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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The big fox in the sunrise had soft and smooth fur. Ivankov looked a little stunned. He really liked small furry beasts, but for the first time, he saw such a big beast and his attention fell on the big fox again and again. He reminded Ivankov of what he had learned about the beasts in ancient Assyrian history.

History records said that the Assyrian ancestors did not live in this galaxy, but came from a blue planet. It was rumored that on that planet, the ancestors of Assyrians experienced disasters enough to destroy the whole world. They eventually fled to Assyria with the contract beasts and gradually began to develop new civilizations, nurturing powerful abilities.

The details were from so long ago that it was very difficult to read about it. Even the professor who taught them regrets that.

Since there were so few historical documents, the records of the contract beasts were even less than in the course he was taught and almost all of them had been passed on with a few words.

So most Assyrians couldn’t understand their ancestors’ feelings about the beasts and why they took the beasts when they fled their mother planet.

Especially through documentary records, it showed that the ancestors of Assyria were fascinated by the beasts of God, which was what they were called by their ancestors at that time. They thought that they were “gods sent to the world” and that “they had supreme charm and desirable power” and were “the most important thing in the whole universe”. There were only a few in existence.

This kind of infatuation was considered by later scientists as the result of the fact that the Qi beasts themselves had pheromones that could arouse people’s desire in its heyday and even the ability to create illusions for people. Especially the contract that was originally created by the Qi beast clan, which firmly bound the human clan and the Qi beast clan together, which was further confirmed by science. 

Then, after thousands of years of changes in Assyria, the generation of beasts and gods became weaker and weaker than the previous generation. From the existence that Assyrian ancestors admired to the several historical changes and wars in Assyria, they evolved into a kind of beast that Assyria now disdained.

Ivankov was also unable to understand his ancestors’ fascination with Qi beasts, who looked small and had a straight personality. However, at this moment, when his eyes were firmly on Wen Jin and attracted by the other side, he felt reluctant. He finally realized his ancestor’s yearning and respect for the ancient beasts compared to the current beasts.

And in that instant, Ivankov thought of a passage that had been recorded in history before.

It was rumored that there were intermarriages. There would always only be one partner in the eyes of the godly beasts and the people. The contract firmly bound them together, which was the most sincere promise between the people and the beasts.

Although the Assyrians gradually regarded such a period of human and beast history as humiliation during the changes of the times, they even thought that the ancestors were coerced by the contract beasts because of the contract and began to change the contract independently. Then they simply did not form the contract.

Everyone thought it was unnecessary to make a contract with a beast and they couldn’t understand why their ancestors did such things. However, when Ivankov saw the beast, he suddenly felt that he would have no hesitation to combine with such a species. Even if he looked at it like this, he was already in the mood. If the other party really turns into an adult person… his heartbeat trembled in his chest. 

At this moment, Ivankov’s heart suddenly sprouted a small premonition.

When he was on the mech, Wake said that the ability of this cheetah like fox was level A-5, but… from what just happened, Ivankov deeply believed that its ability might be unpredictable and powerful. Just as the godly beasts shocked his ancestors, the fox would subvert Assyria again.

When Ivankov looked at the big fox in the air and was puzzled by his soft fur, he swallowed his saliva. The fox was staring in his direction and dove at a huge mech. The moment he saw the mech, Ivankov felt cold water had been poured over him.

It was a large battle mech of the Stabilization Forces. It should be driven by a Lieutenant General or above. According to previous report, the one controlling it should be the Marshal.

Immediately, Ivankov saluted in the direction of the large mech. He was once a major under General Shen En. He participated in the Zerg War and retired to the second line because of his injuries. His military career was very short. He only saw the marshal who had become a God in a mech for the empire from a long distance.

Ivankov did not think that his first face-to-face contact with this man would be in such a situation, nor did he think that the other party saw him for the first time… It seemed as if he had been glared at.

Ivankov, who had wanted to report on the spot, was frozen with this cold look.

“Marshal…” Behind Dewitt was the lieutenant general who had fought two wars since he saw Wen Jin from a long distance. When he saw that the mech had just landed, the marshal walked out without hesitation. Then he looked at the large beasts close by and the mess on the ground. He felt very nervous when the Marshal landed.

Dewitt ignored him, approached Ivankov, looked down at the fallen Major General, moved his opponent’s hard boots and saw the strange-shaped gun that the Major General was holding in his hand. It was not an Assyrian gun. Dewitt’s face was a little ugly, “Take it away.”

