided to ask another question. “You’re obviously interested in the hammer. How come you look unhappy after playing it?”

Dewitt had great strength and he knew how to use it to force the latter to look at him without pain.

The innocent black beans eyes were full of what he couldn’t understand. Wen Jin put out his tongue and licked the tip of his nose. He continued to pretend to be dead. The fox’s tail, bigger than his body, was dangling underneath.

Seeing Wen Jin’s refusal to communicate, Dewitt narrowed his eyes. “You want money, I have it.”

As soon as the voice fell, the little fox, who was pretending to be dead and still secretly wagging its tail, stopped.

Seeing Wen Jin’s reaction, Dewitt did not know when, but he had a little smile in his eyes.

So, the Iron Marshal, who believed in only facts, suddenly gave birth to a little caution, “Although it is not much, I can give you all that I have, provided you tell me if you were talking just now?”

As Dewitt spoke, he took out a jar of jerky from his pocket. He bought it on the Gourmet Street before, while Wen Jin was wiping oil on his clothes and didn’t notice the man’s movements.

Opening the jar, Dewitt, who decided to use the dual temptation of psychophysiology, freely took one out and shook it in front of Wen Jin, who immediately opened his mouth and bit the jerky.

No, how can he be tempted so easily?

After biting the dried meat, such an idea jumped into Wen Jin’s mind, but… But the big fool said he could give him all of his money?

Wen Jin thought, tightening his face, trying not to make a look like he wanted to eat, while secretly licking the dried meat in his mouth with his tongue, sucking the taste of the dried meat without any trace.

Big fool heard him speak and the other side said, although not much, you can have it all?

For such a long time, Wen Jin believed that Dewitt could still be trusted, that is, he did not know how much money the big fool said was not much and how many Lingshi he could buy with it. Wen Jin couldn’t help smashing his lips at the thought.

It seemed that Tiger King’s information was not accurate, it also said that the big fool had a lot of money, then Wen Jin listened to the big fool say this, he confirmed the conjecture.

In the past, in Honghuang, those generals also looked very rich, but some of them were actually poor. They were more likely to be seen and the silly big ones here should be similar to these generals.

Wen Jin turned his tail. Besides, he was such a powerful fox, why did he have to spend all the big fool’s money? He wanted to buy everything for himself if he could. He would get the money by himself when he knew enough information.

Thinking here, Wen Jin no longer swayed between his integrity and speaking, but directly chose the latter.

After all, he really needed Lingshi. After eating medicine before, although there was no problem repairing the meridians of his inner channels, only half of the cracks on his demon dan had been repaired. The remaining half were stuck on the demon dan, just like a small flaw, a cockroach forever sitting on his dan. Although it would not threaten his life any more and most of his spells could be used casually when he had enough reiki, no demon would like to have cracks on their dan.

And not getting enough Lingshi meant that he would always be bound in this state. He didn’t want that.

“So tell me, what do you want the money for?” Dewitt resisted a laugh when he saw the little fox in his hand sinking into serious meditation. But now he knew the good face of this little fellow. If he laughed now, he would surely spend ten times more energy to make Wen Jin forgive him.

Early death, early birth, early death, early birth, Wen Jin said in his heart, but decided he didn’t want to make the impression of being a sweet creamy fox! 

After making up his mind, the little fox suddenly moved his body violently. Then he put on a bully’s face and said fiercely, “I want spiritual stones! You need many, many spiritual stones to satisfy me!”

This time, his voice was really clear.

Dewitt lifted his lips and did not know what to think. His eyes were full of joy and he said in a teasing voice, “Okay, I will satisfy you.”


Chen Xiong did not have time to give King Tiger too careful of an examination as it was called by JU to leave.

Before leaving, JU, who had removed this mask, could hardly calm down and left the stage directly, which caused a heated discussion among the audience. After being responsible for the rehabilitation, Karst managed to calm down the mood of the scene and went back.

However, the back room was dark, Karst was stunned once he opened the door and after the reaction, he let out a slight sigh.

“Did you know that long ago?” A voice came from the room. It was JU. “Know the strength of the other party long ago?”

“… A little guess, but the result is still very unexpected, 50,000… Your Highness, do you know what level of ability this is in Assyria?” Karst whispered.

“I don’t want to know.” JU stubbornly interrupted the words of Karst, “Isn’t Assyria sending people to the Mother Star? Isn’t it true that even the military defense map has been brought with it and the messenger hasn’t come back yet?”

“Maybe your Majesty is still thinking…” Karst said, looking a little worried.

