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Chapter 51

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


Accompanied by this scream, a black and white colored… dog rushed in front of Wen Jin.

When he rushed over, Wen Jin still had an astonished face. He hadn’t seen this dog before, but he didn’t know why it was coming to him. This was the first time he saw such a big dog.

But the dog did not succeed in reaching Wen Jin because when Wen Jin was still a little distance away, the dog seemed to suddenly smell something and looked over with a trace of fear and longing. Then, just as it slowed down, a figure appeared in front of Wen Jin and grabbed the collar of the big dog.

Then, the large dog, because of the inertia and being stopped by Dewitt, it was lifted half a meter into the air and then crashed to its side. The big dog was stunned. Obviously, when he ran up, he didn’t realize who had grabbed him.

And when he saw Wen Jin still on the ground, his eyes twinkled. The white little fox gave people a sense of self-confidence and the big dog wanted to behave well in front of his sweetheart after the fierce landing. But the moment he saw Dewitt, that big face suddenly fell down, his originally magnificent entrance interrupted. His roar was also pinched off by the grip on his throat and turned into a less irritating, “Wang…”

Wen Jin was instantly amused by this appearance, which may be the reason why he had just played with the mole and the chicken. Wen Jin was in a good mood and was full of patience for this kind of beast.

After seeing the big dog wandering in frustration, Wen Jin even reached out and shook his thoughtful paws in the air to comfort the big dog.

But the big dog was too big. He was only a little shorter than Dewitt’s chin.

Depressed, Wen Jin retracted his paws. He was preparing to pretend that nothing had happened when the big dog suddenly lowered its head and put out its long tongue. It looked as if he wanted to lick at the hairy dumpling.

When he reached out his tongue, Wen Jin immediately stepped back a few steps and Dewitt suddenly moved forward, blocking the big dog again.

That is to say, in the instant of Dewitt’s action, the woman who was chasing the big dog hit Dewitt directly!

This action was very coincidental. Dewitt followed the inertia back and almost stepped on Wen Jin. With his footing uneven, his heart fell thinking about hurting Wen Jin, so he tried to balance himself.

In an instant, Dewitt’s eyebrows wrinkled and once his feet stood firm, he withdrew from the woman without a trace.

Wen Jin watched and opened his eyes unconsciously.

“Ah, sorry!” The woman did not exercise very much at ordinary times. She was gasping for breath at such a short distance. Now she accidentally bumped into someone and she was a little dizzy, her face a little feverish. When Dewitt pulled away, she almost couldn’t continue standing.

Her swaying figure seemed like it was about to hit Dewitt again at any time. But Wen Jin, on the ground, was staring at Dewitt. Seeing that the other side was shaking and that DeWitt had not released the big dog to walk away, a pair of eyes looked at Dewitt. Wen Jin’s heart was beating harder.

It took half a minute before the woman finally stood firm and her eyes fell on Dewitt holding pulling the collar of her beast, her face was nervous. “Ah, I’m sorry, I just missed it all at once…” As she spoke, she stretched out her hand and pulled the rope on the collar. Her eyes were still shaking as she looked at Dewitt, as if afraid of what he would do to Kai.

Everyone else who saw that scene felt like it had all happened at such a fast speed… This man must be an ability user.

Those with abilities were usually not very good at speaking, Shen Yue thought, if this person refused to let Kaikai go, what could she do?

After swallowing her saliva, Shen Yue pulled the rope and found that the other party didn’t seem to have any intention of entanglement. She couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and patted the big dog on the head. She said apologetically, “I’m sorry, but did we scare your little fellow?”

Dewitt gave Shen Yue a dim look under the mask and released his hand.

Like on Gourmet street, he did not use a physical mask. It was made directly by the terminal so he even changed his eye color. It was a direct copy of a warmer color and now his eyes became darker.

“Shen Yue, are you all right?” Lang Sheng,  in the distance, noticed this too and asked. 

“Everything’s okay. Hold on!” Shen Yue responded.

“Your Kaikai is so big that it needs to be stopped. Who else would be able to stand after that?” The person said another sentence. At the end, it seemed that they were afraid of the stiffness of the atmosphere and then joked, “This one is looking for a little wife, so he has anxiety.”

As soon as the word “wife” came out, Dewitt’s eyes froze.

