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Chapter 50: Party

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wen Jin finally failed to find himself a beautiful outfit because Dewitt’s clothes were too big for him to wear. He wiggled through the sleeve of one of Dewitt’s shirts and accidentally burst the sleeve open at the seams.

Faced with the ripped sleeves, Wen Jin’s old face was somewhat blank. He pushed the pile of clothes aside resolutely and did not want to see them in front of his face. However, he did not like those tight clothes, which were not as comfortable as his previous robes. The cloth was all close to his body and there was no sense of elegance. But because he saw the wrong time, there was only half an hour left before the party started. He was too late to go to the store to find anything now.

When Wen Jin learned that all the clothes were not feasible, he lowered his head somewhat in frustration, regretted his first party acceptance and even sighed with a grumble.

It was a little sigh, but it hit Dewitt’s ear and was more painful than hitting a thousand ton hammer. In a hurry, Dewitt, who tried to please his little ancestor, made Wen Jin a smaller version of his tie.

Dewitt saw the small black tie hanging down Wen Jin’s thick neck, hanging upside down in front of the white hairs on his triangle chest. It looked just the right size and the sharp corners of the thick tie just matched the hairs. It seemed that the whole fox was special.

And the tie did not stick too close to this body, but also did not move from in front of the chest even as he walked with a wobbly rhythm. 

Wen Jin walked back and forth in front of the mirror with the small tie. He was in a good mood. He even touched Dewitt with his head and the tip of his tail to express his intimacy.

The little tie that satisfied the fox was Dewitt’s idea, but it wasn’t his outfit.

Several of the fabrics were cut, either in the wrong shape or in the wrong estimate of the thickness of Wen Jin’s neck. Wen Jin was too tired to braid his hair. Finally, Archie, who had arrived in a hurry after receiving the news, cut the right size.

Throughout the process, Dewitt showed extraordinary handicapped talent for tailoring and Wen Jin showed extraordinary patience, calling out impatiently when Dewitt broke his fifth tie. So Dewitt was even more curious about the party Wen Jin wanted to go to. If Archie hadn’t arrived in time, he would have wondered how long Wen Jin’s patience would last.

Yes, after learning that Wen Jin was going to attend this party, for the first time, Dewitt was excited about the little fox that had been wilting for so long. Dewitt agreed to attend the party and then called Archie.

At first, Wen Jin had no objection to this, but when Archie got the news, he looked at Wen Jin and laughed at Dewitt for the first time. “Yo, you’re so good at feeding that his eyes are almost gone.” 

After that, Wen Jin was ready to tear up his invitation.

Wasn’t he just a little hairy? Why did he say something about his weight every time he saw him?

But this sentence was still heartbreaking. When Wen Jin was in the car, he kept looking at his face in the small mirror on the terminal and looked up and down repeatedly for a long time. He didn’t feel any problems.

What did it mean to lose your eyes? I am a very big, special god and very good-looking!

After the confirmation, Wen Jin turned his head, stared at Archie disgustedly and in passing stared at CaiCai, “Chee!” You have smaller bird’s eyes!

Fully aware that he was distracted, Archie was amused by Wen Jin’s sneaky look at the mirror. His eyes fell on a small transparent band tied around Wen Jin’s injuries. He turned to Dewitt and said, “You bought him a terminal?”

“Yes.” Dewitt characteristically answered monosyllabically.

In the eyes of ordinary people, it was quite rare to buy a terminal for beasts, but it was not surprising to Archie how generos DeWitt was towards Wen Jin.

After an Assyrian citizen was born, the government would record their data directly, giving all the people on the register a permanent nano computer wristwatch. It was not too much to say that it symbolized the status of a legitimate citizen. In such welfare, although the terminal was indispensable to everyone in Assyria, if someone wanted to buy an additional one to the one matched by the government, the price was quite high, at least the cost of  a single apartment.

“So formal?” With difficulty, Wen Jin was tidied up and Dewitt, who had time to change to his casual suit, suddenly took a look at Archie.

Unlike his casual clothes, Archie wore a tailored white suit, with meticulous workmanship and, at a glance, he knew the price was high. Archie, an older bachelor, touched the bridge of his nose and smiled. “I can’t compare to you guys who don’t have the concept of marriage in mind.”

