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Chapter 55

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


The temperature in the cave was very cold. The beasts, big and small, gather together and rely on each other for warmth. Wen Jin did not like to stick to other people or beasts, so he leaned alone in the corner.

A gust of chilly wind swept through the tiny cracks. Wen Jin couldn’t help shivering. After being here for so long, he had been surrounded by luxury and covered his body with Reiki. In order to consume as little as possible, he went back to his smallest form.

Even so, Wen Jin was a little unhappy, mainly because of himself.

He hesitated awkwardly in his heart for a long time. Wen Jin, who had ended his struggle, closed his eyes and let a warm Marshal appear in his mind. As he hummed, he thought, ‘Why was he not as comfortable as when he was with his little tail?’

He warmed his body a little, Wen Jin was not happy, so he decided to write down the amount of magic he had consumed and he thought that when he got back, he would have to ask Dewitt to make it up to him. Wen Jin thought about it for a long time and finally sighed. If he didn’t make up for it, he would not be able to touch his fur anymore! 

With these words in mind, Wen Jin was instantly depressed and felt a little shameless. It sounded like he had no strategy and could only come up with such a threat.

Just when Wen Jin was depressed that he missed his small tail, someone approached him.

Looking up, Wen Jin said, “Got used to it?”

Chen Xiong was awake, but in human form. Chen Xiong paused and said with a laugh, “Well, it’s been many years and…” He paused, looking at Professor Lin, who was sleeping on a giant beast in the distance, “He should wake up in a minute.”

“You know each other from before?”

This sentence seems to evoke some memories, Chen Xiong took a long time before nodding, “In the past, yes.”

It was not a shallow relationship.

Wen Jin thought of the scene earlier. But he did not ask, because he felt that this “knowledge” or “relationship is not shallow” was too much information. From the instant Chen Xiong woke up to the time he used a human figure, his identity as a beast was almost eighty percent gone.

Although Wen Jin liked gossip, he did not like to listen to such stories. He had always been proud that his body was a demon and usually, if it was not necessary, he would maintain his original fox shape. And if those around him focused on him, for example, if his little wife didn’t like his body… Wen Jin didn’t know why, but when the idea jumped through his head, he subconsciously thought of Dewitt’s face.

If a silly big man disliked his original body, he would definitely scratch the other side’s face! When he thought of his nonexistent little wife changing into Dewitt, Wen Jin’s eyes flashed fiercely. He ground his white paws into the dirt with a slight effort! He wouldn’t be coaxed into a human form every day! 

“Thank you for your help.” Chen Xiong looked at the nearby Qi beasts. His eyes were a little dark and he said with great emphasis, “It will be dawn in two hours. I’ll take you to the Marshal’s house.”

Wen Jin glanced at the wound on his body, then looked at the cave full of contract beasts and at the mouth of the cave, “Can you hold on?” Although he did not know what had happened to Chen Xiong, he always felt that the soldiers would not give up.

Chen Xiong rubbed his wrist and tilted his neck curiously. He looked surprised and said, “Would you like to support them with me?”

“No.” Wen Jin refused without thinking.

Chen Xiong laughed twice and said, “I knew it”. After a short pause, however, he suddenly bent down again and approached Wen Jin.

Wen Jin opened his eyes cautiously. “What’s wrong?” He didn’t think this beast was a pervert like Dewitt, was he?

“May I ask you a question?” After Chen Xiong move closer, he immediately regarded this sentence as nonsense and did not wait for Wen Jin to reply. Then he said, “You… are you really a contract beast?”

Wen Jin’s big, fluffy tail wobbled and he did not speak.

“Assyria has no beast like you. Most of them have no energy cores.” Chen Xiong looked around at the beasts that had already started to make trouble and whispered, “Not to mention that you were able to create such a big ice wall.”

“You have one.” Wen Jin said, after a pause, he added, “King Tiger also has one.”

Chen Xiong turned to him and smiled. The young looking face was suddenly covered with wrinkles. “We are the exception and we can’t make such a big wall of ice.”

Wen Jin lay near the cave entrance, feeling that Chen Xiong had said nothing like that. He was trying to say, ‘I’m an exception too.’ When Chen Xiong behind him suddenly asked in a low voice, “You… Did you also come from the Honghuang?”