Mark, who was also aware of something, sank. “Yes!”

Dewitt looked at the messy mountain area and ordered in a cold voice,”Take them all to the army, let them watch and when they wake up, let Cassey know.” 

Mark answered and took the men to awaken the fainted soldiers on the ground without hesitation.

“Marshal, what about the beast?” The Lieutenant General was a little scared. “There are a lot of beasts here. They will attack in groups in a short time-“

“No.” Before the lieutenant general finished his words, an old voice came out and interrupted the lieutenant general’s words.

The Lieutenant General immediately opened his eyes and took two steps forward. “Professor Lin, are you all right?”

As he spoke, Lieutenant General looked anxiously at the bloodstains on his white coat. However, after approaching, Professor Lin was found to have no wounds on his body and the Lieutenant General’s eyes were instantly suspicious.

“It’s their blood.” Professor Lin said coldly, “But if you continue to bomb like that, I’m afraid it will really become my blood.”

Professor Lin was a kind man and a good teacher all his life. Even a man like Cook, he was, at best, unreasonable. It was the first time that he had ever heard such sarcasm from the older man.

Lieutenant General looked embarrassed. “Professor, this was not my order…”

Just after that, Lieutenant General reacted violently. Yeah, before Marshal came, he was the commander-in-chief. He didn’t order people to bomb. Why did these people begin to bomb? And looking at the scene, there were still a lot of weapons?

Looking at the soldiers who were carried away by Dewitt and the strange-shaped guns, Lieutenant General’s face could not help but sink down. It felt as if the whole night had finally been strung together at this moment.

“Professor Lin, are there any beasts after you?” As if he had caught something, he asked, bowing his head.

“No,” Professor Lin glared at him. “If they were, I could stand here unhurt?”

Lieutenant General looked at Professor Lin and Chen Xiong behind him. He stopped talking and did not let anyone take Chen Xiong. It seemed that he was trying to think about something.

Dewitt and Old Lin looked at each other, determined that the other was not hurt and after a few words of command to Mark, they went straight to the big fox, who had been standing in the middle from the very beginning. The fox had been looking at him from the very beginning, with bright eyes, as if expecting something, but when he cast his eyes over, he immediately looked away.

Suddenly, he saw through the other side’s thoughts and drew his lips up. Then, under the unbelievable eyes of Lieutenant General, Ivankov and the others, he pulled out a can of small dried meat from his pocket. After thinking about it, he took out the shortest one and raised his hand.

When they saw Dewitt’s action, all of them were covered in question marks. The Marshal raised a three-centimeter-long piece of meat jerky. What did he want to do? Did he think that such a big beast could be coaxed in such a way? Was he trying to make it stay?

Nevertheless, the beast, who had been looking away from the very beginning, was really bewitched by this. Under the startled expression of all the people, it proved that Dewitt’s method was really cajoling.

The big fox looked at this side out of the corner of his eye and showed a trace of disdain. After looking at Dewitt’s eyes, he seemed to be caught by something. He hesitated for a long time. During that time, he also made various humming sounds. At last, he lowered his head and bit the small jerky in Dewitt’s hand.

The moment he lowered his head toward Dewitt and took the piece of dried meat from his hand without any trace of anger.

For example, Mark could see Marshal’s wolfish ambition at a glance, but for Wen Jin, who was in his original shape, he could hardly perceive the height. Then Wen Jin lowered his head, because he was afraid of biting Dewitt’s finger and chose to sweep away the small piece of dried meat directly with his soft tongue. The thin tip of his tongue accidentally touched Dewitt’s finger.

A soft feeling came to the fingers and Dewitt looked at the furry face and long eyelashes close by. The desire he wanted to hold back could not be held back any longer. He bowed his head in front of those eyes and kissed the tip of his beast’s nose.

“… Chee.” Wen Jin felt his big nose being kissed and blinked. He noticed that there was still a group of people around him and his face was a little hot. His tail turned several circles behind him as he stared at Dewitt with some blame. Then he stretched out one claw and pushed him away by pressing on Dewitt’s chest.

“Chee.” How could this person do that? Kinship didn’t look good on this occasion. Wen Jin felt a little shameless about his little tail.

And the interaction between these two people was seen by everyone around them.