Five times the power, but also the lower limit. The contract beast was abnormal, he could break their charm directly and the Assyrian who could bind to that contract beast and not be eaten…there should only be one. He hadn’t got any information about it yet, but if the Assyrian envoy had returned, as he thought, it would not have helped him if he had sent more military defense maps in the past.

JU, sitting in the corner, was in a bad mood. After hearing this, he stood up and went straight out the door.

“Your Highness!” Karst stretched out his hand and took hold of JU’s wrist. In the dark, his eyes, which were the most attractive to Uttar people were filled with emotions, then he sighed after a long time. “There’s news that veterinarians have come into contact with the contract beast tonight -“

As soon as Karst voice fell,he saw a flash in JU’s red eyes.


Wen Jin believed that it was good to open your mouth.

For example, since he returned that day, his amount of food had been increasing every day. As long as he cried out in hunger, Dewitt would prepare him a pile of delicious, all-you-can-eat food and basically gave him everything else he needed. And since he spoke, he knew more about the world and only after communicating, did he realize that the original effect of the big hammer was not only produced by the big hammer.

Dewitt even said he would take him to try similar effects as compensation.

It had only been three days since this sentence was uttered. This guy hasn’t fulfilled his promise yet.

Since he returned from Gourmet Street that day, Dewitt had perfectly begun to show his workaholic nature. He had been busy working for several days. Every day, he brought Wen Jin to see this and that. The most extravagant thing was that last night, the silly big man awoke him from his sleep in the middle of the night and took him to a meeting. They sat in the Military Department for half a day!

Half a day!

When he first woke up, the hair on his head was still standing, so he was taken out in a state. The silly big fellow even laughed at him. It was unbearable!

There were too many rules in that place. Everyone in it was as serious and cold as the Dewitt fellow. It was no fun at all. He looked tired as he walked with his body straightened up. As a result, Wen Jin spent half a day that felt as long as half a year.

Since Dewitt brought him into the army that day, he had been suffering from all kinds of strange looks, sleeping with people always staring at him, talking around him in a roundabout way. This made him tired.

It was too much to sit on pins and needles all morning.

So when Dewitt said, for the second time, that he was going to the Army, Wen Jin refused him decisively, “No, absolutely not!” Wen Jin stuck tightly to the ground and refused to leave.

For a full three days he had been full of food and drink, spoiled and unwanting. Wen Jin’s body had become increasingly…rich. Even he could not find his original size as it had only been his goal to eat and drink, which successfully evolved into fat solids.

Dewitt himself was unknowing, as if everything was so normal, just looking at the little fellow playing a rascal look, helpless. But Wen Jin was willing to talk to him. In his eyes, it is a great progress in the relationship between two people. He also had a lot of people who wanted to communicate with the little guy.

However, when he returned from Gourmet Street that day, he received Cassey’s detailed investigation report on JU. That report alone was enough to make Dewitt clearly understand what dramatic changes had taken place on Capital Star in the past month. It was also that report that plunged Dewitt into endless work.

Dewitt thought about it and half squatted on one knee, “Don’t like the army?” 

Wen Jin saw that he was not trying to take him away forcibly. Then he showed an eye from the cushion and looked up and down at Dewitt. It was a pity to think about it.

In fact, the big silly’s clothes were tight, but it was still very beautiful. Wen Jin liked it and thought it was a very unique taste. Although the guys in the military department dressed the same, Wen Jin thought Dewitt was the best.

“I don’t like it.” Fat Fox said firmly, thinking, ‘It looked good but couldn’t be eaten.’

Dewitt thought, this apartment was under his name, only he could enter and it was very close to the military base. Since the little fellow refused to go, it wasn’t the best thing at the moment.

Dewitt thought about it and gave a warning, “Then you have to remember to eat on time when you are alone at home.” 

Wen Yan’s tail immediately stood up. The black bean’s eyes were shining. He also resolutely agreed to Dewitt’s advice, “Chee!”

However, those bright black eyes always gave Dewitt a superfluous feeling that he gave too much advice to the little fox. Before leaving, Dewitt reached out and touched Wen Jin’s head, who was standing on the cabinet and watching him.

The touch itself didn’t matter. Looking into each other’s eyes, Dewitt suddenly felt as if he couldn’t touch enough.

After staring at his rare white dumpling for a while, he suddenly lifted his lips, held the fox’s head in one hand, supported himself on the wall with the other hand and bowed his head to kiss the little fellow gently on his round furry head.


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