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Chapter 44: Presents for You

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In the dream, Wen Jin could not break away from the life or death embrace of the iron ball. Finally, when he was full of anger, he slapped it in the face out of intolerance.

It was at that moment that he woke up.

Around him were warm yellow lights, a big soft bed and a handsome man. Dewitt was burying his head in Wen Jin’s belly.

Wen Jin: “…”

“Wake up.” At the moment when Wen Jin raised his paws silently and slapped his hands, Dewitt’s head, which was buried in his belly, was raised and the two eyes met in the air.

Wen Jin ignored him and looked down at Dewitt’s dantian. He was relieved to find that it seemed all right. Turning to his waist, he checked the fur on his back. After he was sure that he was neither bald nor charred, Wen Jin gave Dewitt a scornful look. “Chee!” It took three days to fix your dantian and it won’t kill you!

“Hungry or not?” Dewitt pet his head gently with one hand and his blue eyes were frightening gentle.

Watching Dewitt in a daze, Wen Jin felt something was wrong. It took him a long time to respond to what he was saying. He put out his tongue and licked the tip of his nose. He whispered, “Hungry.”

Like a trick, Dewitt took the prepared meat jar from the side and placed it next to Wen Jin. Then he personally took out a piece of dried meat and fed it to Wen Jin.

The little fox, biting the dried meat, looked around, but still felt something was wrong.

First of all, when he fainted, he was in the suspension car and now… Why was it like going home? Secondly, the silly attitude was too frightening. Although this fellow had been very kind to him before, this kind of soft-faced appearance just made the fox get goose bumps. He was definitely not like that before!

“You have dark eyes.” Wen Jin, who always wanted to sleep as long as he wanted, didn’t know what dark circles were. He stretched out his paws, bit the dried meat and pressed on the corner of Dewitt’s eye. The fox has a slight joke in his eyes. “Dreadfully ugly.”

Dewitt squinted. “Don’t eat too much dried meat. The main food is being cooked.”

Two paws clasped the little dried meat and touched his mouth warmly. Still, he felt something was wrong. Wen Jin thought that besides the dark eyes on Dewitt, what else should be the problem? Why did it suddenly become so?

He remembered that he had not fainted at first when he cooled Dewitt. At that time, he seemed to feel someone open the door of the suspension car. And then, during the period when Dewitt’s chaotic reiki disappeared, he seemed to wake up in a moment of stress, at that time… this seemed to be the research institute?

“Are we going home?” After biting the dried meat and looking at the repaired dantian, Wen Jin immediately remembered something that was not very pleasant. He kicked Dewitt with his hind paw.

It had been seven days since the fox had gone unconscious  and the little fox’s paws were not as strong as before. Dewitt pinched them, adding three more dishes to the menu of Wen Jin’s dinner.

“What for?” Wen Jin had not forgotten the fact that this fellow was pulling on his tail. He took back his paws vigilantly and stared at him. “Don’t touch them!”

“You never let me touch you.” Stepped on by the broken paw, Dewitt did not stop and retorted back.

“Nonsense, do you like people touching you?”

“It depends on who it is.” Dewitt felt the warm air coming from the mattress and as if he had believed it at last, he reached out and pressed on Wen Jin’s paw.

“Cassey!” Wen Jin hummed out a name.

Dewitt leaned closer. “He dares not.”

“Cook!” Yes, Wen Jin remembered that it had felt like Cook’s aura when he was near the suspension car.

“Doesn’t dare.” Dewitt heard the name and his aura seemed to have cooled several degrees.

Wen Jin blinked his eyes and finally remembered something. He held the jerky in his paws and pointed straight at Dewitt. “How long have I slept?”

“Seven days.” Dewitt said truthfully.

Wen Jin looked at Dewitt carefully and decided that the other person was not lying and that he was right with his fragmentary memories. After flicking his tail, Wen Jin said, “You look better.”

What he’s trying to say was actually Dewitt’s energy core looked better. However, since he has concealed his identity, he did not want to take the trouble to tear himself apart. There were still many advantages for him to conceal his identity.

He did not want Dewiit to lose anymore strength and have more people be unkind to him. But Wen Jin was not very reassured, for fear that Dewitt’s symptoms were not seen in time.

So he thought of such a way to ask.

What Wen Jin did not know was that while Dewitt looked good now, it was rotten at home.

