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Chapter 64: Wen Jin bent down.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


Military Department.

“That’s it.” Looking haggard, Mark showed a video connected to the interrogation room to Dewitt and pulled hard at his ear.

The video showed the Major General who bombed Wen Jin and the Qi beasts in the mountains a few days ago. What was slightly different from the previous one was the camouflage on the Major General, had now been removed. The red eyes and sharp ears belonging to the Uttar people were exposed and many colors decorated their face. Every wound they had dealt was very heavy.

Dewitt scanned the report with an ugly face. “Are they all dead?’”

Mark nodded and shook his head again. “We were only able to catch this one. They were too fast to stop.”

Once discovered, this kind of undercover infiltration into the empire was basically a dead end. The undercover Uttar mission felt a little more harmful as these agents had been trained to work as one and Dewitt did not know whether their ideas belonged to the Uttar alone. Before they died, these people destroyed their faces and stripped off the characteristics of the Uttar people. The process was cruel and heartbreaking.

In the video, this one was captured by a guard soldier with an excellent reaction, but after that, the man still showed extraordinary uncooperation. After that, Mark also gave Dewitt timely monitoring. Cassey was interrogating inside, but his face didn’t look very good.

“Still nothing?” Dewitt asked.

Mark gave a bitter laugh. There were many undercover suicides, but those who could commit suicide after destroying their looks were more determined and they didn’t even think about capital punishment. It was just like being deprived of pain nerves and threats wouldn’t work by any means.

“Let me in.” Dewitt ordered sternly.

“Yes.” Mark said as he opened the door to the surveillance room, “But Marshal, the Prime Minister arrived at the Army five minutes ago. This time, the situation is somewhat unpleasant. We can’t stop them from taking people away. Admiral Shen sent me a message that he could only stall them for twenty minutes at most.”

It had been more than a day since the undercover activities that involved such dramatic changes in the relations between the two countries were originally handed over to the main management of the House of Representatives. They wanted the Uttarian to be under house arrest. In the past, Dewitt would not find it so hard to stop people from disobeying his orders.

If only Melson was still the former Melson. When he thought of it, Dewitt went in with a cold face.


“Marshal.” Cassey, in the supervisory room, saw Dewitt walk in and his face moved then a bitter smile came out. “Here you are.”

Dewitt looked at the man sitting in the chair with a cold heart. When he walked in, the man did not react at all and his breathing remained unchanged.

Could such a subtle instinct be suppressed? No wonder Cassey couldn’t get the man to speak anything for so long.

With that in mind, Dewitt’s eyes fell unconsciously on the vital signs beside him.

Cassey saw Dewitt’s eyes, rubbed his hands silently and laughed, “I suspected it several times. He’s alive.”

“Ondi?” Dewitt glanced at the man’s name on the file and suddenly changed it into a strange language, spitting out two words. “In Uttarian, it means brave soldier.”

Cassey was stunned.

As Dewitt spoke, Wen Jin raised his head with great interest. At a glance, he saw something was wrong. After thinking for a while, Wen Jin looked at Dewitt.

Dewitt seemed to be trying to say something. Suddenly he looked at Wen Jin and stopped. “Hmm?”

“Are you going to try to make him confess?” This fellow was not deprived of pain nerves, nor was he ignoring the torture, it was simply because his self-consciousness had been completely engulfed by his own enchantment.

Uttarian people could charm anyone using their bloodline. How much charm they could create depended on whether their blood was pure or not. Because their enchantment was different from that of Assyrians, either by their ability or by their eyes, undercover Uttars like this, who were properly trained, would actively deviate their self-consciousness so that they couldn’t perceive any changes in the outside world. It was really a good way to deal with interrogation.

No matter how painful or extreme it was, the Uttar wouldn’t open its mouth.

And it was easy to solve this. Find someone who had a stronger charm than him.

This was hardly difficult for Wen Jin.

“Yes.” Dewitt said, “Shen En doesn’t exaggerate. He said that he could only give us twenty minutes so he really meant twenty minutes.”

Wen Jin thought for a moment, “What do you want to ask?”

Cassey was stunned by Wen Jin’s chitters which caused the scene of Marshal talking to himself.

“Their purpose and method.” Dewitt said four words concisely.

“I’ll help you.” Wen Jin answered immediately.

In peacetime, Wen Jin decided he would certainly take advantage of the opportunity to exchange some benefits for himself. At least, with this, he could help toss Dewitt off track. At the moment, however, he was obviously not in a good mood and his words were wilting.

He really wanted to do Dewitt a favor and not just for Dewitt. There was also Professor Chen and Lin. Since this man was the one who was going to blow them up that day, it might be good for Chen Xiong to ask what was going through his mind.

Wen Jin knew that they had also wanted the bracelet or had at least thought about it.

Dewitt frowned after Wen Jin’s response, then reacted with some surprise in his eyes, “You can?”

“Yes.” Wen Jin took it for granted before he said, “But this fellow is also strange since his enchantment can achieve the result of death by blocking the brain waves. Didn’t he just want to commit suicide before? I don’t know what he’s been doing for so long now -“

Before Wen Jin finished, he suddenly noticed something wrong and Dewitt’s face on the other side changed. Then, in the next second, the Uttar, who had been quiet since the beginning, suddenly moved his finger.

