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Chapter 47: Leave you

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wen Jin was in a good mood and gave this piece of information to Dewitt. He thought the other party would thank him, for example, by buying another bed of dried meat. Nevertheless, let alone a thank you, Dewitt continued talking to Cassey as if he hadn’t heard them, without even slanting his eyes!

Wen Jin paused, while he was discussing with him intensely, Mary who was going through the various presents, also cocked her head.

Wen Jin was talking about in the language from Honghuang. Mary could not understand it. Only Dewitt, who had the same contract, could understand it. The little fox smashed his mouth closed, looked at Mary and thought that the big fool might not have heard him, so he repeated it in a louder voice.

Nevertheless, Dewitt did not turn his head.

Wen Jin got angry after he said it for the second time. How could Dewitt not give him any response?

When the little fox tried to turn over a present unhappily with his forehead, Dewitt reached out with one hand and gently rubbed his finger on Wen JIn’s face, softening the gentle movements in an instant.

In the public’s eyes, Wen Jin shook off Dewitt’s palm like an electric shock. He chittered and his face was a little hot. He stared at Dewitt, turned around and continued to play with Mary.

“You can smell the Zerg?” When Cassey’s party left, Dewitt poked Wen Jin, who was touching the energy stones with his paws.

“Chee!” Wen Jin reached out a paw and slapped Dewitt’s hand, licking his nose. “Yes.” After saying this, Wen Jin seemed to feel that it was not good to admit it directly and hurriedly added, “A demon… a beast’s nose is very sensitive.”

“Oh?” Dewitt swept over the little fox who had his paws on the bed and stepped over uneasily, but he didn’t reach out to grab Wen Jin’s paws. “When you were in the research institute, did you know that Archie was not right?”

Wen Jin stared at him and remembered that he had pretended that he couldn’t hear him earlier, so he stayed silent.

Dewitt pinched Wen JIn’s paw. “Hmm?”

“Chee-” Don’t touch! Wen Jin cried and then he felt the temperature from Dewitt’s hand was rather comfortable. He could not help rubbing the fingers with his paw pads two times. “No, they would simulate smell.”

Mary had said the same thing.

As this simulation was very high, at least in the scientific research institute, he did not even find that the Archie in front of him was a con artist. With his claws in Dewitt’s hand, Wen Jin, tilted his head slightly before he said “But it’s not that good of a mask.”

“Hm?” Dewitt said, “Can you tell?”

Wen Jin nodded. “The simulation is very high, Archie did not notice it, but if you look closer. You can distinguish the difference.”

For example, that day in the corridor, the Zerg who simulated the smell of Mary suddenly stood behind Wen Jin. He did not respond, but when Mary spoke out, Wen Jin immediately noticed.

And thinking about it carefully afterwards, in fact, there was still a difference between the two.

At this point, Wen Jin seemed to be afraid that Dewitt could not easily to understand and added, “With Archie, I didn’t pay attention, but if they fake you, I can certainly find out.”

In his mind, Dewitt was thinking about what kind of differences Wen Jin might notice. Dewitt overheard this sentence, paused and the corners of his lips couldn’t help hooking up. His eyes fell on Wen Jin, who had no idea what he had just said and raised his little chest in time to wait for praise.

Dewitt smiled and pinched the pointed ear of the little fox and when he laughed and reached out his hand, Wen Jin at the other end was frozen.

From a long time ago, Wen Jin felt that it was a real foul for the big silly to laugh.

First of all, this fellow seldom laughed and was always cold, like the cold in the deep winter, but when he laughed, even if it was only a light smile, there was a warmth that broke open the ice.

Wen Jin’s ears twitched but he did not break away from Dewitt’s palm, even with a hot little face, he gently rubbed his head in the palm of that hand.

“Let Mary have a try, maybe.” Wen Jin thought about it and said so.

He was not sure whether Mary could do it or not. After all, sense of smell was inherent in him. He didn’t have to use reiki to smell better. 

And although genes were often inseparable, it was also true that demons and beasts had a keener sense of smell than the people from ancient times, so it was reasonable to try.


“But all the Zergs in the research institute are dead.” There were no test samples. Wen Jin said, casting a sad look at Dewitt.

“There are still some.” When he thought of the guy who pretended to be Archie, Dewitt answered earnestly, but when he finished, he did not go into the subject any further. Instead, he asked, “You said before that on the way back from Liberec, Archie had a different smell on him?”

As soon as Wen Jin mentioned this, he felt unhappy. He had just said it clearly. The big fool had to pretend that he could not hear him. Now he came to ask him again.

Seeing Wen Jin’s expression, he instantly understood what he was angry about. Dewitt smiled helplessly and reached for Wen Jin’s forehead. “Two carts of dried meat.”

Wen Jin, who was still angry, immediately shook his tail and bargained, “Four carts.”

“Deal.” Looking at the boy’s thin appearance, Dewitt wished he would eat more and did not hesitate to agree.

Suddenly there were four carts of dried meat and the warm and delicious reply was, “Well, he already smelled like that at the time.”

“Before or after seeing Cohen?”

