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Chapter 53

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wen Jin thought Dewitt should have neurosis. Not only did he confess to a fox, but he also wanted to see a fox every day and touch a fox’s ass! This desire was so intense that it could only be a psychological disorder!

Since Shen Yue blocked him when he came back from the party and asked Wen Jin strangely if he was in love or not, Dewitt took Wen Jin and hugged him in his arms for a second and ended the conversation decisively. Moreover, from the beginning of his journey back, Dewitt had been relentlessly trying to rub his belly, turning him overnight and day in the name of “insight”!

And even though Wen Jin refused three consecutive times, Dewitt showed a sad face!

The annoyed Wen Jin acted cautiously every day. Even when he took a bath, he would always double check whether the door was locked or not. When he washed with his back paws up, he stared at the door covetously in case someone suddenly rushed in.

After about two or three days of guerrilla warfare, Wen Jin went to bed at dusk.

Since Dewitt gave him a pile of Lingshi, they sat on the bedside cabinet in a big basket in their room. It was one of Wen Jin’s broken items from his space. The reason why Wen Jin kept it outside was that he liked the feeling of seeing the Lingshi in small hills every day. 

He went to bed early because he felt changes in his body. The crack on his demon Dan had troubled him for a long time, but he had been afraid to take the initiative to repair it because of his lack of reiki. He was afraid of what would happen in the process of the repair.

Several days ago, Wen Jin could have repaired his demon dan using the lingshi next to the bed, but he was too busy studying the eternal spiritual stone at that time. Even if the reiki in the disposable lingshi was pure, it was not as stable as the eternal lingshi. Dewitt specially attached  it to a pendant for him and now it hung on Wen Jin’s neck.

Dewitt did not attach it to an ordinary rope, it was the kind that could be hidden under his white fur. So Wen Jin looked like he had a small stone hanging in front of his chest. It was very beautiful.

This was mainly because they did not know who had found and cut the eternal lingshi. Each piece was carved with different patterns and they all looked very delicate and beautiful. There was a different aesthetic feeling once it was hanging around Wen Jin’s neck. So Wen Jin did not reject Dewitt’s proposal of turning it into a necklace.

From the time he woke up, to the time he began to mend his demon dan, it took him five days to change from the eternal Lingshi.

Then the more one changed, the more frightening they would become.

Wen Jin had always thought that the world was only a little connected with Honghuang, but did not expect that the implications would be so deep. This so-called ‘eternal energy stone’, in Honghuang, they called them ‘hengshi’.

But hengshi were also divided into many kinds, for example, in Honghuang, every Taoist person wanted a hengshi. At first, Wen Jin thought that this kind of hengshi was not much different from that kind in his original world, just maybe a little worse.

But when he studied the stone carefully, he suddenly found something wrong. This was not a common stone, but an ancient stone that would even stir up all of Honghuang. Every monk dreamed of it, but they had disappeared with his master from the beginning.

The five ancient hengshi were renowned throughout Honghuang and the one who carved them was even more famous. Almost all monks wanted to get the five ancient hengshi, even Wen Jin had this idea once upon a time.

Not because they could create reiki forever, but because the five ancient henshi were spiritual treasures of Heaven and Earth.

A spiritual treasure of Heaven and Earth needed to be nurtured, not to mention over tens of thousands of years. This kind of spiritual treasure had not been found for a thousand years. The creator unexpectedly found five pieces and all of them had patterns etched onto them and they had been made into permanent stones.

After learning about this, many people lamented that the pattern of the creator was too small. It was a spiritual treasure of heaven and earth that could rebirth the mind, a weapon that could kill anyone, however, this creator turned it into a hengshi.

Wen Jin had no feelings about it since anyone had the ability to find the five pieces. Whoever found it was naturally qualified to make anything they wanted out of them. He was curious about the spiritual treasures of heaven and earth, however, he never thought that it would be in this world that he really saw one of the hengshi.

Legend has it that the man who carved the five ancient stones disappeared soon after finishing them. Many people said that he rose to immortality through the inspiration of the five heaven and earth spiritual treasures. Others say that he sucked in too much reiki that he could not bear it and died.

But now… Did that man, Xiu, like him, come to this world?

