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Chapter 42: Doubt the Perfect World

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The contract was hot and shining, just like a strong invitation letter, Wen Jin couldn’t resist it at all. The engraving on his body did not even give him the chance to touch the eternal energy stone, but directly dragged him into a space filled with… mechs?

There were nothing but mechanical armors!

There were hundreds of them and they were arranged very tightly. Wen Jin felt that if it weren’t for his small size and strong body, it would be a problem to shuttle between them.

Wen Jin ran carefully forward, predicting that he would continue the movement for at least ten minutes. However, the fox was so angry that he couldn’t find an outlet. And it was amazing that he couldn’t use his reiki at all, even his demon Dan had disappeared.

Yes, it was not visible. Wen Jin could feel that his dantian was empty. Except for his memory and intelligence, Wen Jin was no different from an ordinary fox.

However, Wen Jin thought it was unlikely that someone would steal his demon dan. How dare such a bold fellow take away his reiki and not be discovered by him? That was really awesome…

What’s more, he was still in the suspension car a second ago. It was only when the contract began to shine that he suddenly appeared here. So the only thing that made sense was that this space was a dream, or a fantasy, or something like that.

If that was the case, then the glowing and hot contract could be likened to a bridge that brought him into this illusion and the owner of this illusion, eight out of nine chance, was the other side of the contract, Dewitt. And Dewitt himself, probably, was near him.

Wen Jin had always felt that the contract in his body was almost useless to him, besides threatening his life and that it’s sense of existence was weak. But he did not neglect the contract, nor did he forget that the contract was created by the Assyrians.

After being in this world for so long, Wen Jin knew enough, more or less and had his own judgment.

Assyrians let Dewitt make a contract, which showed that the contract was obviously good for the former and there were only a few threats to Assyrian life.

The collapse after an energy core exploded was caused by a problem with the way ability users controlled their reiki and the creation of a contract should have nothing to do with that collapse. The most direct evidence was that Dewitt was so uncomfortable before and the contract did not respond at all.

But just a second after this guy fainted, the contract began to shine. It was like a lock finally finding its key. That is to say, the existence of this contract was likely to benefit the Assyrians by opening a window to their contract beasts when the Assyrians were unconscious.

Wen Jin didn’t know what he could do after going through the open window, but he didn’t want to be locked up. And before he went in, Dewitt’s body was already showing unsafe signs. It was important that he input reiki, but at the moment he began, the contract sent him in.

He didn’t know if his guess was correct, but if the world was really what Dewitt had imagined, Wen Jin, who was suffocating, thought he would beat Dewitt up when he went out. How come this world wasn’t full of more soft and lovely things, more fox walkways, at least have it a little tidy to facilitate his running! Why were there hundreds of mech armors?

He was going crazy! He had been running for so long and he hadn’t even seen Dewitt yet. At that moment, Wen Jin’s ears suddenly moved and his footsteps stopped. He heard a noise.

It was the sound produced when a suspension car started but it was louder than a suspension car. The little fox’s eyes were bright, he stepped out with all four legs and ran quickly in the direction of the sound.

But things were not as simple as he thought.

As he expected, Dewitt’s coma was probably caused by his unstable reiki and, at this moment, because he was suddenly sent in due to the contract, it was clear that Dewitt’s reiki was not suppressed.

And when Wen Jin began to run, the ground beneath his feet started cracking. The more he ran, the more the floor was damaged. Soon the floor wasn’t whole and had cracks covering its surface. Every time Wen Jin crossed over two stones and lowered his head, he could see reiki sinking between the cracks and glowing red in the dark.

The nearer the sound of the mech, the wider the cracks in the floor. The reiki under the ground seemed ready to rush out at any time. Even if the reiki was not touched, he could feel its fierceness and forcefulness.

Wen Jin clenched his teeth and again leaped over a gully several meters wide. When he stood under the mega armor, the fox was stunned. The door was closed. How did he get in?

“Chee!” Wen Jin’s first reaction was to clap his paw on the door, hoping that the big fool inside could hear him.