Wen Jin thought about it and answered, “After…” As soon as this sentence was finished, Wen Jin responded to what Dewitt wanted to ask. After a pause, he elaborated on it. “When I first met Cohen, he didn’t smell of Zerg, nor did Archie at that time. It was only later that I smelled it.”

One was duplicated later, the other was completely taken over by the Zerg and if Archie was infected on the ship, it meant that… the Zerg infiltration into Assyria may be deeper than they imagined. Dewitt’s Legion had many people, but so did the House and who knew how many Zergs.

Dewitt’s expression was somewhat heavy. He was not afraid to fight, but before the war, even in the middle of the war, the Empire quietly collapsed behind him. The fighting power of the Zerg was amazing. If Assyria could be penetrated in their insides, it would be the end of the war.

“What is with your expression?” Dewitt’s expression caused Wen Jin to wave his paws in disgust, thinking how could his little tail show such a hopeless appearance?

“It’s just a few bed bugs.” Wen Jin licked his paws, disapprovingly. “Let’s play it by ear and defeat them one by one!” As he spoke, the little fox cut his claws viciously and a fierce light flashed in his eyes.

His appearance amused Dewitt, who laughed two times and poked Wen Jin for a moment. “I know you’re the best, but you still have to be a little more restrained outside.”

“Why?” Wen Jin disdainfully pushed away Dewitt’s hand, thinking that this group of human beings liked to make light of every situation… But thinking of Sendo in the Scientific Research Institute before, Wen Jin could not bear to kick Dewitt. “Those guys would kill me like those bed bugs if I let them.”

“Two fists are no match for four feet.” Dewitt suddenly withdrew his smile and said earnestly to Wen Jin, “You know, I didn’t tell Cassey what you said directly because of this. When necessary, we should learn to hide your edge. It’s to protect ourselves, you know?”

When it came to letting Wen Jin fight with Cook, Dewitt believed even one hundred Cooks weren’t Wen Jin’s opponents and Cook himself would certainly not be foolish enough to choose to fight.

And if Cook plays with his heart and his face, Wen Jin is really in danger.

This kid looked smart, but he didn’t know much about Assyria.

“I’ll find you some books to learn about the Assyrian environment and language.” Dewitt whispered, he had been thinking about it during Wen Jin’s coma.

“I don’t want it.” Wen Jin looked a little disdainful and his head twisted to one side.

“There are many advantages in learning words. If I’m not around you in the future, you can communicate with others somehow and you will be able to understand what they say and won’t enter the trap of others.” Dewitt persuaded patiently.

Where would he go if it was not by my side? Could he still go? Wen Jin wanted to ask these questions subconsciously, but after being stunned, he swallowed the sentence again, closed his mouth and unhappily clawed the mattress.

Looking at the unhappy look of the little fellow, Dewitt could not help reaching out and teasing him, “Hmm?”

Some people were good at inserting needles. Dewitt did not protect Wen Jin’s self-confidence. He did not let Wen Jin go into danger. The Zerg in the corridor and Wen Jin’s sprained claws really frightened him that day.

Dewitt reached out and pinched Wen Jin’s paw that was still wrapped with the wound band. “Do you like the terminal before? I’ll buy you one.”

Wen Jin’s eyes lit up immediately. Terminal!

He liked to watch the video before and even asked Dewitt a few times, but he said that it was difficult to get it. At that time, Wen Jin, who still thought Dewitt was very poor, did not continue to mention it. It was unexpected that Dewitt was going to give him one directly now! 

“If you learn to write, you can play more software and games on the terminal.” Dewitt saw that Wen Jin was really interested and quickly threw out another bait.

However, after hearing this sentence, the little fox, who was still excited, dropped his ears in an instant.

After all, he wanted him to learn.

Wen Jin groaned and hummed for a while in a somewhat depressed way. He felt prickly after Dewitt’s said ‘if I’m not around you anymore’ but did not see the Dewitt was sad after such a thought. It seemed as if the big fool was sure that there would be such a day.

As a small tail, how could he easily say that he wanted to leave? This guy… was this guy looking for a wife?

Wen Jin was very unhappy.


The author has something to say: 

One day, Wen Jin secretly expressed to Dewitt that he wanted to scratch his face to reduce the frequency of other people staring at him.

In this regard, Dewitt said that his baby’s possessiveness was the world’s best.

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October 22, 2019 4:46 pm

Why is Wen Jin always thinking that when Dewitt expresses that when he’ll be gone, it’s because he’s off to find a wife? 😅 Thanks for the update! 💕

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October 22, 2019 5:50 pm

Wen Jin going livestream his studying and eating/drinking at the same time on the kitchen table?

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Thanks for the chapter 😊

October 22, 2019 10:00 pm

Thank you for the chapter! Dewitt is good at motivating, you don’t want to learn to communicate then how about learning the language to play? Learning is still learning but the motive makes it more pleasant. Oh, Wen Jin that “not around” not necessarily means leaving for good much less to find a wife, you just might get separated like that day in the institute, then what?

November 10, 2019 6:09 pm

Waaay behind reading. But Thank you.

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