However, in any case, its appearance was undoubtedly good news for Wen Jin. The reiki nurtured by a spiritual treasure of heaven and earth was different from the general reiki in any world.

Touching his healed wounds, Wen Jin felt his entire body relax and continued to think about the hengshi. He decided that when he woke up, he must drop blood onto the stone so that it would recognize him as its owner. But it was a wise natural treasure, he had tried several times before and the stone had no intention to respond to him at all. 

When he dropped blood on its surface, maybe the stone could give him some clues.

Wen Jin, who was thinking too much, was wanting to go to sleep but was interrupted because of his demon dan’s repair. Suddenly, he felt a big hand touching his stomach.

Wen Jin: …? Do you know me well enough to touch me with such bold and bold movements?

Stunned, Wen Jin felt the hand travel farther and farther down his belly. He was so mad at the exploring fingers that he began to shake violently. 

“Are you sick?” Awoken from his sleep, Wen Jin sat up in a panic. He slapped Dewitt’s hand and stared at him fiercely.

It was a little hot in the room at the moment. Wen Jin had just opened his eyes and was shocked by the sultry feeling.

He felt hot! Really hot! This was the result of Dewitt’s setting the thermostat to the highest level while he was at home.

“Did you just get back?” Wen Jin wrinkled his nose and saw Dewitt take his hand away and turn an eye at him. Looking down at the shining stone hanging around his neck and the red gray stone peeking out between Dewitt’s collar, he squinted his eyes and leaned back on the pillow in confusion.

“Yes.” Dewitt touched Wen Jin’s head and bowed his head to kiss him.

Every day these last two days, Wen Jin, who was originally frightened because used to these kisses on his head. He frowned and pushed Dewitt away with his paws, slightly unhappy. “Why do you always run out so late?”

Wen Jin did not like Dewitt going out when he was sleeping. For physical reasons, the house had to be set at higher temperatures than normal to meet Wen Jin’s needs. Normal people would think it is a sauna and sweat to death.

Although there were many lingshi around him, Wen Jin still felt a sense of crisis and dares not waste them. And… the human body heater was more comfortable than using his own reiki to stay warm. It was difficult to go from extravagance to being thrifty and, yet, Wen Jin felt spoiled.

As long as Dewitt didn’t sleep with him, he had to set the thermostat to the highest level, but to this extent, the thermostat usually dried out the room. Normal people couldn’t stand this situation. On the one hand, no one can adjust the temperature so high. On the other hand, Wen Jin’s five senses were too sharp.

Due to the state of the room, although it had been no more than five minutes, even if Dewitt did not disturb him, he would wake up by himself. Sudden awakening from a deep sleep was not a pleasure for foxes and every time Dewitt came back recently, he smelled strange, sometimes mixed with the scent of the zerg.

After Wen Jin reminded him once, he changed to take a bath every time he came back instead of simply reducing the number of times he went out. For this reason, the little fox expressed his disapproval. Moreover, at this moment, Dewitt rushed to bed to touch him without even taking a bath.

Wen Jin was a little unhappy as he patted his chest fur.

“Work.” Dewitt said, shaking his warm paws, turning off the thermostat and holding the little fox in his arms.

The human heater felt very different from the machine. Although it smelled of insects, when Dewitt took off his coat, he gets closer to Wen Jin and he could only smell this man. Wen Jin did not struggle in his hold.

“Aren’t you too loud when you come to bed at night?” Feeling the fur on top of his head, Wen Jin grabbed the small whirlpool on his head, somewhat depressed.

This was why he had to fix his fur every morning. He clearly remembered that he would not sleep in the way that would mess up his fur when he was in Honghuang. After he arrived here, every time he slept, his hair was a mess once he woke up.

Looking at the little whirlpool on Wen Jin’s head, Dewitt’s eyes flashed and then he was serious, “It’s very noisy.”

“This must be a bad house.” Wen Jin flings the sentence out without thinking about it.

“Yes,” laughed Dewitt, the corners of his lips curving, “I’ll change my apartment next time.”

Wen Jin paused, unexpectedly the other party said this and he felt suffocated, “No, I’m used to your habits.” With Dewitt’s eyes full of laughter, the little fox, lounging on his chest, asked again, “What are you doing out every day?”

“The Research Institute has recently turned their research to human beings.” Dewitt said coldly.

