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Chapter 62: Playing with Marshal Firefox

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wen Jin lay on the chair, his paws on his chest fur and his face was grave. He was wondering if he had committed a crime of being too handsome. He had let Dewitt have such a perverted idea of him.

He…he was a fox. Did Dewitt know what he said?

“What kind of intimacy… Do you want to be with a fox? Don’t you think you’re weird?” Professor Lin hadn’t heard their words as they had whispered in words that only Dewitt could understand. Wen Jin looked at the things he took out from his space in the distance, with his claws buried under his chest fur. When Wen Jin asked this, he was a little nervous because he had a kind of honest little tail lately. The old little tail had gone away and the newer one was diligently digging holes for him every day.

And he didn’t know if he stepped in the pit too much. Wen Jin still had his reiki perception. For example, when he uttered that sentence, he shuddered unconsciously in his heart for a moment. He was always a little underprivileged and was afraid that he had over-thought Dewitt’s words. In case the meaning was different from what he thought, he wanted to make sure.

Sure enough, as soon as his voice fell, Dewitt reached for the collar of his jacket and looked down at him. “When did I think about it?”

Wen Jin’s heart was beaten, his face burned and his paws grabbed him severely. Although he had a foreboding, he was still unwilling and shouted, “What you said just now is not what you said earlier!”

Wen Jin’s click was a bit sharp. Even Professor Lin, who was looking at the herbs at a distance, turned his head and looked in their direction. After that, he saw nothing abnormal and went into the laboratory.

As Old Lin left the space, Dewitt lowered his head and looked at Wen Jin with an interesting look. “Who said that? I’ve always meant what I said.”

He said this intentionally putting a little effort into the last four words, which at first sounded as if Wen Jin was the one who wanted to take the initiative.

Suddenly, Wen Jin, who felt that he had suffered a great loss, clapped himself hard in his heart and turned around. He decided that he would never speak to Dewitt again. This fellow was a liar who could not speak and liked digging holes for him.

It was no use making fun of others. How could such a thing be made fun of? Wen Jin frowned as he thought. He didn’t like such jokes.

Just as Wen Jin turned his head and grumbled secretly, Dewitt suddenly approached him, forced the fox’s face toward him and pinched his fleshy cheeks. Wen Jin’s breathed out and Dewitt smiled a little. “Again angry?”

“Chee!” What is it? Wen Jin opened his mouth angrily and bit Dewitt’s finger that was on his nose. He bit hard enough that his sharp eye teeth clicked on each other around the finger.

Dewitt let him bite while his other hand pulled Wen Jin’s small paws to his chest and pinched them. The drooping eyelashes were not long, but very dense. His voice was serious. “I’m not talking about any fox. But only you.”

Wen Jin’s paws, held by Dewitt, shook softly. He raised his face and his black eyes were shining. “Do you like foxes then?”

Dewitt touched his head and smiled faintly, but his eyes were deep. “I like you, so I also like foxes.”


When Professor Lin pushed out a huge instrument table from the small room, Wen Jin’s eyes were wandering in search of a hole in the floor, as if the fat fox could jump through the floor and hide at anytime. 

Dewitt’s hand, on the other hand, caressed his white fur. Every time he stroked down, Wen Jin’s whole body would shudder, which seemed to have a special rhythm.

“What’s the matter?” Professor Lin, who had just roughly looked at the three things Wen Jin had handed over, now looked at Wen Jin with more kindness in his eyes, as if he had a fox grandson in the dark. His face and voice were full of love. “He’s uncomfortable?”

Dewitt put the white suffering dumpling, that was struggling with too much information, on his leg and gently patted his hand on Wen Jin’s lower body. “Are you comfortable?”

His words were long and full of a different kind of meaning. Old Professor Lin could not understand it but the warmth in the ambiguous atmosphere rose.

“Chee!” Wen Jin, who had almost been poked in the morning, raised his head and roared at Dewitt. He looked very angry. Two fat paws raised straight and the fox was stiff as he hit Dewitt’s hand hard away from him. Then he hit Dewitt’s leg by mistake thinking it was Dewitt’s arm. He was too close to the offending organ below. 

