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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Sendo sat in the living room with the two mountain-like people and waited for a full hour until Count Fitt became so angry that he could not wait for Dewitt as scheduled.

Because Eve couldn’t wait.

The whole scientific research institute could hear the alarm ringing through the building which literally meant that a life was in danger. If it had started earlier, it would have begun in that corridor full of Zergs. At that time, Cassey ordered Mary to be taken away. Mary had been the focus of the Institute of Science’s observation object and had her own exclusive observation room.

But the focus of observation was not to isolate her directly, which was a little different from those poisoned beasts. On the one hand, Mary was Eve’s beast. Professor Lin was not a scientist who advocated violent research. On the other hand, Eve’s parents were also very good at it. So Mary’s actions could be said to be very free, which was also true. That was why she was first able to sneak into the observation room easily.

Eve was Cassey’s comrade-in-arms and Cassey certainly would not do anything about Mary, but let her do what she wanted which basically gave Mary one hundred percent freedom. So after those people left, Mary quickly rushed out of her room, carefully holding the pellet Wen Jin gave her. In Mary’s mind, the pill that the fox demon gave her would save her master.

In her mind, she remembered what Wen Jin said. If only she could get it to Eve as quickly as possible, Mary ran all the way.

It was very simple to enter the observation room. The ventilation channel was the best entry point. Although the ventilation channel was very small and it was empty and there were many interlaced tracks. It was not difficult to navigate for Mary who had been fighting with Eve for years.

She crawled into the observation room as swiftly as she was able to, then quickly found Eve’s bed and took out the pill carefully from the palm of her paw. Mary’s claws trembled and hesitated a little. When she was confused, she looked away and found Eve’s parents standing at the door. Their eyes met in the air. Eve’s parents nodded to her with tears in their eyes.

Mary took a deep breath, opened the medical cabin, gently put the pill into Eve’s mouth and when it was confirmed that Eve had swallowed it, she began to focus on the monitor next to the medical cabin.

Under the baptism of Zerg poison, Eve’s monitor clearly showed that her energy core had been destroyed and fragmented. Even the image of the Zerg poisoning wantonly attacking Eve’s energy core could be seen on the monitor. With their arrogant attack, the energy core that should have sparkled with golden light had become gloomy long ago. There was no light at all.

“Kaka…” After stuffing the pill into Eve’s mouth, Mary stared at the monitor with both eyes. She dared not leave. A pair of small black claws subconsciously curled together and made a prayer.

Then, she saw that the monitor showed that the level of venom in the blood began to drop slightly and the viruses attacking Eve’s energy core on the video started to retreat and leave one by one as if they had been obstructed invisibly.

“Chiiii!” Mary’s eyes widened, her face filled with surprise and a pair of small black claws were pinched tightly together.

But then, after just a moment, the Zerg poison that had started to retreat, like it was suddenly stimulated, turned into a sharp dagger in Eve’s body and thrust it into Eve’s energy core. Even Mary felt a sharp pain in her body and Eve under her coughed blood out directly. The alarm next to the medical cabin screamed sharply and the life index on the monitor began to plummet.

“Chii!” Eve stared wide, staggered back two steps, then ran to the door of the observation room and started slapping the door. Her black eyes were filled with panic. “Chii, chii!”

Eve’s parents outside the door also panicked and both ran out to shout at anyone nearby.

A glass door separated the two worlds. Mary couldn’t hear the outside voices at all. She slapped the door several times without any effect and hurried back to Eve. At this time, Eve began to convulse all over and her mouth was constantly overflowing with black blood. Mary was at a loss and stretched out her claws to drag Eve’s head near her. Another claw subconsciously moved to wipe away the blood Eve had spit out, but the blood continued to flow and Mary’s little claws could not catch all of it.

Looking at the black blood seeping through her claws, Mary seemed to go mad.

The most tragic cry escaped from her mouth, “chii-chii-chii-”

When Dewitt arrived with Wen Jin in his arms, Eve had been pushed into an emergency room, in which Professor Lin, dressed in a white coat, looked on with a serious face.

“What’s the matter?” Dewitt stopped a nurse with a scrunched eyebrows.

“Her vitals crashed!” Even though the marshal had asked, the nurse had no patience to explain, “I don’t know what Mary gave to Eve but the Zerg poison was stimulated and it directly broke through her energy core. The core has been completely broken and the rampaging energy is likely to enter the heart directly next.”

When the little nurse had finished explaining, she rushed out to get things ready.

In the rescue room, Old Lin had put on an isolation mask as he seriously opened all kinds of instruments. Dewitt could vaguely see Eve’s body twitching on the bed.

