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Chapter 31: Wen Jin Meets a Strong Enemy

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The Inter-Star Network had been surprisingly busy recently and the challenge of Gourmet Street had been unexpectedly hot for three whole days.

At the beginning, many people lamented that JU, a popular Internet personality recently, could bring so much attention. However, when it came to real contact, it suddenly found that things were not so simple.

About the guess and analysis posts between the masked GQ and Marshal Dewitt that night, there were flowers everywhere in various forums. Countless logical emperors and demonstration emperors produced various shreds of evidence to prove their ideas, detailed analysis, guess and conjecture and even audio contrast. Almost in response, it caused a series of heated discussions.

Dewitt’s rehabilitation could be said to be the greatest aspiration of the whole Assyrian people after the Zerg War, so the attention of these posts was tremendous.

From the very beginning, only a small circle of live broadcasters paid attention to it, to the big hands from all walks of life who came to cross the border to participate in the discussion, almost all the Star Net showed an attitude of “waiting for Marshal’s return, waiting for the Ministry of Military to issue official documents”.

As a result, this matter was also formally fermented into a hot topic of concern for all Assyrians.

Guo Longtao was one of these people. She was a devoted fan of Dewitt. At first, she was not interested in Gourmet Street and JU. She was stunned when she happened to pass by her roommate who watched the live broadcast and the rest of her sight swept across the screen of the other party.

That instant of intuition, let her quickly climb onto the interstellar network and then focus on such a challenge. From the beginning of the lens falling on GQ, to the end, people around released the sound of GQ in the video, Guo Longtao’s tears fell directly.

After that, the first thing she did when she went home every day was to open the Interstellar Network and click on the topic that was hanging on the headlines. Today, did the military respond?

In the past, there were all kinds of Assyrian netizens calling for Marshal to appear and discuss the challenge. But today, when Guo Longtao came in and read the latest live news, her heart suddenly jumped.

[Haha ha, I crouched on Marshal’s blog day and night. This is definitely the contract beast in Mr. Black Mask’s arms that night. Although it seems to be a big one, it’s the white dumpling. Is this an ironclad proof? Happy day!]

[The little dumpling is so cute… But the name of Dewitt Bertram at the top of the live broadcast made her wonder what was going on. It goes against all reasoning.]

[Ah ah ah, so did the argument come true that night? Is that what Marshal really meant when he was out of danger? Live with contract beasts, live with people, right? I can’t believe that my high-level brain broke when I heard about bonding with beasts. If Marshal is really good, I hit my face a hundred times a day, all of a sudden!]

[After watching the live broadcasting, everyone was still in a little trance and couldn’t imagine that this budding dumpling exploded the hammer. Everyone was saying that the interaction that night was really super cute and they felt that Marshal liked this beast, but they also did not know what the purpose of opening this live broadcast?]

[I think Marshal likes the beast, but when has the Marshal ever had a live broadcast? Maybe it was little dumpling who accidentally started the cast while playing at home? But if this is really Marshal’s beast, the cuteness really goes against the law. The Marshal’s fierce, wont this little beast be traumatized?]

[It’ll be hurt? I’ve been paying attention to it since the Challenge. How can I feel that in three days, little dumpling has gained a lot of weight instead? Look at this chubby face, the little buttocks running around on the sofa, the screenshots have been taken and sit waiting for the Marshal to make a statement. I hope everything is really going in a good direction.]

[Wait for Marshal to declare that the fat little buttocks have been cut off in <<Fig. 1. Ball God facial expression.jpg>> Push up the hind legs, the fleshy little buttocks are so funny, I also want to know how to cuddle the beast!]

By the time Dewitt heard that a fire had started on the Star Net, the number of people watching his blog live had reached its peak since the launch of the Star Blog live platform.

Sketchily glancing at the microblog on the Star Blog, Dewitt looked a little unhappy.

It was not because Wen Jin opened the video, nor because of the live broadcast, but because of the expression screenshots that had completely spread on the Star Net homepage.

Wen Jin put his head in front of the camera to trim his hair. [The baby looks so good today. Gif]. And Wen Jin flew up, all four legs left the sofa [jumping in the air] and the most intolerable thing for Dewitt was the one that had the highest rate of adaptation, Wen Jin jumped off the sofa, fat little buttocks in plain view [slipped away.jpg].

