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Chapter 63: Let me see.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

At noon that day, Dewitt, surrounded by a group of people in white coats, had done a hundred experiments. He walked out of the lab and was told by Professor Lin that the group of experts thought the final diagnosis, after looking through the various data, concluded that Dewitt should be ready to advance.

There was little information about the fifth level in the empire and when the white coats came to this conclusion, their faces were almost glowing with excitement.

Even if Dewitt insisted that he could not stay in the Research Institute for observation, the group of white coats still made a very strong call for detention. At last, it seemed that Dewitt couldn’t speak, so he complained that mere detention had been changed into an experiment more than once then, one by one, they all became reluctant to talk about it.

Wen Jin looked at the situation and could not help thinking as he listened that they were worried about Dewitt possibly being unsuccessful with his progress. If he did not hear, he might have doubted whether Dewitt had a fox egg in his belly.

After dawdling for a long time, Dewitt finally put on his coat and opened the door at the same time. Wen Jin immediately jumped down from the table one step at a time, walked three steps to the door, stared at Dewitt, who looked down at him and then stepped forward to the corridor.

He didn’t want Dewitt to hold him now. He had stolen chicken and made rice in Dewitt’s lap for twenty minutes before We Jin had felt the meat softening under his abdomen.

Wen Jin could not help biting his teeth when he thought of such a history of subjugation. He was more resolute in pulling up his butt and running out without turning his head back.

The scene was new.

During the next few days, Dewitt came and went to scientific research institutes very frequently. Everyone was accustomed to the little fox in his arms. It was also discussed in secret that the four fat paws of the white fox might be used for decoration and it was almost impossible to see them on the ground.

At this moment, for the first time in such a long time, a group of people in the scientific research institute saw Wen Jin walking on his own and there was no iron Marshal behind him.

Wen Jin, a smooth white fluff ball, seemed to be likeable. In addition to Wen Jin’s good words and bad words, he was still a contract beast. Even if the rumors outside were terrible, people would be more or less affected by their own eyes. And they saw such a pleasant-looking little fellow running around. One by one, they all could not help the itchy feeling in their fingers. However, before their foolish desire was put into practice, a long-lost black-faced God appeared behind Wen Jin.

Dark-faced God rolled up Wen Jin like a gust of wind, then took him all the way out of the scientific research institute and got in one of the cars.

“Chee!” Wen Jin was ready to close the door of the car on Dewitt when he looked back and said, “Where are you going again?”

It was only daytime now. According to the intuition that Wen Jin raised during this period, he could tell even with his tail hair that Dewitt was definitely not going home.

All day long, they had been busy with no time to stop and this person still needed to advance. The demons and beasts of Honghuang were not so casual when they were about to advance. Wen Jin frowned. “In such extraordinary times, you can’t rest more?”

This was a question worth discussing. It was better to keep discussing this issue so as to dispel the awkwardness of Wen Jin’s heart, which has been compressed for more than twenty minutes.

However, he apparently underestimated Dewitt’s ability to settle accounts.

“We are going to the army and then going home.” Dewitt pet Wen Jin’s forehead, answered the little fox’s question in one sentence and then quickly shifted the topic, “What did you learn about sex?”

Wen Jin’s claws clapped fiercely on the cushion, stared at Dewitt and especially wanted to throw back the other person’s words directly!

Nevertheless, Dewitt’s face was thick and such a stare was of no use. He blinked his serious eyes and reclined on the cushion. He looked very unwilling and muttered, “It’s no use.”

“Who says it’s useless? It’s just the wrong occasion.” Dewitt looked at Wen Jin, then raised his lips, full of one carrying a spade wanting to dig a hole. “You can learn more at night.”  

Wen Jin was a good scholar, totally appropriate. He uncomfortably pulled at the seat under his paws, feeling like a cow’s head talking to the horse, “You know the occasion is not right, but have you ever thought about the object not being right?”

Dewitt paused and glanced at him.

The atmosphere suddenly quieted down.

Just during the whole process of examination, Wen Jin struggled for a while and then was very quiet. He didn’t speak in a hard place. After that, he kept silent. Dewitt didn’t know what his little head melon had accumulated in those tens of minutes.

“Tell me seriously, Dewitt.” Looking back out of the window, the little white dumpling suddenly sighed and said in a rather serious tone, “Do you really want to be with a fox?”

There were quite a lot of difficulties and hardships.

“I can live a long time, much longer than your life, even if you pour your life into me, it may be a drop in the ocean for me.” Wen Jin looked down at his paws. Those eyes that usually looked clean seemed to contain thousands of words at the moment. “It’s not worth it.”

Dewitt touched Wen Jin’s hair and gave it a stroke. He seemed to be savoring Wen Jin’s words. He turned his attention repeatedly on “a drop in the ocean” and suddenly asked, “How old are you?”

Wen Jin had been hesitating for a while, still telling the truth, “More than a thousand years old.” He wanted Dewitt to know the distance between them, so that Wen Jin would feel much better if he could persuade the other side, or even make the other side feel a little bit frustrated.

“Cassey is right.” It was a distinct age, but Dewitt seemed to accept it in a second, even joking with a little smile, “What a little ancestor.”

Wen Jin did not move and he felt that after this joke, Dewitt might have something to say.

The idea of the little fox flashed by and Dewitt on the other side spoke the greatest truth, “Can you transform?”

Wen Jin exploded, “Why do you always pay attention to the shape -“

“Because you’d be an adult.” Dewitt said six words in a meaningful way.

Having been stunned by his six words, Wen Jin, who suddenly responded to something, rushed up and wanted to hit him. “Chee!”

The claw was caught in the air by Dewitt and then Wen Jin was embraced by him. It was the first time that Dewitt held the little fat fox tightly in his arms in a human-like position.

“I’m dead serious. The one left behind is the saddest one.” Dewitt pinched his gentle face and his gentle eyes fell onto him firmly.

Wen Jin was stunned by his eyes. When he looked back, he found that Dewitt’s sentence had gone like this. “No more?”

“There are many, you want to hear?” Dewitt looked at Wen Jin, reached out and touched him on the top of his head. His voice was soft, but with a fatal temptation, “Say it first. After I finish, you must give me a clear answer.”

Wen Jin’s ears shrank back.

In the position of being held by Dewitt, his chin fell on the other side’s shoulder. He felt a sense of security from the other side. For a long time, he took his head back and looked out of the window. His tail waved. “Let me think about it.”

Such an answer was too disadvantageous and it was not in line with his own style at all, as Wen Jin thought at that time. He thought that if he changed his position, he would be the little tail. If he heard this sentence, he might blow it up directly.

So when he finished this sentence, his eyes took in Dewitt in a bottomless way. However, the other side’s look was very comfortable, this guy’s facial features were stiff and his side profile looked particularly good. Wen Jin suddenly remembered the scene of his own beast nest in the cave. It seemed that the days that had passed had actually been decades. 

For him, there was no value in remembering. 

He didn’t know why, but just at that moment, a strange impulse surged in his heart.

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Vu n
Vu n
November 7, 2019 4:14 pm

Dewitt going lure Wen Jin in human form from sleep with food to stuffing a snack inside his mouth to wake up time to time?

November 7, 2019 8:47 pm

Thank you

November 7, 2019 10:17 pm

Marshall wants to be Wen Jin’s partner in everything and Wen Jin is affright of any deeper involvement because he thinks he would be eventually left behind. It’s a very sad issue and I hope it gets resolved soon, because they are meant for each other.

Thank you for the chapter!

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