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Smash a candy.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Facts have proved that the noise in the mountains of the capital in the early morning was neither big nor small. It was not small because, in the middle of the night, various posts sprung up on the Inter-Star Network, but not big because they hadn’t caused a wave like the level Wen Jin had seen twice before.

But Wen Jin’s way of commenting on the size of the storm was a bit excessive. After all, if everything was benchmarked by Dewitt’s revival of the storm in Assyria, then the job of the whole Assyrian marketing team may be a little lost.

At this moment, there were a row of cows, ghosts, snakes and gods sitting on the big round table in the army. It was the military generals and the upper echelons of the Senate that Wen Jin felt uncomfortable when he looked at them. There was also Chen Xiong.

Dewitt was placed on both sides and in his capacity, the meaning of that position was very clear – audible and unspeakable.

Many people had a scale in their hearts. After all, if it weren’t for the invitation of the Prime Minister, Dewitt should not have appeared in this room, as well as the contract beast in his arms.

Sitting here, these senators were not ordinary snakes. As the superiors, they had already inquired about the news in all aspects after such a big event happened. During the whole dialogue with Chen Xiong, except for the Prime Minister, everyone’s eyes drifted to Wen Jin from time to time, as if they wished to make this agreement. The beast saw through a hole and knew why he had such great magnetism.

And these actions lasted the whole conversation.

To be honest, he couldn’t simply blame these old snakes for having too many ghostly fetuses in their hearts. Wen Jin himself was too ostentatious around them and people couldn’t help looking at him, which was also one of the reasons.

Was this innate self confidence?

Wen Jin, who came to learn languages and terminals in the other world, did not give up his gossip career decisively. The so-called ‘less meat in the legs of mosquitoes’ was also meat. With this idea, even though the things that happened last night, in Wen Jin’s eyes, were not big enough, he still fulfilled the duty of the leader of the gossip team and swept through the interstellar network. He went through all kinds of posts and sent out different responses to the creator of the posts if he could not understand.

First of all, because the Maintenance Forces and the Army chose to keep the reason for the noises secret, none of the photos from that day were released. Even if a photo did show up online, they were blurred as if they were taken from thousands of miles away. This led to the wind rising on the forum, which basically made them guess blindly. These guesses were reasonable, strong and justified.

As the culprit, when Wen Jin read these posts, a small hairy face almost lost all expressions.

For example, in a post discussing a long-range photograph, the huge beast, roughly estimated to be at least twenty meters tall, looked exactly like him. Wen Jin immediately waved his paws and hit the screen. He was so handsome.

When someone replied that they thought he was “beautiful”, “good-looking” and “spectacular”, he laughed. Hehehe.

Another post, started directly discussing whether such a giant monster would be an experimental product of the Academy of Science. It also listed a number of documents submitted by the House of Representatives over the past few years to domesticate contract beasts and so on and questioned whether the scientific research institute had developed any uncontrollable creatures.

Wen Jin scoffed at the argument that he had been studied by the scientific research institute and then answered a series of repeated refutations with wrong words under this post.

Several sneers were also emitted after the keys were hit decisively.

So, while negotiating with the black bear, those on the round table could hear, from time to time, the fox, not far away, making “he he he” and “hah” sounds, which made it difficult for them to pay attention.

“That’s right.” Another suspicious person from the table finished their explanation. Wen Jin started getting bored, so he fiddled with his paws on his tablet and turned to Dewitt.

Dewitt eyes made contact with Wen Jin. Wen Jin was slightly stunned and then saw the man slightly open his thin lips as he made an oval shape, ‘What’s wrong?”

Although there were words he still didn’t know by heart, Wen Jin had a good understanding of this mouth. Wagging his tail, he turned the screen away a little, twisting it at an angle that Dewitt could never see and then he said, “When are you going to end this?”