“Yes, yes, I’m really sorry…” Shen Yue heard his words and the guilt on her face became more obvious. Turning around, she was going to apologize twice more but found that the air around Dewitt had somehow cooled down a lot. Half of the words were directly stuck in her throat.

Dewitt’s eyes fell on the lower half of Kai’s body. More specifically on the organs of the beast’s gender and his eyes were sharp as razors. At that moment, Shen Yue couldn’t help shivering for Kaikai.

In theory, Dewitt ignored her. Now she apologized two more times and confirmed that Wen Jin had not been hurt and the huge incident was over.

But Shen Yue’s eyes fell on Wen Jin and for some reason, the more she looked at Wen Jin, the more she liked him. His hair was completely white with a smaller body and the black beans eyes looked like water.

The photograph of this little fellow had already sprouted in her heart when she saw the small Lord’s picture. Her heart could not help but ripple. The dog followed its owner and Kaikai was still squatting, looking at Wen Jin with his eyes.

Although this person’s popularity was a little cold, but coming to this kind of party, there should be that meaning.

Seeing that tall man squatting now, big hands touching the head of the little fox, the action looked very gentle and seemed to want to comfort the little white beast. With such a gentle action, Shen Yue almost doubted that when he rushed over, the cold feeling of the man was not hallucination.

It was just… It was too gentle. Shen Yue thought, biting her teeth and standing still.

Wen Jin, touched by Dewitt, was used to it. On the contrary, some people stared back at Shen Yue with covetous eyes.

In fact, had this machine armor of a man not just rushed over, he would still be seen as a little dull. But between the demons and beasts, even if they were not in their original bodies, the pressure released from Dewitt’s body was not shielded. A demon beast that could not even become a human, could feel the pressure radiating off of him. 

Wen Jin was stunned at first. In fact, besides the sudden sight of a big dog, the smell in the air was the main thing…

It was a male. Wen Jin looked away, put out his paw and pushed Dewitt’s hand. He curiously inhaled and wrinkled his face violently before he rubbed his face in Dewitt’s arms in disgust in an attempt to get rid of the scent.

Why did males smell like this? Dewitt sometimes went to the toilet early in the morning and he didn’t smell so bad.

“Are you frightened?” Just as Wen Jin went to rub Dewitt, Shen Yue half squatted down and looked at Wen Jin and asked with concern.

When Shen Yue asked this question, the little mole next to him leaned over his head and said, “Yeah, yeah, you weren’t scared, were you?”

Wen Jin didn’t want to deal with Shen Yue very much. He felt that Shen Yue had some unspeakable thoughts about his big fool, but the little mole was different. When asked by the other party, Wen Jin stopped rubbing away in an instant, took back his head and held his small chest straight. “No.”

Kaikai, who had a special feeling about Wen Jin’s small chest, immediately shook his tail, “Wong -” and his love in both eyes jumped out.

Shen Yue was a little embarrassed when she didn’t get a reply from Dewitt, but since she decided not to leave, this situation must be sustained. She thought about it and said with a hint, “That… Kaikai is not intentional either. It’s just that he is in his estrus period, so maybe he can’t hold on to it.” Shen Yue said, her face was blown red and it was too embarrassing for a little girl to explain this to a strange man. “Nevertheless,” Shen Yue eventually stabilized herself and tried to score one for her big dog. “Kaikai used to be different. He is not a very crazy character, it is mainly because he liked the smell of your little fox.”

As soon as Shen Yue finished explaining, she turned her head and saw Kaikai, who had been caught by Dewitt, was somewhat humiliated. She did not know why he had run to Wen Jin in a hurry to wag his tail and sneak around Wen Jin.

Shen Yue, the owner of “No Woman Makes Him Crazy”, closed her eyes and forced herself to pull up a smile. 

From the beginning, Dewitt, who did not care, explained dryly, “Right, I also advocate free love.”

Shen Yue said, “Your little fox, I read his information  he is one year old, right? And called Wen Jin? It should be okay for these two, so I don’t know if you want to…”

What the fuck? Wen Jin looked at Shen Yue incredibly.

He thought that the only one to see what he wrote on the small form would be his little wife. How did this person know? And why did she say it directly in front of Dewitt?

At the same time, Shen Yue’s remark had an amazing effect. Dewitts shock seemed bigger than Wen Jin’s.