Yes, as a veteran user of beast petting forums, Archie decided from the moment he saw the tender invitation that there must be a lot of girls at this gathering. They all liked to raise beasts and would have many common topics. Even though he didn’t meet many women now, most of them would take him for granted as soon as they heard his attitude towards beasts.

So Archie immediately put on the best suit in his wardrobe. At that time, he was quite surprised. Did Dewitt really get it? They all started looking for this kind of party at their age.

It wasn’t until he ran to Dewitt’s house and saw the fat fox drilling in the middle of the pile of clothes that he suddenly reacted.

Hearing Archie’s words, Wen Jin, crouching in Dewitt’s arms and looking out of the window at the scenery, turned around and gave Archie a look of fierceness. He thought that he had made it too easy for him to think he was too silly. He was arranging his way out for the coming of Dewitt’s future wife. Archie, himself, had no concept of marriage in his mind…

Archie, who had been accustomed to being murdered for a long time, he looked at Wen Jin’s round butt. “Well, it’s not like what I said. You really have a good set of feeding for this young guy. Only a few days ago, he was smaller. Now he’s been fed more than several times as much as he needs and he’s fat.”

Why was this man so annoyed?

“Chee!” Wen Jin stared at Archie fiercely and scratched at him in the air with his paws. Who’s fat? Who’s fat?

“Such a temper.” Archie said plainly.

“I’m going to scratch you again.” 

Dewitt reached out to catch Wen Jin’s angry paw in the air, squeezed it before he kissed it and was pulled back by Wen Jin halfway. Dewitt’s expression was a little stiff because of the attempted claw.

Seeing this, Archie immediately laughed and Dewitt ignored him. “Next time, I won’t stop him.”

“Don’t stop him. I can afford it.” Archie waved. “It’s that kind of party. It’s all about snacks where people talk and drink tea. You really like these things? Older bachelors are not guaranteed to take care of their friends’ feelings at that time. But it’s good for you to be exposed to this kind of environment. Most of them will be younger girls.” After thinking about it, Archie said, “Maybe we’ll be the oldest.”

In the past, because of the problem of the life span of ability users, Dewitt did not have that type of interest, nor did they mention it. Dewitt’s life span, work and rest was normally harmful to others.

But now it was different. Dewitt’s energy storm was gone, his life span was prolonged and what ordinary people liked to do as a family was naturally added to Dewitt’s life project.

Hearing this sentence, Wen Jin, who was still playing with the window, suddenly stunned.

Girls were in the majority?

There will be many girls at that banquet? What did that mean? Not only will he go to find his own wife this time, but will Dewitt also find his?

Looking at the beautiful roadside scenery outside the window, Wen Jin’s original expectation of the banquet, for some reason, suddenly disappeared. He didn’t know whether he didn’t want Dewitt to find his wife there, or whether he didn’t want Dewitt to find her at all.

What would he look for? During that challenge, Dewitt stared at JU on the stage. Did he like that type? Would that be the case in the future?


Wen Jin picked at the window with his small paws, somewhat depressed. He didn’t like that. He was not as good as him. Wen Jin would not want to go to that party if he would eventually let the big fool come back with a little wife.

“This kid is nervous.” Looking at the way Wen Jin had been playing around the window, Archie thought he was nervous and made a joke.

A little uncomfortable, Wen Jin didn’t think about him anymore, but Dewitt took the sentence seriously.

“It’s just a banquet. If you don’t like it, we can go back. What are you nervous about?” Dewitt said, touching Wen Jin’s head.

As he touched his head, Wen Jin turned, looking as if he had rubbed the back of his head against Dewitt’s palm.

A pair of black eyes fell on Dewitt.

After several seconds of entanglement, Wen Jin finally felt embarrassed enough to say, “Let’s not go.” Wen Jin lay by the window, feeling a little uncomfortable.

Why do we have to look for a little wife? He had been a beast for a thousand of years.

Although he was accompanied by his master before, he was not bored to travel in the mountains and rivers thinking he could find his little wife himself, but…

Wen Jin thought and looked at Dewitt again, always feeling weird in his heart.

“Just go to it acting like it’s a battlefield and don’t be nervous.” Thinking of Wen Jin’s fierce fighting power, Archie said this with a smile, reaching out and touching CaiCai’s head.

