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Chapter 46: Young Mountain Wolf

Translated by Rikko of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Following after, JinYu and Qi QingLin spent a few hours on the balcony sitting while gazing at the thunderstorm until the sky gradually brightened. Despite how terrifying the weather of the capital star could be when it broke out, once a ray of sunlight emerged out from the clouds, painting the horizon red, the downpour became smaller abruptly. However, what surprised JinYu a little was that even if the sun has already started to rise, the rain still continued pouring. An array of dazzling colors appeared as the sparse raindrops got refracted by the sunlight.

“I would have never thought there would be such a scenery. It’s so…” JinYu couldn’t take his eyes off the colorful gem-like raindrops at the moment.

“Gemstone rain.” Qi QingLin lay beside JinYu, gazing at the glittering raindrops falling from the sky. As he shifted towards his partner, whose face clearly expressed his love for admiring the raindrops, all of a sudden, he felt that the rain that was annoying to him previously became pleasant. “It’s the pre-Winter Autumn rainy season now. Such a sight should be common for a month.”

Upon hearing that, JinYu smiled and nodded. In the very next moment, a white silhouette rushed up from the first floor, accompanied by a loud cry. However, before XiaoXue flew away, JinYu caught a glimpse of a huge, shiny layer on top of its back and wings. As he was puzzling over it, XiaoBai jumped up to the second-floor balcony and meowed.

“Oh? The little mountain wolf has woken up? Mn. Let QingLin and me get down to have a look.” JinYu nodded to XiaoBai before turning towards the stairs and heading to the first floor. Just when he got there, the roars of BaoZi and ErHei almost made him fall, but luckily, Qi QingLin was there to support him. “Speaking of which, did XiaoXue really make an ice raincoat on its back? Isn’t this idea a bit too smart?!” Never once did he imagine beasts could be that intelligent! What a reasonable and effective way of using its resources!

Boss Qi raised his brows once he heard that, disapproving him, “The accuracy of beasts’ power control and estimation of their own strength is something that will definitely exceed your imagination. The power usage and strength control of those who went to war before can even be rated as terrifying—of course, this is the way puny humans judge them.”

JinYu pouted and gave Boss Qi a harsh eye roll. What’s with the way you phrase things? Aren’t you a human too? Oh right, he can turn into a qilin. Maybe he’s a half-beast? Or a magical beast? JinYu shook his head to get the strange terms out of his mind. Strolling towards the sofa, he noticed the moderately sized mountain wolf at once. Yup, it looks rather lively. But its injuries are… the bandage has already been drenched in its blood.

“How are you feeling? You collapsed in front of our store and was carried back here by Xiao K and ErHei. XiaoXue has already gone to find a doctor; just wait a bit more for the doctor to come and get your wounds examined.” JinYu looked at the mountain wolf, which lifted up its head, glancing back with a confused and wary look. An indifferent expression was on JinYu’s face, yet his eyes were full of warmth. The wolf wasn’t the same as the rest of his beasts; it had an owner. Therefore, regardless if it had a suspicious nature or spiritual contract, it wouldn’t be all that friendly with JinYu. That was within JinYu’s expectations, so he would just treat it fairly. “Have you had your breakfast? I think XiaoWei has already started to prepare our breakfast; just wait for a bit.”

With everything said and done, JinYu sat onto the sofa straight away before sweeping his gaze around the nearby beasts. Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes into a smile, “Do you all have nothing to do?”

In an instant, the hairs of the bunch of beasts began raising. Bird-type beasts scattered away. Even ErHei had its rare moment of being not that stupid then; he hurried away towards the door and guarded it under the eaves. The lifestyle type beasts started to either groom their sellable feathers or tend the carrots and other vegetables in the garden. The battle type beasts dashed towards the open field outside at once and started to train and spar.

The young, inexperienced beasts that got abandoned moments after being born were being guided by the beasts of their species to do their tasks. The eagle JinYu rescued in the past, which has retired due to its incapability to battle, was current standing under the roof and waving its wings around, training the young battle type beasts to do various actions such as pouncing, biting, ducking, eye-rolling and teeth-baring so that they could exhaust their extra energy. JinYu didn’t care much about its explanation of ‘exhausting energy’, he simply asked in slight confusion why there was a need to eye roll or bare their teeth.

The eagle’s answer killed a certain big fish instantly. [This is from experience. If they won the battle, that can be used to flaunt and provoke the opponent. And if they lost… it is also worth it to piss the opponent so much that they get a stomach ache.]