Looking up, Wen Jin saw that his body was stiff and he felt as if he had been punctured.

Then, just when he was in such a state of mind that he didn’t know what to do, he suddenly felt something behind his butt. The next second, Wen Jin sharply tightened his hips and the fox darted forward.

“Chee -!” Wen Jin exclaimed.

He didn’t know why the big dog, who was still circling Wen Jin, suddenly had the courage to go straight to the subject. He put his big nose behind Wen Jin’s tail and looked like he wanted to smell. He was scratched since nobody dared to smell Wen Jin’s butt for a thousand years.

Then Wen Jin hit the tenacious dog and left three tiny scars on his nose.

“Wang.” The scratched dog was stunned.

“Chee!” What are you sniffing about for? Wen Jin stared angrily.

“Kaikai.” Looking at the big dog’s face, there were three claw marks. Shen Yue immediately felt sad. She shrunk her mouth, reached out and patted Kaikai’s dog’s head. Then her eyes fell back on Dewitt. “That, you think…”

Shen Yue’s words are a bit difficult, because when she looked up again, Dewitt’s eyes were a little ugly.

“No.” Dewitt said without hesitation.

Shen Yue was stunned. She seemed to have no idea that she would be rejected. “Sir? Won’t you think about it more? Kai has a good temper and character. I mean, we can put them together first.”

“No.” As Dewitt said, he picked up Wen Jin and pinched his ear a little hard.

When Shen Yue listened, she was a little angry. She had been chasing and apologizing for so long. Why didn’t this person show any face? And from the very beginning, when they came to the party, the man didn’t go anywhere. He always followed his beast and looked cold as if he didn’t want to communicate with others at all.

Why did people like this come to parties and places like this?

So thinking, Shen Yue said, “No, sir, this is a party for choosing a spouse between contract beasts. Do you really want him to make friends? You’ve been staring at your contract beast from the very beginning, how do you know he doesn’t like my Kai?”

“What’s the matter?” Not far away, Archie came running. Several others followed him.

Hearing the word “spouse”, Dewitt looked across the venue again, then his eyes moved and fell on Wen Jin in his arms.

Under Dewitt’s eyes, Wen Jin’s ears immediately shrank behind his head and then reacted to what had happened. He stood up the pointed ears as if to bolster himself.

“Chee.” You’re all looking for your own wives. Can’t you help me find one too?

Dewitt stared at him for a long time. Archie next to him was trying to explain to Shen Yue. Suddenly, he asked, “Is he in estrus?”

Shen Yue was stunned to think that what he said seemed to be pointed at Kaikai and she wanted to answer it subconsciously. However, she found that he meant his own little fox.

When he saw the finger pointing at him, Wen Jin was a little unhappy and gathered up to open his mouth to bite. However, Dewitt did not hide, but he put his finger directly into Wen Jin’s mouth. Wen Jin choked.

“Even if he is only one year old, he still needs a mate. Even if not fully mature yet.” Shen Yue sniffed and said.

“Oh.” Dewitt looked at Wen Jin with a fixed face and a meaningful eye. “There are still many ideas.”

“Ah?” Now Archie didn’t understand what he was talking about.

Dewitt drew Wen Jin’s tongue out. The latter immediately spit out his hand and put out his paw to cover his face. “I didn’t know it was a spouse party. I apologize for bothering you.”

After a pause, Dewitt stepped back two steps and added coldly with a voice only Wen Jin could hear, “If I knew, I would not have brought you here in the first place.”


“Chee!” Both voices sounded at the same time, as if they were displeased with Dewitt’s words, but the latter was still carrying Wen Jin away.


“Chee!” Being held up forcibly, Wen Jin reached out his paw and pressed on Dewitt’s hand. He thought that the party was good. Why did this guy stop it for him directly?

Nevertheless, Dewitt ignored him, not only did he ignore him, but when he got into the suspension car, he threw Wen Jin into his seat.

The action is not light, so thrown, Wen Jin was a little confused, after sitting on the cushion, instant temper exploded.

However, in the next second, before his attack, the suspension car gave a “click” sound and all the doors were locked. The front and rear barrier boards were also raised, directly reducing the temperature range to the lowest.

When he got into the car with his long legs and took the little fox into his arms, Dewitt grabbed Wen Jin’s chin and looked at him with some condescension. “Do you know a lot of words?”

