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Chapter 43: Burned

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Dewitt would have liked to talk to Wen JIn about something, but the restless energy in his energy core had already pushed his body to the extreme. It was beyond his control. He once again went through the trajectory that the teenager had drawn in his dream and then reached out and pressed on the door of the car.

The next moment, the door next to Wen Jin opened and Dewitt took a look at Wen Jin. The meaning of that look was clear enough. It was to let Wen Jin hurry away after he found something wrong.

Dewitt could not judge whether the trajectory that the teenager in his dream had brought him was true or whether he had misunderstood it, but his situation had reached the extreme and the only way for him to make it through this was to… well, take a chance.

And… Dewitt didn’t know why he didn’t doubt the existence of the teenager. Even when he saw Wen Jin soberly, some thoughts flashed through his mind.

The hand on his thigh slightly clenched and Dewitt’s eyes swept the little fox in the corner for the last time.

Then he closed his eyes.

The moment he closed his eyes, the fierce fox in the corner, his face also converged and his eyes fell calmly on Dewitt.

This guy was intelligent, but because the way he absorbed his reiki was wrong, his whole dantian was a mess and because of it being compressed the wrong way, the damage to his body was more serious than ordinary people. Dewitt had been using his reiki in this wrong way for more than thirty years. If he was an ordinary person, it would be a dead end.

Fortunately, Dewitt was different from ordinary people. His veins were inherently much stronger and he was absolutely gifted.

It was this kind of talent that gave Dewitt a way to live, but this way of life was obviously painful.

Therapy and conditioning were no longer useful to him. He could only use poison to attack poison, inhale new reiki to crush the old reiki directly, make his body ache to the extreme and finally gamble on the possibility of a rebirth.

Looking at Dewitt’s painful look, Wen Jin’s eyes showed a trace of concern. He noticed Dewitt’s problem, but he hadn’t offered to help him for a long time because of that.

The rebuilding of a dantian was a painful thing, which Wen Jin read from ancient books and had never experienced. Nevertheless, Dewitt had never been a person who easily showed the pain on his face, even his expression…

Feeling the turbulent reiki flowing off of Dewitt in the car and the extreme body temperature of the other side, Wen Jin grabbed the seat under him uneasily.

He could use an ice ball to cool the big fool, but the coldness of the ice ball would only relieve Dewitt’s pain for a short time. After the reiki flowed into the body along with the cold water, the pain would intensify and maybe it would cause even more trouble later.

After all, Dewitt’s current physical condition was sensitive to any reiki around him.

The best way was that Wen Jin could control his own reiki and make Dewitt comfortable. In the most extreme environment, any little hope could give people a strong desire to survive.


Since he was thrown into ShenXue Lake for nine days and nine nights when he was a child, he had a permanently cold body and also a fear of cold and pain. At that time, the pain was so extreme that Wen Jin hardly dared to recall it now. During those nine days, his whole fox’s brain was black and every day he was trembling in anticipation of finding a heat source. He wanted to be hugged so he could warm up.

And from then on, Wen Jin would immediately turn around when he saw a cooler place, not to mention cooling his body directly.

Wen Jin sighed, jumped from the front seat to Dewitt and helplessly coiled himself into a ball near Dewitt’s lower abdomen.

The turbulent reiki in Dewitt’s dantian was just below his abdomen, near where Wen Jin lay. It transmits heat through the skin. Wen Jin closed his eyes and lowered the temperature of his whole body to the lowest level. Water based reiki could calm down fire based reiki and he was hoping this would stop the frenzied reiki completely. 

White-haired paws pressed on Dewitt’s belly, Wen Jin turned his head to the sweating man and whispered, “Wake up quickly.”

Wake up quickly, it won’t hurt too long.


It was hard for ordinary people to imagine the pain of a dantian shattering and remodeling.

It was more painful than setting bones. The so-called “dantian smashing” was to smash the disordered reiki in the body and dissolve it throughout the body. Yes, the disordered and unabsorbed reiki couldn’t be drained out at all. It would continue to rotate in the body and stimulate every inch.

And the only way for the ability user to survive was to domesticate these energies and then break them up little by little. It was not too bad to say that there was a war between the reiki and the ability user.

Such conditions were very harsh and almost could be said that no one could withstand it. Most people would not be willing to do so.

If Wen Jin put forward such a method in Honghuang  Continent, most people would rather die than accept it.

The newborn dantian would be much weaker than in the past. Most of the damage can be repaired, but Dewitt’s original dantian had already been disordered. If this problem was not fundamentally solved, Dewitt would always be at risk of a dantian collapse.

Although the newborn dantian would be much weaker than in the past, it was not difficult for it to catch up with Dewitt’s talent as long as he worked hard.