At the same time, Archie rushed out of an office in a hurry, looking as if he had just woken up. His hair was in a mess. CaiCai followed him with his white coat. Dewitt frowned.

“Here we are.” Archie looked at Dewitt, greeted him, went into the isolation room, put on his gear, gloves and then rushed in.

Looking at Archie’s back, Dewitt’s eyes flashed. He met with Archie an hour ago. Where did the word “here” come from? Putting that question in mind, Dewitt turned around and found Eve’s parents standing beside the corridor, but they looked like two walking corpses. Eve’s father buried his face deep in his hand.

When Dewitt stood for fifteen minutes, Sendo, Count Fitt and Marshal Shen arrived, too. As soon as the four men met, Fitt, who was so angry that his nose twisted, immediately pointed at Dewitt’s nose and cursed, “Marshal Dewitt, an hour and twenty minutes late, you are a real man. What a busy man!”

Unlike the others, Fitt was an earl and the younger brother of the prime minister. He had never had anything next to his name but the words “prime minister’s younger brother”. So he didn’t know who Eve was or what was happening in the research institute.

“Is that what the military department usually teaches you? Marshal Shen En and I, in any case, are older than you, so why did we have to just wait for an hour without a single reason? You can also inherit the position of Earl-” Count Fitt’s long-term carefree growing environment, not only let him learn to be outspoken, but also let him light up the wrong achievements of others. He had now been focused on Dewitt and did not notice the atmosphere of the surrounding corridor. He had immediately taken a breath and ranted. 

That was why Dewitt wanted to hang Sendo in the waiting room for an hour. If they really confronted each other, Fitt, a guy who didn’t look at his teammates, would be a good wall.

Nevertheless, Dewitt did not think that it would happen in this type of situation. 

Obviously, Dewitt was a good fighter, just not at this moment, but more obviously, he was not in the mood to quarrel with Fitt. Eve’s situation meant too much. Dewitt was originally holding back due to physical reasons like the disorder of his energy core. Whenever he was nervous or angry, or when his emotions were easily fluctuated, the energy in his core would go out of control.  

Now, it was much harder for him to quarrel with Fitt than for him to fight to the point where he couldn’t speak. Fortunately, Dewitt was not alone. He had Wen Jin.

Wen Jin had just finished scolding Dewitt and had simply taken a nap in Dewitt’s arms. However, the nap had not lasted even twenty minutes when the alarm screeched out. After that, he finally fell asleep again. As a result, Fitt began to make noise. Wen Jin’s small face was black and he slowly straightened up from Dewitt’s arms, looking like a dragon lurking in a cave, raising his face and looking at Fitt coldly.

“Did the count’s family teach such a fellow as you? What about aristocratic etiquette? What about your brain…” The more Fitt cursed, the more energetic he was. The quiet environment gave him a bright stage and strengthened his self-confidence. This kind of honeyed self-confidence let these words out in less than a minute, but they would become a famous saying for thousands of years.

Not only did he dance, but even the decibels began to soar, but all of a sudden he was interrupted by a voice across the sky.

“Chee!” It was Wen Jin, who stared at Fitt and roared fiercely, thinking that the human race was dead! It was a great crime to wake up a sleeping beast. Didn’t he know that?

From childhood to adulthood, was the first time that Fitt was interrupted when he was in high spirits. The loud decibel echoed in Fitt’s ears. Fitt was stunned. He took a deep breath unconvinced and shouted in a louder voice, “Dewitt, do you think–“

“Chee!” Fitt thought he could just make his voice louder, but Wen Jin’s screech was louder than him and the woken fox’s mood index was almost at -10,000. He was so angry that he wanted to compete with the blondie on the spot. 

Fitt, who was interrupted twice in a row, was completely stunned. Because he was stunned, Sendo, who had been unable to insert any words had time to drag this little ancestor away. Fitt felt suffocated, but with Sendo’s explanation and persuasion, he went quiet, except for some unwilling glances at Wen Jin.

Wen Jin was too lazy to pay attention to him. He raised his chin and stared at the man’s defeat. Then he opened his mouth and yawned. His wet black nose twitched.


It was the smell of the medical dan. Did Mary feed it to her owner? No… It didn’t smell right.

As Wen Jin had just woken up and his dull brain began to ponder the situation carefully, the door of the emergency room opened again.

Out came an unknown female doctor whose eyes were red and she looked sad and shook her head at Eve’s parents. Professor Lin, who was still in the emergency room, also lowered his head. Archie looked down at Eve and up at Dewitt, his head shaking very slowly.

“No way.” That’s what he said.