The noisy fox seemed to be quiet at last, but his heart was still beating wildly.

“Well, he’s very strong.” Professor Lin looked at the scene and said with a smile, “His spirit is good.”

Dewitt refused to say anything. His eyes fell on Professor Lin’s machine, which was connected to a track. He paused. When he was about to ask, he suddenly felt a little white ball trembling in his arms.

Then there was a dull hiccup.

“Huh?” Old Lin was paying attention to the two of them still. He naturally heard the noise and turned his head as he looked curiously at Dewitt. “What was that noise?”

His voice had just fallen when a second hiccup rang through the room. It seemed to be even louder than it had just been.

Dewitt’s expression also flashed with a trace of surprise. He looked down at the little fox that had burrowed into his arms. His hand rested on his back for a moment. Then a clear and irresistible smile rose in his eyes and he lifted him up with the little fox up by his armpits.

“Chee!” Then, in front of Dewitt’s face, the noise was very clear, accompanied by Wen Jin’s small body trembling.

“Baby?” Lifting up Wen Jin being by his arms as he subconsciously huddled together, his face still trying to shrink down, Dewitt was amused and his heart was itchy. “Hiccups?”

He spoke very close to Wen Jin, who instinctively reached out his paws to hit Dewitt’s face. He looked a little choked and wanted to curse people, but when he spoke, he turned into a loud “hiccup!”.

Smelling the fragrance on the tip of his nose from the fox’s paw, Dewitt rubbed the warm pad with his lips and naturally placed a kiss on it. 

“Chee!” Wen Jin looked as if he had been approached by the marshal with a stitch in his pocket.


Wen Jin felt that from his hundreds of years on Honghuang combined, he did not lose as much face as he had lost in front of Dewitt in the recent months. By the time he firmly maintained his lost face, refused Dewitt and Old Lin’s help, calmed himself down and, when he was lucky enough to stop hiccupping, it was ten minutes later.

Dewitt, who had a strong desire to survive, was well aware of the consequences of continuing to tease the fox, so he quickly changed the subject before Wen Jin lost his temper and began a serious conversation with Professor Lin. However, the laughter in those eyes, which had not completely faded, seemed so obvious that the fox could not help kneading his paws.

Sitting on Dewitt’s body, Wen Jin gave a fierce look to the man, gripping his heart and lungs. He felt it was impossible to go on like this. How could Dewitt always tease him? If he didn’t grab the field again, would the little tail always press on him?

Wen Jin’s paws moved and Dewitt felt something. He reached out and touched the fox’s fur with a soft touch.

When Professor Lin, who was still talking, caught this scene, he suddenly stopped, his eyes fell on a man and a beast, stared at him for a while, looked at him questioningly, opened his mouth and laughed. “It feels like you haven’t been so happy and relaxed for many years.”

Dewitt, who had been in the army since childhood, happened to be born in the most chaotic era after centuries of stability in Assyria and spent decades on the front line, fighting against the Uttar to the Zerg.

The so-called heroes made in troubled times were good, but what follows was that they were deprived of some of the most common relaxation and happiness that ordinary people should enjoy.

Dewitt’s eyes froze, while Wen Jin, lying in his arms, felt his paws itch even more.

Why are you so happy to see me being teased?! 

“As you said in your previous letter, how uncomfortable is your energy core?” Professor Lin was concerned so he asked as he opened the machine he had just moved into the room.

Meanwhile, Archie, who had already told Dewitt he was on the way, knocked on the door and entered. They looked at each other in the air. Wen Jin’s ears, which heard Professor Lin’s words, trembled. He recalled the unusual smell he had smelled in the suspension car and looked up at Dewitt.

Was this little tail really uncomfortable? The paw stepped on Dewitt’s abdomen, felt the unusual reiki inside, wagged his tail and stared at Dewitt. He wanted to find an opportunity to teach the little tail a good lesson. Why didn’t he say it to him earlier? Would he still believe it?

This conjecture did not make the fox feel much better. He wagged his tail, remembering how he had been teased all morning and his thirst for revenge grew stronger and stronger.