However, he patted several times, which was of no use at all. On the contrary, the starting sound of the armor was getting louder and louder, even rising a little.

Wen Jin knew about this as a suspension car would shake when it started. This was basically the rhythm of driving. If the armor moved away, he didn’t know where to go to find Dewitt and the floor cracks under his feet were getting worse and worse, to the point that he may fall down directly.

Wen Jin clenched his teeth.

The tall mech had no reiki and he wanted to reach the top of the door, but to reach it. He could only become bigger, or become a person. Such an idea just flashed through Wen Jin’s mind, then with the heat of the contract, he really changed.

At the moment when he felt the height of his body suddenly rising, Wen Jin moved his feet and quickly mounted the mech. He pushed down on the handle of the cabin door 3721 times.

Wen Jin had never ridden in a mech before, so what he did not know was that the mech could only be opened with an iris and gene match. However, in this dreamscape, the moment he went up to the hatch, it opened.  

It was like the door had automatically opened to welcome him and, at the moment, Wen JIn ascended, the mech started.

Wen Jin lowered his head and the hatch slowly begun to close. He saw the crushed ground and the reiki rolling outward, the temperature of that reiki was quite high. A moment before the door completely closed, Wen Jin saw a spark hit the mech and it burned a small hole into the metal.  

His eyes widened slightly and Wen Jin had a terrible foreboding. If the energy on the ground represented Dewitt’s restless energy core, then the time when the reiki would devour the mech was basically equal to the time when Dewitt himself exploded by his energy core.

Wen JIn rushed all the way into the cockpit and as he thought, Dewitt was sitting there, holding the handle in both hands and looking like he was driving the mech. The distance between them was ten steps, but no matter how Wen Jin shouted, the other side didn’t come back and it was simply… It was like he couldn’t hear his voice.

While Wen JIn shouted, he wanted to rush over but it was as if there was an invisible wall between him and Dewitt. Wen Jin couldn’t get in, but he could see weirdly through the back of Dewitt’s chair and see a black energy in his body. It was the same as the liquid flowing under the ground, the reiki that was devouring the energy core in his body.

He did not know why the contract sent him in. This involuntary transfer was so annoying. If he was outside, he could easily guide the energy in Dewitt’s body, Dewitt would feel his energy and would wake up, but now, in this dream, he couldn’t even manage his own reiki.

Wen Jin was sure that their contract didn’t want to have Dewitt die.

The whole fuselage swayed with a “clap” and Wen Jin grabbed the railing with one hand and barely kept his balance.

“Hey!” Wen Jin patted the wall hard and found that it was still useless. Dewitt still did not turn around and remained quiet inside the mech. 

This mech armor! Stupid mech armor! I’ll go back and smash all your mechs for dried meat! Wen Jin’s eyes flashed with a ray of violence. He stepped back two steps and looked intently at the wall in front of him.

When he wanted to become a man, the contract responded to his idea. After feeling the heat, he succeeded in changing. If he wanted to use Reiki, he might as well…

Wen Jin took a deep breath, plunged a force into his lower abdomen and then rushed to the transparent wall with a gust of breath. It was at that moment that Dewitt, who had just been alone, suddenly remembered something. The next second, the contract in Wen Jin’s body lit up.

The demon Dan did not appear, but Wen Jin succeeded in rushing into the cockpit. Looking at the vague reflection from the console and ewitt’s confused face, Wen Jin took a deep breath and reached out to pat him on the shoulder.

“Quick, wake up, this is a dream.” These were the first words Wen Jin said as he panted in front of Dewitt. 

This sentence was actually a bit unreasonable because Wen Jin did not know how to end the dream, but he was very righteous that this was Dewitt’s dream. The big fool must have a way to end it!

Unfortunately, when Wen Jin uttered this sentence, Dewitt’s eyes showed a trace of confusion and even hid from his hands with a slight move.

Wen Jin was stunned, but he did not see Dewitt’s resistance. Instead, he remembered how he had just shouted at the other party and how he could not hear him. He still felt that the wall was blocking him. Thinking about it…

He pointed exaggeratedly at himself. ‘Can you hear me?’