The little fox, lying in his arms, was stiff. After a while, it seemed to reflect something. Every day, he was touched and hid with the Great Devil. His IQ had improved a lot. At this moment, he shook his ears and pretended to be indifferent. “Anyway, I won’t move. Don’t make any noise around me. I’ll go to bed and scratch you again if you wake me up.”

Dewitt squinted and responded. But in the darkness, his hands touched Wen Jin’s fur, Wen Jin’s ears moved impatiently, but after a while, he was not bothered by what Dewiit was doing, so he didn’t resist.

At three o’clock in the morning, Dewitt’s eyes were closed while he held Wen Jin when they suddenly opened. Meanwhile, the terminal on his wrist lit up.

It was a message from Cassey’s. It was very short. There were only three words.

[I caught it.]

Dewitt’s eyes flashed and he looked down at Wen Jin in his arms. After a long time, he put the fox on the bed lightly, turned on the thermostat again, calculated the time, set an alarm on his terminal and left the apartment silently.

At the moment when the door was slightly closed, the little fox in the room opened his eyes.


It was night, a figure was forcibly covered by something in a remote street of the capital star.

It was a tarp, the kind that could wrap a human from head to foot. The difference between a tarp and a sack was probably that this tarp was transparent, so the people standing outside could see the object inside.

… It wasn’t a human any longer.

The figure inside was not very tall. The male in a grey suit had a slightly cracked face and a bulge around his neck. It was the same as the mothers from Cohen’s neck that Wen Jin saw in the scientific research institute that day. But the mother around the neck of the man did not move and even the man did not move. Under the big tarp, it seemed to be stationary, surrounded by a group of people in military uniforms.

“What Professor Lin said is really useful.” Cassey laughed. “What’s the gas? I don’t understand it, but it’s still very strong. I just don’t know if the interrogation can be carried out properly in a short time.”

“Marshal’s here.” Mark looked at his terminal and looked up.

Looking at the people coming in at the end of the street, Cassey, Mark and the others paid a standard military salute at the same time.

“That’s it.” After the military ceremony, Cassey pointed to the man who was still in the corner. “The one who pretended to be Major General Archie.”

Ever since Dewitt noticed that Archie had been faked, he had been sending people to check around. This was too serious of a matter. Iif even Archie could be easily reproduced, then considering the danger, if the Zerg’s plan a little larger reaching, he was afraid they could directly get rid of everyone in Assyria without bloodshed.

They spent a lot of time checking the surveillance footage frame by frame from the ship that came back from Liberec. It was not difficult to check the surveillance. The difficulty was that there were only a handful of people from the surveillance footage who contacted Cohen too much. Apart from Archie, who had repeatedly talked about Wen Jin, there was only Anna, the captain of the team of doctors.

But they checked her and it wasn’t her. She even patiently provided them with all the details they needed to know about Cohen. Cassey and Mark went through everyone one by one, but they were basically useless.

At this point, if it was somewhere else, the clue would probably have been lost, but fortunately it happened on Dewiit’s main ship.

The cameras on their legion’s main ship were stealth cameras so that the footage couldn’t even been found after hacking into the whole fleet’s network. There were thousands of cameras on board and off the ship. In other words, there were just a few blind areas that had less cameras.

Cassey did not want to think in this direction at first. After all, the so-called “just a few” were basically high-level areas in the legion and if they had been penetrated by the Zerg… this thought sent shivers down his spine. 

Fortunately, when there was only this last area to check, it suddenly became easier. After watching all of the footage, one scene at a time, someone who had never returned home since they joined the team, appeared in a very unexpected area.

“We found all of the blind areas and we were careful when we tracked him. Once we hid our aura and scent, this thing became mentally retarded. Even an ordinary scout’s ability is not as good, this guy’s resume says that he was once a scout team leader.” Cassey gave the information to Dewitt. “He was on Cook’s team and that’s where the mole came from.”

And then, with a couple of surveillance videos of them tracking the man, it was all given to Dewitt.

Needless to say, Dewitt felt a strong sense of disgust just by glancing at it.

On that video, the ‘human’ didn’t talk, act or even behave incorrectly… Even if it wore human skin and wasn’t a human being, they still could go all out to get into the top of Assyria, let alone get into a scientific research institute to do something big.