Wen Jin’s voice was quiet, but the other people were becoming used to it. Anyway, the ancestor quarreled to himself. Even Dewitt dared not tell the little fox to be quiet. Listening to the group’s unhappy conversation, he may be able to make an ice lance that would be able to pierce through the room.

Dewitt reached out and pulled out a small computerized tablet and typed on it.

[I don’t know.]

Wen Jin suddenly frowned. “Why is it taking so long?”

DeWitt’s understanding of Wen Jin was spot on and he immediately wrote, [Hungry?]

Wen Jin thought very carefully, “Not yet.”

Dewitt pinched Wen Jin’s paw and listened for a second.

At that moment, DeWitt found that Wen Jin being quiet was completely unlike how he was just waving his dragon like claws to press the tablet screen. Strangely enough, he heard Wen Jin ask, “Will Chen Xiong be locked up? Like the beasts we saw in the Scientific Research Institute before.”

Dewitt paused, looked down at Wen Jin and shook his head after a long time.

Wen Jin felt that his shaking of his head was somewhat unconvincing. “They’ve been looking at me. Do they want to lock me up, too?”


Wen Jin sneered, “How can I possibly be, but now my…” His demon dan had been restored!

Thinking about it, Wen Jin didn’t finish this sentence. Suddenly, he remembered that when he was in the cave, Chen Xiong said something about Honghuang. He wagged his tail and looked at Chen Xiong in the distance. He felt that he had to find a chance to ask him.

“What are you looking at?” Looking at Chen Xiong for a while, Wen Jin turned his head and saw Dewitt pull out a bunch of information on his screen. The latter did not hide it from him. Wen Jin stood up a little and looked through it.

<<Information provided by Chen Xiong>>

Wen Jin was stunned. He didn’t understand. He thought Chen Xiong was facing a bunch of incompetent people. It was not long before Dewiit had joined the conversation. Why did he have more written materials?

The question just flashed through his mind and Wen Jin was attracted by a part of the material in Dewitt’s hands.

<<… It is a panacea and it can be transformed into a pill once it has been fused with reiki.>>

Looking at this line, Wen Jin’s eyes widened slightly.

Although it had been completely translated into Assyrian, Wen Jin could still feel the difference between the simplified text and the narrative method of Assyria. Wasn’t it more like the writing method of Honghuang?

Wen Jin swept through the text roughly and noticed the word <<demon Dan>>. He determined his answer without asking.

<<It is an ancient cultivating method for the Qi beast family. The purpose is to let Qi beasts condense an energy core, but there are not many Qi beasts that can do this.>>

Once Dewiit read this, he thought of Wen Jins human figure that was hiding behind this <<demon dan>> and his eyes began to darken. 

However, Wen Jin, who was already in deep meditation, did not see anything at all.


Chen Xiong’s negotiation was obviously not smooth. Qi beast’s status in Assyria had lasted for nearly a hundred years. It was almost impossible to change it overnight. However, the news he brought had attracted the attention of the upper classes of Assyria.

“What do you think?” After the conversation, Prime Minister Melson pinched his eyebrows and put the entire report record in front of Dewitt, who was leaving the conference room. “The Qi beast may have an energy core and according to him, a Qi beast with a core can…”

“According to the bystander regulations, I am not qualified to express my opinions.” Dewitt looked at him, then at the door of the conference room, frowned and stopped.

The Prime Minister pinched his eyebrows and waited for a moment to see that Dewitt really had no intention of speaking and then waved his hand.

“Now the whole Stability Army is in a state of tranquillity and the counts come to me one by one to find out about the contract beast.” Melson looked helpless and said, “Out of respect and the trust I have had for you for many years, I can ask no more questions, but shouldn’t you give me some words for me to work with?”

Dewitt looked directly at him without answering the question, “Why are the reports from the underground arena shelved over and over again?”

Melson’s expression changed.

“Or I’ll ask another question,” Dewitt raised a picture from the terminal expressionlessly. It was the Zerg who had sneaked into the Legion in the alley the night before. It was a Zerg who looked like a man in the picture. “When did it start? I don’t believe it’s the first one and I don’t believe you’re totally unaware of it.”