Dewitt’s eyes and hands shook but he did not respond at all.

Very good.

Wen Jin thought that the big fool was so unhappy that he could not hear his handsome voice when he was in shape.

“You…” There was a bit of confusion in Dewitt’s icy voice. He seemed to be very confused and thought Wen Jin’s appearance was incomprehensible. He leaned back and kept a certain distance from Wen Jin.

It didn’t matter how Wen Jin had appeared here. What mattered was that Dewitt was going to die if they didn’t find a way out.

Wen Jin held onto Dewitt’s chair and gasped for two breaths. He did not utter this sentence because the speaker could not hear him. While he was wondering if he could find a pen and paper to express his ideas, Dewitt’s face suddenly changed, then he turned his head violently, grasped the control in both hands and the next second, Wen Jin felt the whole mech armor spinning around.

God, what was he doing?

In a hurry, Wen Jin only had time to see the same black energy on Dewitt’s observation screen, which was so large that it covered the whole screen. Before Wen Jin could think about it, his body bumped in one direction because of the weightlessness.

The direction he fell in was a sharp mechanical oscillator. Wen Jin hit it so hard that he gasped out in pain.

Turning his head around, Dewitt held controls with a solemn face.

The surging energy on the observation screen was getting condensing more and the console was constantly glowing with red light. It looked as if it was about to wrap up the whole mech. Dewitt’s efforts to control the mech seemed to be an attempt to find a gap to struggle away from the strange energy. 

But it was useless.

If those energies really represented the reiki in Dewitt’s body, then the only way was to let Dewitt contain them within his body. Wen Jin grabbed the walls around him and wanted to go to Dewitt. However, the angle change in the cabin was too fast. It took Wen Jin a lot of effort to keep standing in the middle, let alone wake Dewitt up.

Wen Jin gritted his teeth and his eyes fell on Dewitt’s stable seat. He aimed at one of the control levers, pulled the lever with his feet with one hand and sat directly on Dewitt’s body with the help of his legs, as if he had glued his hands and eyes to the console.

With a sneer in his heart, Wen Jin tugged at Dewitt and pointed his finger at himself. “Look at me.”

Dewitt looked over Wen Jin’s shoulder and landed on the screen behind him. He reached out and wanted to pull Wen Jin down, tried to touch the console. His face looked very anxious.

Okay, he can’t hear.

The impulse to smash the mech armor once again surged into Wen Jin’s heart and he wanted to roll his eyes. He thought that Dewitt could not hear him but could see his movements and expressions. Wen Jin was so beautiful. He wanted Dewitt to look at him more and see what he wanted to say. They were always in this position, good or bad, where he was sitting on Dewitt, but all he cared about was getting the both of them out of his situation! 

Dewitt’s legs were tightly tensed, obviously anxious. Wen Jin took a deep breath and a wise saying ‘actions speak louder than words’ came to mind.

He flipped over Dewitt’s hand in an attempt to stop him from manipulating the mech again and Wen Jin’s eyes moved in surprise. He pressed Dewitt against the back of the chair without a facial expression and refused to allow him to touch the console again and instead stretched out his hand, simply stripping his opponent of his military uniform.

Without reiki, all he can do was use his hands. Wen Jin didn’t know if Dewitt could understand what he wanted to express in the dream but the world slowly became stiller and bigger.

Faced with Dewitt’s strong, concave stomach, Wen Jin had no time to think about anything else. He held out a finger and reached deep in the other side’s lower abdomen. He felt Dewitt’s hot body and Wen Jin licked his lips somewhat uncomfortably.

Two seconds later, the finger drew an arc on Dewitt’s lower abdomen.

“You’ve had problems with the way you are used to using your reiki. I taught you once before, as you slept. Can you remember it? You need to think of more. Otherwise, we’re both going to die.”

