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Chapter 54

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wen Jin had never seen the weapons in their hands, but he knew what they meant. Looking at the group of soldiers, the leader of the men raised his hand slightly. All the soldiers held the weapons tightly. He squinted their eyes and pressed his claws on the roof slightly.

“Howl–!” The deafening voice came, accompanied by strong reiki, Wen Jin saw with his own eyes that many soldiers with guns, standing a little ahead, could not help trembling their guns in their hands.

Wen Jin pressed his paws on the edge of the roof, frowned and looked over, then met Chen Xiong’s red eyes.

Wen Jin was stunned. He looked at Chen Xiong’s expression carefully and was surprised. He looked at the soldier in front of him, hesitated for a moment and retracted his claws.

Unlike Wen Jin, who was standing on the roof far away, the roar was a provocation to the soldiers in front of Chen Xiong, especially the pressure that accompanied his roar and someone immediately clenched his teeth.

“Lieutenant General! It’s very likely that the beast has gone berserk and asked for action!”

“No, Professor Lin is still behind him.” The lieutenant general pressed down the eaves of his cap and his eyes fell on the herd of beasts that fled madly behind the black bear. His eyes darkened and he remembered the scene just now. He gnashed his teeth and said, “A man suddenly turned into a contract beast… What a joke!”

“We can’t wait for the lieutenant general any longer. It’s clearly procrastinating -” The voice had just fallen, as if in response to what he had said and a louder roar than the black bear came.

“Giant, beast…” In the crowd, someone exclaimed, “The seven-metre behemoth at the Academy of Sciences…”

Wen Jin looked closely and found that, as the group said, alongside two more beasts was the Tiger King who had been sat on by Wen Jin.

Sitting on the roof, Wen Jin took back his paws and squinted at the sudden change below.

At this moment, Chen Xiong’s fleeing herd had become fewer and fewer. Obviously, the army had already run seven or eight times. This group suddenly appeared. Two giants brought by the King Tiger reversed the scales that had just completely inclined to the soldiers.

A seven-metre old monster, Wen Jin did not know how strong the weapons of those human beings were, but with a metamorphosed demon to capture it alive was simply an idiot dream, they may easily escape…

Wait, run away? Wen Jin was stunned and suddenly felt something was wrong.

It was not difficult to escape from such a scene with Chen Xiong’s ability. Even if the original form was an illusion in order to get time for the herd behind him to escape, now that the herd was all running, he could still wait for an opportunity to escape. Why should he stay here? And why were there still several giant beasts running back? What did it mean to fight here on the spot?

Wen Jin licked his nose and looked at Chen Xiong’s back carefully. Professor Lin scent was accompanied by a bit of a bloody smell. Was he injured?

While Wen Jin was judging the situation, the lieutenant general, who raised his hand, had a drop of sweat slide down from his forehead. He looked at the two giant beasts that suddenly appeared behind Chen Xiong and at the number of buildings of the scientific research institute that they could touch with the largest volume of their hands. His eyes were dark.

“Back off.” After a long time, Lieutenant General made a decision.

“Lieutenant General?!” After hearing these two words, the biggest reaction was a researcher who had been standing near the Lieutenant General from the very beginning. He looked young and had words. “Professor Lin is still behind the beast! And that’s a beast that can become a human being!” 

What an incredible discovery for Assyria and what a discovery to miss! As the researcher said this, his eyes were full of excitement. He was a researcher who devoted himself to his projects.

Recently, a fox had turned the whole capital upside down, but research was hindered because it was Marshal Dewitt’s contract beast. Nobody dared to really study the beast. Now, a ready-made beast and it could also become a human! The scientific research institute must never give up this opportunity.

The explosion, however, started at the laboratory due to their group. If it hadn’t been for the discovery of such a beast, he would have followed him to the medical center. Now he could still stand here with wounds everywhere because he had witnessed Chen Xiong’s transformation when he was about to leave.

He wanted to take this beast back to the scientific research institute!

Lieutenant General’s eyes moved, showing a trace of disgust, secretly cursed a nervous disease in his heart and looked at his deputy. At the next moment, all the soldiers holding weapons retreated three steps.

“I’ll say it again.” After standing firmy, the lieutenant general pointed out the loudspeaker of the terminal and the voice was fierce, “Hand Professor Lin over.”

The black bear did not move. He even put a hand on Professor Lin’s back, bent his knees slightly. It looked as if he wanted to pick Professor Lin up at any time and run.

However, the black bear was apparently shocked by the lieutenant general. His pupils shrank and his fingers moved violently. The next second, the nearest soldier quickly pulled the trigger.

“Bang – -” a strong smell of blood came.