Then the man raised his head sharply and stared in their direction. The injured dark red eyes looked extravasive. A needle fell quietly in the monitoring room. However, Dewitt and Cassey heard a sharp ringing in their ears. The ringing was surging through their brains as if it was going to blow them up. The pain was so sharp that Cassey could not help stepping back and Dewitt’s face turned pale instantly.

When Wen Jin reacted, it was too late.

Dewitt’s face changed again and again and the unstable energy in his abdomen suddenly stirred up, as if it wished to rush out of his body immediately.

It was also a type of enchantment.

Wen Jin’s heart jumped. He didn’t think that the Uttar would use all his reiki on Dewitt at the last moment. This kind of enchantment and spiritual dissociation was somewhat similar, but it was an active spiritual dissociation. With Dewitt’s body preparing to advance, the passive spiritual dissociation was definitely not a good omen.

Spiritual dissociation meant that the brain lost control over the body. Usually it would be okay, but now, this guy had an advanced body.

Wen Jin totally neglected this. He made a noise and shouted at Cassey beside him, “Hurry up, get him out!”

The supervisory room was quiet for a moment.

Wen Jin didn’t even get a reply.

He was stunned. Turning his head around, he saw Cassey’s face and lips trembling and sweat beads sprouting from his forehead. He looked as if he had been oppressed to the extreme by something and he did not listen at all.

Meanwhile, a slow alarm sounded outside the corridor and inside the surveillance room and Mark’s voice came in. “The energy shield has been broken. What’s the matter, Major General, Marshal? The energy output has reached the S rank 4th level. The computer says it is the Marshal’s? Major General…Marshal, what’s wrong with him?” Mark’s voice was full of anxiety.

It was too late.

Wen Jin clenched his teeth and said, “You get that man out.” As he spoke, he pointed to the Uttar at the other end with his claws outstretched. His eyes were full of real anger. “Don’t let him die, just wait for me to go out!”

As he spoke, he quickly created a barrier around Cassey and the Uttar. The gasping Cassey did not stop for a second and subconsciously carried out Wen Jin’s orders. Even Cassey did not know why he suddenly listened to a fox like that.

“Can you cut off the surveillance?” Wen Jin did not forget what Mark had shown Dewitt at the door before. He wanted to ask this question, but seeing Cassey’s state, he didn’t say it at last.

Cassey pinched his fist at the other end and looked at Dewitt with some apprehension. He seemed to want to talk, but he finally failed to speak out and rushed out of the room with the Uttar on his shoulder.

The moment the two men left the room, Dewitt, who was struggling fiercely with the energy in his body, seemed to perceive something. The look between his eyebrows loosened violently and the next second, a tremendous reiki seemed to have lost it’s reins and surged out completely.

At this point, Dewitt was somewhat unable to stand up. He suddenly stepped back two steps and the man, as tall as a hill, fell to the ground. At the moment when his legs were about to bend, a few wisps of smoke suddenly rose around him, accurately locating the reiki traces and blocking the monitors.

Then, in the interrogation room, there was another aura, with a trace of fragrant wilderness. The next second, Dewitt’s weak body was supported by a pair of thin hands.

“That’s silly.” A crisp, sneering voice sounded.

It was a slender young man in a long robe. With red lips, white teeth, picturesque eyebrows and a pair of peach blossom eyes that used to be smiling, but now were round and looked very angry. He looked deeply at Dewitt, who had completely fainted.

Wen Jin stared at Dewitt for a long time and finally sighed, unable to put the man on the seat beside him.

His eyes fell on to the creases between Dewitt’s eyebrows and he saw that the man had always been able to hide his exhaustion. Wen Jin sighed sadly at the thoughts that he had been spinning through his head for several days.

However, one could only rely on themselves for progress, even Wen Jin could not intervene. Monks would pay attention to understanding everything and they would blindly lead, so that one day everything would fall behind.

After thinking for a moment, Wen Jin’s fingers covered Dewitt’s lower abdomen. Feeling the hot temperature of the place was enough to imagine how Dewitt was suffering at this moment. The heat was almost like a burning fire.

Dewitt’s forehead was sweating and his face was full of pain.

Wen Jin bit his lower lip and tried to pass on his cold temperature. However, a gentle turn of his finger made him stiffen.

Wen Jin, who suddenly thought of something, drew back his hand, his long eyelashes drooping and his eyes fell on Dewitt. His dark eyes gave him a panoramic view of Dewitt’s struggle and the storm in his body, especially the pain between his eyebrows.

For a long time, the young man seemed to sigh. The bony hand stretched out, clasped Dewitt’s chin and white arms fell out of his long robe.

In ancient times, the reiki of demons and beasts could not be found. In the past, many monks dreamed of it. It could prolong life, could help them advance, etc. A variety of rumors emerged endlessly, but only a few could really suppress the blood of demons and beasts.

If you want to, try it.

Wen Jin wanted to bite open his finger and feed Dewitt the blood on his fingertip. However, his eyes lingered on Dewitt’s face for a long time. He didn’t know what was on his mind. The ghostly paleness of his face made him feel terrible. He bent down.

The next moment, the cold lips fell, accompanied by a quiet cool air that breathed into Dewitt’s body.

At that instant, the maniac reiki in Dewitt’s lower abdomen was cruelly suppressed by some intrepid instinctive consciousness. Then, the tender lip was sucked.


The author has something to say: 

Dewitt: My wife has kissed me! Thank you for this coma!! This cheap way is a first!!!!


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