After Wen Jin’s hand stroked once, it seemed that he was worried that Dewitt did not understand it. He took the time to start the second time. When he started the third time, it was obvious that he was very resistant touching Dewitt, but suddenly he reached out and grasped Wen Jin’s finger.

“… You understand?” Raising his head, Wen Jin opened his mouth subconsciously to the torch-like gaze of Dewitt.

However, in that instant, the whole mech was hit by something again, as if it had been overturned in the air. Wen Jin felt himself overturned. He subconsciously grabbed Dewitt’s hand and instinctively looked at Dewitt.

Even in the confusion, the man’s eyes were not at all turbulent. The other side pressed his thighs together to keep him in balance.

Next moment, the mech trembled again.

“Do you understand?” Wen Jin could not roar out the words that were brewing in his heart. Under the flip of the mech, Dewitt came closer and closer to him until something fell on his lip.


Dewitt opened his eyes and saw the roof of the car with a trace of confusion in his eyes.

He felt like he had a long dream.

In his dream, there seemed to be a teenager in strange clothes. The reason for judging the other party as a teenager was that the person’s fair skin around his neck near his adam’s apple was still flat. He also couldn’t see the face of the other party. The other side’s face was always blocked by a mist. It looked like a mosaic mask was born on his face. The clothes on his body were also wide gowns, clothes that Dewitt had never seen before.

Dewitt didn’t understand why such a teenager could enter his mech. Wen Jin didn’t know about it, but he knew very well that his mech only his genetic data. He was the only one who could enter.

But the situation at that time did not allow him to ask too many questions – what the situation was, he could not remember now. He could only remember that it was dangerous, very dangerous.

Even with his ability to control the mech, he could not escape the danger. The breath that the teenager released as he gasped when he hit the hard wall made Dewitt’s eyelids jump subconsciously, but the sight before him did not allow him to even think about it.

He had been absolutely desperate, Dewitt thought.

What happened afterwards…

The teenager straddling him caressed his lower abdomen. Then he felt familiar fingers; many things blurred, but the other side wanted to express the meaning; Dewitt felt as if he had accepted it.

The final picture was framed on a very soft object.

What was that?

Dewitt’s eyes on the roof of the suspension car focused a little and his hands consciously reached out and touched his lips.

“Chee!” A voice sounded in the suspension car. Dewitt looked down and saw the little fox racing away from his body. It took him a long time to peak out a pair of small black eyes in that direction and give him a quiet look. The hair on his face looked like a dog had eaten it.

“When I was asleep…” Dewitt’s voice was a bit hoarse. He looked down and saw that his clothes were just like those in his dream. His eyebrows rose and he said, “Somebody came in?”

“Chee!” You tore it yourself! Noticing Dewitt’s movements, Wen Jin’s face became hotter and hotter, forgetting to speak.

Dewitt’s eyes fell on him, squinting, a little doubtful, but on second thought, he felt uncertain.

The dream just happened after his spiritual dissociation. Now there was no case saying that another person could enter the world as well. The teenager may have been imagined out of thin air. As for why he imagined a teenager… That was not known.

But his cool body temperature was so real and he remembered that he had dreamed of that hand before.

Feeling the chaotic energy core in his body, Dewitt closed his eyes and decided not to think about them first. He recalled the movement of the teenager in his lower abdomen over and over again in his brain.

Cool and soft fingers scratched over and over on him, like drawing a complex totem, but the path seemed extremely familiar.

As Dewitt fully recalled the trajectory that the teenager had drawn on him, there was also a faint phenomenon of lust. Dewitt licked his lips and was trying to talk to Wen Jin when he found Wen Jin squatting in the corner looking at the tent in his pants incredibly.

The chaotic fur on his face showed a more obvious meaning of being gnawed on by a dog.

“Chee!” Shame on you!


The author has something to say: 

Wen Jin was suddenly able to enter because Dewitt remembered that he should not travel alone, that is to say, in a sense, “Doubt the Perfect World” is about the dreamscape after dissociation that will slowly unfold in the future.

The contract is to fight the spiritual dissociation and to minimize the deaths of modern Assyrian ability users.


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