With this word, Chen Xiong saw the little fox lying on the ground open his eyes. However, before he could ask Chen Xiong where the word ‘Honghuang’ came from, he felt something suddenly and his nose moved sharply. “They are here.”

Chen Xiong was stunned and then his eyes became serious.

“Quite a lot.” Wen Jin looked out. “More that the number that was at the scientific research institutes just now… At least three times as many.”

Chen Xiong was apparently shocked by the news. He did not know whether he had expected the other party to catch up so quickly or whether the other party would bring so many reinforcements. He stared at the beast below him.

“Didn’t you initially discuss where to send so many beasts? Don’t tell me your plan is such a cave?” Wen Jin saw Chen Xiong’s reaction and asked in a strange way.

“Yes.” Chen Xiong said, his face changed and finally he gave a bitter laugh. “But now it’s gone. If the monkey dragged the army to the place as planned, the soldiers of the army shouldn’t be here at all.”

That means a different person had taken over.

“That’s too unreasonable.” Wen Jin frowned and said, “You’ve even blown up the scientific research institute and you’ve made such a big move. You should expect that the other side will pursue you. Is there any other alternative location?”

Chen Xiong shook his head. “The Scientific Research Institute wasn’t blown up by us. We just wanted to bring out the contract beasts. We didn’t want to make any noise. According to the plan, if there were no accident tonight, they will not find us at all.”

Wen Jin paused and thought of the injured Professor Lin and the two soldiers who let King Tiger rush out. He was silent.

Chen Xiong cautiously asked Wen Jin how far the soldiers he felt were and he turned and approached the beasts. Wen Jin, still in the corner, looked at Chen Xiong’s back somewhat depressed. One claw could not help touching the stone in front of his chest, silently cutting off the fever that consumed the spirit in the stone.

He didn’t know what the big fool was doing at this time. The cold wind had been blowing for a long time and he couldn’t help but miss the temperature that came off of Dewitt.

Wen Jin silently prodded the deformed contract again in his heart and said, “You can’t make any more noise, but you must do something serious.”

Previously, in the scientific research institute, it was this fellow who refused to accept the hengshi with a big green light and then made his body smaller and smaller like a leak of air. At that time, Wen Jin simply wanted to fan the green contract with one claw.

But now facing such a grumpy and deformed contract, he thought of Dewitt on the other side of it. In such a dark cave, Wen Jin’s heart seemed to surge with an unprecedented feeling. His claws went somewhat soft. Thinking about it, Wen Jin touched the contract with his energetic force and whispered, “Where are you?”

When he took Professor Lin away, because he was in such a hurry, he forgot to investigate the direction of the big fool and he didn’t know what kind of negotiation he had with the insects. When he came home, he didn’t see whether he was in a hurry.

He didn’t think he was home yet. Wen Jin thought as he watched the terminal on his paw that there was enough electricity but no one called it. At that moment, Wen Jin seemed to sense something and quickly got up from the floor and looked out of the cave with some seriousness.

The army he had felt was still far away, but how did he feel something new now?

At the moment of Wen Jin’s suspicion, a large photon projectile, accompanied by a sharp sound, hit their cave directly.


When the soft ‘Where are you?’ came into Dewitt’s ear, he was sitting in a moving aircraft, beside which stood the lieutenant general who had given orders before.

“Marshal, the energy reconnaissance reaction is ahead. It’s a huge mountain, far from the city and the surrounding environment is barren,” the Lieutenant-General reported earnestly. “There are roughly two large beasts, more than five small beasts and a contract beast that can turn into a human being and one that can carry out energy attacks, enough to create the Ice Wall- “

Although the phrase ‘Where are you?’ whispered gently by Wen Jin, Dewitt seemed to be able to imagine the other side nesting in the cave in front of him, a fox huddled in the corner and talking in a small voice. The little fellow was always afraid of the cold, he did not know that he was not around in the evening and did not know how to make something warm.

However, it must be admitted that at the moment of hearing this sentence, Dewitt felt his heart go soft. Wen Jin was usually arrogant, but when things went wrong, he showed a fierce look. His small chest would be raised with a look that he would like to tell everyone that he was the eldest son and nobody needed to care about him.