Melson’s expression was really overwhelming. He looked at the picture and his face alternated several shades.

“In the alliance with Uttar, Cook may be the most desirable one, but he can never achieve it on his own. Your role in the House of Representatives has never been dismantled or interfered with, but Melson, you’ve gone too far. I won’t be your chess piece on any occasion,” said Dewitt, standing up and glancing coldly at him. “Next time I ask you, think about your answer first.”

After Dewitt finished, he went straight out, his face still cold.

Wen Jin was no longer with him at this time, because just when Melson called out to him, Wen Jin found a gap and jumped down. The little fellow’s temper was still the same. If Cassey hadn’t reacted quickly enough to follow him, he suspected Dewitt  would have ignored Melson to rush to get the fox back. Then slap his little butt hard.

Between Wen Jin’s difficulty in communicating and his excessive freedom, Dewitt had an idea in his mind for a long time.

He crossed through the door with his long legs. The door closed again. Melson was left alone in the room. Dewitt walked along the path to where Cassey told him.


Wen Jin went after Chen Xiong, because he found that Dewitt did not have a deep understanding of Chen Xiong’s information, so it is obvious that only Chen Xiong knew about Honghuang.

Wen Jin felt that this message was very important to him, so he went looking to find Chen Xiong.

First of all, he found a hengshi related to the Honghuang Continent and then he heard the words of Honghuang Continent from a metamorphic demon, which made Wen Jin have a feeling that he might be able to return there one day.

However, although it was not difficult to catch up with Chen Xiong, he had spent too much time ditching the many people who had been following him. Wen Jin wanted to have a space to speak alone, which seemed a little impossible.

Looking at the group of ill-looking soldiers near Chen Xiong, who still looked a little bloodshot, Wen Jin licked his lips and realized that it might not be a good time to think of speaking now. So he took a step backward, used some of the new reiki from the hengshi, formed magic in the air and drilled it into Chen Xiong’s hands at a speed invisible to the naked eye.

This spell could help Wen Jin find his position.

The latter paused, did not refuse and walked away with the soldiers.

Wen Jin stood in the same place and watched Chen Xiong walk all the way to the end of the corridor. Suddenly, he felt a little uneasy and depressed.

When the elevator opened, he should be sent to the scientific research institute. Nobody dared to move him, but how would they move Chen Xiong? Although Professor Lin carefully protected Chen Xiong, he did not seem to be a person who had many city hall officials under his belt and could count on many things.

When Wen Jin thought about it, he saw that in the open elevator, three people in white coats walked out. They looked like people from the scientific research institute. Wen Jin watched them pause and the three men watched him.

“This is the beast?” One of them whispered, “It’s the Marshal’s but can it smash a small team of mechs? Look at how small it is, the Zheng troops would not file false reports, right?”

“Who knows.” Another man answered, “It doesn’t look good. Actually, if it hadn’t been for the Marshal’s protection, it would have been ripped open. Now it’s because of a contract beast and I don’t know what the Marshal is doing to protect it while fighting the House… It’s not worth it for him.”

“You can’t say that. Isn’t there a contract beast that can turn into a human being? The contract beast is so useful. If this one can turn into a human being, maybe it could also be used for recreation in bed. Legend has it that a contract beast does goes into heat after it turns into a human bei-” Before the third researcher had finished, he suddenly felt a sharp blow on his face.

He only heard a loud bang before half of his face ached felt as if his skin was going to crack. It was quite fiercely, but when he turned his head, there was only a few of his colleagues beside him.

“You, you hit me?” The researcher looked at the others incredibly.

“I didn’t?” The others face was also slack but he just saw the whole process of each other’s beating. But it was like the air beating, if not that his face had suddenly swollen, he would have doubted whether the other party was acting or not.