But… the pain was really unpleasant.

The chaotic fragments of reiki fell into every corner of the body. Dewitt had a fire ability so it would feel like the whole body was burning in a mass of flames.

The pain of needles piercing the whole body was already painful. On this premise, Dewitt had to endure the pain and recover the pieces of reiki that had fallen chaotically around his body.

It was like kneeling naked on a fractured glass puzzle.

On several occasions, Dewitt almost couldn’t stand it. The threat of implosion was intolerable, especially when the splitting pain provoked nerves again and again. As long as he relaxed a little, the reiki in his body would swallow him directly.

However, at the most difficult point, Dewitt felt a cool breath coming into his body.

Like a boat sailing at night, through the cold gale and waves, he finally saw a beacon to guide the way. Using this cool temperature, Dewitt moved through step by step.

Reshaping, restructuring, after the most painful part, Dewitt felt that his body’s energy core had reformed into a circle, which was different from the past. It was also the purest red.

On the energy core, which used to be rioting all the time, tiny wounds disappeared and were replaced by the orderly flow of reiki throughout the whole energy core.

At the moment when he felt the power flowing slowly with his thoughts, Dewitt opened his eyes sharply.

And at the moment Dewitt opened his eyes, the reshaped power flashed a brilliant red light, filling his body with enormous energy.

It was entirely different.

Unlike the dull prickling and threatening sensation that he could feel every time he used his ability in the past, that disordered feeling disappeared and a relaxed feeling came to mind, which shocked Dewitt.

Meanwhile, a voice sounded in his ear.

“What does it mean to enter the critical point and be hopeless? Cook, let me tell you, if the Marshal has an accident, you won’t walk out of the Scientific Research Institute alive!” It was the voice of a furious Cassey.

“Major General, could you calm down? I was really just passing by. I was kind enough to call you back. The reward for my kindness is to shut me up for three days? When I go out, I must report that you abused your military rights!!”

Cassey’s voice was angry and urgent. “You’d better pray for the Marshal to wake up soon, or you won’t even want to get out alive!”

“Really? No, Major General. We live in a society ruled by law-“

Looking for the voice, Dewitt slowly turned his head and frowned. He clearly remembered that when he closed his eyes, he was still in the suspension car. How did he come a Research Institute now? Three days, then… What about the fox?

Before closing his eyes, the little white dumpling huddled on the front seat flashed through his mind and Dewitt sat up suddenly from the bed.

At the moment of exerting pressure on his abdomen, he felt a heavy lump on it and unconsciously reached out and pulled up a body.

At the moment Dewiit touched Wen Jin, Dewitt felt a sudden crack appear in his heart.

The same cool feeling that soothed him in his dream, it was the little fox?

This little fellow had always been afraid of cold and the indoor temperature was clearly adjusted to a constant temperature, why was Wen Jin’s body so cold? Was it affected by him?

Holding the little one tightly to his body, Dewitt was horrified to find that he could not hear Wen Jin’s heart beat.

“Marshal!” After a burst from the mechanical alarm, it seemed that the outside people finally noticed Dewitt. The first one to rush in was Cassey. “Marshal…” Cassey’s face was filled with joy when he saw that Dewitt was really sitting up.

Professor Lin rushed in with a group of researchers.

Before Professor Lin checked Dewitt’s condition, the latter pointed directly to the white-haired dumpling in his arms and said in an anxious tone, “Old Lin, what’s wrong with him?”


Low temperatures could make people irrational, especially to Wen Jin’s surprise, when it took Dewitt three days to restructure his dantian. He was so cold that he simply fainted.

After that, Wen Jin had a dream.

In his dream, he seemed to have returned to the ShenXue Lake. He was freezing to death. He kept praying with his eyes closed that he could have something warm to hug him and take him out of that damn place.

After that, Wen Jin did not know whether he should be glad that his dream had come true. He saw a fiery red magma rolling down from ShenXue Mountain and rushing toward Wen Jin. Then it burned his white fur directly.

Wen Jin cried out, covering his black and charred hair. 


Wen Jin screamed and struggled to jump out of the fireball’s arms, but it was no use at all.

The ball of fire held Wen Jin’s body tightly and it looked as if it was about to take all his fur off of his body and shove him in his belly!  Wen Jin, who was about to bald, swore that he even saw the two evil laughing devil’s horns on the top of the fireball!


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Three days of freezing and remodeling Dewitt’s core. Wen Jin can’t deny loving that big oaf.

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Wen Jin should freeze Dewitt’s arms and slip into Dewitts underwear and subconsciously jerk him off

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Thank you. I am loving this novel

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Thank you for the chapter!

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