Looking at what was more in the commentary, [Marshal woke up, as long as you are concerned about Marshal, then it seems that I am the only one who wants to steal the small beast.] 

Dewitt’s eyes fell below the comment. 

[Me too…] 

[I want to touch his butt! I know it will feel very good!]

[Want to make sauce and sauce!]

Reading to the middle, his face was completely black.

The fox in his family was awkward, but he had only touched it once and he thought it was very plump. 

Besides, even if he touched it every day, Dewitt could not accept that his little fox was so cared about and they wanted to steal him?

“Marshal, the manager over there on the blog called to ask what you’re going to do with this.” In front of Dewitt was Mark, who had just been transferred back. The latter’s paperwork quality was many times higher than Cassey’s. As soon as this happened, the causes and results were all listed clearly and put in front of Dewitt.

But even so, by the time Dewitt learned about this, the expression gifs and jpegs were scattered around like fire on the prairie and it would be impossible to retrieve them.

Looking at the server’s nearly paralyzed Star Blog, Dewitt calmed down.

He didn’t plan to publish his return so early. After all, there were too many uncertainties. He didn’t like to make people happy. If he could, he would rather wait until the general direction of Zerg poisoning and detoxification had been fully achieved before he could publish the exact news to the Assyrian people.

However, after the challenge videos were forwarded crazily, Dewitt realized that this approach might not work. Thinking about it, Dewitt logged on to his terminal, ended the live broadcast and released a new bomb.

[It is true that I have woken up, but I am still recovering. It is not convenient to disclose specific information for the time being.] In short, it was as cold as people expected.

Just as Dewitt wanted to click on the send, he had just skimmed through the video. The fox’s silly appearance flashed through his mind. His finger paused for a moment. Dewitt added a sentence at the end, [Thank you for your concern.]

“Fuck me, Marshal is really awake?!” The first one to see this news was Guo Longtao, who had been squatting on Dewitt’s blog and dared not blink her eyes. When she saw this line clearly, her mind was blank for a moment, or her roommate’s scream brought her back to reality.

[I knew it!]

[Marshal really woke up! ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!! I am going crazy! ah! My heaven and earth are turning!]

[Was the poisons solved? I dared not dream of this day! I want to cry!]

Following the crazy comment, the screaming roommate rushed over and shook Guo Longtao’s shoulder. The two girls hugged tightly with laughter and crying. At the same time, Star Blog Management Center, originally only with a tentative intention to send a telegram to the Military Department, completely did not expect the manager to really get Marshal’s reply. He was also stunned.

The whole control center had fallen into a kind of extreme joy. In the face of the server explosion, the manager ordered his staff to work with red eyes and shaking lips, while the busy technicians who usually meet this situation were busy at this moment, but also a corner of their mouths were laughing. The entire center was full of loud voices, strong with vitality.


The star blog had been shaking because of the live video, while Wen Jin was exploring new horizons.

Since he was so satisfied after taking a good look at the mirror, he began to lie in front of the door which Dewitt had closed for two days and stared at it with a sneaky face.

On the first day of returning home, Dewitt adjusted the internal system of the apartment and set up an auditing terminal in Wen Jin’s similar height to facilitate the entry and exit for the small guys, but this was the only door that was not set.

At that time, Wen Jin resented it for a long time, even once doubted the sincerity of the silly big man who said, “My money can be given to you.” He thought that this fellow had no intention of being unreserved at all. Maybe there were red-eyed pictures hidden in it?

And when he recently played on his blog, he saw the video of Red Eye Monster and Dewitt’s challenge that day. Although he couldn’t read the above text, a series of single-person screenshots, some of which deliberately erased him, cut off the part of his head, with various pink bubble effects, were added.The meaning of these pictures had a very mad little fox.

In the end, though, this little temper was smoothed down by Dewitt with two jerkies. However, Wen Jin kept it in mind secretly. Especially when one night, he was awakened in his sleep and found that Dewitt was secretly hiding in that room alone, Wenjin was even more unhappy.

Thinking of the silly big man who sometimes snuck out to change his trousers in the morning, he didn’t know why, but Wen Jin felt that his paws were itchy.

According to his observation at that time, Dewitt set his iris scan over the whole apartment, moving in a neat and uniform manner, without any redundancy, except that the room did not have a lower terminal screen.

He was humming on the ground, thinking that this big fool would not think of everything to stop him?

He raised his head to look at the height of where the silly big man usually stood to scan his iris. Wen Jin squatted and prepared to jump using his magic. 