Although the heart was still beating, the attack of the Zerg poison had been overwhelming, she would not wake up. Cassey, who had come from the monitoring room to deal with the matter, was stunned when he heard this sentence.

There was silence in the corridor. The next door to the emergency room was the observation room, where hundreds of patients, like Eve, were lying. Eve’s condition would happen to them sooner or later. But they couldn’t do anything about it. Zerg poisoning was like a mountain, which was already pressing on their hearts. The later an Assyrian got the poison, the more dangerous it would be. If such poison radiated through the whole country one day and they hadn’t succeeded in developing an antidote yet, then…

Just then, a sharp screech came out of the observation room. It was Mary, “Chii! Kaka Kaka! ” Mary seemed to smell Wen Jin and rushed out of the room. Under a circle of black hair beside her eyes, there were two deep tears. “Chii, Chii!” She rushed to Wen Jin’s feet and shouted, almost tearing out her heart and lungs.

“Chii!” You said that pill would save her!

Mary’s action attracted the attention of all the people in the corridor, especially Shen En and all eyes fell on Wen Jin.

“Chee.” I’m right. That was the pill Dewitt ate. I didn’t lie to you.

“Kaka-” But she’s dying. The doctor’s going to give up. Save her. I beg you to save her- Mary wailed, a pair of small black paws closed together.

Wen Jin paused.

At this time, nearly all the eyes within a mile gathered on him. Even Old Lin, who had lowered his head heavily, had turned around. In the corner, Chen Xiong’s figure also appeared.

“Chee…” Wen Jin had some tangled thoughts.

People were afraid of being famous and pigs were afraid of being strong. Now he had not recovered. Wen Jin was not a self-deprecating person. His demon Dan was healed, his reiki was not enough. Before, if Mary had not been there, he certainly would not have sprained his paw, but if he was now in the limelight, then the future would certainly become more…

Although Mary was a beast that could not transform into a human, in the past, Wen Jin would not have even given her a second look. But when they were fighting the Zerg, it was Mary who stood in front of him and fought with him.

Wen Jin thought for a moment, his eyes became fixed and he stretched out his claws and patted Dewitt’s body. “Take me in.” His paws were not strong, so he could not jump out of Dewitt’s arms and stagger in.

His words calmed the originally anxious Mary who instantly overflowed with joy. Mary understood and Dewitt also understood. Others were all confused, but judging from Dewitt’s footsteps, they seemed to understand what the white beast had just said to Dewitt.

Especially Shen En.

“Marshal…” The nurses at the door unconsciously wanted to hold Dewitt back. According to the regulations of the scientific research institute, it was necessary to wear protective clothes to enter the room of the people infected, not to mention Eve’s current state of hematemesis.

Dewitt shook his head and turned her down. He stepped directly into the emergency room. Once Eve came into his sight, Wen Jin knew he was watching a woman who was dying of Zerg poison.

His Quzhuo-dan had been given to her and it really worked. Eve’s condition was exactly the same as Dewitt’s when he first came to the world. But he also had a Quzhuo-dan. Why was Dewitt okay but Eve had become worse?

Wen Jin’s claws exerted a little force and looked at Eve intently. His reiki was not enough, so it took a lot of effort to get a vague picture of Eve’s body.

The latter had cut off the Quzhuo-dan, which had decomposed differently. The Zerg poison had cleverly bypassed the efficacy of the Quzhuo-dan?

Wen Jin narrowed his eyes, something was not right.

It should be a secondary poison.

“You monsters in human skin are quite numerous.” Wen Jin suddenly said coolly. Some people wanted to speed up Eve’s death, so she was poisoned twice, but with a new poison, the latest. Thinking about that Cohen before, he figured out what the situation was almost at a glance.

Looking at Archie in front of him, Dewitt responded, “Yes.” Such is the case.

Wen Jin put out his tongue and licked his nose. If it was secondary poisoning, he could understand why Eve had become worse.

The two Zerg poisons were separated and the last Zerg poison had been newly injected. After injection, the new Zerg poison should have been mixed with the old Zerg poison, accelerating the action of the Zerg poison invading the energy core, but they were lucky as it had been injected too soon. The old Zerg poison had been attacked by the Quzhuo-dan.

The Quzhuo-dan, unlike the Zerg poison, was only a blindly prescribed medicine made by Wen Jin. But it entered the infected body and disintegrated the infected parts in the body, thus achieving the effect of poisoning.

So, Zerg poison has a small self-awareness, just as the Zerg and infectious bodies protected the mothers. When it was decomposed, it subconsciously protected the abilities, including broken core fragments, hiding until it could pierce all the way through.