Thus, a thought slid into JinYu’s mind. Indeed, the old have the most experience; this is seriously too scary. JinYu even thought. Maybe its teachings were a bit more reserved now because of its age, or else it might even teach them how to quarrel…

Once the young mountain wolf realised that with just a few words, JinYu could get all of those beasts, which combined strength was terrifyingly high, to do their own stuff obediently right away, its eyes went wide as it stared outside the house immediately. Then, it took an even more puzzled look at JinYu. However, at that moment, its wariness of JinYu did lessen a little.

When the ZhiWei beast pushed a small trolley and placed two meters tall layer of plates on the corridor to serve the beasts, the wolf’s eyes almost popped out of its sockets. [The beasts here can actually get a meal before they finish their tasks?]

Perhaps due to being overly shocked, the mountain wolf howled that out unconsciously. In the next second, it felt a cold aura coming out from the friendly guy beside him, who was probably the boss of the store. After retreating a little out of uneasiness, the wolf noticed the ZhiWei beast pushing its trolley to one side of the sofa before setting four large plates one by one onto the tea table in front of the sofa.

The mountain wolf couldn’t stop its eyes from looking onto the four plates, and instantly, its gaze was stuck on them. On one of the plates was its favorite snowflake mutton! After swallowing its saliva subconsciously, it tried its best to not look or think about the plate of snowflake mutton. It had been raised by its owner since young. Until now, it only had the chance to eat a plate of leftover snowflake mutton from its owner when it completed its assignments perfectly. However, due to how useless it was… plus it still wasn’t an adult yet, its daily meals mainly consisted of dry steamed buns, meat soup and so on… Since it was rescued by them, being alive was more than enough for it; it shouldn’t demand mutton or any other extravagant meals. Besides, if its owner knew it escaped…

As the mountain wolf thought about that, it began licking the wounds on its legs dejectedly. It seriously didn’t run away on purpose. It was just that its owner placed it together with two adult corrosive wild dogs. If it didn’t escape, it definitely would have died. Arf… woof… It let out a low, soft howl before shutting its eyes, its body trembling a little. Just as he was trying its hardest to sleep so as to get rid of the snowflake mutton from its mind, unexpectedly, it felt something soft on the tip of its nose that emitted a rich, captivating fragrance!

“Little fella, you are surprisingly stubborn, huh~” JinYu chuckled softly, “These are all made for you. I don’t like eating them, so if you don’t want to eat them, then I’ll just let XiaoWei throw it away!”

Upon hearing that, the young mountain wolf opened its eyes frantically. As soon as its eyes land on the snowflake mutton dish, which fragrance permeated everywhere, it started gobbling down recklessly. Maybe because it ate too hungrily, it almost choked.

Fury ignited in JinYu’s eyes as he looked at how famished the wolf was. On the other hand, the beasts that peeked in from outside the windows and door couldn’t help themselves from snickering. Not long after, as they remembered this was how they looked during the first time JinYu brought them to a restaurant, sorrow began engulfing their hearts. Even before this little fellow was abandoned, it was already as starved as they were then. It was evident how much it suffered in the past.

An adolescent fire Bei took a glance at the scene inside before shifting to the search and rescue dog beside it, Uncle K, and whispered out a low howl. [Uncle K. Can’t this fellow stay at our store? Its owner must be a bad guy.]

Bei: a mythical wolf that has short front legs which usually partners with wolves as it needs to crawl on top of a wolf to walk.

Xiao K shook its head and replied. [No. It has a spiritual contract. Boss can’t just adopt it willy nilly. Even if Boss allows it, so long as its owner came here to find it, it has to go back with its owner. This is something unchangeable since thousands of years ago.]

Thus, a few youngsters among the beasts lowered their heads as they ate a little bitterly. Meanwhile, JinYu stroked gently on the young mountain wolf’s back with one hand, while clutching Boss Qi’s arm tightly with his other. Such differential treatment made Qi QingLin twitch the corner of his lips. Nevertheless, in his heart of hearts, he understood JinYu’s fury. Since his partner’s tight clutch wasn’t really painful, so he just let him do so. Besides, he could get a reward later on.

As the young mountain wolf ate its food and felt the warmth from the hand that was petting it gently, its pair of light brown eyes gradually became emotional. Ever since it was bought by its owner, it had always been hoping its owner could pet it like that. However, it never could reach its owner’s expectations… if only it could be a bit stronger…

Chirp—!! A resonant cry rang out from the top of the roof, prompting JinYu to lift his head. Instead of finding XiaoXue at the door, he saw a young man in his 30s reclining at the side of the door. He wore a striking white lab coat and a pair of metal-rimmed glasses. With a French fry in his mouth, he stared at JinYu with a hint of a smile…I didn’t owe anyone gold coins, did I? JinYu raised his eyebrows at the guy.

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