It was absolutely a very strange and harmonious scene. The people on the scene could not help stopping their movements. They looked at the giant beast, who had just knocked down their mechs like a raging god, with a stunned face. Now it was acting like a big cat for the Marshal and the legend said that they were devils on the battlefield. The marshal, who blocked the God of murder, had a gentle face and pulled out the second piece of jerky from his arms.

This was what Dewitt was facing. No matter if it was a man, woman, or child, they would not doubt whether Marshal was in love or not.

The lieutenant general, who had been following Marshal, felt that it was even more incredible. He said to himself that it was a huge beast, a giant beast of more than thirty meters. A giant beast that could end his life with a single slap. How could he be so obedient and calm? Lieutenant General was thinking this incredibly. Suddenly he remembered what Dewitt had said about the whereabouts of his little white fox.

Looking up again at the big fox eating dried meat, Lieutenant General’s eyes flashed a trace of disbelief. The evening really wanted to give him so many surprises of “joy”.

In the next second, as if to confirm his conjecture, the big fox suddenly shrank.

“Chee!” Attracted by the second piece of meat in Dewitt’s hand, he forgot that the Hengshi was about to stop releasing reiki and was only focused on his big tail. Suddenly the dried meat was no longer needed. He ran to the hillside and jumped with his leaky body and felt that such a shameful thing as getting smaller must not be seen by others.

However, Wen Jin did overestimate such a new stone and its endurance under the harassment of the green contract. He had just run out a step and his body, like a balloon with a hole, suddenly changed from a size of more than thirty meters to the size of palm.

“Chee!” In the air, Wen Jin fiercely scratched out with four small claws, while scratching and jabbing at the stone contract. However, the poked Hengshi completely ignored him and he felt wronged by the storm. He hadn’t used his original body for so many years. The rapid deflating was something that he almost couldn’t stand. His hengshi was not good to use if he squeezed it dry! 

Just as Wen Jin fell from the sky in despair with his barren face, one arm grabbed his forepaw and grabbed him by his belly.

“Chee!” Wen Jin, who felt that he had been saved, opened his eyes instantly. He thought he was hanging on some tree trunk and he twisted his butt, trying very hard climb up that trunk. Then, just as he pulled his feet together and sat his butt on the trunk, he lifted his eyes and saw Dewitt’s face.

“…” Wen Jin twisted his head, silently measured the distance to the ground, opened his front paws and wanted to jump down.

His heart said that this day could not be passed easily without drowning in shame. He would be bumped into it by this big fool ah!

Professor Lin tried to keep the beasts from harming them and urged the army to stop tracking the beasts. Chen Xiong followed Professor Lin and expressed his willingness to return to the scientific research institute with Professor Lin. When he said this, Professor Lin and the Lieutenant General’s eyes were shocked. Everyone knew what would happen to a beast who could become a human being at the scientific research institute, especially the Lieutenant General. He thought Chen Xiong wouldn’t give up for a long time in this respect.

After confirming that Chen Xiong was not joking and that the other side only asked for a conversation with the military, Lieutenant General’s eyes sank in an instant, as if they had been focused on something. On the return trip, Chen Xiong was not chained by the troops, but was asked to sit in the back seat with Professor Lin.

Before leaving, the lieutenant general took a look at the heads of several beasts exposed at the mouth of the cave. After a long time, he turned around and left.

“That’s silly.” When he heard that Chen Xiong was really going to go back to the scientific research institute, Wen Jin could not help but sigh. Since ancient times, the strong were respected and Qi beasts with such existence as Chen Xiong and Tiger King, which could lead a whole Qi beast herd and directly cause an uneasy situation in Assyria were rare. How easy was it to fight for their rights and interests, especially since Assyria was subjected to other enemies. It was clearly the best opportunity for people to be restless. Chen Xiong just wanted to talk to the upper class of Assyria.

Wen Jin felt silly, too. He felt that all he had just done was in vain.

With a paw pressed on Dewitt, Wen Jin was reluctant. “Will you go when they talk later?”

Dewitt shook his head. “I want to avoid suspicion.”

“What do you mean?”

“That is to say, you have just scared them too much. If I speak again, it will not be conducive to Dr. Chen’s negotiation.”

‘Too much’ seemed to hit Wen Jin. He wagged his tail, buried his face in Dewitt’s clothes and put his chin on his bare shoulder. Feeling the long-lost body temperature, Wen Jin squinted his eyes and murmured, “You human beings are really troubling.”