This kind of protection, of course, was a dying struggle, as can be seen from Dewitt, because the Quzhuodan would eventually fix everything. But unfortunately, the ability protected by the old Zerg poison was inherited directly by the newly injected Zerg poison and carried the freshness of the newly injected Zerg poison… It could also be said that evolution directly broke through the blockade of the Quzhuodan.

If earlier, and the energy core did not break so badly, this second Zerg poison at most deepened the damage and ultimately could not escape the palm of the Quzhuodan. But Eve’s body was really at the end of the road. The Quzhuodan only removed the turbidity and would not consciously defend the heart.

So the scene just happened.

If they wanted to save Eve, there were ways. They needed enough reiki to guide the direction of the Quzhuodan. As long as the Quzhuodan did not follow its original trajectory, it would lead to the heart and the Zerg poison would be terminated.

Only Wen Jin could do this and only he knew what the trajectory the Quzhuodan needed to take. But unfortunately, he was now physically powerless.

Wen Jin was trying to tell Mary the bad news. As soon as he turned around, he saw Mary with tears in her eyes.

Wen Jin: …

He turned his head, clapped Dewitt, and decided to help them do a dying struggle, saying, “Get me a water system Lingshi. She can live, but it depends on how fast I get the stone. It must be a good one.” As the little fox spoke, his face collapsed tightly and it did not look like a joke at all.

The people in the room were not foolish either. Perhaps they could see that Mary had asked for help from Wen Jin. Wen Jin and Mary were communicating and now Wen Jin turned to communicate Dewitt, so their eyes fell on Dewitt. Now they could only ponder about what had happened between the two contract beasts by judging Dewitt’s movements.

At that moment, however, Chen Xiong reached out with one hand.

He placed a round pendant in front of Wen Jin. “Will this work?”

Chen Xiong’s voice was not very loud. People a little farther away could not hear him at all. Professor Lin just listened vaguely. But when he saw the pendant clearly, he stared at it incredibly.

An Eternal Energy Stone!

Wen Jin also stared.

The same eternal energy stone as Dewitt had! But it was a water system, which matched his water system!

“Chee!” Certainly. Wen Jin rushed forward and grabbed the pendant in his mouth, thinking that Chen Xiong was not like the people who did not know the goods. This Lingshi would definitely be of great use to him! 

Even the eternal spiritual stone had been obtained, will his demon Dan recover more?

As Wen Jin thought this, he floated up beautifully, biting the Lingshi and raising his buttocks, he wanted to jump onto Eve’s bed. Dewitt quickly stopped him, hung the pendant around Wen Jin’s neck and then laid Wen Jin on Eve’s bed.

By this time, Eve had turned pale as a dying man.

Wen Jin closed his eyes and drew some energy from the Lingshi. After feeling the vast energy of the sea, he felt a little excited. This eternal Lingshi should be quite old and had not been used very much. The energy cycle inside was getting bigger and bigger and now it was abundant enough for him to use.

After absorbing a wave of reiki, Wen Jin sat forward a little, put his unhurt paw on Eve’s abdomen and Professor Lin’s eyes moved.

That was the dantian, the location of the energy core.

The next second, a stream of water reiki, alongside the gentle claws, gently entered Eve’s body.

At that moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on the little monitor beside Eve. On the monitor, there was only a picture of the trajectory of the Zerg poison and suddenly a little more spiritual energy. That spiritual force was small, but steady, even in the fine veins of the human body, it could swim unimpeded.

After seeing that it was indeed spiritual force, everyone in the room took a breath of cool air and looked at Wen Jin incredulously. Professor Lin’s eyes were more serious and even a little crazy.

On the monitor, the spiritual force went up along Eve’s vein. It did not go straight to the heart, but twisted around as if it was looking for something and as if it was pulling something. It went up little by little, about a minute later and finally came to the heart.

The monitor showed only one minute, but for all the people present, it was like a million seconds.

When the spiritual force came to the mouth of the heart, Wen Jin saw that the vicinity had been completely infected by Zerg poison and it looked like a dead grey. However, at that moment when his reiki arrived, it was as if there was something rushing out, like a big mouth, that swallowed the Zerg poison that was still trying to attack the heart.

“God…” Someone couldn’t help covering their mouth.

Suddenly, Wen Jin retracted his paws and in that instant Eve threw up another mouthful of blood, then opened her eyes under everyone’s gaze.


The author has something to say: 


Wen Jin (lighting cigarettes): My lucky arm may not be able to hide.

Guagua (playful face): No, your thick claws can’t hide any more. 🙂

On the matter of who has a bigger voice with Wen Jin, Fitt comes from his heart: I am not, I am not…

Count Fitt meets his own contract beast later. It’s a mascot. Wenjin will bully him hard later.

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