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Chapter 30: Mirror

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Dewitt, a man with hard pectoral muscles, had soft lips. When he lowered down, his special scent immediately surrounded Wen Jin.

Wen Jin never liked scents like the humans on Honghuang. The women there liked to use some sachets, even the Terran monks sometimes put them in their rooms.

That smell was too astringent for his nose.

But Dewitt was different. He looked down with a smile in his eyes. It was like the first fragrance of breaking ice in winter; faint and irresistible. The curvature of his lips was not very distinct, but Wen Jin felt like his heart had been slightly punctured by something.

Behind his head was Dewitt’s powerful palm. In the past, the hot temperature always gave Wen Jin enough sense of security, but now, it blocked his way out.

His warm, fluffy tail subconsciously pressed down together with his body and his pointed ears drooped down as well. His body was close to the cabinet and the moment his head was kissed, a small whine was emitted.

Dewitt’s mood had always been very low and in his more than thirty years of life, he had not shown too much interest in anything other than weapons and armor.

The delicate and soft fur was the perfect touch. When he kissed it and smelled the unique scent of Wen Jin, a vague figure appeared in his mind, standing in the distance, looking casually at him, with a lazy smile on his lips, just passing by Dewitt. From the depths of his heart, a strong desire surged forward.

This desire was abnormal, but Dewitt could not restrain it. Not only that, hidden in his body, the contract had always been quiet, but now it seemed to be called, awakening within his depths becoming feverishly hot.

When his contract with Dewitt became hot, Wen Jin felt it. To be honest, if the Tiger King hadn’t reminded him that day, he would have forgotten about the contract since it had been such a long time. The sense of existence of this thing was too low. At this time, the sudden heat surrounding Wen Jin was really a little unexpected.

When he recovered, he found that Dewitt was still kissing his head and about to change place. Wen Jin pulled back, but the big idiot almost sank into him, so he immediately hit at Dewitt with one claw.

“Chee!” What are you doing?

Dewitt was still in the that hallucination just now. When he looked back, he was patted by the little fellow and unconsciously reached out to grab the white-haired claw he wanted to swat for a second time. Then he squinted.

Wen Jin’s small claws were particularly powerful and even if they were caught, he could feel a lot of hidden strength. Dewitt turned the soft paw pads over, giving them a tender kiss.

Come again! I’ve come to see you off with kindness. What kind of kindness causes you to kiss indiscriminately?

Seeing the little fox standing on the cabinet with an incredulous face, he stared into those black beans eyes and forgot to close his mouth. Dewitt was filled with joy. He reached over to Wen Jin’s soft cheek and pinched it. Then he set the petrified fox down on the ground and turned to open the door.

“Marshal.” Cassey, who had been waiting at the door, immediately saluted a standard military salute.

Dewitt closed the door behind him before he left.

Unexpectedly, Cassey found that Marshal did not have a conspicuous white body with him today. Cassey even doubted what he saw for a moment, “Hey, Marshal, are you not going to bring your contract beast today?”

“He doesn’t want to go, said it was too noisy.” Dewitt briefly summarized Wen Jin’s reaction.

Casey suddenly realized that Marshal’s doting of the beast had recently become famous in the circle.

When they first saw Wen Jin sleeping in Dewitt’s uniform, everyone was shocked. After all, how contrary and inconsistent was that scene. Marshal had a bond with a soft white beast?

But people’s habitual abilities are quick, for example, today Dewitt no longer had the little fox, not only Cassey, several guards had surprise in their eyes.

Seeing this, Cassey was relieved but he also started thinking about finding time to adopt a contract beast or something for himself. He had no feelings about it before, but since Marshal had a contract beast, he was somewhat itchy.

Wen Jin was not suitable for such a rough man as him, but the Tiger King in the video of that day, would be very good.

“What about the investigation into the Colosseum?” The elongated fingers reached into the gloves Cassey handed over and Dewitt interrupted Cassey’s fantasy.

“Oh, in the past, most of the fighting beasts in the gladiatorial arena were indeed more powerful in strength or speed. Even if they were fighting, they would pinch the time and control the degree of damage. But this kind of fighting, which lets the beasts kill each other, is really the latest way to rise in status. I sent the report to you.” Cassey said.

“By the way, Professor Lin’s message is that if you can, he hopes you will take a trip to the Academy of Science in the next two days. The preliminary analysis map for Zerg poisoning and it’s detoxification has come out.”

“Okay.” Opening the terminal on his wrist, he began to look up the documents Cassey had sent him and saw the video and detailed reports about the newly invented way of fighting beasts in the Colosseum. Dewitt squinted at the screen.