When using such magic, Wen Jin was still a little worried. In the past, when he was in Honghuang, his beast shape was enormous. He could go several miles with a slight leap. He never needed any lifting magic; this magic was only needed when moving objects.

When he remembered moving things, it seemed that the heavier they were, the more spiritual energy they consumed. But at that time, there was so much spiritual energy on that continent that he never cared about it or how to use it.

If he recalled it correctly, it shouldn’t take much. Besides, he was not in the same shape as he used to be and his consumption should not be too large.

With this in mind, Wen Jin silently lifted himself up with reiki. However, as soon as he had risen a little, Wen Jin was so cautious and clumsy that he quickly withdrew his magic and the fox fell to the ground.

Feeling the hot temperature of the floor, Wen Jin’s eyes were enormous, I wonder if the spiritual spirit in the spiritual stones that Dewitt gave me before is inferior? Why is it so useless?

He has consumed a tenth of the amount of spiritual stones before he ascended a little bit, so when he went up completely and hung in the air, wouldn’t he have to consume a piece? No, No.

With this in mind, Wen Jin paced the floor with his paws, thought for a while and once again looked up at the location of the iris detector on the door. The next second, a small square ice platform appeared.

This was his best skill. Before he was not so afraid of the cold, Wen Jin often played alone with small ice forms. However, the amount of spiritual energy consumed by ascension and creation was quite different and the latter was much larger than the former.

Wen Jin was still afraid of the inferior spirituality of the world, so he only made a little ice platform for himself to stand for a while.

But after using the magic, Wen Jin realized that it wasn’t as much as he had imagined.

Not thinking too much, Wen Jin aimed at the ice platform, consumed half the amount of spiritual stones he had consumed in one breath and finally flew up. He fluttered in the air, quickly grasped the ice with two meaty forepaws and stretched his neck towards the iris screen.

The process of stretching his neck and staying still was bit difficult. That little ice platform was not stable enough to stand stabley on. He could only stay still by using his claws. However, his efforts were enough, Wen Jin finally succeeded.

The moment the door opened, Wen Jin fell back to the floor again from the ice platform, looked at the door which had been opened a little and stood upright, his big fluffy tail swaying behind him and then began to shake in a 360 degree tornado.

After stopping, Wen Jin’s eyes flashed, stared at the ajar door and patted his paws on the ground. Did he want to go into the room where the big fool secretly hid the red-eyed pictures in it? With such ambition, Wen Jin straightened his chest and walked in.

It was an empty room. At the moment of entering, Wen Jin couldn’t help being alert. He remembered that the last time he entered such an empty room that he didn’t know what to use it for, or the bathroom in Liberec, when he made a foolish appearance.

With this in mind, Wen Jin couldn’t help being twelve times more alert, but just then, under his hind paws, a small aperture suddenly lit up. Wen Jin was stunned. This feeling was familiar. Last time in the bathroom, after stepping on it, he was very familiar with it.

Without waiting for him to recall, he suddenly felt something jumping in front of him. The next second, the real deafening sound sounded in the room.

It was a roar from a beast!

“Chee!” It was totally unaware that Wen Jin, who appeared behind the monster, was frightened. With a sharp push on his hind legs, he threw the flesh-whirring body to the other side and rubbed it against the floor several times.

When Wen Jin jumped away, he did not stop. He stood up immediately. His face was very serious. His eyes were full of vigilance. His forepaws pressed down and his reiki began to work in his body. He looked very aggressive.

What’s going on? In this room, the fool turned on a monster… Or was it a monster that can’t even feel his breath? As he thought about it, Wen Jin’s eyes began to grow more serious. He secretly gathered his reiki and formed a sharp ice lance under one of his raised claws.


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October 6, 2019 3:08 pm

So it wasn’t the kitchen, a training room then?
The next stream going be Wen Jin eating the two new jars of jerkies and people saying where’s the drink?

October 6, 2019 7:19 pm

Sooo… Wen Jin is a little zeeeaalous of his big fool and red eyes monster huh??!? This is really cuteness overload… 🤣

October 6, 2019 10:43 pm

Marshal, Sir! your little fox is messing up your room. I wonder, if all that was broadcasted live, or did the Marshal turned the “mirror” off, after posting his reply?
I think the closed room was either training room or an office and that beast is part of an unauthorised entry prevention/security system.

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