CaiCai was wearing more fake feathers. Red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple were all put together. It was like he had killed emperors. CaiCai was really nervous. After boarding the car, he was abnormal and did not make fun of Wen Jin like he normally would.

“Well, I haven’t been to such an occasion for a long time.” Over the past year, he has been completely at the front line, with all kinds of weird-looking Zerg in his mind. He hadn’t thought about anything else for years. “When we were on the front line, I really didn’t expect to have a chance to come back. It seems that the frontier and here are two completely different worlds. It’s a little strange.”

Dewitt touched the little fox’s head and looked out of the window at the bustling city that was retrogressing. “It’s not two worlds.” The battlefield was created for this purpose.

Archie was stunned and then smiled.

In the light of street lights, Wen Jin, who was still lying on the window, did not know when he lay on Dewitt’s body. A pair of black eyes looked at Dewitt carefully, as if he was thinking about a huge problem in his mind.

With a meditative look on the little fellow’s face, Dewitt twisted his lips, lowered his head and kissed Wen Jin on his little nose.

“Chee.” Dewitt’s face was pushed away with a paw and Wen Jin did not exert himself too much. In fact, he was not very disgusted with Dewitt’s breath, as if… Even the intimate gestures of the other party were not very annoying.

Grabbing Wen Jin’s claw and moving it away from his nose, Dewitt kissed Wen Jin’s nose again.

Wen Jin was stunned, his face was a little feverish and he subconsciously put out the tip of his tongue and licked his nose. However, at that time, Dewitt’s face had not been moved and his tongue accidentally licked Dewitt’s chin and he quickly retracted his tongue and moved his eyes away.

Archie looked at the man and the beast with a laugh and thought that he thought the picture was very natural.


In a way, Archie’s prophecy was also very godly. When they arrived at the banquet venue, they had just entered the door and were told that there was only one man besides them at the banquet.

In other words, there were only three men and all the rest were girls in the whole banquet of nearly thirty people. There were all ages and personalities and when he walked in, Archie was keenly aware that this should be a gathering of old acquaintances.

One advantage of a party like this was that there were fewer people who didn’t know what to do. They were all the people who had seen each other several times and had been screened out by themselves and had the right personality.

Generally, if they shared the same interests, they would easily turn into a happy and relaxed party. If the personalities were incompatible, it could also be quickly perceived and then go bad directly.

Both were good, but apparently they were lucky this time and the personalities at the party were good.

For old acquaintances, their masked parties were for fun and their purpose was to paint a variety of thematic colors rather than cover their faces. But even so, for Dewitt and Archie with their two masks, apart from their due vigilance, there was no excessive emotion in the reception, nor any finger-pointing at them. The whole atmosphere was very harmonious.

As soon as he joined, Archie had the idea that the pink on the invitation letter was really appropriate.

He chatted a little and quickly joined the “Young Girls Corps” and chatted a lot.

At the same time, the particular looks of CaiCai quickly attracted the attention of many contract beasts. While Wen Jin, although fat, with his snow-white hair, even his fat could not hide the “handsome” features so he also attracted a lot of contract beasts.

Soon, the two beasts were integrated into the environment.

It was such a happy party that everyone laughed and joked. Only Dewitt stood in the corner of the banquet with a glass of wine. His eyes always fell on Wen Jin. He watched the little fellow stare stiffly from the beginning, then chat with other beasts after he got a little familiar with them. He didn’t know why, but his heart was warm.

Wen Jin rejected his stare at first. Although he seemed curious about many things, he never showed much. Even after he spoke, he would not ask for too much information. So Dewitt always had an odd feeling. Although the little fellow was beside him, in fact, his heart was not there.

It was the first time that he had seen Wen Jin fit into any circle. So even if he didn’t like the action of rubbing and smelling between the beasts, Dewitt didn’t bother him. He just looked at it all the time and only when the fox ran out of his sight would he change his position, as if there was nobody in the world but Wen Jin.

‘What would you do if your little fellow could become a man?’ Professor Lin’s question flashed through Dewitt’s mind that day. He pinched his glass. Dewitt couldn’t help thinking of the teenager who appeared in his dream after his coma. His body temperature was below normal and his fingers felt cool every time they fell on his abdomen.