Without waiting for the second question, the faces of the other two researchers were slapped.

“What’s the matter?” The soldiers felt that there was something wrong. They came forward and pulled the three men apart. But even so, it continued to look as though the three men were slapping each other.

The three researchers, whose were slapped three times each and their faces were swollen, looked at each other. Their eyes were full of ‘I’m not dreaming.’ After that, they raised their faces incredibly and looked at the white dumpling standing in the corner with eyes full of hatred.

Wen Jin hissed, made a face at them, stuck out his little red tongue, turned around and walked away with pride.

No reiki, no play. Next time you see me, call again and they will not dare to talk nonsense.

What kind of bed recreation? It was a mess. Wen Jin thought, pressing every claw on the ground with great force. It’s nonsense! How could he do that with his little tail? Even if the fox people really liked to do that as a race, then Wen Jin was absolutely an exception. He felt that kind of thing was painful and unless he found a little wife, he would also absolutely not do this kind of thing.

Because he used to live in the red light district for some time in order to steal food, the sound of “ah, ah” sounded terrible. At that time, Wen Jin thought that these people must earn enough to support themselves before they could think of wasting time in such a painful way.

Had his little tail done this? What kind of nightlife did his little tail lead?

No, Wen Jin’s intuition said that Dewitt probably had not experienced these situations. There was a chance that he must tell his small tail what he heard so that he would be more careful in the future.

So, like an old mother, Wen Jin, who was worried about the marshal’s sex life, had just rounded the corner and was embraced by Dewitt.

“Chee!” Wen Jin exclaimed unhappily. He pressed his paw on Dewitt’s mouth, looked at the corridor he had just slapped the researchers in and then at Dewitt. He wondered if the silly man had heard the white coat’s nonsense.

“Let’s go home.” Dewitt, however, was open-minded. He lowered his head and kissed Wen Jin on his head. “Today’s share.”

“Chee?” Wen Jin paused, tilted his head and hesitated for a moment. He said doubtfully, “Didn’t you kiss me already today?”

“No.” Dewitt was lying with his eyes wide open. “That was yesterday.”


After a morning at the army, Dewitt returned home with Wen Jin.

However, after a long absence from the house, Wen Jin always felt a sense of satisfaction after a long absence. This feeling really made Wen Jin feel strange for a while, even with his good mood. Looking for a sunny place to nest, he saw Dewitt making lunch for him. Wen Jin’s eyes suddenly shone brightly. Looking back, he couldn’t help looking longer.

This fellow was much taller than Wen Jin when he had his human figure and he could freely choose his appearance. But the so-called free choice was actually limited to what he could think of. Wen Jin felt that he would make a big fool of himself even if he had a human figure again. Moreover, he was very satisfied with his appearance. Dewitt… he was still not used to seeing a body like his and wanted to try it for himself. 

As he thought about it, he continued to look down and his gaze fell on the chest outlined by the thin undershirt Dewitt wore after taking off his coat. When Wen Jin put his paw on the windowsill, he could not help pressing it quietly.

Ahh…he wanted to touch it.

He could touch it at night, Wen Jin thought. He would wait until the silly man fell asleep and then he could stealthily grope what he wanted.

After he had sketched the path in his mind, Wen Jin closed his eyes and began to think about the hengshi in his hand.

After recognizing it as a hengshi, Wen Jin had been thinking about how to use it to make other hengshi. If he followed his perception to look through the information contained in the hengshi, then he could gain what he wanted. 

While thinking about it, Wen Jin groped the hengshi. He shoved his perception into the hengshi and absorbed from a one-time use lingshi as he searched every corner of the hengshi for any clues.

An hour later, however, Wen Jin frowned and opened his eyes, staring at the Hengshi for a while and licked his lips. No, he confirmed it several times, but failed to find anything.

How could this happen?  

Just as Wen Jin was distracted, Dewitt’s communication rang.