“What about other mothers?” Dewitt asked again.

“It’s like a broken line. It’s the only one that hasn’t sent out a bit of waves.” Cassey shrugged. “I thought it was strange at the time, but we’ve been watching it for so long. Seriously, it didn’t respond at all. I stayed in this alley for so long deliberately to see the reactions of other Zerg.”

The Zerg have always been a pair of insects under the control of mothers, from infection to division. If two mothers act, they would have one more mothers to balance everything. To put it bluntly, they were the commanders. That’s why Mary said on the corridor of the Academy of Sciences that day that the mothers are either one or three.

Dewitt frowned, though it was not ruled out that the other party might have abandoned the mother decisively after detection, but… The mother’s contracts were so suspicious that she could find out if something was suspicions almost without using her brain. Why not recycle the body directly before being caught instead of wandering alone through Assyria?

It was a highly disciplined Zerg soldier who acted alone. Cassey left a few pages of reports every day for so many days, just to say that the mother really acted alone.

Dewitt did not think that his legion would be so despisable that the Zerg would only send out one mother and that such a mother could also be mixed into their high-level areas, which could not be explained.

“They have companions.” Dewitt turned off the data with a deadpan look.

It was not a Zerg companion.

“I think so too.” Cassey said, “I’m ashamed to say that I’m relieved that someone has helped me since the Zerg can do more by themselves.”

If the Zerg really have such a high IQ and were able to get to the top of Assyria alone, then they were really guarding a dead place.

Next to him, Mark suddenly said, “The Uttar?” 

“The greatest possibility is that they, the Uttarian’s are extremely strong at stealing information. The same is true of their investigation and anti-reconnaissance capabilities. It is not the first time that they penetrated into our army, so the reconnaissance team was important when we fought with Uttar. But…there’s no reason. They really have feuds with Assyria, but if they help the Zerg to destroy Assyria…. they will also be isolated and helpless. They would be the next to be destroyed.”

Assyria’s fighting power was stronger than Uttar, Assyria could fight the Zerg but Uttar couldn’t defeat the Zerg independently.


Dewitt looked at the Zerg on the ground and thought something was wrong.

Once these insects were discovered, they were basically at a dead end. There were numerous separators of the Zerg, but the infected ones were very precious and rare, not to mention the mothers who could manipulate the infected and the separators.

In the past, in order to protect mothers during the war, the Zerg were accompanied by tens of millions of splitters. Now, in order to go deep into Assyria, they hide the insects under the human body. The number of splitters has been greatly reduced, not to mention, the movement of mothers was extremely inconvenient.

He could understand the sacrifice if, according to their previous guesses, the mothers had great wisdom and appropriately reduced the splitters to make the task successful. But according to his current speculation, the Zerg basically sent the mothers into Assyria for the Uttar?

Were the Zergs so generous and trusting of Uttar?

“By the way, Marshal…” As Dewitt pondered this point, Mark on the side suddenly said, “That JU you asked me to look up before, I checked him. His tracks are a little hard to find. He looks like he knows the Assyrian surveillance network very well, but I have detected three places where he has disappeared.”

“A good understanding of Assyrian surveillance networks…” A line of words darkened Cassey’s face for two seconds.

Dewitt looked up at Mark and somehow, his mind flashed like electricity and the two men vomited three words at the same time.

“Underground Fighting Arena?”

As soon as the voices fell, some pictures leaped into the minds of several people, as if they wanted to connect into a whole, but in that instant, a huge roar pierced the eardrums of a group of people in the alley and the whole earth seemed to shake with it.

Cassey’s face changed. “What’s the matter?”

This was the capital of Assyria. How could this happen suddenly? This blasting sound?

After a brief pause, Dewitt raised his head and looked in a certain direction.

It was from the Academy of Sciences where the loud noise was coming from.


Wen Jin sneezed at the door when he walked out of the apartment. It was too cold. Why was it getting colder and colder here?

Thinking about it, he was a little reluctant to use the temperature from the reiki in his renshi, so he hid it in his fur and used several disposable lingshi from his space, while absorbing them and running at the same time.

But soon Wen Jin found something wrong.