“It feels stuffy. Like the energy inside can not be stored and wants to spill out.” Dewitt saw Professor Lin gesture at him and looked at the chair by the big instrument. He looked down at Wen Jin, put the little fellow on the soft chair next to him and then got up and walked over.

Wen Jin, who was suddenly put aside, was even more unhappy. He glared at Dewitt as he passed by, squinted his eyes and thought that the big fool was too indifferent to him to be affected by his mood at all. So, as a result of being teased all morning, Wen Jin was upset. What should Dewitt do to continue to be normal?

He didn’t want it.

With a hum, as soon as Dewitt sat in the chair, Wen Jin opened his paws, ran three steps, jumped easily onto Dewitt’s leg and then grabbed Dewitt’s thighs with his forepaws. His claws sank into the fabric and they could not be removed. 

His action left all three people in the room stunned.

“I haven’t seen you for a few days,” Archie paused as he watched Wen Jin’s movements, then smiled. “He’s sticking to you more and more.”

Dewitt did not speak and Wen Jin waved his paws impatiently, thinking that he was a fox with a mission of revenge that he planned for himself, but it was only a temporary grievance.

“Give it a try.” Professor Lin, beside him, passed a hollow cylinder to Archie. “Put it on him.”

“A test?” Dewitt was obviously familiar with the instruments and often saw Professor Lin put it on him. He immediately took off his coat and revealed his strong body.

Wen Jin looked at Dewitt’s straightforward expression and grunted a little unhappily. He thought that this fellow was too dissolute to take off his jacket when he was not at home. Anyway, there  it was only the two of them. Now there were so many people. Dewitt still took off his clothes casually without any bottom line.

When he chittered, Dewitt was ready to put his hand into the instrument in Archie’s hand and Wen Jin’s hum did not know what was understood. Dewitt no longer reached out, but took the instrument in Archie’s hand and put it on.

Archie watched and Wen Jin continued to twist his neck.

“Well, I have an idea, but I’m not sure if it will work yet. It’s better to have more specific values.” Professor Lin’s attention was as an observer. After Dewitt put the instrument on, all the data on the screen appeared. He looked left, right and left for a while and frowned. “That’s really the case…”

“The index has risen sharply.” Archie also looked at the information. “But it’s different from Zerg poisoning.”

“Not the same.” Dewitt shook his head. “The Zergr poisoning was a chaotic explosion, but this time it just wanted to rush out.”

Wen Jin looked at the three people in the room and shook his head. He thought that the little tail was going to advance in levels. This guy was very talented. The Zerg toxin threatened people’s lives when it attacked and could make people frightened. But when they defeated the Zerg poison, a new dan was created in the dantian. The so-called “fight with poison with poison” was bloated by such strong energy day by day. Now that the poison was gone, with the right talent, naturally, the dan would advance.

It’s just…

The way this guy used to use his reiki was problematic, so it was not going to be so smooth to advance. While Wen Jin was thinking this, Professor Lin, on the other end of the machine, also used the data to tell Dewitt his own guess.

“Advance?” Dewitt frowned. “Really?” He had spent a lot of time in gaining his previous four levels and the higher the level, the longer the time spent between levels. That kind of increase was quite harsh and hard. If the mind was a little less firm, it was likely to be frustrating and even if it was a closed circulation, the success rate was not one hundred percent.

Any person in the Empire who entered the fifth level of their ability had to be recorded in the history books and it was only a few. Dewitt did not think he would advance to the fifth level, but… How could it be so easy? He hadn’t thought he would even be alive a few months ago. He had never trained ordinarily and he wanted to advance.

“Try this one.” Professor Lin carefully stared at the instrument for a long time and finally made a decision. He took out a different instrument, which was used to test the power of an ability. It was the latest enhancement and modification of the scientific research institute.

Professor Lin looked at the instrument for a while and said earnestly, “But I may have to call a few more people over, at least a group. This is too important. We need more people to judge. You’ve been disturbed by the zerg poison for so long. Now, not only is the energy storm gone, but there’s also a sign that you need to move up to the fifth level. … It’s too important. Marshal, it’s not enough for me and Archie to accomplish alone.”

Dewitt did not speak and looked down at Wen Jin, but Wen Jin was not looking at him at the moment. A pair of black eyes were whirling around and he wondered what the fox was thinking.