Chen Xiong covered his shoulder and stepped back two steps. His eyes were staring at the extreme situation. The King Tiger and the giant beasts beside him were all shocked. After they looked at each other, they looked in the direction behind them.

“Do you really think you can get them all back by escorting them with a single beast? It’s too trivial to look down on the army.” The Lieutenant General said, narrowing his eyes and showing a trace of satisfaction in the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. “I repeat, hand over Professor Lin.”

The smell of blood was too heavy, but anyone with a slightly stronger sense could absolutely smell it. It was not as strong as Chen Xiong’s own blood loss. The tip of his ear trembled slightly and Wen Jin could hear the scream a few kilometers away in the dead of night.

“Howl -!” The biggest beast seemed to smell it, too. It pawed the floor impatiently and roared in the direction of the soldiers.

Chen Xiong’s eyes also crossed with slight pain. He pushed the Tiger King with one hand, seemingly to let them go first, while Professor Lin was still unconscious in his other hand.

Why? Wen Jin did not understand some of the identity of Professor Lin.  Although he did not understand, but it could also be seen that he was very important to Assyria.

This shot was obviously for Professor Lin.  They had not fired in the direction of Chen Xiong until now. Then Chen Xiong could surrender Professor Lin in exchange for his own escape. After all, Professor Lin would not be harmed and he said was not willing to surrender…

Wen Jing chittered…because he (CX) thought it would be dangerous for Professor Lin to be handed over?

The Zerg and Cohen, who went deep into the scientific research institute, flashed through Wen Jin’s mind and the latter reacted violently.

“Come on!” While Wen Jin was on the roof was thinking, Chen Xiong at the front door of the scientific research institute roared in beast language and then pushed the smaller beast hard.

“Where is it?” The giant beast staggered and almost hit the King Tiger. He turned his head sharply and saw that the King Tiger had depressed his body. His eagle-like eyes stared straight at a soldier in the distance, which was black and oppressive and his muscles were tense and ready to fight.

“I don’t know. I don’t even know a few of them,” Chen Xiong roared irritably. “They all said to let you go quickly. Red monkey can’t support them. They can handle their own affairs!”

Holding the chip in his mouth, King Tiger looked at Chen Xiong coolly and suddenly extended his paw and pushed the little giant beast. Clearly, he did not say a word, but the little beast turned around and pushed Chen Xiong away.

At the moment when Chen Xiong was pushed to one side, the soldiers in front of him almost all showed the same state. However, in this case, there were two guns, which slightly deviated from the track and pointed to Professor Lin’s exposed shoulder.

In that instant, the King Tiger’s eyes seemed to flash a bloodthirsty light. His hind legs kicked fiercely and the speed of the explosion was unparalleled. In the air, only a black lightning flash could be seen leaping out from the little giant beast. The fierce explosive force made him rush to the moving gun in a second. At the moment when the other side pressed the trigger in fear, he flew forward, bit the neck of the man and then turned over again and jumped to the second man.

“Howl!” In the distance, Chen Xiong gazed at the scene, his body tense and shouted.

At the moment when King Tiger rushed out, the guns of all the people changed direction, pointing at King Tiger! Chen Xiong shoved Professor Lin behind the two giant beasts and was about to rush forward, but he was hit by a photoelastic on the shoulder.

In the same wound as the last one, it pierced a blood hole in his strong arm. Chen Xiong watched as the Tiger King jumped up from the ground and rushed to the third human being. He was hit by weapons but did not open his mouth any more. Hot tears overflowed from his eyes.

It was the tiger king who came down from the arena more than twenty years ago. ‘It’s faster to bite their throats than anything else,’ said the Tiger King, who looked at the cheering people on the stage with resentment in both eyes. After a while, he turned his head askew again. ‘But I’ll never do that.’

“Howl -!” Quickly, Chen Xiong made a roar of despair at the moment, a snow-white figure fell from the sky/. In the moment he appeared, Chen Xiong stared fiercely.

That’s… It was the largest beast he had ever seen. The white fur seemed to light up a dark night, looking out with eyes that could see the world, whirling with white mist and cool air. At the moment of landing, it was like an ancient god.

It was Wen Jin.

He picked up King Tiger with his mouth from the soldier pile and then, in the moment when the group did not respond, a big tail swept hard on the ground and the soldier in his mech was thrown on the ground.

“Lieutenant General!” Some screamed loudly, others quickly adjusted their postures and reasserted their guns and some even reached directly for the power ring at their wrists.

“It’s too big…” Someone unconsciously stepped back two steps and sat down on the ground with a soft legs.