Four days ago, Dewitt himself woke up in the Academy of Sciences and ignored Professor Lin and the others surprise about his recovery. He just wanted to find ways to make Wen Jin better. However, even Chen Xiong, who had been taken out from the corner of his lab room, said he had no choice but to wait.

Dewitt’s face was dark and Archie was afraid to talk to him for two days.

Unfortunately, during Dewitt’s coma, Sendo, who had been suspended from his post, came to the research institute once more. Even though Sendo was slightly unfortunate, he never gave up the idea of taking Wen Jin. If he could study the mystery of Wen Jin, his official position would certainly rise several levels.

So he had discussed the prospect with Cook. One of them delayed Cassey and the other went to find Wen Jin. Then he tried to take Wen Jin away while Archie and Cassey were absent and send him to a basement research room where they had contacted various researchers to conduct experiments.

This plan was cancelled because Dewitt woke up and then they even received the news that Dewitt was fully recovered. Sendo’s plan to take someone away ended with a bitter face. As a result, he was stopped by Eve’s beast. The man in the corridor screamed wildly as he was bit and Mary refused to let him go and then led him to Cassey.

The tools that Sendo had on him, coupled with surveillance videos, exposed his actions and goals completely.

Sendo felt grievances in his heart after being caught. In the face of Cassey’s accusations, Sendo’s mind cunningly tried to escape. So he said, “The scientific research institute has responsibility over all contract beasts and I was coming to find one. You suspect that I wanted to get yours!” In this sentence, Dewitt, who was brought in by Mary’s accusation, gave him a good beating.

Unlike the last energy scare, this time Dewitt used his fists directly. Two times, Sendo passed out. He even peed his pants in terror. When he was sent away, he was shivering and begging for mercy.

When Cook heard the news, he disappeared, along with who he brought with him and the plan to go after Dewitt to get Wen Jin.

Sendo was beaten really badly and the family behind him was not small, so this matter soon spread in the upper class of Assyria. Almost everyone knew that Dewitt recovered, it became a bomb and the lead of the bomb was the magical Qi Beast.

Many people wanted to gossip, but no one dared to go to Dewitt.

During those four days, the first thing Cassey did after waking up every morning was to pray for the little white dumpling to wake up soon. An energy core explosion was just as frightening as the Marshal’s fury.

“Well, I’m almost recovered.” Dewitt did not say these things, nor did he bother Wen Jin and answered him, “The energy disorder has disappeared. Now the way I use energy is different and much more comfortable.”

“Oh…” Wen Jin blinked, but he still felt a little weird. He was almost covered with goosebumps from the look in Dewitt’s eyes. He wanted to change the subject subconsciously. At that moment, he turned his eyes and they landed on a square iron sheet the size of his body at the bottom of the bed.

“What is that?” Wen Jin curiously stretched out his paw to pick the thing up. It was stiff.

And when he looked up, he suddenly found that there were more than one on the bed. Almost the whole bed behind his warm head was covered in all kinds of iron boxes. At first glance, there were dozens of them.

“Cars.” Dewitt answered, “I bought you presents.”


The author has something to say: This is not a car, it’s all love!!


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Vu n
Vu n
October 19, 2019 2:06 pm

So does that means Wen Jin can dodge Cook and his henchmen’s when on top of those mini gravity cars and be unexpected traps?! 😸😼😽

October 19, 2019 5:51 pm

Heh Heh. I love it when Dewitt beats people up.

October 19, 2019 10:16 pm

Thanks for the chapter 😊

October 19, 2019 11:04 pm

Some people really don’t think. To attempt taking Marshall’s beast when he is unconcious to study it for a career boost… despicable. And he was beaten up by Dewitt again, bet is was a thing to see, bwahahahaha. Good thing Cook disappeared, the atmosphere will finally clear up! I wonder what kind of presents Dewitt bought for Wen Jin? Cars?

Thank you for the chapter!

Hao Ren
Hao Ren
June 30, 2020 12:14 am

then your love seems rather expensive

March 11, 2021 12:16 am

I honestly dont understand why these shady people are still allowed in the Academy? That makes the Academy shady af too. Cook has already been under suspicion of colluding with the Zerg from that one episode. Why is he still allowed in the premises? And still in a position?

October 3, 2022 4:16 am

Cars? Is this Dewitt’s way of saying he knows Wen Jin can shift into being a young man?
I dislike the term ‘teenager’ in this context, in any novel. It’s uncomfortable. Whilst the latter end of that age range is ok (though still illegal in some countries), the overall connotations it produces, aren’t good 🙄
Thank you for translating.

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