Dewitt glanced at Wen Jin, answered the call, waved at him and looked at the meal that had just been processed by the kitchen Housekeeper on the table, “Get the results?”

Wen Jin chose to eat. He didn’t like the food cooked by the housekeeper, so every dinner, Dewitt handled cooking dinner more or less by himself. Dewitt’s eyes softened as he watched the fox rush to the table.

“No, but the results of their gun tests are consistent with Uttar data.” Cassey responded, “But…”

“What?” He picked out a piece of dried meat and fed it to Wen Jin. He felt the fox tongue touching his finger and had no intention of hiding. He bent down and kissed Wen Jin’s head.

Wen Jin was stunned and then he responded, “Chee!” It was the second time in a day. It was too much again.

“But the Zheng Army sent people over to say they wanted to monitor the transfer.”

Dewitt was silent for two seconds as he teased the fox with his hand. “It’s a good idea,” he said in a chilly voice.


“Don’t let go.” Dewitt looked very cold. “Tomorrow afternoon I’ll go to the Army Department. Until then, there’s no shortage of people.”

“Yes!” Cassey immediately said, thinking, stunned, “Tomorrow? Aren’t you coming today?”

“No.” Dewitt said, looking at a pile of fire energy stones in the corner of his room and then at the white dumpling that had frozen after he had finished talking because he had kissed him a little more. Now he was staring at him with a glaring eyes. 

Touching Wen Jin’s nose, Dewitt lifted the corners of his lips.


When Dewitt hung up, things were exactly the same as he thought. Wen Jin seriously reprimanded Dewitt for a long time, saying that he wasn’t an honest man with a super-fierce expression.

And in order to express how angry he was, Wen Jin ate several more dishes at noon. Until the evening, Dewitt repeatedly assured him that it was unintentional. He bribed a lot of dried meat when Wen Jin was angry and then let Dewitt kiss him more on the stomach.

After the kiss, Dewitt stared at him for a long time, his eyes seemed to be surging and suppressing something. When Wen Jin looked up, he felt a little puzzled.

The heart said to give some candy. He was so fierce to Dewitt for so long, let him kiss him as if he was a candy, but then his small tail was suddenly much more fierce? Did he not want to eat sugar? Wen Jin really thought so at the beginning.

Later, after Dewitt went to the bathroom with a stiff face, Wen Jin was alone in the quilt, but the more he thought about it, the more wrong he felt as if he had miscalculated something.

Just as he had been thinking hard for a long time and finally wanted to figure it out, the door of the bathroom was opened.

Looking at the figure coming out of it, Wen Jin stopped his meditation for fifty minutes. The fox on the bed was stunned at first and then his whole body started to rush up crazily. He suddenly retreated several steps and blushed his little hairy face and shouted, “Chee, Chee -!”


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Vu n
November 2, 2019 1:39 pm

Dewitt going sleep in the bed naked next chapter?

November 3, 2019 12:10 am

With this reaction Dewitt came out naked or wrapped just in a short bath towel. The situation is getting tense. We have the war with the Zerg, proposed alliance between the Assyrian Empire and the Uttar, which is not friendly either, and the alleged alliance between the Zerg and the Uttar against the Empire which probably resulted in the infiltration of the bugs that were recently captured, oh and Chen Xiong started to act for the benefit of beasts. Storm is coming and it will bring changes. I don’t belive the Prime Minister didn’t know about what is going on.… Read more »

November 3, 2019 6:03 pm

Too much stimulation for the ancient little beast?LOL

October 6, 2022 7:15 am

WJ is an archetypal demon god, who have so much power, immortality (or immense longevity) and have so little to fear in comparison to mere mortals. It makes them arrogant, naive in some respects, quite selfish and lacking in understanding of other cultures. Also extremely funny.
WJ’s way of dealing with those awful researchers was fabulous 😁
So the Prime Minister is involved; that’s not good.
Has DeWitt come out naked for his secretly perverted fox?
Thanks for translating.

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