The soldier who took the lead in picking up the weapon clenched his teeth and fired a bullet directly in the direction of Wen Jin, but it was blocked by a small ice barrier that appeared across the sky. The huge fox narrowed its eyes and moved its limbs forward. The soldier with the weapon sat on the ground with his legs and feet soft.

“Chee.” Wen Jin was unaccustomed to the smell of these weapons. He stepped back two steps and sneezed a little with his itchy nose.

It didn’t matter if he didn’t fight. Wen Jin even found that his body seemed to be a little smaller. He looked slightly astonished and turned his head in the direction behind him. At that moment, a thick ice wall was suddenly erected on the floor between them and Chen Xiong.

“Run!” Wen Jin threw the King of Tiger on the ground, picked up Professor Lin on the ground and roared.

Big and small beasts around King Tiger and Chen Xiong, listened to Wen Jin’s voice and performed in a worshipful manner.

“Professor Lin is injured!” Even if the appearance of Wen Jin was shocking again, Chen Xiong subconsciously roared out the same sentence. As he roared, he looked at Professor Lin, who was held by Wen Jin.

At this point, Chen Xiong was stunned. Professor Lin was completely wrapped in a transparent energy ball. He was sleeping peacefully. The wounds on his body did not seem to bleed.

At one glance, Chen Xiong laid down his heart. He thankfully looked at the white-haired fox growing smaller and smaller, who seemed to be leaking air in the rush, and he was weak all over and fell into a coma.


The Zerg in the tarp were left behind by Cassey for disposal. Dewitt took Mark to the Scientific Research Institute first, but they were still a step late. Dewitt’s face remained motionless when he saw the mess and the huge ice wall standing in the center of the area.


“Report.” Dewitt glanced at the research institute, which had been fine when he left in the morning, but now it was almost ruined and looked at the huge ice wall.

It held Wen Jin’s aura. 

After confirming this point, he looked at the bloodstains on the ground and Dewitt felt his brain working overtime.

“Report! The scientific research institute was broken through by Qi beasts and all the Qi beasts escaped from the second floor. In the process, they bombed the buildings of two scientific research institutes and hijacked Professor Lin in order to break through!”

“Where did this come from?” Dewitt pointed to the ice wall, but when his hand came closer, he couldn’t resist it. His finger touched the ice, which was released by Wen Jin.

However, when the finger leaned up, the bitter coolness did not come. Instead, it seemed to tell him something and turned gently at his fingertips. The suspended heart was put down a little.

“It was a huge beast…” When it comes to the giant beast that appeared across the sky, the Lieutenant General seemed to have not responded yet. Some of them swallowed their saliva with trepidation. “It’s very big. This ice wall was made by it. Marshal, it was a giant beast with an energy core! All white, looked like, like…” Lieutenant General said, his eyes fell on Dewitt, suddenly choking, unable to speak the remaining two words.

Mark took notes one by one and Dewitt, as if he hadn’t noticed the lieutenant general’s pause, asked, “Like what?”


Too tired.

Wen Jin felt that although he had lived for so long, it was the first time that he had run so long. He felt tired to death. As he ran, he gasped heavily. The more he gasped, the smaller his body became like a deflated ball.

Reiki could support him to grow, but Wen Jin was really too tired, he felt that his life’s road was running out.

When King Tiger said he could stop, Wen Jin immediately spit Professor Lin out, then lay down on the ground and turned into a dead fox. He gasped and asked, “Run… how far did we run?”

The Tiger King, leaning against the wall, answered weakly, “More than eighty kilometers.”

Wen Jin felt that more than eighty kilometers seemed to be not long. He looked at his weak face and decided not to talk to him. Instead, he looked at the giant on the other side. “You should be safe now?”

To Wen Jin’s surprise, however, the little beast did not reply to him, but tilted his head and spit out his long tongue.

“It’s safe for the time being.” It was the voice of King Tiger.

Wen Jin was stunned and then he responded, “They can’t talk? Not even beast language?”

King Tiger bowed his head and licked his wound, tired and lying on the floor.

Wen Jin didn’t react. He said it was impossible. King Tiger could speak, Chen Xiong, Caicai and Mary could. Even the weak beasts at the party could. Why not such a big beast…

In a row of these names, Wen Jin instantly found the problem.

“They have no contract… And there’s no energy core, so there’s no communication?” Wen Jin said, looking at a group of beasts around him.

The beasts were all rescued from the scientific research institute. On their way to escape, a huge red monkey held up a line of soldiers and forced them to leave. Wen Jin didn’t do it because there were too many soldiers around them and they didn’t have the usual worries before the Academy of Sciences. They really needed someone to help them hold the mechs.

The monkey at that time… seemed to be silent?

“I can communicate, so can the black bear.” King Tiger’s eyelids drooped, his voice became smaller and smaller and he looked very tired. “But not by language, but by the tacit understanding of living together for so many years.”