<Ancient contract beasts can turn into human beings, so there is an ancient law that Assyrians must intermarry with contract beasts.> That’s what popular science movies say. Later, when contract beasts could not become human beings, the ancient laws were abolished and now… Wen Jin had shown so many abilities, hinting that, one day, he may become a man.

‘We know too little about your contract beast. He’s too extreme. Even if he cannot transform, Assyria may have a lot of contract beasts but yours already has the ability of an adult.’ Professor Lin’s voice resounded in his mind with a sense of meaning.

Dewitt’s eyes were fixed on Wen Jin, flashing fragments in his mind. With these memories, Dewitt’s eyes became more and more aggressive, as if he could wrap Wen Jin’s whole person in his own world. Dewitt narrowed his eyes.

When the breeze blew and Wen Jin subconsciously turned his head to look at Dewitt, the aggression disappeared from Dewitt’s eyes. The latter even showed a gentle smile. Although the other side could not see through the mask, the other side could still feel the slightly bent eyes.

When the little fox safely continued to turn around, the laughter disappeared and Dewitt continued to watch Wen Jin and shake his glass.

In fact, many people at the party were also interested in him. Although his face was invisible, his presence and body were so charming that it was almost impossible to ignore his existence.

After a certain age, body shape and aura would largely replace appearance in that age group, so if these two points were so in line with the heart, face sometimes was not so important. Moreover, even if a person was standing in the corner of the banquet, Dewitt would never give a feeling of loneliness and exclusion, even with this kind of atmosphere, he had attracted the attention of many people.

Too many people wanted to come up and talk to him.

If Dewitt hadn’t turned his back to Wen Jin, refused several chatting-up ladies one after another and had a cold air all over him, he would have been the focus of the party.

“Wow, why is your fur so smooth? Is there any special conditioner you used? If you were thinner, you would be a Prince White Fox!” In the distance, a small mole looked at Wen Jin with a shy, worshipful face and envious eyes swirling around him.

“I think so too!” Next to it, a fluffy yellow chicken sniffed and waved his wings. “It’s really beautiful. Your fur is the best and most beautiful of the beasts I’ve ever seen.”

Wen Jin was a little uncomfortable. As a solitary demon, Wen Jin never liked to participate in the bustle of a crowd. To enter any bustle, one had to get tickets, the content of this ticket was emotion. People and ordinary beasts had too short lifespans and Wen Jin felt that he could not afford to pay, so this occasion had always been far from his eye.

So this time, he was suddenly surrounded and became a lively center. Wen Jin was still a little constrained.

However, he didn’t know if the difference in body size was not big, which reduced Wen Jin’s consciousness of being a “different race”. He tidied up the two little hairballs in front of himself, collected his superfluous ideas and responded seriously to the other party, “Not Prince Charming, but an idol male fox.”

The mole was stunned and it seemed that he had not thought that the beast’s face could boast so thick. After that, he laughed wildly. “Male fox? Ha-ha-ha, that sounds awesome!”

“Yes.” Immodest Wen JIn nodded, indicating that he was really good.

“Ha-ha-ha, this beast is really interesting,” smiled the Mole for half a day and finally stopped and came up to him, curiously asking, “What flavor do you like?”

Wen Jin could not respond, “Taste?”

“Yes.” The mole nodded.

The chicken on the other side saw his confusion and wagged his tail. “He’s a new guest, maybe he doesn’t know. We all call our favorite beasts taste. We all value taste more than appearance.” The little chick said, smiling mysteriously at Wen Jin.

Just as he had finished, as if to prove what he had said, a burst of exciting barking came from the garden.

“Wang Wang Wang -” accompanied by this sound and a strong beast hair, a giant thing like a tornado rushed to Wen Jin’s eyes.

The big thing looked at Wen Jin’s eyes as if they were shining. It looked exciting. The big tongue was hanging out. It was like wishing to lick Wen Jin from head to foot.


The author has something to say: 


Dewitt: My wife can only lick me. 🙂

Wen JIn: Nonsense, nonsense! I won’t lick you!!

Dewitt smiled.

Feeling trapped in Wen Jin: !!! Who is your wife?

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