It had been a long time since Cassey had done this much paperwork. He was the worst one among the pro-militaries around him. But even so, Dewitt could feel the cruelty of this new style of fighting from this not-so-excellent paperwork. By the time he had roughly scanned the documents, he and Cassey were already in the suspension car.

They were now going to an emergency meeting at the Ministry of Military Affairs. The ambassadors to the Uttar were on their way. Not only did they agree with Cook’s request for an alliance, but they also sent a prince, who arrived almost four days ago. This was a sign of genuine friendliness of the Uttar Royal Family.

For this reason, Cook was happy and mad, since he could not go to the military.

Unlike Assyrian regimes, Uttar’s royal lineage was closely related and dominated their supreme sovereignty. Therefore, the status of the prince was usually very noble and it was logical to send a high-ranking prince to Assyria, accompanied by a guard.

On the other side of the Senate, Cook presided over the matter. He agreed directly with the Uttar’s request with a pat on his thigh. He was very reasonable and brave in the face of the complaints of the military. He thought that it was only a small team of twenty people. What was there to be feared by the military?

So there was such an emergency meeting.

Dewitt’s return was not concealed at the top of the military, but he still claimed to be on vacation. Even so, many people in the military secretly tried to find out what he meant about the Uttar Alliance and the prince.

After all, no one dared to make any noise in front of Dewitt, as his body was not yet fully healed and the hidden dangers of the energy storm were still there. No one in the army dared to propose that he should be removed from the position of Marshal.

However, those temptations were mostly unsuccessful.

“What are Cook’s military defense plans?” Dewitt asked. After listening to the meeting, the military sent him a preliminary defense plan about the arrival and departure of the envoy of the Uttar.

“The periphery of the fortification of the Uttar’s frontier planet is troublesome, but it can be resisted if it is adjusted quickly.”

Dewitt shook his head. “Give me the drawings.”

Cassey was stunned. After a while, he reflected what Dewitt was saying. He couldn’t help adding, “Marshal, if it’s to adjust the perimeter, I can fix it.”

Despite his poor paperwork, it was not just brute force that enabled him to sit in this position.

“The messenger was sent first by Assyria and the alliance was also suggested by Assyria. It was not my style to go back and forth and the periphery line could not be moved. If we want to change our military defense, we have to change the periphery. Once the periphery is attacked, I can use the other parts to react quickly and take our foes by surprise.”

After understanding Dewitt’s meaning, Cassey ate his words and then a trace of indignation appeared on his face. “Come on, Cook did a good job and asked us to wipe his ass!”

Dewitt denied this task. 

Cassey’s discontent with Cook had been going on for a long time, especially when Dewitt was in a coma and he was dealing with the top and bottom of the legion. He was a very thick-headed man and was fighting like a three-year-old in front of Cook, not to mention how much he suffered.

So when he said this, he couldn’t help complaining with a few words. He found that Dewitt stopped after staring at the official documents and then there was a moment of silence in the suspension car.

Outside the window, the scenery went by crazily under the high speed driving of the suspension car and the occasional grand buildings also flashed by. The angry Cassey stared out of the window for a while and soon they stopped.

Dewitt was thinking about what he had just read and the contents of the report still filled the screen. Dewitt suddenly opened his mouth, “Just say what you have to say.”

He saw something wrong with Cassey.

After all these years with Dewitt, Cassey was used to it. Instead of being nervous when he was seen through, Cassey felt relieved. “Marshal, according to Professor Lin, the Zerg poisoning map has been initially formed. With the process of the Academy of Sciences, it was really manufactured, but how can it be repeatedly tested? How long will it take? Is it going to be at least a month or two later?”

“The preliminary atlas identification and investigation work is very heavy, a little bit of error may cause all the experimental work to be abandoned. For it to be completed in three days, Old Lin did his best.” Dewitt commented without saltiness.

“I know he tried my best, but I just think it’s slow. Can he hurry up?” As Casey said, the monkey’s haste was written on his face.

Dewitt took a cold look at Cassey. “Do you want to suggest that scientific research institutes conduct human trials directly? Do you know what you’re talking about?”

“I…” Cassey paused, then scratched his head irritably. “I know it’s wrong, but the zerg poison thing… Allen and Eve can’t wait. He went to see them last night and the nurse said that according to the previous historical case, the toxin would invade the heart in a week at most, Marshal…”

Eve and Allen were soldiers of the same rank as Cassey under Dewitt. In the Zerg War, Eve was the first to be poisoned by the Zerg, followed by Allen.