“OKay.” Dewitt closed his eyes and finally nodded.

What the young man in his dream told him about the new rules of circulating energy, he had not told anyone. On the one hand, because he was not sure whether it was effective or if it would have a negative impact after using it. On the other hand, he kept quiet because of Wen Jin.

When Professor Lin went out to look for someone, Dewitt looked at Archie. The latter paused and reacted quickly. He put down the instrument in his hand and waved at them. “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

After that, there was only Dewitt and Wen Jin in the room again.

Wen Jin’s small melon head had been seriously thinking about what kind of methods he would use to recover his face after losing so much of it and just as Archie left the room, Wen Jin fiercely thought about what he would do.

He remembered that this morning, when he felt that piece of soft meat hardening under his paw, that that guy didn’t seem it look very good, as if he was very uncomfortable?

The fox’s eyes gleamed and Wen Jin gave Dewitt a calculated look.

“Do you mind if I tell someone else?” Dewitt looked at Wen Jin and did not see the bad water in his opponent’s eyes. He was still thinking about his own worries in his mind. He reached out and touched Wen Jin’s head.

“Ah, what?” Wen Jin, who was just full of ideas, was asked so suddenly that he somewhat turned over his head in annoyance, thinking that his little tail would not guess what he wanted to do.

“The method.” Dewitt asked earnestly, “You told me in my dream how to circulate energy.”

At this, Wen Jin’s heart was instantly relieved and his eyes turned around, seeing the surrounding environment, the idea of splashing water was foolish.

So the little paw under him stepped on the thigh slightly and Wen Jin said, “I don’t mind, you can say it.”

Although this suspected change in the trajectory of a world could be done, it did not seem very good from the monk’s point of view. But from the day he rescued Dewitt, Wen Jin had anticipated this result. He did not belong to the world. Unless he was erased from the world, the trajectory of the world would change from the moment he appeared.

Moreover, the law of reiki operation would only stop new Assyrians from going astray. As for the old Assyrians who had been misusing their reiki for so many years, the degree was different and the number is huge. Wen Jin can not help it. He was only willing to completely save Dewitt.

Dewitt looked down at Wen Jin and opened his mouth, but for a moment he could not speak. He had always thought that he was lucky to meet Wen Jin, but today, the word ‘lucky’ seemed to be unable to outline the weight of their encounter in his heart. Just when Dewitt was serious and affectionate enough to touch Wen Jin’s head and wanted to say a solemn thank you, he suddenly felt something wrong with his lower body.

The little fox, who had fled to his nest, had moved when Dewitt was not paying attention. His two little claws were treading lightly and heavily somewhere over Dewitt, his heads were low and his eyes were focused on the place under his claws.

An unusual enthusiasm leaped uncontrollably down Dewitt’s lower abdomen and, at that moment, Dewitt’s brain buzzed.

It seemed that there was feeling in that area! Wen Jin accelerated the action under his paw.

Dewitt frowned and made a subconscious grunt. He was in the prime of his life. His reaction speed was fast and Wen Jin watched as a big tent rose under the administration of his little paws. His eyes were rounded in surprise then he turned his head and saw Dewitt’s taut face. Wen Jin felt that Dewitt was not very good-looking and he got excited.

As he watched Dewitt happily, he continued to rub his forepaws together. Everything was so natural and casual. Suddenly, Wen Jin’s ears trembled when he felt the more and more obvious effect of rubbing. It seemed that he heard something outside the door. The big, fluffy tail behind the little fox shook happily.

“Professor Lin, is this the room?-“

This was it! Wen Jin, who felt that his revenge was about to succeed, was comfortable all over. He raised his eyes thievely and looked at Dewitt sarcastically. He thought it was time to abandon this tent.

But then, just as Wen Jin turned and started to jump off, his body was held down by a big hand.

Just as the door of the laboratory was pushed open, Wen Jin was pushed down on Dewitt’s thigh.


The pain from knocking against the warm, hard thing made Wen JIn was to murder Dewitt subconsciously, but as soon as he lifted his head up, his eyes locked with Dewitt’s smoldering eyes. It was as if he could eat the entire fox whole.


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