“Chee!” Close, it’s none of your business! Wen Jin, who felt that his little trick had been found out, stretched out his paws and waved them in the air.

“You’re different from normal beasts. You can’t speak with them. I’ll ask you again. Are you in estrus?”

The word “estrus” was uttered solemnly by the man and with Dewitt’s deep voice, it was like a feather scraping in his heart. When Wen Jin blushed, he stretched out his hind legs to kick Dewitt. “Chee -!”

“Personal question.”

Big fool killed him! Wen Jin clenched his teeth and twisted to bite Dewitt.

Nevertheless, as before, Dewitt did not mean to hide from him at all. He put his hand directly into Wen Jin’s mouth and this time it got worse, as he directly pulled Wen Jin’s tongue out!

“Chee!” Wen Jin, whose tongue was withdrawn and could not be pulled back, was anxious and opened his mouth again.

“Bite hard. You can’t break my grip without biting hard.” Dewitt said coldly, “What do you keep your mouth open every time I grab it?”

Wen Jin was stunned by what he said and his mouth was subconsciously frozen.

Every time he bit Dewitt, he really didn’t do his best, but what’s the matter with him?

After coming here, he was always held by Dewitt. Suddenly, he felt a strong feeling, which made him lose his usual bewitching mood. In an instant, when his mouth was closed and Dewitt was allowed to pinch his tongue, he was stiff and motionless.

Wen Jin was a little aggrieved.

“If you leave, there will be no energy stones, no dried meat and no greenhouses.”

Big fool even threatened him!

When Wen Jin moved his legs, he immediately jumped up to kick Dewitt, “Chee!” No, no!

“You can’t see me either.” Dewitt continued, speaking in a slightly fluttering tone, as if to confirm something.

When Wen Jin heard this, he felt as if he was holding his breath. He had not noticed anything wrong with Dewitt’s tone at all. He felt as if he it was not his tongue being pinched but his heart instead. This feeling was very uncomfortable.

He looked at Dewitt’s cold face and said angrily, “If I don’t leave, I’ll have to sooner or later because of your wife.”

Dewitt was stunned. It seemed unexpected that Wen Jin would say that. He stared at Wen Jin for a while. “When did I say that?”

Wen Jin clenched his teeth. “You didn’t hide when someone hit on you just now.”

Dewitt didn’t react for a long time. His eyebrows couldn’t help scrunching together. He seemed to want to laugh a little. He looked at Wen Jin, his tone was softer. “Are you in estrus?”

Wen Jin looked at the way he laughed. His face was too hot. One paw scratched violently. The next moment, three blood stains appeared on Dewitt’s arm. “You’re in estrus!”

Wen Jin finished this sentence and jumped down immediately, ignoring Dewitt’s hand. He wanted to leap forward, but was blocked by the barrier. He accidentally bumped his head on it and was embarrassed to come back. He immediately squatted on his four short legs and grumbled in the corner.

Dewitt didn’t look at the wound on his hand and his mind straightened out a little.

“It’s Wen JIn, isn’t it?” He said suddenly.

Wen Jin’s back was stiff.

“A few hours ago, I was asked what would happen if you could become human.” Dewitt reached out and touched Wen Jin’s head.

When his finger fell on his head, Wen Jin wanted to avoid it, but he was attracted by Dewitt’s words and remained motionless for a while.

“I think you can understand everything I say, but you don’t respond, so I’ll get straight to the point. I told you before that I wasn’t planning to get married. It’s true. I haven’t planned to get married until now.”

Dewitt’s deep voice came and he listened to the warmth as it itched along his skin. His big, fluffy tail waved slightly behind him.

Dewitt’s eyes were fixed on Wen Jin’s head. His blue eyes were sharp and he looked as if he was going to see Wen Jin’s mind.

“But if you can become a human being, I think I have to take back my words.”


The author has something to say: 

Wen Jin: You dummy, do you see any other person with a handsome figure like me?!

Dewitt: I only saw the handsome mosaic. 🙂

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Poor Marshall, in love and he hasn’t even seen WJ’s human form. These are my favorite stories.

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So Wen Jin going stay in the car and wonder what Dewitt going say next chapter until he says screw it and sleep?

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Thank you for the chapter!
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