But it was precisely because these two people risked their lives to exchange information for Zergicide implantation methods, in order to make the follow-up armed forces greatly reduce the probability of poisoning. If it weren’t for them, the Dewitt’s Legion might not be able to preserve its strength until the final battle with the Zerg.

Dewitt took a look at Casey, the most untidy of his senior generals, who used to be a drunk and pass out in pubs every time he returned to Capital Star. However, when he came back, he almost ran all day to scientific research institutes.

With a snap, Dewitt shut down the screen in his hand, looking a little overwhelmed. “The report was terrible.”

The unexpected accusation, let Casey a sigh, feeling some inexplicable sense of wrongdoing. it was well known how poor his reports were and Marshal had just read it!

“I remember for a while that the report you submitted was much higher than the current level.”

“Ah, that…” Cassey said, scratching his head in embarrassment. “That’s not me -“

“Bring him back.” Dewitt said, as if he knew who Cassey was talking about.

Cassey’s eyes were stunned and in response, he quickly turned on the light screen and sent Mark a message.

The military headquarters was ahead. Casey did not continue what he had just said. He understood and trusted his superior. He knew that Dewitt had listened to what he had just said. If he listened, Marshal would have considered everything.

He trusted Dewitt from the moment he entered the legion.


In Dewitt’s apartment, the two dried meat cans on the tea table had been opened and the dried meat inside had been empty long ago, while the cans were pushed to the ground like rage.

Since that day, Wen Jin told Dewitt that he needed Lingshi and learned from his communication with King Tiger, saying “I need energy stones” would get them to him. In this regard, Dewitt did not ask why, but promised to bring Lingshi and told Wen Jin that although the Lingshi were not difficult to obtain, it would take time to get the best Lingshi. He also said that he had better quality ones than the ten Lingshi absorbed by Wen Jin last time.

Wen Jin, of course, wanted the best and so on. Wait a minute. In such a poor and sparse world, there were good spiritual stones?

So Wen Jin, who had finally solved a serious issue, has been very comfortable these past two days. He could sleep, eat and play. And during such a beautiful afternoon, Wen Jin was going to sleep.

But as soon as he closed his eyes, he couldn’t help but think of the silly big man kissing him. Even the man’s smell seemed to linger and no matter how he shakes his head, these fragments couldn’t be shaken off. It was a terrible feeling.

The little fox, who failed to sleep several times, was a little unhappy, so he began to rush up and down on the sofa like a small rocket gun, messing up all the pillows on the ground and then jumped from pillow to pillow.

After playing, his original mood seemed to have improved a little.

Since you can’t sleep, play!

Wen Jin decided to watch videos to enrich his fox life unlike the previous two days, so he clicked on a software on the apartment terminal.

Since Dewitt taught him to use the light screen, Wen Jin opened the software. There were all kinds of interesting videos on it. Although he could not read all the words, he could still understand the videos.

After watching several videos, Wen Jin, who laughed on his pillow and rolled from white to black, felt that such a day was very pleasant.

However, after watching five videos in one breath, Wen Jin fell into a video shortage. He kept putting on the light screen in an attempt to find the next interesting video. It was in this way that the white-haired paw did not know what to press and suddenly a window popped up on the screen.

Wen Jin was stunned. It was a window he had never seen before, though it seemed familiar to him. He unconsciously reached out his paw and pressed it again, but it didn’t matter. He was shocked when he pressed it and he saw himself on the screen!

Wen Jin stared into the fox’s eyes and looked for a long time before he suddenly recovered.

Was this a mirror?

Looking at the light screen, he has a circle of face than he remembered, thinking that he has seen such things on Honghuang continent before, Wen Jin tilted his head and the white fox on the light screen also tilted his head.

It really was a mirror!

Although he didn’t know how that silly big fellow could have such a strange interest, Wen Jin still put his face straight and sat down. He even stretched out his claws and trimmed his hair on his cheeks.

After finishing, Wen Jin also took a closer look and thought while looking. Sure enough, his face was online for a long time. Even if it was a mirror in front of him, he could vaguely see his original handsome features from the fleshy little face.

So Wen Jin smiled with satisfaction.

Then he ran happily on the sofa for two laps. Finally, he jumped in the air and drew a heavy arc. After jumping straight off the sofa, Wen Jin’s eyes fell on a door in the living room, which had not been opened by Dewitt since he came back.

A pair of Thieves’ black beans brightened.

Just as Wen Jin stupidly extended his gossip claws to the room, the “mirror” also caused a sensation on the Internet.

Since Gourmet Street, Dewitt, who had long been expected by netizens but has not appeared in public, has updated an article on Star Blog, a full two years since the last live broadcast.


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