“Yeah, what’s more troublesome is that they’ll definitely come back for you later.” Dewitt looked unexpectedly at the Lieutenant General coming in his direction.

“Why would they be looking for me?” As soon as Dewitt said this, Wen Jin thought of Sendo and Cook and felt a little annoyed.

Dewitt touched Wen Jin’s head. Although the sun had come out, the temperature was still not getting hotter. He opened his collar so that Wen Jin could stick to his body. Then he kissed him again. “Let me deal with it. We haven’t slept all night, right?”

As if they could have slept. Wen Jin unhappily extended his paws to push Dewitt away, saying that sleep was good for longevity and that if the little tail really wanted to live longer, he had to start sleeping every day. “Don’t always kiss me outside in the future.” When Wen Jin said this, he did not know whether it was because of embarrassment and his voice was very low.

“Hmm?” Dewitt touched his fur and said, “Is it okay at home?”

“Not at all!” Wen Jin, as if he had been punctured, said with a small, serious face, “And why do you always kiss me?”

Was it the same as the people who originally built sects on the hillside near his cave in Honghuang who wanted to absorb the essence of heaven and earth from him and then be able to practice faster?

So, Wen Jin really asked.

The Iron-blooded Marshal Dewitt, the legendary national hero, was really questioned by his contract beast.

Dewitt endured it and looked at Wen Jin as if he really didn’t realize the ambiguity in this sentence and then he patted the small belly, pretending he didn’t know anything, before saying lightly, “Well, I want more.”

These five words felt like six hundred thousand stones as they crashed into Wen Jin’s heart. He didn’t bother with the humans much before, at most he thought they were noisy, but he didn’t realize that the little tail was holding the same thoughts for him as those humans.

The wagging tail hung down in an instant and Wen Jin did not speak to Dewitt. He did not know why, but suddenly he was a little disappointed with the positioning, as if he wanted it to be higher and more emotional reason.

The claws pressed on Dewitt repeatedly, Wen Jin’s eyebrows wrinkled and his small eyebrows drooped.

“Marshal.” At this time, Lieutenant General also came up to Dewitt. “It’s rude, but please come with us.”

As he spoke, his eyes fell on Wen Jin, who was cuddled close to Dewitt.

Looking at Professor Chen Xiong and Professor Lin from afar, Dewey said, “Okay.”

Lieutenant General was still very respectful towards Dewitt. Selfishly, he said, “We just checked and nine mechs were all smashed, but no one was seriously injured… Marshal, if you don’t think the mechs are good for stabilizing the troops-“

“Follow the rules.” Dewitt said, without thinking.

The lieutenant general seemed to have been frozen. His lips pressed tightly together and his waist straightened, his voice loud, “Yes!”

Following the Lieutenant General’s path with the little fox in his arms, Dewitt suddenly felt the warmth move in his arms. Then, a little furry head came up to him and the little black eyes of autumn, shining with dazzling light under the sunrise, seemed to have made a decision. Wen Jin said with great gravity, “Okay, I’ll let you kiss once a day in the future.”

Wen JIn thought that if he let Dewiit suck away some of his reiki every day in the future then it would let his little tail live a little longer. After all, the small tail promised that he would not find a wife.

This time, however, Dewitt did not bow his head. Instead, he touched Wen Jin’s face with one hand, caressed the back of it so hard that Wen Jin could not stand to pull him away, but scratched Dewitt’s clavicle somewhat unhappily because he could not see his expression.


Wen Jin looked at Dewitt with some complexity and thought about what the man was thinking, not even saying it was a promise.


The author has something to say:

Dewitt: My expression scared my little fox. 🙂

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November 1, 2019 4:47 pm

Dewitt did it on purpose. He gave the smallest jerky so that when Wen Jin eats it there will be a chance that his tongue might brush Dewitt’s hand, which it did.
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Vu n
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Is there more cans of dried jerky in the ship,to let Wen Jin eat it in front of Dewitt?

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THANK YOU! That is what I wanted to see and even more! Although little fox misunderstood Dewitt’s intentions of wanting more, he agreed to one kiss per day. I want to see the moment he realises that it wasn’t his reiki that Dewitt wanted more of but him.

Thank you for the chapter!

March 14, 2023 6:24 pm

“But can you turn into a human? As much as I love your fox form, kissing is better done as a human.” Dewitt, probably.

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