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Chapter 48: Wen Jin: Find a fox

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Over the past two days, the upper echelons of the House of Representatives and the Ministry of Military Affairs had been in an uproar. The trigger was Dewitt beating Sendo in the Academy of Sciences. It was because of this that the lines between the military and the House of Representatives had been brought to light directly. After all, Dewitt symbolized the God of war in the army.

The young generation of soldiers, many of them who joined to pursue Dewitt’s footsteps and started their military life, for them, Dewitt was a very special figure. So even though there were many contradictions within the army itself, it always stood on the same front in this matter.

Plus, with the Uttar alliance, the military department, from the onset, absolutely disagreed. They were all fighters on the scene. No one knew more about the historical grievances between Assyria and Uttar than they did. No one knew more about the impact of the alliance with Uttar on the morale of Assyria than the generals.

Unfortunately, because Dewitt was unconscious, the military was in disarray. If the Zerg’s attacked again, what could they do to counter the House of Representatives? So ultimately, they had no choice but to let Cook’s faction create the alliance.

But today, things were different.

Dewitt came back, recovered, healed and had a contract beast. This was known to all Assyrians. Although not many people were interested in the beast at first, the most they could say was what Dewitt would look different from how they had seen him all these years with a beast.

However, when what happened in the scientific research institute was thoroughly disseminated, everyone opened their eyes to gossip and tried their best to grab relevant information from all sides.

Among them, Cook was the one who felt most strongly about this change. As an accomplice of Sendo, who was initially beaten into the hospital, Cook was quite worried about his situation. He sought refuge from many old friends in private in order to prevent Dewitt from finding him and then went as far as eighty miles into the countryside. However, the communications between relevant parties those first few days were a very basic dialogue. That was until everything normal changed. 

“Yes, yes, so in this regard, I would like to ask you to take more care of… No problem. There must be plenty of feedback. I’ll do my best to help you with whatever you want. What? You want the same beast as the Marshal?”

On the afternoon of Wen Jin’s waking up, Cook, who had hung up another communication, fiercely slapped the desk. “Everyone wants that kind of beast and they all ask me one by one. As if I can find another one! As for hiding from Dewitt like this, that beast can make the big beasts obedient and quiet! If I had him, I could go straight to the king and call them there! “

Sitting next to him, silent subordinates sniffed at the words and raised their faces. “They think you are one of the people who have recently come into contact with the iron-blooded Marshal, so they want to refer to your opinions.”

“Fuck!” Cook kicked a chair. “That Dewitt fellow is close to death and he is holding a baby all day long. After another coma, he’ll be like an injured beast on the ground. He’ll be murdered at a glance. I’ve seen it and I’ve come into contact with the big head!” When it came to this, Cook was even more angry. “And the old guys were not interested in the beast before, but now the wind changed so fast. What did the one who loved to go to the Colosseum to play with the bloody beasts the other day say to me? What did you say?”

The expressionless subordinate retold the story, “Now they are pursuing the beast. Unlike before, you were too old-minded to keep up with the times. You should do more homework.”

Cook: “…” Why does it always feel like you’re scolding me?

At the same time, Cook held his head and was worried about his family’s failure. In Assyria’s underground black market, Qi beasts suddenly began to become popular. All kinds of rumors spread rapidly in the capital stars and even several large fighting grounds were suddenly closed for several days without warning.

At that time, Wen Jin was at home and was not in a good mood. It is often said that mentality and perspectives determined everything and this was reflected vividly in Wen Jin.

Since Dewitt said, ‘If I’m not around anymore’, Wen Jin began to think about why the other party suddenly came up with such a sentence.

In fact, there were still many possibilities.

For example, did Dewitt not realize that he was not going to die, or was just frightening him, teasing him and so on, but after thinking about it, Wen Jin finally insisted that the big fool must be looking for a wife.

After all, in the past, when in Honghuang, those who became relatives often preferred to pay attention to what kind of separation was going to happen. That is, if they would live apart from their original families and sometimes go very far away to build their own places.

Wen Jin felt that Dewitt was a visionary, even if he did not think of it now, he would think of it one day, sooner or later. If Dewitt had thought of it now, he would have prepared Wen Jin for the future by learning the words here.

It was perfectly plausible for Wen Jin, a lightbulb, to get tired of being with the wife all the time and be afraid that the other party wouldn’t be happy with Wen Jin’s existence, so Dewitt wanted him to be prepared to be independent.

And Dewitt also gave him so many lingshi, maybe it was the break-up fee! A way to comfort him!