However, after only a few hours away from him, the little fox began to miss him. 

Dewitt’s hands on his legs moved slightly at a very small frequency, looking as if he were touching a fox’s fur thousands of miles away.

At the same time, he looked at the light slightly and thought that when he caught the little fellow back this time, he would have to touch it well once, pouring all his worries from the several hours into grooming. If the little fox would not let him touch him, he would kiss twice as much and bury his face in the small furry belly…

Mark, standing behind Dewitt, inadvertently took a look at Marshal’s little gesture. He felt a little familiar with it. He recalled the marshal’s fox and the scenes he had seen during that time and he blew out smoke from the corners of his mouth.

“…I asked for more heavy weapons from Headquarters.” The lieutenant general on the other side chattered for a long time and finally stated his ultimate goal.

Nevertheless, Dewitt on the other side rejected the answer without thinking, “No.”

“Marshal?” Lieutenant General’s eyes flashed a trace of surprise, thinking that he had just listed so many reasons, that the beast could become a human and that the fox could use energy to build a large ice wall. With such a large ice wall, how to say, the beast should be at least Grade A, which was absolutely unprecedented in Assyria, they should take out the largest weapons and surround these beasts!

Those were the beasts that had run out of the lab. Who knows if the previous poisoning changed their genes or something?

“The purpose of the operation is to rescue Professor Lin.” Mark, on the other side, prompted in time, “Although this side is far from the city, bombing the mountains is absolutely not a good policy. Besides, heavy weapons cannot be used against contract beasts.”

Mark was a colonel, but in Dewitt’s Legion, one of the iron rules was not to ask for a rank, so even though he was overruled by an officers so many ranks lower than himself, the Lieutenant General was just stunned and then responded, “Heavy weapons cannot be used against contract beasts? It also depends on what kind of contract beast. Have we ever seen one that can build such a thick wall of ice and can also take the whole group of contract beasts back? Who knows… What has become of this herd of contract beasts that have been raised in Assyria these years? They are all over Assyria. What would happen if you let them go? And you weren’t there at all. You couldn’t fight ten of them just because of their size and pressure!”

“It was a beast that came out of the Colosseum.” It wasn’t Mark who answered him, but Dewitt who was on the side.

The Lieutenant General exchanged information between the military headquarters and the troops.

This was related to the policy of Assyria. The House of Representatives did not want the scientific research institute to be fully protected or controlled by the military, nor did it want the entire Assyrian territory to be controlled by the military. So the internal security problems in Assyria were carried out by the troops associated with the House of Representatives. The defense of scientific research institutes was also carried out jointly by the army and the troops.

When the lieutenant general was stunned, Dewitt continued, “If they really had any foresight, the scientific research institute just now would be the best place. Whether attacking soldiers or simply destroying any building, it would cause tens of thousands of data loss. The damage could not be repaired.”

Lieutenant General was stunned. “The beasts bombed the scientific research institute-!”

“How do you know they bombed it? Material evidence?” said Dewitt, looking down with a cool eye.

“At that time, there were only our soldiers and beasts and who else could they have? We were in such a hurry that it was impossible to collect material evidence…”

“That is to say, it’s all your speculation. Now, do you want me to apply for heavy weapons at Headquarters, in full accordance with your speculation?” Dewitt looked at him coldly, as if he were watching a joke.

Lieutenant General blushed all the down his neck. “Marshal, I hope you can believe my judgement!”

“Professor Lin wanted to convince you of his judgment when he wanted the troops to provide help for the contract beasts suspected of being infected by the Zerg, but what was your response?” Dewitt did not look at him. “Now that you know that the appearance of the ice wall proves that the beast is strong, why do you think it used its ability to block your attack by creating an ice wall instead of killing you directly?”

“I…” The lieutenant general was stunned.

“Troops are organs of violence, but nothing can be solved by violence. Heavy weapons and attacks are clearly capable of causing a lot of casualties, but I think we should put aside our persistence and listen to their demands.” Dewitt said. After pausing for a while, he turned his head and added a pointed sentence, “Don’t forget, these are all beasts coming out of the underground arena. You are clearer than me of what’s in the arena.”

‘You are clearer than me.’ Five words, instantly let that lieutenant general’s face change, his expression seemed to be confused for a moment and then remembered what it meant and his face instantly dropped. 