Wen Jin looked at the contract beasts in the cave and at Chen Xiong and Tiger King. Suddenly he was silent. He had a vague impression that the living environment of the beasts in the world was quite different from that of Honghuang. But now, he was afraid the fact was more difficult than that.

Instead of asking what the Tiger King was doing, he took out some herbs from his own space and applied them to Chen Xiong, Professor Lin and the Tiger King wounds.

After seeing him take out the herbs and apply them to three people, the little giant beast understood the meaning of Wen Jin’s action very cleverly and his eyes stared straight.

See, Wen Jin did not mean to throw a lot to him, telling him how to grind, let them deal with their own companions.

Wen Jin’s space had a small hilltop, which were the herbs he harvested from all over the world. As long as his spiritual power was not exhausted, they would never stop growing. He could use it again and cultivate them by himself.

And this kind of herbal medicine for skin injuries was cheap.

Distributing those herbs, Wen Jin looked up at the sky outside the cave, which showed a little sunrise. Wen Jin felt a little depressed.

He lowered his head to lick his claws and looked at the huge beasts not far away calling out to the group of companions, division of labor clumsy as they began grinding herbs, bowed his head and touched the stone around his neck.

He felt that Chen Xiong would not be able to walk until he woke up but just along the way, the disposable energy stone had been completely exhausted. If something happened again, he had to rely on the power of the hengshi. Wen Jin felt that it was necessary for him to make good use of the hengshi in advance, just as the soldiers had done before.

Wen Jin closed his eyes when he thought of it.

Having a hengshi recognizing one as a Lord was different from ignoring the Lord. The wise Spirit Treasure of Heaven and Earth knew how to be eccentric. Otherwise, why did so many people want to grab it at the beginning?

After thinking for a moment in his brain, Wen Jin again produced a drop of blood on the tip of his tongue. In the instant the wound disappeared, the tip of his tongue licked the stone. However, at the moment when the blood beads touched, the contract in the deep part of his lower abdomen suddenly warmed up again and began to write a hidden word like a demon in his lower abdomen. 

It was a pure green?

Wen Jin felt a little fire. It was on the roof before that stopped him from making a contract. Now it was coming again. What’s the meaning of this? He had a small tail so he couldn’t even take a magic weapon?!

With this in mind, Wen Jin disguised a finger and gave it a hard poke on his contract. He poke at it to vent his anger. “What do you want?”

Wen Jin asked in his heart.

The contract, however, was silent as a ghost.

After a while, it was found that the word would not turn colors. Wen Jin decided to let it go. He created an energy barrier in his body, forced the contract to be covered and then forced the bond.

The third time Wen Jin bit the tip of his tongue, Wen Jin felt a little sad in his heart. However, in the instant that Hengshi sucked his blood in, Wen Jin suddenly felt his thick energy barrier as if it had been sucked in by the contract.

Wen Jin felt a little stunned, used his perception and discovered the pattern of the contract… It seemed to have become a little distorted.

Wen Jin looked left and right. When he saw clearly the new appearance of the contract, he immediately began to laugh. The heart said that the contract was just having a small temper tantrum.

A thousand miles away, Dewitt had just got into his suspension car and suddenly thought about how to find his little fox. A familiar voice came to his ears. “Are you not happy?”


The author has something to say: 

I don’t know if you remember that Chen Xiong gave Tiger King the chip when he was on the food street.~

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Vu n
October 29, 2019 4:51 pm

So Wen Jin going communicate with Dewitt by the contract?

October 29, 2019 11:39 pm

What a mess! In this kind of situation it’s easy to draw wrong conclusions. The beasts broke through, yeah right! I bet Chen Xiong wouldn’t have reacted like that if there was no real danger to the beasts or people around him. And Wen Jin, you have a terminal, so dial your honey and tell him to come and help! I don’t like them acting separately, but I’ll hang on through this cliffhanger.

Thank you for the chapter!

December 7, 2019 12:39 pm

That part Wen Jin landed on the ground with smokes around him made me imagine the way Naruto’s kyuubi did it in the anime (only with pure white fur). Soooooo epicly awesome.

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I’m confuse *_*, what us actually happening here tho?? Can someone explained? ;-;

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A tense chapter. So the target was Prof Linn and the beasts were simply protecting him. Of course, it’ll be attempted to make them look like the guilty party, to cover the intent. Enemies have infiltrated many areas.
The sickening thoughts of the Lab guy, greedy to experiment on a beast that can transform, no doubt at the cost of its life 🤬
WJ’s exposed his potential even more, but he had no choice. If he hadn’t gone there alone, the Prof & beasts might be dead.

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