With that in mind, Dewitt became a scum man. He spent so much time trying to save this fellow. Could Lingshi even make up for it? Wen Jin felt very angry at the thought that the big fool he had managed to save was going to give away his hand. Even Dewitt wanted to give him the terminal.

Moreover, this time the unhappiness lasted quite a long time. No matter how Dewitt coaxed, Wen Jin refused to talk about the reason. After all, it was so humiliating to say the reason. Wen Jin didn’t want to be a demon who made people think he could not live without a small tail.

At the same time, Wen Jin also began to study hard and then hid in an invisible place away from Dewitt to practice pronunciation secretly. Every day, he either read books or slept on his own pile of energy stones. He even ran to the suspension car to bite the exclusive cushion that Dewitt bought him back into the room and did not want to go to bed to make a clear distinction. The meaning of boundaries was too obvious!

Instead of being lazy, like in the past, Wen Jin not only tried hard to learn to be serious and angry, but also began to take inspiration seriously.

Dewitt gave him the lingshi this time, not only was it enough, but they were also particularly sufficient. When Wen Jin absorbed a piece, they were three or four times as strong as the first one he had before.

Feeling Reiki wandering around him, Wen Jin once again opened his personal space and took out a pill and swallowed it. The last time he took it, he repaired his inner body, but because the veins were injured too seriously, the efficacy did not last until Wen Jin recovered completely. Now that he swallowed a second one, he could surely repair the crack. Wen Jin, who thought so, felt the medical Dan wandering his body and he wrapped the elixir in his body warmly.

This should have been the happiest moment for a demon beast with a broken demon Dan, but Wen Jin was still unhappy.

At the thought of Dewitt saying that he would leave him, Wen JIn felt blocked and did not want to see Dewitt at all. But the house was not big at all. When he was reading on the balcony, Dewitt was in bed. It was hard not to see this fellow!

Whenever this happened, Wen Jin could only study the words more seriously.

After all, if he thought about it carefully, he found that Dewitt let him learn the language here, which was also good. When he responded formally, he could imagine the appearance of adults and then he could communicate, so that he can find enough lingshi without thinking about finding intelligent beasts and dealing with human beings.

When he found his own lingshi, he may be able to go back to Honghuang.

After thinking about everything, Wen Jin couldn’t help sighing. He thought that the big fool was really smart. For his wife, he even arranged him. He was not a person in this world and going back was a nail in the coffin.

It was just…

What would he do when he went back? Suddenly thinking of this problem, Wen Jin’s heart skipped a beat.

After his Master left, he slept longer and longer. Sometimes he even envied human beings. His life was so long, his troubles were little and every day was very full.

And he…

Wen Jin began to feel a little sad, so he closed his eyes. 

He remembered that his master said that the reason why he caught him back then was because he was too bored, but he didn’t want to take apprentices with him. What if the apprentices he sought out liked to eat and didn’t like to study as much as he did and when he came back, he would be staring at the dried meat in his bowl?

Otherwise, if Wen Jin could find a wife and when the time came, Dewitt would have his own wife. He would take his little wife to practice and then take her back to Honghuang. Thinking of this, Wen Jin felt that he had been blocked for so long and now it was as if he had poked through in an instant. Yes, he would find his own wife, so that in the future, there was no need to worry about the loneliness of being a beast.

Wen Jin, who had thought through it, decisively opened the home terminal. He quickly found the search engine on it and opened the voice recording according to the content he had learned in the past two days. He pronounced the four words [Fox Wife] with a bit of wild accent.

Seeing the answers given by the search engines, all kinds of colorful matchmaking parties and all kinds of pictures of beasts shown above, Wen JIn’s fluffy tail shyly swung.


The author has something to say: 

Dewitt: I don’t think a little energy stone can make up for your great kindness. How about my body?

Wen Jin:!!!


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October 23, 2019 3:20 pm

Wen Jin is so sttupidly naive, it’s not even funny. Aren’t foxes supposed to be cunning? And he’s thousands of years old? Questions settings. Thanks for the chapter 😊

October 23, 2019 3:40 pm

Thank you. So tsundere

October 23, 2019 5:24 pm

So Wen Jin going get fooled by the matchmaking parties and Dewitt goes and grabs him out of the matchmaking parties from his back and kiss him in full view?

October 23, 2019 9:35 pm

Thank you for the update!

Wen Jin is delving into dangerous territory but he doesn’t even know 😂

October 23, 2019 10:38 pm

Thank you for the chapter!

Marshall, Sir! You need to do something. Your little fox is going to make a fool out of himself!

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