The beast could clearly kill but did not and resisted killing everyone in that environment just now. What kind of beast escapes the fighting ground?

Dewitt admired these beasts rather than the lieutenant general who immediately wanted to use heavy weapons when he heard that they were different. Imagine that you can save people from scientific research institutes and transform them into human beings. You can also break away from the arena and kill those humans who hurt them.

Dewitt thought that his decision would not change even if he had not been with the herd of beasts. The hand that was sitting beside the chair, subconsciously retracted to his abdomen and looked like he was trying to hold something. After falling down empty handed, Dewitt’s expression was still stunned.

It was rare to hear such a big passage from the Marshal, but somehow it felt quite reasonable. The Lieutenant General was stiff for a moment, expression no longer as persistent as he thought of the fighting ground and Professor Lin’s requesting assistance… He did deserve it, but he was not alone in those matters. The army had become more and more strange this year and he had had more than enough time to help the Professor. 

The Lieutenant General paused for a while, pondered over and over for a long time and finally seemed to have made up his mind and stood up straight. “But Marshal, this time it’s Professor Lin. I ask you to release your powers at a critical moment. In any case, you must keep Professor Lin safe. He’s a treasured figure in scientific research and It is impossible to leave Professor Lin since he knows the cure for zerg poisoning and the detoxification agents.”

These words, now matter what the lieutenant general said, Dewitt would still do the same, but he didn’t think Professor Lin would be hurt at all. Because that day in the lab, Old Lin told him the origin of the eternal energy stone.

If Chen Xiong was the black bear raised by Old Lin forty years ago, he would have been lurking in Assyria for so many years, but he only appeared last night. Was it for the purpose of taking Old Lin away?

Dewitt disapproved of this speculation. If Chen Xiong wanted to hurt Old Lin and take him away, he had ten thousand ways to achieve his goal quietly. Just due to the past between him and Old Lin, this alone can let that task be accomplished.

After all, if Wen Jin turned into a man one day and came to him suddenly after several years of being absent, DeWitt felt that he would do anything asked of him.

So excluding this, the two soldiers killed by King Tiger’s impartial bite reminded Dewitt of the Zerg who had been found by the Dewitt Legion earlier this evening.

Giving Mark a look, the latter immediately nodded, turned and walked out of the room.

Here, Dewitt felt the quiet cockpit and for the third time, he made a grooming move. Then, after touching the air for the third time, a sense of extreme emptiness and imbalance sprang up in the Iron-blooded Marshal’s heart.

The lieutenant general had been intent on arguing with Dewitt before and now the arguing had come to fruition. Naturally, he did not ignore Dewitt’s action. Besides, he was curious from the very beginning.

The Marshal never left the dumpling beast that stirred up the whole of Assyria. Wherever he went, one man and one beast became one. And the little fox was particularly sticky to Dewitt. When he was awakened from sleep because he was put down, he had to hum and haw for half a day. Many people laughed that Marshal’s temper was getting better and better. How could such a couple not be together today?

And that big fox that only uses ice… And the little fox that attracted a lot of attention because of its ability to use energy… Why did it feel like it was somehow connected?

Also, if he remembered correctly, the origin of the contradiction between Marshal Sendo and Marshal was that Marshal’s house was pierced by an ice lance, right? The final conclusion seemed to have been that it came from the little fox of Marshal’s house.

The more he thought about it, the more strange it was. The lieutenant couldn’t help asking questions.

From the moment he saw the ice wall, Dewitt knew that the problem would come sooner or later, if not from the lieutenant general, then somebody else.

Considering Wen Jin’s little publicity and his quick paw poking on the paper which was not too well wrapped in fire, Dewitt thought it would be better to hang the fox’s real name under him earlier, so that when he was in trouble again, somebody might call him to slap his butt.

“You’ll see in a minute.” Dewitt said with an extremely serious expression, thinking that his fox had been away from him for so long, maybe he would rush directly into his arms in public and then he could…

The brain thought of this and the fingers subconsciously made a grooming action.

Nevertheless, before Dewitt could half-touch his dumpling’s movements, Mark rushed into the command room, looking panicked. “Report! Another team has just been detected, bombing the target cave!! 

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