From the beginning of his arrival in this world, he has been following Dewitt. The number of times he acted alone was only that once at the scientific research institute. So until this day, he suddenly found that compared with this big world, his body was a little too small, his fat was soft and running for a long time hurt him.

After a little hesitation, Wen Jin, who had been spoiled, sneaked into a corner, enlarged himself a little and then ran fast in the city.

He wanted to go where Dewitt was, running in silence while slandering himself, thinking that he was really worried about the small tail. The smell of Zerg on Dewitt was too strong and it was the second time today he had run out in the middle of the night alone, Wen Jin could not rest assured.

As he ran out, he comforted himself. It was not that he was worried. It was simply that he was afraid that something might happen to his little tail.

However, when Wen Jin ran halfway, he suddenly noticed a very clear aura coming from a short distance awake.

The aura was familiar to him. It was like…Chen Xiong?

Wen Jin’s eyes flashed with a trace of surprise, a little feeling, thinking that this outbreak of reiki was not a lot and it was not a human outbreak, but a beast outbreak.

Once a demon had a human form, its ability could not be completely released, which was equivalent to adding a shackle to its own reiki. Reiki from the black bear, absolutely revealed itself.

However, from previous contact, the black bear was by no means an impulsive beast and had been hiding his identity. So, why was this a scarce and terrible beast, who was at Cassey’s level, forced to make such a big noise?

Thinking of that day in the ward, the other side gave him the hengshi. Wen Jin clenched his teeth and looked in the direction Dewitt was in.

There was a strong smell of insects, but it was not dangerous to Dewitt so he should be able to go to Chen Xiong’s first. If… if anything happened to Dewitt then, now he can directly visualize the chaos, he took two steps forward. After making up his mind, Wen Jin twisted his steps and ran in the direction of Chen Xiong.

Even if it got bigger, the journey was a bit long. When he got to the road, he could feel the reiki from  his destination getting stronger and stronger. Wen Jin’s heart was a little surprised. He thought the black bear was out of the way. This degree of reiki leaking out, for the black bear in that degree of transformation was fundamentally a self-destructive move for it’s dan.

Wen Jin vaguely felt that this might not be easy and immediately worried that he had not brought out enough lingshi.

The black bear gave him the henshi and when he arrived, he felt like he had to save the bear but he had to pay for it. To be on the safe side, Wen Jin bit the stone around his neck and gently scratched the tip of his tongue on his teeth, spilling a trace of blood.

The wound on Wen Jin’s tongue disappeared in the instant the blood bead came out. He was afraid of the pain and dripping blood was always done very minimally, but now he couldn’t take that much into account.

A drop of blood from an ancient demon was slowly drawn on the stone.

The collision between the two seemed to produce a shock and resonance across space and time. Wen Jin’s brain roared for a moment, as if he had heard some ancient voice, even the space was stagnant for a moment. Then, just as the contract was about to take shape, his abdomen suddenly warmed up.

It was his contract with Dewitt… Would it exclude him from entering a new contract? It seemed to shake a little and with the obvious green shade on his lower abdomen, he marked out a big character.

The whole fox was shocked. Wen Jin, just created the contract, but before he could educate himself on the contract, he had already arrived at the scientific research institute where Chen Xiong broke out.

On top of a building, Wen Jin could easily see the first half of the scientific research institute. He only looked at it with one eye and his eyes widened sharply.

The scientific research institute, where he had been staying for a long time not long ago, had been blown up by an unknown attack. The whole building had been blown up by something and the contract beasts he had seen earlier were scrambling to escape from that big hole.

In front of the Academy of Sciences, there was a large mech with a beast below it. Under each mech there were well-trained soldiers, who rushed to the contract beasts fleeing crazily outside with various weapons.

Sounds of whimpering and energy explosion came from there, where all kinds of weapons pointed to a huge black bear. At this moment, his spirituality was fierce, as if forming an invisible energy shield, his eyes were red as he looked at the muzzle of the gun.

Behind him was the tiger kings who was tamed by Wen Jin in the Scientific Research Institute before and both of them had wounds on their faces..

Looking carefully, Wen Jin found a bloodstained white coat behind Chen Xiong.

The soldiers, apparently shocked by the sudden emergence of the black bear, stood in different corners, but they did not know when the gun pointed at Chen Xiong had appeared.


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